Novel Wars

His Highness, Don't Leave! I Will Lose Weight for You! Chapter 3 - Original's Memories

After a chaotic day of flying chickens and jumping dogs, Han Fei laid on her bed. Even turning over her body was a heroic undertaking. She scratched her belly, raised her pillow up comfortably and started planning for the future. That damn system had disappeared after she fell to her knees. No matter what she called out, there wasn’t a bit of noise.

Just as she thought that, the voice popped into her head again, but this time, the imposing manner was a little more placid.

“Host, please get up!”

Han Fei paused for a moment before letting out a sneer and replying: “Oh, you’re finally done pretending to be dead? Tell me, what are you?”

“Host, please get up!”

Han Fei replied, puzzled: “Why do I have to get up?”

“Don’t lay down if you can sit! Don’t sit if you can stand up?”


“Host, you’re too fat. Please prepare to lose weight anywhere, anytime!”


Now even this wretched thing was starting to despise her fat, right?

“If I don’t do it, will you shock me like today?”

The voice sounded even weaker: “... Host, please forgive me. I didn’t control the electrical current at the time and miscalculated.”

Han Fei humphed, but actually forced herself up and said: “Now , can you tell me what you are?”

“Lose Weight and Capture the Male God System.”

“... What’s that for?”

“Tasking the host to successfully lose weight, transform and capture the male god.”

A thought jumped into Han Fei’s mind. This really was a gold finger, ah! But… she could understand losing weight, but what the hell was a male god?

“Now, host, please accept the body’s original memories so that you may complete the tasks better. Host, please prepare yourself!”
Those words had just fallen out and Han Fei was too late to prevent the sudden sharp pain that shot through her head. The pain seemed to almost blow up and a large set of memories that didn’t belong to her surged up violently. There wasn’t a chance for her to take a breath and Han Fei simply passed out from the pain.

The next day, Chun Hong was preparing to wake her lady and ensure that the Second Madam’s people wouldn’t bully her lady later.

But before Chun Hong had time to knock on the door, Han Fei’s voice came from inside: “Come in.”

Chun Hong froze for a moment and was somewhat confused. It used to be a very difficult matter to get her lady out of bed every day, and it definitely wasn’t possible for her to get up without being called several times. Today, she had gotten up on her own.

Han Fei hadn’t woken up at all. Since waking up from unconsciousness, she just stayed up all night and carefully sorted through the large set of memories that didn’t belong to her. After that, she talked to that whatever-system for a while and very sorrowfully discovered that she might be the most unlucky transmigrator.

But fortunately, after an explanation from the system yesterday, she reluctantly accepted her setting and also accepted the existence of such a golden finger. It was much better than being alone in this strange world.

The original’s name was also Han Fei, the daughter of the Han Residence’s first wife. Her father was a senior minister in the present dynasty. It was reasonable to say that it shouldn’t have been so miserable getting by even if she was this fat.

But the bad thing was that, although her father was a senior minister, he was the most unfavored senior minister. Unhappy at the top, he spied from the bottom, causing the whole Han Residence to tremble in fear. Her father was busy dealing with outside business, where was the time to manage the back garden?

On top of that, her mother had died early. After leaving behind such a first daughter, she took her last breath. The original, because of the broken-hearted sadness and the hurt of not having her father, ate more and more and more…

In the end, she ate until she was a big fat lady.

Han Fei’s face looked green and she secretly felt angry that the original didn’t persevere. If a woman couldn’t control her own weight, how could she control her own life!

“My lady, your complexion… Why is it so unsightly…”

Chun Hong was frightened by Han Fei’s vicious expression. It looked like she wanted to eat someone.

Han Fei fixed her expression. Deciding to be a little calmer, she said: “Help me put up my hair.”

It wasn’t that Han Fei couldn’t take care of her own hair, it was just that… these fat and short hands really couldn’t reach and weren’t nimble enough. She could only rely on Chun Hong’s hands.

Chun Hong moved forward at once and pulled Han Fei’s hair into a simple style while saying: “Chun Hong must make my lady beautiful.”

Han Fei absent-mindedly answered: “A beautiful pig, right.”

Chun Hong’s hands stiffened and she decided not to speak.

Han Fei looked at herself in a copper mirror and it was vexing to see for the first time. If you say you’re fat, you could say that you’re cute like a fat white bun, but that was untrue with the original body. The skin was so dark that she couldn’t stand looking at it! It was practically an entire bag of grain!

Her only consolation was that, probably because of being fat, the skin was completely stretched out and was extremely smooth without pores. It felt very nice.

Han Fei comforted herself that as soon as it whitened some, it might be a little better.

“My lady, today is the day that the lord returns. My lady, let’s dress you a little more festively to please the lord.”

Han Fei nodded absently and as soon as Chun Hong took out the clothes that were “a little festive”, she almost exploded.

What the hell were those gaudy clothes!

It was the same as opera!

Han Fei suddenly recalled that the original really had liked these kinds of fancy clothes and cherished each one very much.

“My lady looks the best in these pale red clothes!”

Chun Hong wholeheartedly praised.

Han Fei said, expressionlessly: “A red pig, right.”

Chun Hong: “…”