Novel Wars

Miniature Garden Chemister - Volume 1 Short Stories

[Introduction] Hinami - 13 years old

Author's note: I wrote a kind of character introduction of sorts before we start Volume 2. I really haven’t been advancing the main story, have I…?

Hinami - 13 years old

[Kusunoki Hinami]

13 years old

HP 30/30
MP 45/45

ATK 10
DEF 10
AGI 13
MAG 20
LUK 50

God’s Miniature Garden
Light Rhaspodia

God Ligris’ Divine Protection



That scared me…! It was a chicken!!

As I was harvesting Koshou leaves in the garden, I was attacked by a chicken from behind.
Asking to be entertained, two chicks rushed over to me. The two chickens I met in the forest had produced an egg. If another cute one joins them…! I wonder what color baby this white father chicken and slightly brown mother chicken will have~? I’m looking forward to it.
In the beginning, I gave them vegetables to feed them, but they didn’t eat. However, now, they would waltz into the garden and eat the grass and herbs. They could just eat vegetables like normal… They like the taste. Probably

“I’ll play with you! Just let me pick the Koshou leaves!”

The energetic, white chicken wouldn’t stop charging at me. Wait, wait. That actually hurts…!
Since I was glad that the house has become livelier, this kind of communication was also quite fun.
And, there was also that egg. The dining table will get livelier, so I was completely satisfied.
Ah, I have to hurry up and harvest the Koshou leaves, so I can’t play with the chickens.

“Hey, hey. Over here~!”

Even if I call it ‘playing,’ it was mostly just running around, so it was really just exercise.
Everyone charged at me while I ran away, so it was kind of like tag. The personality of the chickens was demonstrated here, so it was really a bit interesting. The white father chicken always charged straight-forward so it was easy to dodge him, while the brown mother chicken tended to change directions. As such, I would be flustered when she suddenly turned. If I were to be caught, it most likely…would be by the mother chicken. This was teamwork between the couple.
While the mother throws feints, the father would catch me with his straight-forward attacks. This trick they worked out was what caused me to be caught yesterday.
Yup, wild chickens are different.

Ah, right. I should write about the chickens in today’s exchange diary.
As I grew excited about the exchange diary I had with God, I played with the chickens until the sun set.

[Introduction] Ligris


[Ligris - God]





As a god, I, Ligris was alone in the endless darkness today as with every other day. The joy I feel every day would have to be reading the exchange diary with Hina and observing her. Ah, that reminded me. I’ve only been looking at [Letisureel] recently and haven’t checked on [Earth]… Well, whatever. I’m sure it’ll be alright.
Then, I began reading the refreshed exchange diary with Hina.

“Pft, Hina really is cute~! To think that she would play with chickens all day.”

I want her to play with me next time… But, she would need the [Oracle] skill to do that. Obtaining that was…normally, difficult, but I’m sure Hina would be able to learn it immediately.
Well, anyway, she would need to go to the city to learn it…so, let just take it slow.

“Let’s see here… ‘Even though I gave the chickens vegetables, they won’t eat them. But, they’ll eat the grass and herbs in the garden. Is this an issue of their taste?’”

It seems that today’s diary entry was about chickens.
Truthfully, I’ve never really paid much mind to the food situation of chickens… Hmph, how should I respond?

“Um… ‘I also don’t know what chickens prefer, but since it’s inside the skill [God’s Miniature Garden], I’m sure the normal grass there is delicious. Besides, chickens that eat herbs will probably grow stronger than chickens that eat normal vegetables.’”

Did this sound alright?
What else should I do…? Let’s make some cute clothes or something for Hina as a present. Yeah, let’s do that. Maybe I’ll sneak a rosette in it for her. She should be running low on soap by now. I’ll also put that on her bathroom shelf. The rest should still be fine.

“Ah, that reminds me…!”

I suddenly looked around, but there was nothing in this darkness-darkness-darkness-filled area.

“I can’t possibly show good hospitality in such darkness the next time Hina comes over…! Right, I’ll also create a home inside this space. If I do, I’m sure Hina’ll be surprised.”

I decided that I’ll build a house…or maybe just a room in this space.

Yup, looks like I’ll be preoccupied for a while.

[Introduction] Hinami - 15 years old

Hinami - 15 years old

[Kusunoki Hinami]

15 years old

HP 50/50
MP 65/76

ATK 10
DEF 16
AGI 21
MAG 33
LUK 84

God’s Miniature Garden
Light Rhaspodia

God Ligris’ Divine Protection

*This is the status at the end of the 1st volume.


Ah, right.
While Ikuru was out, let’s raise some princess trees and make some Princess’ Divine Protections.

“Ikuru’s the only one having to go through the forest, so I have to do whatever I can…”

I stepped into the garden on this nice day.
Ikuru left to search the forest this morning for the “Kukuri tree.” This Kukuri tree was valuable since it can be used as an ingredient for antidotes. While there was the possibility that such a tree was growing in this forest, I had low expectations. Hence, Ikuru had already spent two weeks searching for it in the forest.
Leaving the house in the morning and returning home past noon was his schedule. He kind of strangely felt like a salaryman like this. I watched Ikuru off, prepared for lunch, and waited. During that time, I also did laundry and made some potions.
Yeah, I felt kind of fulfilled by this!

“Huh… Maro’s not here?”

I looked around, but there were only three chickens and one moo here. And behind me were only birds and butterflies flying about. The snow bunny Maro that would always run towards me whenever I left the garden wasn’t here.

“Did it follow him again?”

Recently, Maro would occasionally go with Ikuru on his search. There wasn’t any danger in going there and it wouldn’t be much of a burden on Ikuru, so I let them do what they wanted. Besides, it must be lonely going into the forest alone. Unlike me, Ikuru wouldn’t be scared.

“Fumu… Doesn’t the garden feel a little packed now?”

I had everything organized, but with the vegetables, fruits, herbs, mana mangrove, and animals, the garden felt…cramped. Next time, I’ll see if I can ask God to make the garden wider.
Then, I guess I’ll have to make a Princess’ Divine Protection in the meantime.
I went over to the mana mangrove by the fence and began preparations. But, it really was just to exchange points for bottles.

“Princess, please make these beautiful flowers bloom… [Sanctuary]!”

In response to my voice, the flowers in the mana mangrove were in full bloom and began to all bear fruit.

Huh…? I believe that it wasn’t like this the last time I did it… Was this what it felt like to be powered-up?
To tell you the truth, I still didn’t understand the [Sanctuary] I received from God. It promoted plant growth, created potions, made simple seasonings, etc. I had such a convenient spell…but, I felt like there was still more. No, I felt like I didn’t even understand its very basis…!

“Ah, oh no…!”

I used [Sanctuary] and was about to make a Princess’ Diving Protection when I realized something very important. My partner Maro wasn’t here.
Maro would always climb up the tree and drop the flowers and trees located high on the tree for me, but it wasn’t here today. In short, I couldn’t pick the fruit. I could try to wait for them to naturally fall, but I felt like the chances for that weren’t good at all.

“I guess it can’t be helped. Let’s give up today and go make a splendid lunch.”

Yeah, let’s do that.
It might be nice to make some sweets after such a long time.

I’m sure Ikuru would be surprised when he comes home!

[Introduction] Ikuru and Snow Bunny

Ikuru and Snow Bunny

[Ikuru - Curse]

19 years old

HP 2,112/2,112
MP 1,267/1,267

ATK 387
DEF 310
AGI 465
MAG 310
LUK 20

Wind Magic - Search

Decrease in status values
Inability to use attack magic
Sensitive tongue

[Snow Bunny: Maro - Monster]


HP 30/30
MP 1,000/1,000

Snow Magic - ???

God Ligris’ Divine Protection

*This is the status at the end of the 1st volume.


I entered the forest in the morning and searched for the Kukuri tree.
Today marks two weeks already… I haven’t seen any signs of the tree. Maybe it really wouldn’t be growing in such a shallow forest.

At this pace, in five minutes I would encounter a slime ahead. Because this forest was shallow and there were only small fries here, I could comfortably do my search. If a stronger monster were here, I wouldn’t be able to deal with them.
I only had a delicate cane with me. As I was about to defeat the slime, I heard a “Mi!” cry from my shoulder.

“Maro… You know you could’ve just waited at home with Lady Hinami.”
“Mi mi!”

For some reason, Maro had decided to accompany me these few days whenever I searched the forest. It was true that Maro the snow bunny was a resident of this forest, and since there weren’t any strong enemies here, it wouldn’t hurt to bring it with me. However, the question was exactly when did follow me? Did it erase its presence and I just realized it when it was riding on my shoulder?
I was supposed to be sensitives to presences, but…hmph, I guess all I can say is that was what to be expected of the rare snow bunny.

“Anyway, let’s search for the tree, Maro.”

Maro gave a powerful response and nodded.
Sigh, it must be really curious to follow me.

“Hm? What’s wrong?”

As soon as Maro cried, “Mi~!” it jumped off my shoulder and began to run ahead in a straight line.

“W-wait up…!!”

As expected, I lost sight of it.
Besides its cuteness, snow bunnies were known for their quick legs. If Maro ran at full speed, there was no way I would be able to catch up to it.
I carefully activated my Wind magic Search to heighten my senses so I could find it even if it hid its presence.
However, what was with Maro all of a sudden? I didn’t sense any strong monsters or people suddenly appearing. In that case, the remaining possibly was…it found something?

“Is that…the Kukuri tree?”

How could I put it? I kind of expected it.
After running for some time, Maro had been quietly sitting underneath a tree, waiting for me. I see. That was a Kukuri tree.

“How did you find it…?”

As if it wanted to be showered in praise, Maro jumped on me. I made sure to properly catch it.
When I patted its head and said, “Well done,” it returned to its spot on my shoulder, satisfied.

Now then, let’s take the tree back with us to Lady Hinami.

[Anecdote] Yellow Flower

“Maro~? Where are you~?”

I walked from corner to corner of the garden calling out to find Maro. But no matter where I looked, Maro wasn’t there. I had Ikuru go to the roof to look, but he immediately came back down and informed me, “It’s not there.”

“Do you think it might have gone into the forest…?”
“I wonder. Well, I don’t think it’ll be a problem if Maro went into the forest…but, I am worried.”

I nodded at Ikuru and took another look around the garden. No good. It wasn’t here.

“If it was in the forest, it would be fine since Maro has Snow magic and quick feet…but, the problem would be the possibility that someone had kidnapped it?”

Maro was certainly cute. Furthermore, rare.
It was possible for it to be quickly snatched up. It might even be confused with a stray rabbit and taken away. My internal anxiety must have appeared on my face since Ikuru called out, “It’s fine.”

“Well, there’s practically zero percent that it was kidnapped. Capturing a snow bunny is extremely difficult. Besides…the house and garden are safe places, right?”
“Lady Hinami has that skill after all.”

The skill [God’s Miniature Garden]!

“That’s right!”
“You forgot? Jeez. Although, I don’t understand the basis of its effects.”
“God said that enemies cannot enter this skill…”
“In that case, the possibility of Maro being kidnapped is zero. It either is hiding somewhere in the house or had gone out to the forest.”

There was no way that Maro was kidnapped? But, monsters cannot enter because of the miniature garden skill…wait, huh?
Maro was also a monster. Then, what exactly defined an “enemy?”
Mumumu. As I wracked my brain, Ikuru responded with an exasperated look. Huh? Did Ikuru know the reason?

“Lady Hinami, ‘enemies’ cannot enter, right? Humans, monsters, and animals.”
“Ah, I see…”

It was true that the hard wolf that tried to attack me before was repelled by a barrier. But, it didn’t repel Maro. Thinking in that sense, it would be right to say that enemies were…what I, the skill user, defined as an enemy.
It somewhat felt like God was being very protective of me.


As I was thinking about my skill [God’s Miniature Garden], Maro’s voice reached my ears from somewhere. However, when I looked around, I couldn’t spot it anywhere.

“Maro, where are you?!”

It would usually come jumping at me, but only its voice reached me. Exactly where was its voice coming from…the grass? No, it wasn’t there either.
The place where some grass was growing in the garden became a spot where the chickens enjoyed their snacks. I was convinced that it would be playing hide-and-seek here, but Maro wasn’t here either.

“Eh?! Ikuru, do you know Maro’s location?”
“Where? Where, where??”

Ikuru saw through everything…even though I couldn’t figure out Maro’s location at all. Was this because of his Wind magic Search?


Was Maro’s voice coming from Ikuru’s direction?
I stared at Ikuru when it popped out from behind Ikuro’s back and rode on his shoulder.
Maro was holding a small flower in its mouth.

“Eh? You’re giving it to me?”

I accepted it from Maro and sniffed the small, yellow flower. Then, a gentle air surrounded me as soon as I smelled its sweet scent.
Maro leapt down from Ikuru’s shoulder, demonstrating a beautiful jump. Then, it pitter-pattered on the ground.

“It’s telling you to plant it there, right?”

I planted the flower according to Maro’s instructions. When I did, Maro also smelled the flower in satisfaction. Then, it jumped at me, so I made sure to catch it.

Himani, Ikuru, and Snow Bunny

“Maro’s flower is pretty!”

Maro was probably saying, “That’s right!” in a high-pitched and cute voice.
Ah, right. Maro went through the trouble to bring this flower. I was sure that if we raised this flower in a flowerbed, it would be wonderful.

“Alright! It’s a cute flower that Maro brought. Let’s make it beautifully bloom! [Sanctuary]!!”

In response to my voice, a sweet scent suddenly covered the entire ground. Then, small, yellow flowers spread out around our feet.

“It’s amazing as usual.”

This was kind of making me blush. Hehe.

“Maro’s flower is pretty.”

The group of little flowers looked like a yellow flower carpet. If I made a flower crown with these, I was sure it would be adorable.
Wait, huh?
Weren’t I forgetting something important?

“Lady Hinami, shall we have tea inside?”
“Ah, yeah…”
“Should I also bake some bread?”

As Ikuru headed inside the home, Maro slipped out of my arms and headed as well. Maro loved sweet bread after all.
Ah, right! I remember!

“Right! Maro, where exactly were you?!”

I shouted and chased after Ikuru and Maro.
Well, I knew. I mean, the flower that Maro brought…wasn’t a flower from the garden. This meant that it needed to go into the forest to bring it back.

“Ah! Maro, are you avoiding the question?!”

The happy-go-lucky Maro seemed to dodge exactly that.
Well, I was just glad that it was safe…

Notes: Illustration by Hiyori
I received an illustration for this novel, so I’ll use it.
And I’ll put it in the story.
Thank you very much for the wonderful illustration!

[Setting] House & Potions

[God’s Miniature Garden]

Author's note: This was a conceptual drawing of the outline of the house and garden. I apologize if this drawing was too hard to understand…

God's Miniature Garden

◆ Stump House
Basement: Used as a storehouse.
1st floor: Used as the living space. Kitchen, bath, and toilet.
2nd floor: Hinami and Ikuru’s rooms, compounding room.
Roof: laundry place, cultivation space for herbs and such.
A house prepared by Ligris for Himani’s sake. It was basically built to be cute. The many motifs of plants and the electrical magic tools in the shape of flowers gave off a fancy feeling.
The compounding room…was a sad room. It was appeared often in the story but hadn’t yet been used once. I mean, [Sanctuary] handled everything needed. This room will be used in the future. Probably.

◆ Well & Shelf and Tools
Water was drawn from the well.
Seeds for vegetables and other plants were stored on the shelf as well as the tools for their care. These included watering cans, buckets, and pots. This was also the shelf that held the tools and seeds for the garden that were exchanged for points.

◆ Fields
Vegetables and rice were grown here.
It was especially easy without using [Sanctuary]. There were three of them.

◆ Mana Mangrove
The Princess trees produced the mana mangrove, and a small stream was formed. The Princess trees were roughly three meters tall. The flowing water had mana imbued in it.

◆ Medical Herbs
They were quietly grown in the corner of the garden. If they weren’t trimmed, they would end up like weeds…!


I’ll explain starting from the left!

Potions (descriptions from left to right)

◆ High Potion
Ingredients: Stamina Grass, Water, Bottle
Effect: Heals injuries. Recovers 10-1,000 HP
A potion that tasted like green tea when drunk. Drink it to heal the wounds on your body and restore your stamina. Just like how it tasted, it also looked like green tea.
There was a heart-shaped design on the bottle.

◆ Garnet Potion
Ingredients: Red Grass, Orange Grass, Water, Bottle
Effect: Heals large injuries. Recovers 1,500-3,000 HP
A portion that tastes like cola when drunk. Drink it to heal the wounds on your body and restore your stamina. Just like how it tasted, it had the same color as cola.
There were two heart-shaped designs on the bottle.

◆ Mana Potion
Ingredients: Azure Grass, Water, Bottle
Effect: Recovers 100-500 MP
A potion specifically for mana and tasted like red tea. Just like its taste, its color was a similar light orange color.
There was a star-shaped design on the bottle.

◆ Marine Potion
Ingredients: Azure Grass, Grounded Magic Stone, Magic Water, Bottle
Effect: Recovers 1,000-2,000 MP
A potion to recover mana that tasted like Pocari. Just like its taste, its color was a pale blue.
There were two star-shaped designs on the bottle.

◆ Princess’ Divine Protection
Ingredients: Princess Fruit, Princess Flower, Magic Water, Bottle
Effect: Increases the max MP from 1/5th to 1/2.
It tasted like carbonated water. If fruits were added, it would become more delicious.
There was a coronet-shaped design on the bottle.

Author's notes:
Thank you all for reading this far.
I wasn’t sure if these character introductions, their short stories, and setting explanations were necessary…but, if you enjoyed them, I’m glad.

This is the last one, but I’m thinking about doing character introductions and setting explanations at the end of the next volume just like for Volume 1. Ah, and their short stories, too.
Normally, it should be left to the author’s judgment and bias, but I thought about including them if I had received any requests like “I want to read about this character,” “I want to read this kind of story,” or “I want to know about the setting!”
As such, if you have such wishes, please write it down in the impressions or message without reserve.

Well then, we shall meet in volume 2!