Novel Wars

Spoiled Chapter 18

The stutterer gave Han Yun a look that he preened at: "Bro, was it your boyfriend or a hook up?" He lowered his voice. "How fierce was it? Do you accept threesomes? Can I join in? "

This seemed to be common in the LGBT community. Everyone wanted to be the bottom, not the top. At times when a top cannot be found, two bottoms will make do and compromise: "You bottomed yesterday, so it’s my turn today."

Understanding dawned on Han Yun and his face darkened: "It was very fierce. You can’t join."

The cheerleading challenge round will take three days. The first two days were for training with a professional dance teacher.

The dance teacher was a effeminate male. Han Yun has a good impression of him, feeling that he was like the grand eunuch by his side in the past.

The teacher said: "My name is Eric. How many of you have never learnt how to dance before, raise your hands."

The stutterer raised his hand.

He turned his head and looked at Han Yun who did not raise his hand. "Why, why are you not raising your hand, did you, you learn before?"

Han Yun recalled, the original owner… had never learned how to dance. However, he does not like admitting his weakness in front of so many people. He was competitive. What others have, he must have, and what others know, he must know as well. But as he looked sideways, he found that many people have raised their hands. After some thought, he raised his hand as well.

Eric: "Wow, there are so many. We only have two days to learn. There is definitely not enough time for all of you to start learning from the basics. Dancing is not difficult. The important things are to have mutual rapport, and be energetic."

He raised his little finger and ordered: "Those who have learned how to dance before, stand in the first row. I will choose a lead dancer later."

"He is so, mesmerising." The stutterer sighed in a low voice.

Eric grabbed someone randomly: "Come on, follow my actions." He turned his back to the contestants, faced the mirror, and began to twist his hips.

Seeing him so explicitly sexy, Han Yun slowly lost his smile.

His expression was stiff: "Do we really have to learn this?"

The stutterer: "You haven't seen more extreme before. This is still… Well, hip hop is suitable for both male and female. When a male dresses up as a belly dancer, it is really much more... "

Eric taught action by action.

Han Yun suffered as he learned how to dance. He sweated profusely, and twisted his butt and waist so much that it seemed his waist would break. And his legs… There was no one  part of his body that was comfortable after the day had passed!

At half past six, Eric said: "Everyone has worked hard today. Take a warm bath after reaching home, it can relax your muscles."

A female model standing to the side was complaining: “It has been a long time since I’ve done this. I will go to a spa later. Do you all want to go with me?”

"I'm not going. A handsome young basketball player asked me for my number just now. I'm going out on a date with him."

"So fast? Who is it… the one who is very cheerful? "

The stutterer moved closer to Han Yun's ear and said: "It's the, young masculine boy with, six pack, and sexy chest hair. I would really like to, tease him."

As soon as he ended the sentence, voices floated over from the women’s side again: "I feel that Han Yun is more handsome though..."

They kept their voices down, thinking that no one could hear them: "Let’s stop talking, he seems to be gay. Forget about it..."

Han Yun's body ached terribly. If not for being reserved, he would have lain on the ground to rest.

The stutterer twisted his lip and said: "Let’s go, and eat? There… is a place nearby, with  delicious roast duck. After eating, we can go, to a spa too.”

Han Yun wanted to go home, but the thought of going to a spa was attractive.

Memories surfaced of undressing, leaving only underwear on, lying down, and a pair of hands massaging essential oil on the back.

Han Yun wavered: "Is the masseur male or female?"

"Generally, females, but," he said with a sly smile, "I know, a spa that provides dedicated service to gays. There are only male masseurs, and only gays can enter. It is very secretive. The masseurs have, amazing physiques, and will give you a great massage, while riding on your body... "

"Oh, males." Han Yun lost interest, and said with a disdainful expression, "I’m not going then, I'm heading home."

There was no point if they are all men.

The stutterer dragged Han Yun to dinner before letting him take a taxi home. Of the fifty contestants, there was not no one who was going solo, but working collaboratively will be safer. The stutterer felt that Han Yun has the best looks out of all contestants. He knew that Han Yun was capable after seeing his still photos, so it was certain that he will not go wrong by making friends with him.

Han Yun was too tired, his whole body aching so badly that he could not even lean on the seat in the taxi.

He almost fell asleep in the taxi. The first thing he did when he got home was to turn on  warm water and take a bath.

Han Yun poured some rose essential oil next to him into the warm water. He was allergic to flower pollen, but not to refined essential oil. The bathroom was large, larger than the dog house he used to live in.

The bath was very comfortable, but the strength of massage was a little unbearable for Han Yun who was more sensitive today. Closing his eyes, he quietly immersed himself in the warm water. The fragrance of roses wafted through the huge bathroom.

He even had a short dream while embraced by warm water. He felt as if he heard the ethereal voice of his mother, the imperial concubine, calling him: "Little nine, little nine..."

Han Yun ranked ninth among the many sons of the former Emperor. His brother called him  ninth brother, and his father also called him little nine. Only these two people could call Han Yun by that name.

When darkness descended, Han Yun seemed to notice. His eyelashes trembled, but he did not open his eyes.

Fu Yuan walked towards his back, the sound of footsteps in the quiet darkness too clear to melt into the night.

"Your Majesty, do you mind if this minister comes in?"

Han Yun thought he meant to enter the bathroom and shook his head: "It doesn't matter." Anyway, it was too dark to see anything.

Next, water shifted as a foot entered the bathtub. Han Yun was shocked: "Why did you come in?"

"Your Majesty doesn't mind?"

Han Yun: “…”

"I thought you meant..." entering the bathroom.

He clenched his jaw, wanting to say that he minded very much about sharing baths. But this was the state teacher and not just anyone else. The house and car were all owned by the state teacher… If he said he minded, it may hurt his feelings?

While he was hesitating, Fu Yuan had already sat down in the bathtub.

Han Yun felt uncomfortable, and coupled with not being able to see, he felt his hackles rising.

Fortunately, the bathtub was relatively large, so Han Yun could begrudgingly bear with it. However, the state teacher’s scent was even stronger than the heavy rose fragrance, and very overbearingly occupied Han Yun’s every breath.

He silently lost his temper in his heart. Feeling Fu Yuan's leg touch him, he said: "Beloved subject, you are squashing me."

Fu Yuan smiled: "Is Your Majesty tired after a day of training?"

Han Yun answered yes. The thought of having to train for another day tomorrow, made him feel like withdrawing from the competition again. But if he withdraws from the competition now, the training done today would be in vain?

At this moment, Han Yun suddenly felt a pair of hands hold his feet.

He froze: "What are you doing..." Before he finished speaking, Fu Yuan placed one hand on his calf. It was just the right amount of pressure, with a trace of warmth that permeated his aching muscles. Han Yun felt instantly better, and suddenly he did not mind taking a bath with the state teacher anymore.

"Are your legs sore?" Fu Yuan asked him.

Han Yun said yes forlornly: "I feel so achy, including my waist, back and neck… my butt too. My whole body is aching," he stretched out his other leg, which seemed to land on Fu Yuan's legs, and said, "hurry up and massage more! "

Fu Yuan’s smile deepened, his large palm gradually moving up his calf: "Does Your Majesty feel good?"

Han Yun felt so comfortable: "Yes, it's okay." He hummed happily, "Massage other areas as well, my whole body is aching."

"When you get into bed later, I will massage Your Majesty again."

After his two legs were massaged, Han Yun turned around to lay on the bathtub platform. He said sleepily: "Xuan Zhu, help me rub my back."

Han Yun fell asleep.

He only woke while being carried to the bed. Half awake, half dreaming, he said: "No need to wait on me, you may leave."

He was not aware that the state teacher got into his bed, and that he hugged the state teacher for the whole night. But when he got up the next day, his body aches had disappeared miraculously, and he was in better spirits than usual.

During the second day of training, Han Yun was relaxed. The stutterer was perplexed: "I thought you, couldn’t walk, yesterday? You look so, so energetic today. "

Han Yun simply said: "I did a spa yesterday."

"The effects, were so good? Which place did you go? Can you introduce, to me? "

"I did it at home," Han Yun looked at him, "but, he is mine. He only serves me. Don't think about it."

After today’s training ended, the next day was the basketball match. The contestants will cheer for ten minutes before the match, and voting results will be made known after the match.

Han Yun’s dancing was average. He fooled around in the group, which did not affect much.

The winner was one of the female contestants. Rumour was it that she was a professional dancer once. She was no longer young, but switched profession to become a model.

On the way back in the bus, the stutterer held on to the few wechat accounts he had managed to obtain: "I can't believe, that there are so many gays among the athletes," he enlarged a group photo of the basketball team with his fingers, “who do you like, like? I may be able to give you, his contact details."

Han Yun gave it a once over: "None."

The stutterer said oh: "Right, you, already have someone who is more, more fierce," he glanced at Han Yun, "and only serves you."

There was a rest day after the challenge ended, followed by recording of a still photo shoot.

It was Song Lin who told Han Yun about the still photo shoot too. However, he did not disclose the details. He only mentioned that the contestants will be divided into teams of twos, and promotion to the top 30 will happen tomorrow.

As there were more female models, male and female models will be first randomly combined into teams, and the remaining female models will be paired together.

Han Yun teamed up with a female model whom he had worked with previously, Chen Tiantian, who was assigned to the same group as him in the recording of the dark fairy tale.

Among the female models, her capabilities were ranked towards the middle and upper tiers. Her face does not leave an lasting impression on people. She was a model studying in the department of fashion performance in an institute of fashion.

Thus, she has excellent professional knowledge, but lacks experience.

There was a small gap between her rabbit teeth, causing a slight lisp when she speaks. According to her: "When I was a freshman, I made a trip to the dental clinic to make the gap."

She does not leave an impression, and it was the gap that people remember her by.

Towards her team mate Han Yun, she was very wary, being both teammates and opponents. Strong capabilities can allow still photos to turn out for the better, but weak capabilities… It will be disadvantageous if one person overpowers the other, resulting in lacking still photos, and the judges' score will go down directly.

Chen Tiantian reached out and shook his hand: "I hope we can cooperate well and defeat the rest."

Upon seeing the boxing ring arranged in the recording studio, along with boxing gloves of various colours, motorcycles, and black graffiti on the walls, everyone immediately knew –  the still photo shoot was related to boxing.