Novel Wars

Miniature Garden Chemister - 1. The First Step to the City - 1

Author's notes: It’s finally the start of the 2nd Volume.
It’s the same Hinami, but she’ll steadily develop starting now!


Ikuru and I walked along the road dyed in the Rubia color of the sunset as I looked at the city up ahead.
The city looked as if it was wrapped in this beautiful color of the sky. Almost like a present for me who worked this hard. I had been secluded in the forest the whole time, so walking to the city on my own feet felt…kind of strange.

I had the complete set that God gave me equipped. My long, brown hair looked like it was dyed orange in the light of this sunset.  I was a bit embarrassed that the ribbon I had on my hair was flashy, but…even just wearing the entire set outshone itself. To a Japanese person, I was practically…cosplaying right now. Probably.
Aside from the business of my part-time job, I had always had quite relaxed clothes and lifestyle so this world was very exhilarating.

But, well, I was sure that a fun life was waiting for me in the future…! Yes.
And just like that, I ran to the city at full speed!

But, two minutes later, I ran out of steam.
Of course, Ikuru was looking with an exasperated face from behind.


Now then, it took a long time!
I-I wasn’t tired, and…I made it to the city.

However, the sun had completely set and the people around us were rushing back home. As I watched the evening glow, it felt like the first city I ever set foot in…Rarire Kingdom was very fresh. Even though it was a place where a lot of stuff happened recently, this place would be my start.

“Hey, Lady Hinami! Hurry up and find an inn.”
“Ah, yeah!”

As I was looking over the city again, Ikuru rushed me as if saying that we didn’t have time for that.
It was true that trying to find an inn at this time might be difficult. The sun had already set, and it would probably be better to contact Thia tomorrow.
Anyway, let’s use this heart-pounding excitement as energy to search for an inn!

“Alright, let’s go, Ikuru!”
“…What with you all of a sudden?”
“I’m happy! This is finally the start!”

Well then.
My current funds were 379,100 rills. This was everything I had.
Before, the cost of the inn we stayed before should be 2,000 rills per person. It was a pretty and adorable place. Although it was sad that it didn’t have a bath, it seemed that such a thing wasn’t common in this world. While it wouldn’t hurt to have it, it seemed that wiping your body with hot water was the norm.

“Do you want the same inn as before? Or do you want to try another one?”
“Hmph…I guess we’ll go to the one from the other day.”

The last time, we had stayed at the inn called “Canopy Under the Sun” in front of the main street. I did want to try searching for a new inn, but we were short on time, so I would have to give up for today. There was no way I would be laughing if we ended up running out of time and all the inns were crowded. We continued on the main street and soon saw that familiar signboard.


When I opened the door, an older lady lively greeted us just like last time.

“Oh… You’re that young lady who stayed here before, right?”
“Eh! You remembered?”
“Of course. Besides, young lady, you felt very naïve and vulnerable…”

The lady smiled and continued, “I was a little worried.”
Even though I was a fine adult, I somewhat felt embarrassed. “Thank you very much,” I expressed my appreciation and ordered rooms like the last time. The lady really did remember what happened before as she gave me two keys even though I didn’t say anything.

“Thank you very much.”
“Okay. Ah, if you don’t mind me asking, but…have you come to the city to sightsee? Or as an adventurer?”
“To see a young lady your age together with a curse slave, I just thought that it was a bit strange for a group. If you were an adventurer, that would be normal, but you didn’t seem much of the type. I’m sorry if this offended you.”
“Ah…I’m a chemister. I was thinking about opening a shop here.”
“Is that so? Even though you’re this small, you’re quite enlightened…”

She put her hand on her cheek, said, “Must be difficult,” and nodded as she looked at me. Well, it really was difficult, so I couldn’t correct her. But, besides that, I was happy now. The flowers were safe, and I somehow managed to make a comfortable life for myself here…yup.

“Well, if you have any problems, feel free to come and ask me. You’re a loyal customer after all.”
“Ma’am…! Thank you very much.”

This was only the second time, so was it alright to consider me a loyal customer?
But, let’s indulge ourselves in the lady’s kindness.

“Same here… I can only make potions, but please let me know about anything.”
“Ah, thanks.”

After exchanging thanks again with the lady, Ikuru and I headed to our rooms on the second floor.
We decided to gather in my room and discuss our plans before we go to sleep.

“Ikuru, you really don’t jump into conversations, huh. Is it really bad for curse slaves to speak?”

I finally asked Ikuru this question that I was wondering about before. Even Kiruto, who was Thia’s curse slave, rarely spoke in our conversations. However, I thought it would be nice if everyone could just talk.

“Kiruto and you hardly talk in our conversations.”
“Aah… I just thought I would leave the annoying things to you.”

When I looked at his face, it felt like it was saying, “What are you saying?”

“I don’t really…think I need to speak any more than I need to. As for Kiruto…I don’t think that he can’t speak, but he probably felt intimidated, no?”
“Mumumu…. So, you don’t speak because it’s annoying?”
“Yeah? I’m alright with those I’m close to, but I don’t care about those I don’t know.”
“…And Kiruto doesn’t speak because of the mood?”
“It’s hard for males to join with girls talking, right?”

Now that I thought about it in this light, he was fine when Thia entered the bath and the two of us talked…I think? Well, he did talk in the beginning.
But, I guess for an excited conversation or a serious discussion, it would feel awkward. Hm, that might just be the case.
Let’s watch out the next time it happens. Yeah.
However, in that case, the issue was with Ikuru…I think. But, then again, it was surely his personality. His default look was always that of exasperation.

“I’m a bit worried about Ikuru’s reason, but…I got it. Thanks.”
“Yes, yes. In any case, let’s decided tomorrow’s plans and go to sleep. You’re tired, right?”

Even though I took a break, I was essentially walking for the whole day. My legs were exhausted and felt like logs.

“You’re tired and probably can’t get in up the morning. Would it be better to get in touch with Cynthia Merditi at noon then?”
“Ah…yeah. I don’t think I can get up early tomorrow morning.”

I know that I need to wake up, but it would probably be impossible.
Even now I couldn’t help but want to sleep. Ikuru said, “Then, that’s decided,” and headed for the door.

“Good night, Lady Himani.”
“Yeah, good night.”

After the door was closed, the room was silent.
I was sitting on the bed and just flopped down on my back. I thought that I would fall right asleep. However, with all that equipment…can I call it that? Anyway, I don’t think that I should sleep with all of it on. I searched through my luggage and pulled out the light clothes that I used as sleepwear. There were some frills, and it felt roughly like a negligee.
I removed my ribbon at the end, but just when I put my hand on it, a voice echoed in my head.

“Eh?! God…!!”

I didn’t expect it, so I was shocked and froze. I didn’t know if he was watching me in my frozen position with my hand on the ribbon, but God was snickering.

“This is a ribbon that I gave you, so I don’t want you to take it off. Keep it on.”
“Ah…but, wouldn’t my hair turn into a mess?”
“That’s true. Then, how about this?”

Along with God’s voice, the ribbon began to entwine around my extended right hand.
I was scared and moved my hand, but I was too slow. The ribbon had completely wrapped around it.

“Eh?! Eh?! Wh-what?!”
“It’s fine. Here, take a look.”

When, I quietly looked at my right hand, the mess of ribbon…wasn’t there. Huh, there was no ribbon?
No, that wasn’t right. There was a ring around the pinky on my right hand.

“A pinky ring…?”
“Correct. It’s quite cute, right?”
“Yes…! It’s amazing!!”

It was a ring that you wouldn’t believe was just a ribbon. The rose gold ribbon was decorated with a small flower motif of the same color. It was true that I could sleep with it still on.

“Mhm, it fits you.”
“Thank you so much…!”

Or rather, we were just talking like this, but…did this former ribbon, ring, allow me to talk to God? This ribbon’s effect…ah, the effect changed.

This description before was:

[Divine Protection Flower Ribbon]
A ribbon endowed with the God Ligris’ Divine Protection.
When you are about to be attacked and call, “Save me, Ligris,” the ribbon would transform into a defensive shape.
It can sometimes allow you to talk to Ligris.

And it changed into this.

[Divine Protection Flower Ring]
A ring endowed with the God Ligris’ Divine Protection.
Only during the time of the moon is out can you talk to Ligris.
The ribbon form will automatically change into its ring form.

“God… This is…”
“Mhm, it’s nice, right?”
“…Yes! I really like it.”

Did this mean that I get to talk lots with God? The description said “only during the time of the moon,” so…I think it was only when the moon was out can we have our conversations.
I looked at the pinky of my right hand and slightly grinned.

“Ah…sorry. You must be tired.”
“Ah! Sorry…I’m fine…is what I want to say, but I’m quite exhausted.”
“Yeah. I heard that you walked all day. You should just sleep for the rest of the day.”
“God… Thank you very much.”
“Yeah. Good night, Hina.”
“Yes, good night.”

As God’s kind voice echoed, I slowly closed my eyes.
Because my exhaustion had reached its peak, I naturally let out a yawn. But, God wasn’t upset by it… Rather, he kindly encouraged me to sleep. I wonder why he was so kind to me to that extent.
I was sure that as a god, he was powerful in terms of strength, capable of many things, and even beautiful appearance.
The more I thought about it, the less I understood why God was going this far for me. I wonder if I gather enough points, would I be able to learn even just a little bit more about this world and God? As I lay in bed, I stared at the ring and thought about God whom I hadn’t seen in such a long time. The strange thing was that even though we only met once, I could clearly see his face in my mind. Yet, I was already beginning to be unable to recall the faces of those I wasn’t that close to. Was human memory reliable…or perhaps fickle? At any rate, I knew that it became whatever was convenient for me.

I came to this world, met Thia as the first person I encountered in this world, and became friends with Ikuru.
I was, for some reason, surrounded by very nice people. I think that I was starting to slowly get to know Ikuru. And when I met Thia, we talked a lot as those so-called “girl friends.” But, this could also just be me thinking too much into it.

But, I don’t think I knew much about God though…?
He wrote in the diary what kind of dresses, colors, and snacks he liked. I was able to find out those preferences, but…I didn’t know anything about what this “God” was really like.

“God…I-I want to know…more about you. If I was stronger…would I be able to talk about more things with God…?”

I slipped under my blanket and covered my left hand over my right hand with the ring.
Even though it was inorganic, I felt tickled by its comfortable warmth.

“What? Does Hina want to know about me?”
“Fwehh aieh?!”
“You’re such a scardy cat, Hina. How cute.”

God’s voice made my own voice unexpectedly come out. God was giggling, trying to calm me down, but…in any case, it was embarrassing and I wanted to run away. But then again, that was right…the moon was out, so I could talk to God now. Oh no…I….ah!

“I’m sorry, um, how can I put it, that’s, you see, me just talking to myself…”
“Yeah, I know.”
“But, I was so happy, that I had to call you.”
“Well, let’s just take it slow. You need to go to sleep now anyway.”

Because God’s frank words had taken me completely by surprise, I felt my cheeks grow hot. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes again.

“Good night, Hina.”
“Yes. Good night…God.”

I needed to make sure that I didn’t thoughtlessly talk to myself in the night from now on… Thinking this, I relinquished myself to slumber.