Novel Wars

Wangye's Maid is the Sect Leader Chapter 43

Xiao Yixuan and Ye Ying stood in the backyard, watching two people sneaking down the corridor, heading towards them with huge bags on their back.

"Look, it’s Dad." Xiao Yan felt a scorching glare on his back, so his small hand continued tugging at the corner of Situ Xin’s coat.

Situ Xin lightly patted the small hand on her sleeve, trying to get it off. "Stop it, Yan’er, somebody’s going to see us if you keep on making trouble." Her son certainly didn’t want to leave with her. After all, if he stayed here he could play and eat all day and didn’t have to plant flowers.

"Just leave then."

That voice was so familiar. Situ Xin raised her head to be met with Xiao Yixuan’s dark eyes. "Eh, why are you here?"

She was pretty sure that she had timed this to make sure that Xiao Yixuan hadn’t been there at time, so how did he appear in front of her? Xiao Yixuan nodded to Ye Ying, before nodding at Situ Xin and grabbing her hand, pulling her to his room.

"Let’s go back to your room, Young Master", Ye Ying picked up Xiao Yan and blinked. Xiao Yan was struggling out of his hold and tried to kick him. At least from this, Situ Xin wouldn’t expect to be betrayed by her son once again.

Xiao Yixuan kept a tight hold on Situ Xin all the way to his room. When they got in, Xiao Yixuan pushed Situ Xin onto the bed and whispered "You can’t just leave like that"

Situ Xin felt a burst of dizziness. Their eyes met, and their noses touched. Situ Xin could hear Xiao Yixuan’s heartbeat clearly. She swallowed with difficulty, "I promise I didn’t take anything from your mansion. You can check my bags, you won’t find anything."

"You took my heart." Xiao Yixuan grabbed her small hand and placed it on his broad chest.

When Situ Xin met his eyes, she was shocked at how angry he was. "Why are you so mad? It was kind to let me stay, but it’s better if I go back to the Hundred Flowers to be happy and cheerful all day long."

"You care if I’m angry."

"I care, why are you mad?" Situ Xin thought about it a bit more. Why did she care if he was angry or not. It didn’t have anything to do with her.

"I don’t know, can you tell me why I’m angry?" Xiao Yixuan’s anger gradually disappeared and was replaced with a sense of gentleness, he remembered how close he was and asked flirtatiously.

Situ Xin pouted, "How am I supposed to know. What if it’s a roundworm in your stomach?"

"How could you not get mad if your beloved woman pushed someone else to you?"

"Beloved woman." Situ Xin mumbled the words repeatedly, completely entranced. It felt so wonderful. She felt as if her heart had grown wings and flew off.

Xiao Yixuan leant down and kissed her lips gently. Her sweetness seeped into the sea of his heart with a trace of her cold breath. It broke into his heart, as if gnawed by a small insect. A current washed through his body and limbs, driving him mad.

Situ Xin’s eyes were wide open in shock and although her mind was telling her to push him off and kick him, her body was paralysed and she let him do whatever he wanted.

Sensing the weakness and acceptance of the woman beneath him, Xiao Yixuan kissed her even more passionately. His tongue eagerly darted into her mouth, and entangled with her tongue like two snakes. The sweet fragrance emanating from her body drove him mad.

"What are you going to do?" Situ Xin’s voice was surprisingly hoarse and her face was flushed.

Xiao Yixuan pressed Situ Xin’s fidgety hand under his. "Xin’er be good." The woman underneath him stopped struggling again and he tore through her clothes like he was intoxicated. Everything felt so logical and natural, the world around him felt like it had burst in spring colours.

The next morning, Situ Xin clutched the blanket to her chest and stared at Xiao Yixuan who was getting ready.

"What’s on your mind?" Xiao Yixuan noticed her stare and sat down on the bed, brushing the messy strands of her face with his hand.

"I was wondering why I did something so dumb again. When my dad finds out about it he’s going to laugh and mock me about it." She decided that for now, she wouldn’t return to the Hundred Flowers Sect so she could avoid it.

"Idiot, I will marry you as my first and only wife and then surely Master Zhang won’t laugh at you anymore." He smiled happily, all his efforts had finally been worth it. He was now a little curious about his future father-in-law. Xiao Yixuan had heard tales of his adventures but had never met him before.

"Ok then, I will marry you." Situ Xin nodded furiously. Next time when that old man tried to bully her, she could push this man out to block it. She decided this with great determination.

Xiao Yixuan smiled cheerfully and patted her head gently. "Get up quickly, you still haven’t apologised to Ye Ying, you know?"

"Oh, I know"

"Then I will wait for you outside. Go get changed and we can head over together."

When Xiao Yixuan walked out and closed the door, he saw his son holding the doorframe with a wicked smile on his face. "Not bad, father"

Xiao Yixuan was so upset with his son so he decided that he wasn’t in the mood to teach Xiao Yan today. He invited the teacher over to the palace again.

"The Master has resigned for two days."


Xiao Yan repeated what his master had said to his father. "The old man says that he’s not talented and it is really to difficult to try to teach the Young Master. He also said that he was terrified." Of course, the young master really is so troublesome.

It seemed like nobody could control his son other than him till this day. Xiao Yixuan gently shook his head and patted his son’s shoulder. It seemed like his son had grown taller. "Yan’er, tomorrow I will take your mother back to the Hundred Flowers Sect. Do you want to come with us to see your grandfather?"

When Situ Xin opened the door, she heard the news that she would have to go back to the Hundred Flowers Sect tomorrow. "Why do we have to go?" she pouted.

"If we don’t tell Master Zhang about the wedding, he’ll get mad." Xiao Yixuan explained.

"What about you then?" Situ Xin looked down at her son.

"Not going."

It was strange that her son didn’t want to come with her, especially after they had just returned from such a long trip. She looked at him suspiciously.

"Ah, I just thought that when you returned to the flower fields, some sad memories would return…"

He was afraid that when his mother saw all the plucked flowers and damaged field, she would try to beat him up again. It was better if he stayed at home.

"Then Yan’er will stay in the palace, Xin’er, let’s go to Ye Ying so that you can apologise." After all, looking and Situ Xin right now, you could already see the fire in her eyes from being reminded of her poor flower fields. He couldn’t let her touch their son anymore.