Novel Wars

Doomsday Carnival Chapter 13 - Zombie Apocalypse and Betrayal

When night fell, two cars parked in front of a small farmhouse on the outskirts of Jingcheng.

"It's not necessary to push on throughout the night. Everyone wouldn’t be able to keep up." Chen Feng said: "We will rest here for a night."

The group of people have sat in the car for a whole day and were already exhausted, so no one objected and several players intentionally or unintentionally surrounded the survivors. Lin Yining said: "I’ll go in to see if there are any zombies inside."

Chen Feng nodded to him.

Lin Yining was on guard and pushed open the iron gate of the small courtyard. He glanced in and said, "There are no zombies in the yard. Come on in first."

The iron gate had not been used for a long time, so made a noise when the door was pushed open. The two players got into the car and parked it in the yard.

Because the house was not big and there were a lot of people, it caused some inconvenience. Lin Yining went in alone to clean up the zombies while the rest waited in the yard.

This building was a small two-storey building. Adding everything together, it was about 200 square meters. The first floor was not in too much disorder. It seemed like it had just been arranged by the owner. At a glance from the living room, the doors to the kitchen and utility room were open, and there were no other creatures in them.

There was another room with the door closed. When Lin Yining wanted to go over and push it open, the bow and arrow in his hand suddenly heated up.

Lin Yining heard subtle footsteps behind him. He abruptly turned back and saw a zombie rushing at him.

The incredible speed of this zombie combined with its unique ability to hide, Lin Yining wouldn’t have been able to find him had the bow and arrow not warn him.

An evolved zombie?

A thought flashed through his mind, Lin Yining directly used the bow and arrow in his hand as a blunt weapon and struck the head of the zombie. The bow and arrow radiated a green light and lightly shuddered in Lin Yining's hands twice, as if expressing dissatisfaction.

The zombies avoided him, but he didn't manage to catch Lin Yining either and threw himself into empty air.

One person and one zombie exchanged places, and the zombie had reached the door of the room. Lin Yining took advantage of the situation to shoot a light arrow, but the zombie dodged and was only hit in the shoulder. The light arrow blew up and exploded the zombie’s entire arm.

"What's the matter?" Chen Feng heard sounds of fighting inside the room and rushed in. When he saw the zombies, he was startled and murmured a few words. Water vapor condensed into an ice blade in front of him and flew towards the struggling zombie.

The zombie was cleanly beheaded.

Lin Yining withdrew his bow and arrow. After calming his breath, he spoke, "Level 1 Evolved Zombie."

Chen Feng walked over and froze the zombie’s head with ice, and then struck it open. Sure enough, there was a light blue crystal nucleus inside.

After this, the two were more cautious. They continued to search the remaining rooms throughout the house and found no other zombies. Lin Yining only found a female corpse in a room on the first floor. She was half sitting with a corpse of a baby in her arms.

A note lay beside the body.

【To kind people: If he is still alive when you come, please take him away and let him keep on living. His name is Xiao Le, please tell him that his parents love him.】

It was a pity that the child can no longer wait for a kind person to pass by. Lin Yining inevitably felt a bit regretful.

Lin Yining cautiously took a closer look at the woman and found that there was a large blood stain on her chest that soaked the clothes covering it and there was no trace of struggling. Looking at the ground, there was a trail of blood stains that dripped all the way over here and the paper was covered with bloody fingerprints.

The scar made him feel that something was off. It definitely wasn’t a zombie who attacked her because she had no other marks on her body. So what else could have done it? What was the meaning in giving up after only attacking her once?

Lin Yining felt a little bit uneasy. He opened the app and glanced at it. Unfortunately, there were no notifications on it. He went out and wanted to ask Chen Feng what he thought.

When he exited the room, he saw other survivors and players coming in. Some people went out to see if there were any unsafe places in the yard. Others were dragging two mattresses from the bedroom upstairs and also found a few clean sheets from the closet to place on the area that they were going to rest for the night.

In such a dangerous place, it was better to stay together.

"Brother, go wash your hands and prepare to eat." One of the survivors, a kid who only knew how to laugh foolishly every day, called out to Lin Yining with a grin.

Lin Yining asked him: "What about Chen Feng?"

"Brother Feng is outside, saying something about how sprinkling around a level 1 evolved zombie’s ashes around can drive away other zombies." The young guy said.

Lin Yining nodded and went out. Chen Feng was standing with a player from his team beside the car, holding a cigarette in his hand. That player was Wang Jintao, who previously had a dispute with Lin Yining.

"Can't beat even a zombie. Why don’t you be more attentive?" Wang Jintao glanced up at him, seeming to be mocking him.

Lin Yining didn't answer. He raised the bow and arrow in his hand and aimed at him.

At this moment, the sudden overwhelming murderous intent made his scalp numb. Wang Jintao shuddered and jeered, "Angry? I'm not very good at talking. I was just making a joke, making a joke, haha."

Chen Feng came up, patted Wang Jintao on the shoulder and said, "You go and see if the survivors need help with anything. I’ll guard this place with him."

There was a flash of anger in Wang Jintao's eyes. He turned and left.

"Sorry about that. We have been on this side for a long time. We’re too used to life where the weak are prey for the strong, so we’re not too used to communicating normally with other people." Chen Feng smoked a cigarette and explained to Lin Yining.

"Closed beta player, a big shot in the game." Lin Yining said meaningfully: "Trampling on a player who is alone and looks fun to bully. Is this one of your ways of life as well?"

"Wang Jintao is. As for me, I’m trying not to become such a person." He walked to Lin Yining and handed him a cigarette. Lin Yining refused.

He was too lazy to continue to complain. Out of the importance he attached to the task, he told Chen Feng the strange things he had just encountered.

"There may be monsters, but what kind of monster can stay in the same place as the zombies? And it only attacked her once and gave up?" Chen Feng shook his head: "She could write a note, which shows that it was not immediately fatal. This makes it even weirder. But it’s not necessary to change places now. She has been dead for a few months, so the monster may have already gone."

Lin Yining also had no better suggestions and softly agreed. He heard the guy in the room calling him again: "It’s time to eat!" The two of them stopped talking and walked in.

Among the survivors who could cook, they found some leftover noodles in the kitchen and made noodles with water and salt. They had been trapped in a small supermarket for such a long time that they have long been unable to eat fresh vegetables and could only make do with this.

After dinner, several people made plans to be on night watch. Chen Feng looked at a few players and finally decided that he and Lin Yining would be in a group and keep watch for the first half of the night.

At night, the two sat beside the fire they lit in the yard. Lin Yining wiped the long bow in his hand while paying attention to his surroundings.

It was early autumn, so the weather was not very cold. The two of them sat beside the car and listened to the occasional roar from the zombies. The two never communicated. At midnight, the remaining two players came to switch with them. Wang Jintao dodged, not daring to be in Lin Yining’s line of sight.

It was probably the incident during the day where Lin Yining gave him a bad scare.

After a day full of nervous tension, as well as not being able to rest well at night, the both of them were somewhat complacent. Lin Yining was about to return to the house to take a short break when he suddenly felt a burning sensation in his right hand.

With the experience he went through during the day, Lin Yining knew that it was his weapon warning him. He was immediately startled and sobered up. The few people nearby - who didn't know what happened - were first surprised before hastening to raise their guard when they saw his reaction.

But they looked around a few times and found nothing.

"What the hell..." Right when Wang Jintao spoke due to impatience, he heard Lin Yining's voice: "Underground!"

They lowered their heads and saw the brick path of the farmyard densely covered with numerous vines -- this was obviously not something that had been here for a long time. The tips of the vines were still growing, trying to climb up and wind around their ankles.

Chen Feng reacted immediately and glanced at the entrance of the house. When he saw the door closed properly, he was relieved.

His ability is ice, which he used now. Trails of water flowed from the ground and covered the feet of the four people. It then instantly condensed into ice, freezing the vines trying to climb over their feet.

"Where is the root of the plant?" Wang Jintao looked around.

"Outside. The wall to the right of the iron gate." Lin Yining's face was a bit ugly.

His words hadn’t fallen when the vines eagerly drilled out, protruding from the wall. Using the light from the moon and fire, you can see the brown vines brandishing around its vines like a spider brandishing its claws, wanting to rush towards them.

The player - who Lin Yining didn't know the name of - sent a fireball flying towards the vines. Lin Yining also took the chance to shoot an arrow. The long arrow made of hydrogen was completely invisible in the air, but when it met the flame it exploded with unimaginable power, leaving a big hole in the wall.

This was Lin Yining achieving the ultimate effect. They were worried about the NPC in the house and couldn’t let it have free rein.

The fire spread on the vines. It seemed to have been enraged and more branches drilled out of the big hole in the wall, like a sharp sword wanting to pierce their chests!

Chen Feng made a move. The temperature in the yard suddenly dropped, freezing the vines solid. Several more fragile branches were frozen to death. The main body stirred and broke into pieces, falling onto the floor one by one. There were more remaining which needed to be separated from the ice chunk.

Wang Jintao turned into an gorilla over two meters tall and tried to tear off the vines but with little success. There were too many vines.

"Wang Jintao, get the car away." Chen Feng said with a deep voice.

Lin Yining guessed what he was going to do.

The gorilla no longer went against the vines and pushed the car to the corner of the yard.

"Still remember the approximate location of the root?" he asked Lin Yining.

Lin Yining nodded. Chen Feng and his teammates had tacit understanding since long ago. When the vines were about to break free, the three of them made a move together.

The first was Chen Feng. He sealed most of the vines and prevented them from moving. An unknown player fired a fireball, which flew straight to the roots of the vines. Lin Yining once again released a hydrogen arrow.

The power this time was much greater than the previous test shot. The vines seemed to feel threatened. The sealed branches struggled desperately, but they couldn't break free. They could only feel the explosion and the fire destroying its roots.

Several people also determined the threat of the explosion. In an instant, they quickly backed away, but at this time, Lin Yining felt something hit him, wanting to push him into the explosion.

With that much strength being used, you don’t need a brain to figure out what will happen.

The heat wave rushed to his face. Even though his physical fitness was much better than the average person because of his promotion in the game, Lin Yining still felt the threat of death.

The bow he tightly held in his hand trembled slightly and let out a hum. Lin Yining could somewhat distinctly perceive the little remaining vines and branches left underground.

The few people in the yard saw a tiny vine drill up from underground, and as if exhausting all of its remaining strength, threw Lin Yining far away.

【Your elven blood has awakened】

【Elf blood lineage (Primary Skill) _ Natural affinity (Level 1): Manipulate plants to your will. Manipulation duration: 30 seconds】