Novel Wars

Doomsday Carnival Chapter 14 - Zombie Apocalypse and Revenge

"Wang Jintao!" It was not only Lin Yining who noticed the dirty trick. After the other three players escaped the explosion range, Chen Feng got up in embarrassment and yelled at Wang Jintao.

The gorilla changed back from a beast form to a human for and spoke without a care: "So what if I killed him? He just had good luck, that’s all..."

"Really?" Someone said coldly.

What Wang Jintao heard was not the voice of the person that he had killed, who ranked ninth place on the leaderboard, but a cold, unfamiliar voice.

He looked up and saw a beautiful elf standing on the treetop.

The blood lineages in the game are roughly divided into several categories. Heavenly race, human race, ghost race, and interracial race. His beast man lineage belonged to the beast race among the interracial races. Chen Feng is a magician among the human races. As for the elves, they also belong to the interracial races. This was also a very rare and precious lineage.

In the process of awakening, Lin Yining's appearance also partly changed. Originally he had inconspicuously gentle and handsome looks, but now, the corners of his eyes have been elongated, changing from his previous large, round eyes into ones that slightly slanted upwards, his whole person giving off the air of an aggressive beauty.

The elf's long silver hair fluttered in the night sky as he pointed the longbow in his hand at Wang Jintao.

It was unknown who would win if the level 9 elf fought with the level 8 beast man. However, Chen Feng couldn't stop worrying. This was because if Lin Yining fought them, he could do more than just kill Wang Jintao.

"Don't be impulsive!" He yelled with worry: "Really, don't be impulsive. Listen to me. We are in the task now. If you don't complete the task….. you also know how unforgiving this game is!"

"I’ve seen it. It’s probably a penalty mission. I don’t care at all..." Lin Yining said: "I haven't been to a Central City, you know? I've always been in the Free City, idling away in some instance. What’s the difference?"

Chen Feng said: "I have two mages, and a beast man. Do you want to fight three of us?"

"It's not necessary." Lin Yining sneered: "To retaliate against you guys, I just need to blow up the car. I can afford to not complete the task, but can you guys abandon it?"

"Then must you have Wang Jintao's life?" Chen Feng said in a low voice: "Since you want to go to the extreme, then I must explain. He is the younger brother of Chenxi's vice head. Are you sure you want to fight against the number one expert in the game?"

Chenxi was the team formed by the player who is currently number one on the game’s leaderboard. With the influence brought by the leaderboard’s number one, this team rapidly expanded. Over time, it will definitely become a force to be reckon with.

Lin Yining said: "Wrong. You should have said it like this: you guys are really unsure whether Chenxi will fight against the ninth ranked player in the game for such a waste?"

"Speak less of your damned bullshit!" The gorilla appeared again. He roared and roughly spoke: "If you want to fight, just fight! Since when was Laozi afraid of you?"

Blu: Laozi - I (used arrogantly)

"Shut up!" Chen Feng stopped him.

But it was too late.

A dense, green light gathered in the elf's hands and flew to Wang Jintao like a meteor. The beast man lost its agility after returning to its original form and was unable to evade the blow, but his strong body resisted this seemingly non-threatening arrow. The energy of the arrow formed by the magic from the wood system was not strong and was securely stuck in the muscles.

After the elf sent this blow, he quickly disappeared into the lush trees outside the farmyard.

Chen Feng was anxious: "Don't let him run away!"

The other Fire Mage gravely advanced among the flames and ran to where Lin Yining disappeared.

Chen Feng's first reaction was to leave Lin Yining behind. As an experienced player, he knew that Lin Yining's arrow was not as simple as it seemed. Of course, Lin Yining did not fail to live up to his expectations. From the crystal of the wood system stuck between the muscles, a small bud trembled and grew at a visible rate with blood and flesh as the foundation for its growth.

Chen Feng tried to take out the small bud, but his movement caused Wang Jintao to give out a heartrending cry.

"Lin Yining!" He was furious: "I’m warning you, don’t look for trouble!"

What answered him was the sound of a taunting laugh.

Another arrow flew out of nowhere, brushed past his ear and nailed into the wooden door of the two-storey building.

Lin Yining was threatening Chen Feng with the lives of the NPCs.

The fire mage ran forward and threw a fireball in the direction of the arrow. It was a big tree growing outside the yard and soon the big tree burst into flames.

Chen Feng tried to freeze the small buds that grew in the beast man’s muscles, but it was completely useless. He stood up with anger in his eyes, made a complex set of gestures, mixed with incantations--

"Water Elemental, please listen to my call..."

The humidity in the air suddenly increased. After a while, there was a sudden light rain. The rain seemed magical and the fire on the tree was extinguished in a moment. The small droplets of water converged together, forming small ice arrows, turning around in the air like a compass, pointing in one direction. That was where Lin Yining was hiding.

This was the ability of players who had completed the race mission and the level 10 upgrade mission. It was completely different from the bloodline obtained by Wang Jintao through the beta test.

"Haven’t run? You truly are courageous." he said.

Along with the ice arrow rotating, Lin Yining's figure appeared on the roof of the two-storey house.

"Look below." The slender and beautiful elf had a smile on his face.

A plant grew out of the arrow that Lin Yining shot at the door of the house earlier, growing fast and wrapping around the whole house.

Holding eight NPCs as hostages, he really controlled this instance in his hands this time.

"Lin Yining!" Chen Feng's voice suddenly calmed down a lot: "Leave a way out for everything. We will meet each other in the future. I advise you not to be so extreme."

In the moonlight, the beautiful elf looked down at him: "Brother Chicken Soup, I wasn’t thinking of anything. If you had let me vent in the beginning, the current situation wouldn't have happened."

"Then, have you vented now?"

"Vented." The elf said: "I just wanted that hand of his that hit me."

Chen Feng looked down at Wang Jintao again, only to find that after swallowing one of Wang Jintao's arms, the plant did not spread outward.

"Satisfied?" Lin Yining said: "Withdraw the ice arrows and let me go. In this instance where there are zombies everywhere, I still don't want to fight the players first."

Chen Feng said: "Withdraw your plants at the same time."

Lin Yining said, "Okay."

Three seconds later, the two moved at the same time.

Lin Yining's plants disappeared, but Chen Feng's ice arrows shot over. There was a dense rain of swords. With one look, you know that it was almost impossible to escape from it.

But his ice arrows all fell into empty air. It turned out that Lin Yining only made the vines on the front of the small building to shrink back, but the ones on the other side remained. At the moment of the rain of arrows were unleashed, the vines leaped into the air and weaved into a wall.

Chen Feng had no time to worry about this and rushed into the small building with the fire mage. The NPCs on the ground were frightened out of their wits.

"Brother Feng, there’s one person less." The fire mage came over and spoke to him.

So it was like this.

Chen Feng became more angry, but the expression on his face became more calm. The look on his face would make people’s hearts tremble.

Why did Lin Yining only want one of Wang Jintao’s hands, but did not leave immediately after the first arrow was successfully released? He was looking for opportunities to snatch an NPC to complete the mission.

Bold and meticulous, and also very vengeful. If they hadn’t met under such circumstances, Chen Feng may have been very willing to be friends with him.

"What about Wang Jintao? How is he?"

"He’s fine." That player said: "Cut off the part that is connected to the plant and the wound will quickly heal. After we get out, go to a hospital instance and get a healing scroll. Maybe the hand can regrow."

He looked at the NPCs that were still badly shaken and said, "Let's go. There was too much activity. Mutant zombies might find their way over."

The fire mage player hummed and calmed the survivors then arranged for them to get in the car. Before getting on, the fire mage player whispered: "What race skill can control plants for ten minutes just after awakening? This is simply going against natural order."

"No." Chen Feng said: "If I’m guessing correctly, he knows that this plant will not attack ordinary people."

If the NPCs die and the mission is over, then they will thoroughly fight to their last breath.

Looking at Wang Jintao, whose face was filled with hatred, Chen Feng thought, ‘As expected, he was still a good young man who had just entered the game who hadn’t adapted to the rules of the game. With Wang Jintao now, how could Lin Yining be spared?’