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Doomsday Carnival Chapter 16 - Zombie Apocalypse and Upgrade

Changchuan base, quarantine area. As dawn approached, the gatekeeper, who was an ability user, yawned lazily.

Chen Feng smiled and slipped him a few sweets. The ability user smiled: "Go in, go in."

Chen Feng thanked him again and walked into the isolation room.

The isolation room was actually a room with barbed wire on the windows. There was only one table and one bed inside, and  a toilet outside. Besides those, there was nothing else.

The person staying inside watched as Chen Feng came over and rushed up to him: "Wasn't the isolation period 24 hours? It's been more than thirty hours. When can I go out?"

Chen Feng said: "Don't worry. Why don’t you think about it again."

"What else are you making me think about! I’ve already told you everything! I don't know anything!" The survivor was stirred up and threw the glass on the table to the ground, a big pit formed on the ground.

Chen Feng glanced at the pit, remained silent for a while, and turned away. After he went out, he ordered the ability user guarding the door to let this person go.

After they reached Changchuan base, Chen Feng happened to run into the survivor who had been taken away by Lin Yining. After inquiring about some things from him, Chen Feng was very surprised. He did not know how Lin Yining had arrived at the Changchuan base before them without a car. So he used some 'means' to ask this survivor what happened when he was with Lin Yining.

By now, more than thirty hours have passed but he still couldn’t get anything out of him.

It seems that this person really did not know anything. The mission was at a critical stage and Chen Feng no longer intended to waste time on such trifles, and simply let him go.

After he came out, the fire mage Xu An stepped forward and bitterly spoke, "He can’t be persuaded. Wang Jintao is set on withdrawing from the instance. I don't know who he heard it from but they said that if he doesn't deal with it his arm soon, he wouldn’t be able to regrow it."

"Serves him right." Chen Feng sneered after hearing it and said, "Let him go. We just happen to lack a scapegoat. Wasn’t it because of him that Su Mulin couldn’t enter the copy in time? Now that he's gone, two people cannot finish a task meant for four people. It’s normal.”

Xu An nodded and said, "Then, I'll just say it next time. By the way," he remembered something and asked Chen Feng: "You still can’t get anything out of him?"

Chen Feng hummed.

Xu An said: "Special bloodlines have a little life-saving means. It is normal for the survivor not to find out."

"I just feel a little uneasy." Chen Feng said.

The two walked away while discussing how to increase their reputation. Soon after they left, the survivor brought by Lin Yining hurried out of the quarantine area. It had almost been a week since he came to the Changchuan base. He was very clear on the rules here. If he can't pay his daily contribution value, then he will be kicked out soon.

He walked to the booth where tasks were issued. The man looked at his face and was suddenly happy: "Brother, did you awaken your power?"

The survivor touched his face blankly. He didn't see it, but the colour of his eyes had changed.

"I have a very well-paying job. Do you want it?" That man approached and enticed him: "You should also know that there’s always been rumors that antibodies can be extracted from ability users. This is a very meritorious thing..."


Lin Yining was now absorbed with his experiments and has no idea what was currently happening at the faraway Changchuan base.

He was in the middle of conducting his experiment.

There was a shopping mall in the town. The area is quite large as the distance between the entrances were very far apart and had a wide hall. There were a moderate number of zombies so it seemed very suitable.

With the Reflection of the Galaxy, Lin Yining spent half a day successfully passing through the crowd of zombies to the fourth floor of the mall. From here, you can directly see the lobby on the first floor. Under the protection of a peculiar plant, Lin Yining could make these zombies overlook him.

The first and second floors of the shopping mall were for clothes, the food court was on the third floor, and the movie theater on the fourth floor. The fourth floor had the fewest people. It could have been that there were no good movies recently, so there were only a few staff members.

After cleaning up the zombies one by one and collecting the crystal nuclei, Lin Yining threw the last remaining zombie onto the hall on the first floor.

This was a zombie with a level 1 water ability. Over the passage of time, it was not only people who had evolved but zombies as well. Similar to people, they were divided into different categories.

After the zombie had thoroughly 'died', the smell of the crystal core was exposed and countless zombies went crazy for it.

Of course, the most eager were the zombies with water abilities. Some zombies were on the second and third floors. There were no stairs around them so they let out an urgent roar, wanting to jump directly from the railing and join the battle.

After a poor zombie jumped down, its already broken body experienced another blow and eventually became a pool of broken flesh, his crystal core becoming the target of other zombies.

While the zombies were recklessly fighting, though the initial nuclei had been swallowed, more crystal nuclei were exposed in the process. Together with Lin Yining feeding them from time to time, the whole hall was in chaos.

Lin Yining coldly watched from the fourth floor.

Swallowing a crystal nucleus was only the beginning of promotion, which meant a jump in strength.

One, two... Four crystal nuclei were required to advance to the second level.

The final winner was a muscular middle-aged male zombie. He put the last nucleus in his mouth. The movement of all the zombies in the hall seemed to stagnate.

Lin Yining watched. After swallowing the crystal nucleus, the zombie gave out a cry of pain. It was as if there was some parasite living in the muscles of his body, wriggling in a way that did not conform to the laws of nature. But a moment later, the originally tall and strong zombie doubled in size.

He was the first.

Soon, two or three lucky guys revealed themselves from the crowd.

The level 2 zombies were mutually afraid of each other and did not dare to act rashly, but they were not like this to other level 1 zombies. The level 2 zombie, who had become more sturdy, was a complete tyrant. He grabbed a level 1 zombie, broke its neck and sent its crystal nucleus into his mouth.

Unfortunately, after being promoted to level 2, the level 1 crystal nucleus was no longer useful.

On the fourth floor, Lin Yining aimed at a level 2 zombie who was circling around in a daze. An arrow shot out and the smell of crystal nuclei spread out among the zombies again.

The attractiveness of the level 2 crystal nucleus to the zombies was incomparable to that of the level 1 zombie nucleus. Downstairs once again became hell on earth.

Maybe he shouldn’t say that. Since this place was no longer Earth.

In the process of the fight for the nucleus, two level 2 zombies were born. With Lin Yining adding fuel to the flames, almost all the energy in this mall was converged into one zombie in the end and he evolved to level 3.

This was a small zombie. After reaching level 3, the meat that was originally a bit rotten seemed to have been coated with a metallic film and barbs grew out of its joints, not looking very human anymore.

He turned slowly twice in the same place, his gray eyes moving around before finally locking onto Lin Yining, who was sitting on the railing on the fourth floor.

How fragrant.

The zombie thought as such.

The bone spurs at the joints suddenly became thicker and longer. With a shriek, he leaped between the floors towards Lin Yining!

Lin Yining was not flustered one bit. He shot an arrow that had the wood crystal carrying a seed and a flower bloomed on the level 3 zombie. As the zombie approached the railing on the third floor, the plant on his body stretched out a vine and grabbed the railing.

The zombie was suspended in midair.

Lin Yining leaned over, aimed at this live target and released another arrow. This time, he wanted the zombie’s life. But he didn’t expect that the zombie would catch this arrow and use the force of its forward motion to break free of the vines!

The gray pupil held a hint of pride and the zombie rushed to the fourth floor while Lin Yining was caught off guard.

Just when he was about to grab Lin Yining, Lin Yining changed into an elf again. He was like a gust of wind, soft and weightless, and threw himself to the center of the hall, stepping over the decorative flower balls on the third floor.

One man and one zombie stared at each other, neither wanting to start it off. In the middle of a sea of blood on a mountain of corpses, one extremely ugly creature and one extremely beautiful being silently looked at each other.

A moment later, the level 3 zombie moved. He suddenly jumped, but it wasn't Lin Yining who he attacked. The sharp claws cut the rope tied to the flower ball.

After rising to the third level, the zombie obtained some intelligence. At least, it was much smarter than his level 1 siblings.

Lin Yining lost his support and rapidly fell. There were still more than a dozen level 1 and level 2 zombies below, waiting to pick up meat pies that fell from the sky.

The level 3 zombie was in the middle of being proud of itself, but in a flash, he actually discovered that his prey was gone?

In midair, a dark blue bead was free falling. After falling to the ground, it was unscathed and it even rolled on the ground a few times.

"Roar—" The level 3 zombie was so angry that he jumped from the fourth floor and smashed a big pit into the ground. He looked around but still couldn’t find a trace of Lin Yining. He furiously ripped open the skull of a level 2 zombie next to him.

He didn't realise that behind him, the person that he couldn't find had reappeared.

A flower bloomed on Lin Yining's bow and arrow. The zombies around him were swallowed up before they could even react.

The level 3 zombie seemed to have felt something, so he turned around and just happened to be hit in the face with the oncoming arrow.

【Congratulations on obtaining 248 energy】

When he took the metallic-coloured crystal nucleus in his hand, the system sent him this notification.

The plant slowly crawled in from outside the door, devouring all of the zombies’ remains. Lin Yining believed that if there were souls in the zombies, this would be their salvation.

Standing on the once again clean ground, Lin Yining put the crystal nucleus into the Reflection of the Galaxy and pressed 'Upgrade’.

【3014/3000 Energy. Energy is full. Upgrade Reflection of the Galaxy? 】


【Upgrade success】

【Reflection of the Galaxy: Grade: D (Can Grow)

Upgrade requirement: 0/7000 Energy

Special function 1: Anything can be grown (duplicate acquired items, the original item will disappear, all data of the duplicated item is reduced by 40%)

Special function 2: Copy and paste (copy the surrounding environment and save it to the database, it can pasted in another place to create an illusion, the ability of all monsters in the illusion is 30% of the original)】

Lin Yining took the bead back into his palm and left the mall.

Right at this moment, outside the small town, a car covered in blood rushed in.

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