Novel Wars

His Highness, Don’t Leave! I Will Lose Weight for You! Chapter 2 - System

After Han Fei’s single slap, it forced the atmosphere into sudden silence. No one reacted for a moment. Everyone was blankly staring at Han Fei. There was only one thought in their minds: she’s insane…

Han Fei pulled her hand back and flexed it a little bit, but she didn’t hurt at all. Her palm was very meaty and because she was fat, her strength was quite formidable and she had sent that servant girl flying straight to the ground. She was laying on the ground with her face completely swollen and looking miserable.

Han Fei couldn’t have forgotten that when she first transmigrated, the one saying “fat woman” and “fat pig” left and right had been this servant girl. The one who had pushed her might have even happened to be this servant girl, too.

And now, this servant girl was laying her hands on her person without permission. In Han Fei’s mind, Chun Hong had been the very first person to be kind to her, making Han Fei even more upset. She had taken note of all it and hadn’t reacted yet. Now, it was time for revenge.

By the time Maiden Xia reacted, her personal servant girl Zhiman was already crying in snot and tears. Her anger immediately rose up and just as she was going to beckon people over to drag Han Fei down and punish her, Han Fei spoke:

“Aunt, this is something I should do. There’s no need to thank me.”

This sentence was said in a firm voice without the slightest bit of guilt.

Maiden Xia was shocked and said: “What did you say?” She secretly thought, how could this damn girl look so bold? So much that… wasn’t she a little different than she had been before?

Maiden Xia quietly kept that in her mind and sized Han Fei up. There weren’t any changes in looking at that fat, ugly appearance. In that case, where was the problem?

Now, Zhiman was crying even louder. Originally, she had had the lovable attraction of a tear-stained beauty, but she was unable to bear it and now her pigheaded face looked like she caught a cold. No one was pitying her. Just as Zhiman wanted to grievously beseech the Second Madam to make a decision, she sensed a cold look shot towards her.

Han Fei was trying her best to push out a vicious expression. Not to mention the matching ugly, ferocious face on her. It was sort of a trend, especially with the penetrating eyes. It scared the crying Zhiman so much that she forgot what to say.

Han Fei was satisfied and continued to say: “This residence is a place of carefully selected rules, but this servant girl isn’t behaving. Aunt hadn’t spoken yet and the servant interrupted. Isn’t that looking down on Aunt’s authority? To go further than that, isn’t there… something wrong with it.”

When Han Fei’s words fell out, Maiden Xia’s heart gave a thump. She turned to look at Zhiman, who managed to look delicate and pretty even with a swollen face. Recently, her lord had been praising Zhiman in front of her for being considerate and after a moment, a terrible suspicion instantly rushed forward.

Not long ago, the Government Official Li’s family happened to marry in a high-ranking servant girl as a concubine. It upset Madam Li to the point of having to wash the tears from her face in front of her every day and it made her a big joke in the upper class circles. Was it possible that this could happen to herself? For a moment, all kinds of thoughts twisted in Maiden Xia’s mind to the point that her original mood of wanting to find fault in someone had completely diminished.

Han Fei was watching her complexion change and knew that she was really starting to think too much. She was perfectly satisfied. To deal with this kind of woman who wanted the world for herself, you just had to grab her heart and she was jealous.

A servant girl who was younger and prettier than her wasn’t good news in regards to the Lord. It was especially taboo in this kind of deep courtyard.

深院: refers to private courtyards walled off from the public

Means private, walled off from the public

Han Fei thanked herself for watching all those zhaidou dramas when she was bored. Otherwise, she might’ve been the one to be hit while she was still down.

宅斗剧: period dramas focusing on the struggles in a household between the various women

Period dramas entailing the struggles between various women in a household.

“Ding — Host has successfully beaten back a plot character once. Obtained one star coin. Unlocked user permissions. Unlocked rule handbook. Host, please continue to make persistent efforts. Lose Weight and Capture the Male God System will serve you wholeheartedly.”

Han Fei’s somewhat cheerful mood immediately froze. She swore that this time she absolutely didn’t hear wrong! Someone had really spoken in her brain and she even saw that so-called rule handbook in her mind!

After reading it nearly ten lines at a time, Han Fei came up with an astonishing thought — could it be that the heavens had changed her into a fat woman and given her a golden finger?

But what the hell was the Lose Weight and Capture the Male God System?

Just as Han Fei was impatiently going to look at the so-called rule handbook, an alarm making a beeping sound frantically echoed through her mind.

“Host, please snap out of it. The target character hasn’t left yet, please snap out of it! Enabling snap-out-of-it shock. Activate!”

With a crackle, Han Fei felt like an electric current passed through her entire body. The numbness of her limbs instantly made her fall to her knees with a thump, frightening the crowd of people.

Maiden Xia looked at the first wife’s daughter who had unexpectedly done her such a great courtesy with mixed emotions. Her indignant mood had been satisfied and at that moment, she decided to let her off for the day. On top of that, she felt that she could bully this fat woman at any time, and anyway, there wasn’t any chance of this eldest daughter hindering her own daughter. What was more important at the moment was that such a “harboring evil intentions” servant girl definitely couldn’t stay.

Han Fei, kneeling on the ground, watched helplessly as Maiden Xia walked immaculately away with her people. Chun Hong’s crying immediately echoed in her ears.

“My lady! It’s not worth kneeling down for Chun Hong!”

“Chun Hong…”

“My lady! The Second Madam looks upon you unfavorably and just wanted to toy with you!”

“Chun Hong…”

“My lady! Chun Hong isn’t afraid of being bullied, but my lady’s dignity cannot be disgraced! Wuwu..”

Han Fei shouted shakily: “Chun Hong… Listen to me…”

Wuwuwu, I have nothing to return my lady’s great favor with, Chun Hong might as well die!”

“You can return it. You can return it right now.”

“My lady, say it! I won’t hesitate to go through water and tread on fire!”

“... Help me up first.”

Chun Hong: “...”

When Chun Hong finally came back to her senses, her face turned pale as she realized that her family’s young lady was still kneeling on the ground and she almost fainted. Afterwards, it took tremendous strength to help Han Fei up.

After Han Fei was standing steadily, she immediately yelled abuse in her mind, but that mechanical voice didn’t say a word, as if it didn’t exist.

Han Fei was so angry that her liver hurt.

“My lady, are you alright? Blame it all on Chun Hong…”

Saying that, Chun Hong wanted to cry again.

Meeting this servant girl made out of water, Han Fei was already powerless to ridicule her, but in the end, she was really the only person in the world who had been sincere to her and she couldn’t say a word.

However, from the electric shock just now to that baffling voice, Han Fei knew that there were some things she needed to know.

“My lady, did you hurt yourself falling? I’ll go fetch a doctor for you!”

Han Fei waved her hand and casually replied that she didn’t need one before immediately seeing Chun Hong’s inflamed face and saying: “Is your face okay?”

Chun Hong held back her grievances. Her lady had made such a huge sacrifice for her, she hadn’t been wronged in the least! She confidently said: “My lady, Chun Hong is fine!”

Han Fei let out a sigh and said: “It’s completely red, get some medicine.”

Chun Hong was extremely moved, but she was even more worried about her lady and said, “My lady, please hurry and sit down.”

Han Fei gave her a doubtful glance and Chun Hong elaborated: “You used to be tired after standing for so long.”

Han Fei: …

She was now not only tired in her feet, but tired in her heart!