Novel Wars

Spoiled Chapter 17

Guoguo replied Han Yun very quickly: "Don't you have to compete? It's better to concentrate on the competition first. Don't get distracted, I'll wait for you to win the championship~”

Fu Yuan, who was preparing to turn off the lights and teach Han Yun a lesson, stopped.

Han Yun was a little disappointed and said: "I will definitely win the championship!"

In fact, he had been having thoughts of withdrawing from the competition. Lord Fu was so wealthy that he no longer needs the prize money of half a million. Yet, Han Yun was very annoyed at Luo Yusen and wanted to kick him out of the competition. He wanted Luo Yusen to know that he wasn’t someone to be messed around with before he withdraws. However, in today's program recording, Luo Yusen was also promoted from the undetermined seats to the top 50.

Han Yun unhappily started to look at the car. In theory, he has a driver licence and should be able to drive. But in reality, he has never driven a car before and it might not be easy to do so just by relying on memory.

He patted the steering wheel, making a beep: "Why is there no instruction manual for this, for the brake, throttle..." He looked down at his feet.

The car’s artificial intelligence detected the words "instruction manual" and lit up the screen of the central control panel. The words "driving guide" was displayed, accompanied with voice prompts.

Han Yun listened quietly. He found that the voice prompts only talked about various high-tech hidden functions of the car, but he was still at a loss about how to drive. Not able to figure it out, Han Yun closed the garage door and went upstairs again to begin his daily candlelight talk with the state teacher.

He asked about Fu Yuan's identity: "Xuan Zhu, since you have a temperature, you are certainly not a ghost. Are you a demon or a human?"

"Why is Your Majesty asking this for?" As usual, Fu Yuan sat by the bedside and did not get into the bed. Taking the initiative to reassure Han Yun, he stretched out his hand for Han Yun to hold.

Han Yun felt awkward, so he only held on to one finger. First of all, he couldn’t see anything, so it would mean that Fu Yuan was still there if he was touching him; Secondly, he wasn’t sure whether Fu Yuan was a human or a demon, so if he was touching him, he can feel if there was any changes in his body.

The bed was very similar to the dragon bed he once had. The top and three sides were blocked, with only one open side and a small ladder. This type of bed structure can bring a sense of security to Han Yun, no matter day or night.

At first, Han Yun did not dare to ask anything, afraid that the state teacher was buried alongside with him, that he was really poisoned to death by the state teacher.

But now, it seems like Fu Yuan was still the person he can trust most. Han Yun did not feel any malice from him. Emboldened, he shook the finger that he was holding on, saying: "I'm curious, you don’t want to tell me?"

His actions was… coquettish.

Fu Yuan’s throat tightened and voice suddenly became hoarse: "You will be scared."

"Don’t tell me you are an evil demon? I have dragon qi to protect me, so you can’t scare me!" Han Yun said, extending his other hand out, "I won't dislike you. Let me touch you..." Han Yun couldn’t see, so he used the position and touch of his hand to feel. He wanted to touch Fu Yuan's face. Han Yun has been suspecting if his face was disfigured, as he avoids being seen. Otherwise, with his looks, why would the state teacher only appear in the dark?

Fu Yuan avoided letting Han Yun touch his horns. Han Yun's hand swung several times in the dark before touching Fu Yuan's ear.

He slowly moved his palm to Fu Yuan's cheek. Fu Yuan didn't move.

His hand touched warm smooth flesh. Han Yun slowly swept his fingers across Fu Yuan's jaw, lips, nose and eyebrows… Fu Yuan’s breathing got heavier. A feeling of wind and rain rose in the dark, and the air became viscous.

Han Yun did not notice anything. As he touched his face, he slowly sketched out in his heart the stunning Fu Yuan in his memories.

It was still Fu Yuan. He has not changed at all.

Han Yun thought that he would feel something extraordinary and unusual, such as a third eye – but everything was normal. Han Yun was even more surprised. Why would Fu Yuan hide from people then?

Just as his hand climbed over Fu Yuan's forehead to feel how long his hair was, Fu Yuan suddenly spoke. His voice was very low and restrained: "Your Majesty, you should stop."

At this moment, Han Yun suddenly realised the breathless and oppressive atmosphere in the overwhelming darkness.

He held his breath and Fu Yuan suddenly stood up. Han Yun asked: “Where are you going?”

Fu Yuan said: “To take a bath."

Han Yun said: "Oh. Then, can you open the curtain wider. It's so dark. I'm..." Instead of saying he was afraid, he said, "I'm not used to it."

Soon, the sound of water could be heard from the bathroom and the total darkness in the room receded. Han Yun turned his head to look out of the window and saw shadows of huge trees in the yard. Warm moonlight splashed across the floor.

This was what a normal night should be like.

Han Yun had an answer in his mind: the state teacher had something on his head, or he had lost his hair. That must be why he is not willing for me to see him.

The water stopped after some time. Han Yun thought that Fu Yuan must be taking a bath, but he did not come out for a long time. Han Yun did not wait long before falling asleep on the small room-like bed, with moonlight shining dimly on his peacefully sleeping face.

The third episode recording of "Typhoon T" was a little more difficult. As many contestants had been eliminated, there was less people, and hence an additional challenge round was introduced. There was more variety for the judges’ panel comments section, with a scoring system being used. Also, the winner of the challenge round will be able to add 0.5 points to the final score – the 0.5 point should not be underestimated. In a 10 point system, the 0.5 points can let you take the first place, or save you from elimination.

There were too many contestants previously, such that it would waste too much time if scoring is done for each contestant. The time duration of the recording after later stage editing would far exceed the program duration.

The challenge round was very interesting. Fifty models will have to temporarily cross-dress to become cheerleaders in the city’s grand CBA basketball match.

This challenge seemed to be very advantageous to female models, as people were used to female cheerleaders, and have never seen men also doing cheerleading before the start of basketball matches.

Before the challenge round started, a male model pointed out: "This challenge round is not fair!"

"That’s right, how can men, men, be cheerleaders! Surely you don’t mean for us to dirty dance, dance!” The male model that spoke had a slight stutter, but has quite good attributes, with a baby face that was trending now.

The female models were very happy though, as it meant that they can meet handsome CBA star players. It would be not bad if they can find basketball players to be their boyfriends. Moreover, being a basketball cheerleader could also be a new path for a model.

Even if eliminated, it will be easier if they want to work as basketball cheerleaders in the future.

Among the female models, two of them were once basketball cheerleaders. While their heights were shorter than other models, they have very sweet appearances and impressive curves.

Both models looked elated and determined to win.

Lin Meng, the only host, explained: "In view of this situation, the result of the challenge round will come from the votes of a random selection of 90 spectators in the arena, of which 40 will be male and the remaining 50 female, in addition to the 10 male players from both basketball teams. There will be a total of 100 people voting, and the contestant with more votes win."

"Before the warm up for the match, we pick the voters from the audience. In any case, dancing is not only suitable for females, but also for males.

When put this way, it seemed fair. Moreover, when the seated audience will not be able to see the faces of the basketball cheerleaders on the court clearly. They will only remember the numbers on their clothes, their… figure, and curves.

Anyway, people who can dance would be more popular, but this was the purpose of a challenge round.

The fifty models were randomly divided into two groups, with a balanced number of men and women. The two groups took the production crew’s buses respectively to the basketball arena where the players were practising.

At the hint of the cheerleaders’ arrival, the basketball players swarmed around. Obviously, both sides were very interested in each other. The female models were excited, and there were many gay male models, most of them bottoms, who were very excited as well.

Only Han Yun was indifferent. He did not understand what was the excitement about.

Han Yun wanted to play with his mobile phone, and maybe send a message to Fu Yuan. However, the production crew did not allow mobile phones during recording, although the phones were not confiscated.

At this point, a male model standing nearby nudged Han Yun and asked in a very soft voice: "Hey, do you have a boy, friend?"

It was the stutterer.

Han Yun was puzzled: "Do you have one?"

The stutterer looked at him with big innocent eyes: "I don’t have one. The physical strength of, basketball players, should be very, good?"

Seeing that he was very gay, Han Yun did not feel like responding. However, he was bored and still a little carsick, so he replied indifferently: "I guess."

He did not know the name of the stutterer. He only remembered the name of Luo Yusen, who needed to be taught a lesson. However, Luo Yusen was assigned to another group this time.

Upon arrival at the destination, the contestants got off the bus and saw a neat line of basketball players. The whole basketball team, along with seven substitutes, made up a total of twelve players who were presently lined up neatly as if to welcome them.

Every one of the basketball players were tall and well-built, with jerseys that could not cover up those coveted muscles.

The stutterer was almost salivating: "Wow, they look so, so great. I really would like, like to touch them."

Han Yun glanced at those muscles, but he didn't feel that they were all that tall and well-built. He can’t say about himself as he was sickly in his previous life. In this life, he was in better shape, but he still couldn't compare to professional basketball players.

However, all the generals in Han Yun's imperial court were more powerful than these basketball players. Their bodies were as hard as cast iron and their strength as strong as tigers. The state teacher, Fu Yuan, was even more powerful, being able to subdue those tall and burly generals by force.

He shot a scornful look at the stutterer: "I've seen better." He paused, lifting his chin with pride at the envious look. "I even touched yesterday!"