Novel Wars

Wangye's Maid is the Sect Leader Chapter 42

Since they returned from Yangzhou, Xiao Yixuan had completely avoided Situ Xin. He ate his meals at different tables and when he did meet her in the hallways, he walked past her with a blank expression. Ye Ying had also been avoiding her, and it was pretty obvious that he still had a grudge about what had happened in Yangzhou.

Xiao Yan flew straight to his mother’s room when he returned from the palace. He had missed his mother during her trip. He was a young boy at heart. The queen had been busy during his stay at the palace, in his opinion she was always hiding. It was really boring that try to play with a group of maids all day.

Situ Xin smiled excitedly at the little child in her arms. She hadn’t hugged her son in so long. "Yan’er, mother missed you so much." As she said this, she cried tears in anguish.

"Mother, mother, don’t cry. Yan’er isn’t making you angry again right?" Xiao Yan’s small hand kept on wiping Situ Xin’s tears.

"Not angry. Mother just misses you way too much." She gulped a little and then began crying again.

Xiao Yan scratched his head. He knew something was up. "Xin’er, why do adults lie. When I ran away from home for months you never cried."

Situ Xin felt extremely embarrassed. Her son had seen straight through her tears.

"As if crying a couple times would help find you."

She gave up trying to lie. Her son was right and she thought about Xiao Yixuan’s attitude to her these past couple days and she felt a little upset. Before, he had followed her all day long but now he just completely ignored her. She felt a little empty inside.

"Xin’er, I’ll show you something good then. Look at what I smuggled back from the palace." Xiao Yan pulled out a small cloth satchel from his pocket and opened it, revealing a Osmanthus cake.

At first, Situ Xin had a small smile on her face, but then noticed a white lining around the osmanthus cake. "How many days have you kept this there?"

Xiao Yan turned red. "I forgot, I secretly kept it when I entered to palace. I meant to leave it for you." He pouted slightly and crooked his adorable head as he recalled when he had hidden the pastry in his satchel.

The corner of Situ Xin’s mouth twitched, and she wondered if her son was a little too hateful. He always thought of ways to trick her. She shuddered again.

"Xin’er, why are you crying? I just saw Dad and he didn’t seem to be too happy either."

"Don’t talk about him." Situ Xin didn’t want to be reminded of Xiao Yixuan at all.

"But Xin’er, he is my father, he is your future husband." Xiao Yan said innocently.

"Who said that, you little brat? Stop talking such nonsense." That ‘husband’ had been ignored her the whole day.

Xiao Yan ate the osmanthus cake as he rubbed his head in pain. His mother had been so violent again. "Stop hitting me on the head. It hurts so much."

The more Situ Xin thought, the more angrier she got. Why should she stay here to be treated so rudely. What sort of person would just sit there and deal with it. She then began to take out her bags from the cupboard, placed them on the table and started packing her things up.

"Xin’er where are you going?" Xiao Yan asked as he clumsily climbed up onto the table to see what she was doing.

"Back to the Hundred Flowers Sect." She didn’t lift her head to reply, she just continued packing up.

"What about me?" Yan’er asked. She had just left on such a long trip, was she really going to leave again?

"Let’s go together then."

"Are you going to tell Dad?"

"Tell him." Situ Xin picked up Yan’er and placed him on the floor, grabbed his hand and went out, her luggage in the other hand.