Novel Wars

Qizi Chapter 38

Ying Feng impolitely threw Ling Xiao into the dormitory and slammed the door.

Ling Xiao had endured all the way. This was the second time Ying Feng ordered him in public. In public, he had to obey orders and take another person’s shame. Ying Feng probably would never understand it.

As soon as he got his footing, he could not help asking resentfully.

"Ying Feng, do you have to embarrass me in front of so many people?"

"Why don't you feel embarrassed when you are hugging others cheerfully in public?”

Ling Xiao just found out that he was concerned about this, "You ate with Zhu Yue, and you still care about us doing stretching exercises?”

"I'm your Qizhu, don't I have the right to control you?"

"But I'm not your thing!" Ling Xiao roared at him, "I dragged you into the Adult Ceremony unilaterally, and I brought about our relationship today by myself. You must wish you could break away from me earlier, right? Rather than being like this, it would be better to accept Zhu Yue. At least he can be obedient to you, not to mention your illusory former lover. If you were standing in front of your lover in your last life now, I don't believe you would be willing to do what you did to me yesterday to him!”

Ying Feng’s face changed. Before he could think it over in his brain, Ling Xiao flew out and crashed onto the table. Everything on it fell to the ground with a crash.

"Ha," Ling Xiao smiled bitterly, “Stabbed your Achilles’ heel, didn't I? I knew that you would not hesitate to dispose of your current life’s Qizi for your previous life’s Qizi.”

He struggled to stand up. “Fine, I didn't show any mercy when you couldn't move in the training building. You said before that you would pay me back sooner or later. Now I can't fight back, I’ll just give you all I owe you."

Ying Feng just swung his fist out on an impulse. Even now, his hand was still shaking uncontrollably. He always had self-restraint and kept calm in everything, but the events of the past two days had one after another been beyond his control.

If he continued to stay here, he was afraid that the so-called domestic violence would really happen. Ying Feng forcibly suppressed the anger in his heart, slammed the door heavily, and went out.

He hated the feeling of being unable to control his emotions. Since the accident disrupted his life plan, not only was his fate derailed in a mess but also his behavior was increasingly influenced by Ling Xiao. If he was intentionally invading Ling Xiao’s spiritual world the night before, when he saw Ling Xiao interacting intimately with his friend, his reason had already given way to impulse.

Ying Feng walked gloomily around the campus. Although he didn't hold a sign that said “I am angry”, the people passing around him could feel his invisible anger and unconsciously hid far away. Anyone with a little intelligence would choose not to provoke him during this time, except for one who was not afraid of death.

“Oh, you're in a bad mood today, that's rare for you."

Ying Feng looked over, full of hostility. It was rare to see Shen He in the real world. As a severe Internet addict, he spent little time outside.

“At least it’s not rarer than you not staying online,” said Ying Feng in a rather rude tone.

“Don’t come up and be so unfriendly to me right away,” Shen He casually wandered over to him. “I understand your bitter experience. I also know that you are in a bad mood now. You are forced to bind with someone you don't like for life. If it was me, I would also be unwilling."

The hostility in Ying Feng's eyes didn't subside at all. “Is that why you came here specifically to tell me this?”

Shen He smiled mysteriously, “Then if I said that I'm here to help you free yourself from this situation, isn't this reason a lot more welcome?”

Ying Feng's expression changed, "What do you mean?"

"It's really too bad that the spousal system of Tianxiu people doesn’t allow people to renege once they bind, isn't it? If people like you can obviously find a loved one to be with and end up getting involved in the Adult Ceremony by accident without being able to renege, this life would be vainly wasted. I just feel that it’s not worth it for you.”

Ying Feng narrowed his eyes slightly. "What can you do?"

"I don't have a way at the moment, but through the power of many of us, I will come up with a way one day.”

“All of you?”

"Among us, there are many people like you who are not satisfied with the fact that the bond cannot be canceled. Although everyone's experience may not be the same, everyone's goal is the same. We have the greatest scientist in Tianxiu’s history. There is no problem in the world that he can't solve. It will just take time. It's not wishful thinking to free you from your blood contract.

Ying Feng was silent for a moment and then said, "I have suspected for a long time that you must have a strong backer for a Nestling like you to get detailed maps of the military base and tools to decode computers. Presumably, the scientist you are talking about is the owner of the computer that we went to look for last time?"

Shen He smiled and didn’t deny it, “Now you should know how trustworthy my words are, right?”

"No matter how excellent the former chief of the military base used to be, he is only a fugitive on the run now. I don't know who you have in this organization, but I guess there is more than one person like him who can't be seen. If it's really just to study the method of removing the blood contract, why do they need to recruit new people? If the research content can benefit the future, why would the military reject it?”

Shen He was shocked by the other's keen intuition and was secretly apprehensive. He smiled unnaturally, “You think too much……”

"What Tai Yin has not done successfully for so many years, we can imagine how difficult it is. In order to succeed in the experiment, you need to have a large number of experimental subjects to participate in it, but you also need countless funds for investment. These funds can’t originate from a proper source. I'm afraid that’s the real purpose of you coming to me?"

"What's more, Tai Yin's purpose was not to terminate an unsatisfactory blood contract at all. He just wanted to form another contract with his previous life’s Qizi. It doesn’t change the system itself at all, and how is it fair to an ignorant Nestling?”

“When you are together in this kind of group, what you do is a shady business that violates the ethics of the Tianxiu people. You are surely standing on the opposite side of the military. To put it bluntly, you are reactionaries. How can I know that you will not harm the whole nation under such a banner?"

Shen He didn’t believe him, “Now you’re making such a grand statement. Didn’t you spend a lot of money to buy a method from me that may identify your previous life’s lover?

“That’s because before, I had the qualification for an equal start with him. If he already has a partner that he admires in this life before I find him, I will give up. Now I have lost that qualification, I will not disturb him even more.”

"My Adult Ceremony was an accident, and I'm not satisfied with this relationship that can't be dissolved when I was forced to bind, but this is something between me and Ling Xiao. I will not oppose the whole nation because of my personal misfortune, and I will never betray this country unless the spousal system of Tianxiu people is really a schemed conspiracy.”

Shen He’s complexion was somewhat ugly, “Those whose courses are different cannot lay plans for one another. It’s a pity, I really admire your strength. I had hoped to have the chance to fight alongside you. Now it seems that the probability is almost zero.”

"But what you say today doesn't necessarily represent what you think in the future. Tianxiu people have a long life. Every day from now on, when you have to live with someone you don't like, I hope your sense of justice now won't be slowly whittled away.”

He turned and waved, "If you come around, you’re welcome to come to find me anytime.“

"Wait a minute."

Ying Feng's voice came from behind him. Shen He, who had just turned around, showed an “I knew it” smile. He turned around, full of confidence, “What, you came around so quickly?”

“You failed to recruit me, is your next target Ling Xiao?”

He hit the nail on the head, even the smile on Shen He’s face became stiff.

“Ling Xiao is unlike me. If you trick him with a few sentences, it’s likely that you would deceive him away. Maybe he will become your chess piece in the future and even be treated as an experimental subject, so I’m seriously warning you.”

Ying Feng said sternly, “If I find that you are in private contact, I will report the truth to the military and let them know that we didn’t enter the laboratory by accident. When the time comes, they will start to investigate. At that time, I hope that you will have enough reasons to explain the information and things you gave me. And these things are probably not the only goods that have been sold from your shop that sells everything.“

Shen He’s smile disappeared completely. The man in front of him was more difficult to deal with than he imagined.

"If you do this, even you will fall in. I don't need to explain the difference between intentional and unintentional intrusion."

"As long as I can stop you, I will not hesitate to go to jail."

Sparks burst out between the two and the atmosphere was hostile.

A large wave of students walked over, laughing and talking. Shen He saw several of his customers out of the corner of his eyes.

He didn't want to be recognized in front of others, so he spoke a sentence and left in a hurry.

“It’s your own matter that you don’t want to remove your relationship, but don't forget, if Ling Xiao is willing, can you stop it? Even if I don't go find him, maybe one day, he will find me himself. We'll wait and see who is right."

The conversation with Shen He calmed Ying Feng's out of control mood. He stood in place for a moment, turned around, and went back.

Ling Xiao didn't run out this time. He was still in the dormitory, but he was surfing the Internet. When Ying Feng saw this, his heart thumped. Should he wait here for him to get off or go up and order him to get off?

Shen He returned in low spirits after failing to recruit Ying Feng, but he did not expect that as soon as he returned to the Internet, he immediately had a nice surprise waiting for him.

"Oh, boy, I’m glad to see you.”

Ling Xiao turned around and saw Shen He coming from outside, step by step.

“I came to find you for……”

"Of course I know why you’re looking for me,” Ling Xiao was interrupted by Shen He as soon as he spoke. "In fact, what you’re thinking, I've long thought about it for you.”

Ling Xiao was stunned, "Do you know what I want?"

"Of course," said Shen He confidently. “You want to remove the relationship between you and Ying Feng. Did I guess right?”

Ling Xiao was stunned in place for a long time, then his eyes lit up, "Is it really possible?"

Shen He was proud in his mind, but it didn’t leak out on his face, “Do you remember that I mentioned the research of that talented scientist to you?”

"He's not dead? He's still alive?"

"Of course, a man of faith can't die so easily."

However, in the next moment, Ling Xiao's expression changed from pleasant surprise to doubt, “Did his research succeed?"

"Not yet, but I believe it will be successful soon."

Ling Xiao immediately pulled a long face, "I don't want it."

Shen He, who was proud a moment ago, suddenly had a bad mood because of this sentence, “Why? Isn't this what you long for?"

Ling Xiao said seriously, "I still remember that I saw Tai Yin's research diary in the military base back then. It was because the man named Shang Yang committed suicide that he discovered the secret, this showed that his Qizi’s reincarnation would prefer to have his soul fly away and scatter than be with him.”

"If his experiment is successful, it will only lead to new tragedies. Maybe in the future, how many people will repeat this kind of tragedy because their blood contract can be easily lifted?”

"It's a misfortune to force people who don't love each other to bind to each other, no matter to the one who loves or the one who doesn't love. My own experience is a misfortune, so I don't want more people to experience the same misfortune as me. You said that true love is not imprisonment, and even you don't approve of the other party’s practice, right?”

"The tragic bindings like mine are always a minority. I believe that most families are happy and stable, and I don't want anything to destroy stability. But once this kind of thing is developed, even if they don't use it, how can they guarantee that no one with ulterior motives will use it to destroy other people's families?"

Shen He didn’t understand these two people more and more, “You already admitted that your binding was a tragedy, don't you want to terminate your relationship?"

“I want to, I want to even when dreaming,” Ling Xiao said “bah” afterward. “I haven’t slept, my dreams are daydreams. It’s more painful to be a Qizi than I thought. In the past, I didn't understand why my good friend committed suicide. Now I understand a little. But I promised him that I would not do something that I would regret and agreed that I would wait for him to come out which is the reason why I have persevered up to now. As you said, how can a man with faith die so easily?"

"No one would hate today's outcome more than I do, and I even wanted to die and take him down with me for a while. But this is between us, and it can only be solved between us."

"If I can regain my freedom, I am willing to give up a lot of things, my life span, my ability, and even give one hand, one leg, one head forever……No, not my head. Even if I have to endure mental torture every day, I am willing to, because there is nothing more unbearable than now. But that doesn't mean that I have to regain my freedom at the expense of the freedom of others. Even if it's a daydream, I don't want my dream to come true in this way."

Shen He stared at him, unable to believe. In a daze, he saw Ying Feng standing behind him. At different times, different places, two different people said the same words.

"I'm sorry, I don't want to be reduced to your experimental subject, let alone help the enemy. My own affairs should be solved in my own way."

Shen He shook his head, unable to comprehend, "Since you don't want this, why did you find me today?"

"I just want to ask you if you need someone to work here. Let me earn some pocket money."

Shen He couldn’t help sneering, “Pocket money? Your Qizhu has so much money, you still need to work for yourself to earn living expenses?"

Ling Xiao turned a deaf ear to him, “But now I know you are Tai Yin's accomplice. It’s no wonder that you are so familiar with his affairs before. I don't want to take your money. Those whose courses are different cannot lay plans for one another. From now on, I have made a clear distinction between you and me. You can just act like I didn’t come today.”

Shen He couldn’t help but stop Ling Xiao who was about to leave, “Then what if I told you that I had just approached Ying Feng and he was very interested in my suggestion. You restrained yourself. Can you still stop him?"

Ling Xiao bowed his head and thought for a long time, "I won't be surprised if he really said that.” He raised his head, “But I would go to the military department to expose you."

Shen He squinted.

"I admit that I hate him to death, but that doesn't mean I'll unfeelingly watch him go the wrong way. If this accident didn’t happen, he would go to the military academy without a hitch, enter the military department, fight for the country, and become the pride of the whole nation. Whether we can find the owner of that d*mn peach pit or not, this is the way he should go."

"And so do I."