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A Cat with a Red Envelope Group Chapter 10 - Found it

When Shen Yu's warm breath lightly touched the top of his head, Xu Mao Mao had the urge to burst into tears. That moment had nothing to do with emotions, it was merely too nice and too warm.

However the next second, he began trembling in fear.

QAQ Shen Yu, you aren't going to catch me back to cut off my eggs?

Who would have thought his male god could easily understand the cat's thoughts to an unbelievable extent, and could understand his heart's thoughts only through a small tremor.

"Don't be afraid," Shen Yu sighed and stroked his head. "I was wrong. I thought sterilization was good for you, but when I think about your behaviour at that time, I should have taken you away. You were afraid of it and thus you ran away? "


"I don't understand," Shen Yu shook his head and looked at him fixedly, "But I can feel it."


Xu Mao Mao was about to shed tears from his gentle tone. At that moment he felt that even if his balls were cut, it seemed worthwhile.

"I won't force you anymore. Come back with me, I've been looking for you for two days." Shen Yu stroked his fur that was frozen like popsicles, feeling distressed. "Look at you, even your fur is frozen."

Xu Mao Mao licked the hand that was bitten by him before. He saw Shen Yu's obvious gaunt face and gave a guilty meow.

I also feel bad for you, male god. You look very tired and need to rest... I am also wrong, I will follow you back obediently.

One person and one cat hugged each other with painess in their hearts.

Shen Yu carried him into the car, turned up the heater, and opened a canned food. Xu Mao Mao was cold and hungry, and when he saw the canned food, he didn't even care about ethics and just ate, his mouth was even stained in a beard shape.

Shen Yu called Qiao Ling Feng while looking at him.

"Found it."

Qiao Ling Feng: "Ah, darling should be all right."

"It's fine, hurry up and delete that Weibo."

"I deleted it a long time ago, my agent is mad. He scolded me for sending a post with lots of typos without his consent. Fortunately, I have fans in X university."

"I will thank them."

After Xu Mao Mao filled his stomach, Shen Yu drove home.

Xu Mao Mao was too tired, and soon fell asleep, even remaining ignorant that Shen Yu picked him up and entered the house.

After returning home, Shen Yu turned him over and over again to check his condition. He blamed himself when he saw that his paws were worn out and his fur came off in some places. The dispute in the pet world about whether to sterilize pets has never ceased. Shen Yu had always been part of the sterilize faction, but Oscar’s behaviour made him think that maybe some pets have a higher IQ compared to his imagination, maybe they should have their own bodies' rights.

The day Oscar escaped from the pet hospital, he regretted it until his intestines turned green, especially when he couldn't find it after searching all day and night. He was very scared. After all, Oscar was only a domestic cat. On such a cold day, what should he do if it's hungry or cold?

Therefore he mobilized the people around him to help, he even went to the rescue station and the city cat love association in advance, asking them to notify him if they saw a similar stray cat. In the end, it was Qiao Ling Feng who made a move, and that private message was hidden in the confession of many fans. After Shen Yu saw it, he rushed to the school without stopping.

When Shen Yu found the cat, he could finally put down the stone weighing on his heart. However, due to these two days of fatigue and excessive nervousness, he couldn't withstand it anymore. After observing Oscar for a while, he returned to his room to rest.

Xu Mao Mao woke up in the cosy nest and saw the familiar living room as soon as he opened his eyes.

He really is back.

Where's Shen Yu?

Xu Mao Mao stood up from the nest and found that his four paws were cleaned and his nails and hairs were all trimmed. He could imagine how gentle Shen Yu was when he did these, since it didn't wake him up.

Xu Mao Mao's nose ached slightly, he felt more and more that his escape had caused Shen Yu a lot of trouble. He wanted to go to Shen Yu and act coquettish before running a few steps to show Shen Yu that he was healthy through his actions so he could feel at ease.

When he walked quietly to the bedroom, he found that Shen Yu was lying on the bed, sleeping soundly, and the curtains were not closed.

Xu Mao Mao bit the curtain and pulled it, then he bit the corner of the quilt to cover Shen Yu better. Seeing Shen Yu's face gradually turning red because of the warm blanket covering him, Xu Mao Mao left the room softly and quietly.

Due to the fact his paws were still a little sore, Xu Mao Mao didn't dare to move too much. He simply went back to the nest and entered the bell interface to play.

The header shows that his current love value is 30090.

He doesn't know if it's because the girls circulated his photos, but his love values occasionally increased slowly by 1 or 2 points, which feels like a small bonus.

Xu Mao Mao entered the chat group happily, to see if the group of fools cats had sent any red envelopes. After all, he had a bit of family property now, and could grab some interesting things.

The result was when he went in, he found several people @him. He had been busy earning love values ​​for these two days, so he didn't pay much attention to the news in the group.

[Rice]: @ Oscar, how is the roaming? Did the poop scooping officer not search for you?

[Fat Mimi]: @Oscar, I am in University B. If you have nowhere to go, you can find me.

Xu Mao Mao was a little touched. He always thought that cats were a kind of aloof animal, but the kittens in the group were so warm.

[Oscar]: I’m fine, I've already gone home.

[Rice] popped up immediately: That’s good then, that’s good

[Oscar]: @Fat Mimi, you're in University B? It's in the same city as me

School B is also a local pedagogical educational institution. Could it be that Fat Mimi is a stray cat from there?

[Fat Mimi]: University B is okay, the poop scooping officers specially assigned  a room for us to live in, the heating is big, and there are also many small fish snacks

It seems that the school spirit of University B is different from that of his alma mater. Xu Mao Mao let out a sigh of relief. After all, this city is very cold, if Fat Mimi went hungry or felt cold, his heart could not bear it.

[Suan Ni] : Oh, everyone is here, just perfect, ben zuo has an announcement to make.

T/L: ben zuo: Someone with decision-making power, right to speak, etc referring to themself.

The group's owner suddenly appeared, and the group of cats was quiet for a period of time.

【Suan Ni】: After receiving the notice from the State Administration of Demons, all large chat groups need to pay a certain amount of love value to maintain operation. The Wang Xingren chat group had already paid, so we also can't be behind in payment. From today onwards, I will forcefully collect one thousand love values for one cat per month.

T/L: Wang Xingren- Just read Chapter 2 again (or was it 3?)

[Mimi Tiger]: Why is it like this

[Mi Gu]: QAQ Mi Gu is a bit poor

Some usually low-key cats also popped out, one after another complaining that they couldn't afford it. In fact, according to Xu Mao Mao's observation, one thousand love values is not much for domestic cats, but it is really not easy for cats far away from humans...

[Arale] sent a special red envelope to [Suan Ni]

[Arale]: There are exactly one hundred cats in the group, I sent you hundred thousands love values, please check and accept

After a while, [Suan Ni] replied: One hundred thousand has been received

The group suddenly exploded!

[Rice]: Goddess is mighty!

[Mimi Tiger]: I kneeled! Goddess is mighty!

[Mi Gu]: Sister is mighty!

[Fat Mimi]: +1

[Schrodinger's Meow]: +2


Even Xu Mao Mao couldn't help queuing in line to praise her. After everyone finished praising, the cats who were able to pay did not really let Arale pay, but returned the red envelope to it, including Xu Mao Mao, who desperately needed love values did not intend to take advantage of this.

[Arale]: Everyone don’t need to give it back to me, I have a lot. I’m worried that there is no place to spend it. You guys send more red envelopes to let us fight over to play okay~

Well, this is a cute and generous tyrant cat.

Everyone couldn't bear to not give it  face, so one after another they sent red envelopes, there's things like toys, comfortable nests, and catnip. However Xu Mao Mao didn't move to grab it, but stared at the screen closely, until a big red envelope appeared.

It was sent by [Dr. Mi]!

Xu Mao Mao immediately used the fast speed of his hand trained from his single life for twenty-five years, his paw was like lightning, he tapped twice in a row, and successfully grabbed a red envelope!

Two thousand love values ​​were deducted.

Looking at the big backpack, he found that it was a bottle of red potion, which showed: vocal potion.

Meow! Is it a potion that lets you speak? What's the time limit? The potion he grabbed has at least half a bottle, it should be quite effective.

[Dr. Mi]: According to the last formula, there's cats that said pronunciation is vague, so I specially improved it. You're welcomed to try it. Also thanking Ms. Arale for her generosity.

Xu Mao Mao wanted to take it out and drink it immediately, but then he thought about it, what if there are any troubles in the future, such as things like sterilization again? At that time, he might not be maybe to use remarkable ability to stop Shen Yu, it can be said that he is a cat with great vision and farsightedness.

Thinking of Shen Yu, Xu Mao Mao realized that he seemed to be still asleep. Looking at the clock on the wall, it's already past five o'clock. It should be time to get up and prepare dinner, not eating on time is bad for the stomach.

He switched off the chat group interface, stood up from the nest and walked towards the room.

Shen Yu was still asleep, but the sound of his breathing sounded a bit heavy. Xu Mao Mao thought that it was because the air in the room was not circulated properly, so he bit the bolt of the window and pushed it open slowly with all his strength.

The light from outside the window penetrated inside and shone on Shen Yu's handsome face.

His face was very red, a kind of those unusual red.

Xu Mao Mao opened his eyes wide, as if he realized something. He jumped onto the bed, using his soft pad on his paw to touch his forehead.


It's so hot!

Shen Yu has a fever. According to the temperature he felt, he estimated it to be very high. Once he thought that it might be because of trying to find him all night, and also not eating anything for a whole day, Xu Mao Mao's heart squeezed tight.

He has to go to the doctor, otherwise it will burn him until he is broken.