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His Highness, Don't Leave! I Will Lose Weight for You! Chapter 4 - Senior Minister Father

By the time Han Fei had convinced Chun Hong to let her put on a slightly more normal teal silk garment, a very long time had passed and Chun Hong was anxiously itching to help Han Fei hurry up.

Han Fei wanted to hurry some too, but there was a ton there and she couldn’t get up quickly.

By the time she had finally rushed from her small side courtyard to the reception hall, her senior minister father was already sitting in a high seat and drinking tea. His complexion didn’t look good.

The Second Madam was also sitting proudly on a side seat, taking joy in her misfortune and looking down at Han Fei with disdain.

Han Fei was aware that she was in the wrong and lowered her head as soon as she came in. After giving the customary courtesy, she said: “Father, sorry, Fei’er is late.”

Han Fei really didn’t want to call herself that, but there was no way out of it. In the original’s memories, that’s what she was called.

Han Shangqing looked down at his fat-as-a-ball daughter and hurt a little inside. His former deceased wife had been a famous beauty known far and wide. How did she give birth to such a… problematic daughter?

When Han Fei saw the flash of disgust in her senior minister father’s eyes, she internally gave up the idea of tattling. With a father who didn’t love his child, the less you talked, the less mistakes you could make.

As expected, her senior minister father hummed indifferently and after he pointed a finger, Han Fei obediently stood up while avoiding his eyes.

“Ding, plot character Han Shangqing triggered. His father-daughter emotional level is negative two hundred. Host, please raise the emotional level. The time limit is one hour. The task difficulty is level B. Host, please continue to work hard!”

Hearing those words, Han Fei’s face turned completely white. She answered almost without thought: “Emotional value negative two hundred!? One hour? What are you playing at! Don’t you see that this senior minister father just wants to pretend that what’s out of sight is out of mind! I bet the emotional level will only increase a little bit if she died!”

“... Host, please work hard.”

Han Fei’s liver hurt again and she changed the question: “What happens if I can’t do it?”

“Electric shock penalty. Tenfold.”

Han Fei trembled from head to toe. The electric shock yesterday had made her fall to her knees. If it was ten times that, she feared that the electricity would make her an idiot!

What kind of golden finger was this, wasn’t it debt collection!

Maybe because Han Fei’s complexion was too ugly, the system added: “After the host completes this task, you can access the first level of system privileges. Host, please work hard!

“... Wait and see if I have a life first.”

Just as Han Fei was full of fear and racking her brains trying to figure out what to do, another person walked in. After she watched her pass by, she blinked.

If you insisted on a word to describe her, it would be stunning.

The person who had arrived was wearing a long pink dress and her hair was pulled up simply with a bunch of hairpins. The size of a palm, the small face portrayed what it was to be called a beautiful immortal. Not to mention her lithe and graceful figure. Her entire appearance was dazzling.

Han Fei had to sigh with emotion. The original body’s little sister really was a beauty.

But to say that she was her little sister, they were actually born not even half an hour apart.

Han Shangqing looked at his beautiful second daughter and was instantly rejuvenated. He said: “Yan’er is here.”

Han Yan gave the customary courtesy and said softly: “Dad, Yan’er is late.”

Han Shangqing showed a kind smile and said: “No matter, sit down.”

Han Fei’s liver immediately hurt even more. This cheap father and his two daughters with one standing and one sitting. There was this level of bias already, so anything she did would be useless! This task really wanted her to die!

Seeing that everyone had gathered together, Han Shangqing coughed a couple times and put down the tea cup in his hand. After clearing his throat, he said: “Everyone, come here and I will tell you something. As of late, the emperor has been interested in choosing a girl within the court officials’ families to marry King Qin. This is a rare, good thing.”

As soon as his words fell out, everyone sucked in their breaths as one and secretly made guesses.

King Qin?

That famous crippled prince?

The dragon that the emperor forgot?

The emperor had clearly ignored this abandoned son for more than two to twenty years. Why did he suddenly want to grant him a marriage on a whim?

Where was the good thing! It was obviously a once-in-a-lifetime bad thing! Whatever family’s lady married him would be ridiculed! Not to mention that the prince was “no good”! Wouldn’t it be spending a lifetime of guarding an empty lady’s chambers?

独守空闺: refers to a woman being left alone without her husband, forcing her to guard her own chambers

Refers to a woman being left alone without her husband, forcing her to guard her own chambers

Han Fei didn’t know what everyone was thinking or what this King Qin’s influence was. There wasn’t any recollection in the original’s memory, but that didn’t stop her from drawing conclusions that this assignment was unfortunately a game of hot potato; whoever got picked was out of luck.

But Han Fei didn’t have much time to pay attention to this news. She was still thinking about how to upgrade the emotional level of this father and daughter.

And at that moment, Han Shangqing said again: “In order to better attend King Qin, the emperor has requested that every family’s girls of an appropriate age to the Ama Palace for a time to receive female training.”

These words were another bomb.

What kind of place was Ama Palace?

It was only the place that specialized in the education of empresses and imperial concubines!

According to the rumors, any young lady who received Ama Palace’s female training would become a hot commodity without exception. They would also become the most promising candidate to enter the emperor’s palace and care for the royal family. Even if they weren’t chosen by the emperor or princes, they were still a hot commodity for high-ranking officials and nobles!

Why was Ama Palace opening to choose a marriage for an abandoned prince now?

Very quickly, Han Shangqing washed away everyone’s suspicions: “There is news that the crown prince’s imperial concubine will also be chosen from this group.”

Everyone’s breathing clearly became heavier. Compared to the reputation of being King Qin’s imperial concubine, the reputation of being the crown prince’s concubine was obviously more attractive. That certainly meant… reaching heaven in a single step…

Han Shangqing looked on with satisfaction at everyone’s gobsmacked expressions because he had had that same expression in the beginning. However, his delight didn’t continue for long because he caught sight of Han Fei, clearly daydreaming, out of the corner of his eye and his mood immediately soured.

“Ding — Host, please note. The target character’s father-daughter emotional value has dropped by ten points. It is currently -210.”

Han Fei was alarmed. What the hell! What did she do that was unforgivable!?

“Host, please note the time. There’s still half an hour left. Host, please work hard!”

Wait a second! I’m begging for mercy!

“Host, work hard.”

Work hard my ass!

Han Shangqing didn’t know anything about the father-daughter emotional value and withdrew his eyes. He went on to say: “The emperor’s decree was very clear, so that my Han Residence’s ladies can’t avoid it. This is a good opportunity.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Han Yan stood up. Hiding the ambition in her eyes, she said delicately: “Yan’er is willing to go to Ama Palace.”

Han Shangqing nodded in complete satisfaction. In his mind, Han Yan was famous in the whole capital for not only her looks, but also being proficient in all kinds of the four arts! Above all, she had brought auspicious signs when she had been born, making the emperor have to keep her in mind!

琴棋书画: guzheng, go, calligraphy and painting

Guzheng, go, calligraphy, painting

If it was really enough for a prince this time…

Han Shangqing thought more and more and was becoming more and more pleased.

Just in that moment, there was the annoying sound of crying.

Everyone’s eyes fell on the crudely fat figure. Han Shangqing felt his head hurt again.

“Fei’er, where is your etiquette in front of everyone in a public place?”

Han Fei was still crying. She cried out “ying ying ying” while faking weak sobbing sounds, making everyone there shiver. It was really frightening to make that kind of sound with such a huge figure.

Fortunately, Han Fei didn’t cry for long. She raised her face and opened her little eyes before saying sadly: “Fei’er thought of mother and she couldn’t help it. I’m asking Dad to please punish me, ying ying ying…”

Han Shangqing, who originally looked as if he was going to reprimand her, stopped and his face became somewhat complicated.

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