Novel Wars

Doomsday Carnival Chapter 15 - Zombie Apocalypse and Mission 2

The other team followed the established route, while Lin Yining took his mission target and hid in the jungle.

Right now, he felt very good. To explain it, there were many talented people in the jungle...ah no, it should be talented plants. Their voices were also pleasant to hear. He was super happy being here.

Even if he didn’t use his skills, the mutant plants would not attack him. Lin Yining was sitting under the tree and a flytrap was shaking its head flatteringly not far away. While it did that, a snake came slithering over. It gripped it with its teeth and moved closer to dedicate it to Lin Yining.

Lin Yining broke into laughter and took the snake out of the flytrap’s big mouth and let it go.

Here, Lin Yining does not need teammates, all creatures were his teammates.

The Changchuan base was about 400 kilometers away from Jingcheng. They drove for a day that day and were nearly half way there. Lin Yining depended on his teammates to complete the remaining 200 kilometers.

A mutated eagle that was three or four times the size of a normal eagle was fitted with the Reflection of the Galaxy which carried Lin Yining and the NPC on its back, and flew towards Changchuan base. Of course, Lin Yining would not let him fly directly into the base, but stopped in a small town not far away. When another survivor team passed by, they found this confused NPC by coincidence and brought him back to the base with them.

Because Lin Yining used the poison from the plant, the survivor was comatose for a whole day and night, and practically did not wake up. When he finally woke up, he found that he was already at Changchuan base. He was at a loss.

Lin Yining, who returned to the state of being alone, had no intention of entering Changchuan base. After this NPC officially entered the Changchuan base, Lin Yining received a new mission notification.

【End of the World Mission Series 2 - Path 1: Difficult survival. Within the next two months, the player has to obtain crystal nuclei totaling more than 800 energy.

End of the World Mission Series 2 - Path 2: Display your budding talent. Within the next two months, the player has to gain a reputation of 400 or more in Changchuan Base. 】

Of course he chose Path 1. Looking at it, it seems that Chen Feng's team will definitely choose Path 2.

Lin Yining tentatively asked the system: "If we chose different paths, will there be any conflict in the tasks?"

"Yes." The system said: "The system has detected that you are on the weaker side, so the system will give you a hint. Please complete the task and upgrade as soon as possible before facing the next challenge. In the final battle, you will not only face the players."

If it’s like this……

Lin Yining had a plan in mind.

Unlike Lin Yining, who had a cheat, Chen Feng’s progress seemed to be quite bumpy. After three days, the system finally prompted Lin Yining. Chen Feng’s side has completed the first mission and officially chose Path 2 of Mission 2. The competition between the two teams had officially launched.

In these three days, Lin Yining was not idle. He chose an excellent place to eliminate monsters and planned to complete the mission. This was a small town.

This town was almost 80 kilometers away from the Changchuan base. This distance was neither far, nor close. If the people in the base wanted to find a place with more zombies and planned to not go back for a day or two, most of them will choose this distance.

It is said that this place is a town, but in fact, the area was not that small. It had an estimated population of more than 300,000. At the beginning of the end of the world, about one-third of them were directly transformed into zombies. And about one-quarter of them were directly transformed into zombies because they did not immediately react, so the number of zombies is not small. It must be said that this was a good place to kill zombies.

If it was to only complete the task of collecting the required energy, Lin Yining would have chosen a suburb that was vast, but sparsely populated. This way, it would have been much safer. But coupled with the inevitable final battle with Chen Feng, the place Lin Yining wanted was further than this.

In fact, each primary zombie with a crystal nucleus can provide only about 1 energy value. The energy of the mutant zombies they met in the farmyard tripled to only 3. After sweeping through dozens of zombies in the suburbs every day, it was still not enough.

The first thing Lin Yining did after coming to this town was an experiment.

He chose a small park that was relatively remote with a comparatively large area and open space. If it was night, there may be many people who would come to the public square to dance, but the zombie outbreak happened was at noon. There were not many people here at that time, so there are not many zombies.

He stayed here for a while. Not long after, the first zombie appeared.

This was an old zombie. Its movements were a little slower than other zombies. Lin Yining didn't even use the bow and arrow. He simply ordered the mutant plant to reap its life.

After the zombie fell, Lin Yining manipulated the plant to pick out the crystal nuclei in the zombie brain.

【Congratulations on getting 1.5 energy】 The system prompted him.

The Galaxy Space could store zombie crystal nuclei and not let it be perceived by the outside world, but Lin Yining didn't do this. He held the crystal nuclei in his hand and played with it, letting sunlight pass through it, as if he was appreciating precious gemstones.

Attracted by the smell of the crystal nucleus, three zombies came out soon after.

Lin Yining got off to a good start and acquired two crystal nuclei this time, adding up to a total of 4.3 energy.

Three crystal nuclei gleamed in his hands.

Soon, the things he waited for had arrived. A large group of zombies not far away roared as they approached.

He was negligent this time and jumped onto the tree. A large group of zombies surrounded the tree and crazily attacked, but this tree had mutated with Lin Yining’s support. The trunk became indestructible and did not fear these zombies at all.

Lin Yining ignored their attacks and counted the number of zombies.

Eight, nine, ten...

A total of twelve zombies.

Considering the density of zombies nearby, Lin Yining had a general understanding of the attraction of crystal nuclei to zombies.

If it was to collect the 800 energy required by the mission, two months was enough, but if he wanted to have the ability to compete with Chen Feng after two months, it was barely adequate to reach the 800 energy value. Lin Yining needed more.

Currently, he had already reached level 9, but he couldn't do the upgrade mission at all, so it was impossible to upgrade to level 10. Compared to Chen Feng, this was an irreversible disadvantage. In order to turn the tables, the only thing Lin Yining could rely on was the Reflection of the Galaxy. If he could upgrade it to Grade D or even Grade C, there may be a chance of success.

Look at it this way: The one issue Lin Yining couldn’t avoid right now was that, if he killed zombies by the group, how can he avoid the crystal nuclei of the dead zombies attracting new zombies? Before the new zombie is attracted to the crystal core of the dead zombie, grab the crystal nuclei and put it away? This experiment told Lin Yining that there was not enough time.

If this problem was not solved, what awaits him was practically zero energy gain and endless zombies.

So, what if he didn’t take it?

Lin Yining suddenly had a bold idea. Let the zombies devour the energy of other crystal nuclei and then let it upgrade. After a higher level zombie is produced, it can provide energy that is definitely higher than the sum of the crystal nuclei that was swallowed.

Should he do this?

After thinking about it, Lin Yining had an answer.