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His Highness, Don’t Leave! I Will Lose Weight for You! Chapter 1 - You Damn Fat Woman

Han Fei’s head was still dizzy when she was suddenly shoved to the ground by gravity, but miraculously, it didn’t hurt at all and Han Fei was left somewhat dazed.

“Hahahaha, everyone look, she can’t get up!”

“Damn fat woman, you dare to stand around not working. Just wait and see what happens!”

Aiya, Sister Man, why isn’t she working, can’t she move? Look at her body fat, tsk tsk.”

“Pfft, do you really think you’re the eldest daughter? Don’t you see what you look like!”

The string of frigid scorn and scorching ridicule finally cleared up Han Fei’s mind a bit. She unconsciously went to get up, but realized with horror that her hands couldn’t touch the ground!

What the hell!

Han Fei quickly lowered her head and caught sight of the pork belly wrapped around her body. It was absolutely the kind that sinks to the bottom when you throw it in water!

She shakily stretched out her hands and she really didn’t want to recognize them as a pair of hands. The five fingertips were dark and round and while they looked pretty cute, that was only on the premise that they were knuckles! They were fatter than pig trotters, how could this be a hand!

“Damn fat woman, hurry and get up! You’ll have a hard time when the Madam arrives!”

“This courtyard hasn’t been cleaned yet. I’d advise you better do what we say.”

Aiya, Sister Man, this fat woman is the daughter of the first wife. Doing this kind of thing isn’t good.”

“Madam has already said that if they just eat and don’t work to drive them out. This fat pig is eating more, she should work more!”

After saying these things, the arrogant girls in servant girl uniforms threw down a broom and walked away without looking back, as if another glance would dirty their eyes.

But thanks to the fact that they left the broom behind when they walked off, Han Fei’s eyes brightened. She exhausted nearly all her strength reaching for the broom and finally used tremendous strength to get up with the broom’s aid.

Mmn. For that reason, the miserable broom announced its death in battle.

Just from getting up, Han Fei had to gasp for breath for a while. Finally, she had no choice but to grievously admit that she had really transmigrated, changed bodies and became, in their words, the “damn fat woman.”

Han Fei, unwilling to give up, glanced down but realized that she couldn’t even find her toes. She could only see her huge, round belly. She reached out to pat it and it wobbled.

Under this powerful stimulus, Han Fei almost fainted in a single breath, but immediately thought that if she fell down, she definitely wouldn’t be able to stand up again. Having to bear it, she calmed down after taking several deep breaths.

“My lady, why are you here? Are you alright?”

Han Fei turned her head and saw a girl wearing shabby clothes with Nezha-style hair, rushing over with a worried expression across her face.

Han Fei made a guess and didn’t say anything.

“My lady, what’s happened to you? Blame it all on Chun Hong for letting my lady be bullied!”

Saying this, Chun Hong’s eyes reddened and started to shed tears one by one.

Han Fei pointed shakingly at the broom on the ground and said to Chun Hong, who had astonished eyes: “Pick up the broom.”

Chun Hong was baffled for a moment and even forgot to cry.

Han Fei said in a completely calm tone: “Mmn, I can’t bend down.”

Chun Hong couldn’t bear it and let out a muffled laugh.

Seeing her laugh, Han Fei let out a sigh of relief. She couldn’t bear seeing a woman cry in front of her and furthermore, the one who should be crying the most was her!

Before she could prepare herself at all, she had changed from a somewhat good-looking girl with a sexy body into a walking fat lady. The kind that was wheezing after walking just two steps.

When Han Fei took a few steps back towards her lair, she once again held back tears for the original owner of this body. Is such a run-down courtyard really fit for the status of an eldest daughter?

She sat down on the bed and while worrying if the bed was sturdy enough, she thought, what should she do in the future?

She had lived alone in the modern era. Her parents had died prematurely and she had no relatives, so there were no bonds of family affection. Instead, she somewhat begrudgingly devoted herself to preparing for a Traditional Chinese medicine shop. That had been her concern for half her life and she had come to such a rotten place before it could even open.

However, since she was there, she might as well make herself comfortable. That had always been her standard principle since she left the orphanage.

Han Fei sighed. Her focus right now wasn’t modern issues, but rather her current identity and everything related to this place.

Just as Han Fei was worrying about this matter, there was suddenly the sound of a commotion coming from outside that made Han Fei’s already twitchy mood even more irritable.

Her flesh wobbling, she viciously slammed open the door, put her hands on her hips and roared outside: “What is that noise!”

Everyone outside the door was shocked by Han Fei’s aggressive attitude and no one said anything for a while.

Han Fei took a look at the people standing outside. After some thought, she saw the old woman leading them, wearing a beautiful dress and exuding “I am rich” from head to toe. She guessed that this was who the servant girls had called “Madam.”

Han Fei had been thinking and didn’t notice the doorstep for a moment. Her fleshy body stumbled once and her forehead hit the top of the door with a clang, only for her to hear a ringing sound come through her mind.

”Ding— Plot character triggered. Lose Weight and Capture the Male God System has been activated. Host, please prepare yourself. The current task is to counterattack the Second Madam. The reward is one star coin. Host, please don’t let your guard down!”

Han Fei was stunned and thought that she was hearing things. Was someone talking in her head just now?

While Han Fei was in shock, the others weren’t so accommodating.

That graceful and luxurious woman looked at Han Fei’s rude attitude of ignoring her and shook from anger from head to toe. But unexpectedly, the servant girl next to her was very capable of handling things and opened her mouth to set off talking: “Won’t the eldest daughter greet the Second Madam when seeing her! It must be that this hateful Chun Hong isn’t doing a good job of being a servant! Not even pointing out such a little matter!”

Saying that, the servant girl reached out and slapped Chun Hong across her little face. The strength of the hit made Han Fei come back to earth from that voice just now. A single glance at this attitude immediately made her furious. Clearly they were bullying her person!

However, a long-time habit made Han Fei’s face remain unchanged. Instead, she plastered on a smile that was just perfect.

She took a few steps forward and said: “Aunt, it’s my fault, I didn’t greet you.”

Considering Han Fei’s good attitude, Maiden Xia’s stubbornly bad temper relaxed a little. Seeing Han Fei huffing and puffing like a pig as she walked over made her immediately amused and the contempt in her eyes deepened. It seemed like this latest medicine was pretty amazing; the pig was fat, but she actually looked more pleasing to the eye!

夏氏: maiden-named Xia, but it's said more like a title/name

Han Fei eventually made it over with difficulty and saw the two slap marks on Chun Hong’s face. It looked painful. With drops in her eyes, she looked at her tearfully.

Han Fei slowed, and just as everyone thought that she was going to humbly beseech the Second Madam, Han Fei raised her left hand. The huge palm like a circular fan slammed the servant girl beside the Second Madam to the ground.

hi everyone! this is the first of four chapters i'm doing for this novel for novelwars. i ended up retranslating the first chapter because chapter 1 and 2 on novelupdates were actually an incomplete translation of chapter 1? lol. it was a lot of fun and i hope some brave individual will pick up this monster of a series (over a thousand chapters... ?) if you notice any mistakes, please let me know!

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