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Master Of Trading Star Card Game Chapter 54- A New Beginning

Chapter 54- A New Beginning

Chen Xiao and the appointed lawyer came to the Sanctuary Club.

In the beginning, Sanctuary club did not have the courage to buy a building by itself. The training rooms and offices were all rented. The entire club only has about ten people. Except for the brokers, publicity team and guild supervisors, the only player was Chen Qianlin.

In the first season, Chen Qianlin lost to Nie Yuandao with a small disparity in the individual game and won runner-up. Due to Chen Qianlin’s good image and special temperament, adding on the decks are all wood-based trees and flowers, beautiful flower cards and elegant fighting style are very popular among netizens. Since then, advertising and endorsement had been coming non-stop, and the club’s income had skyrocketed. The scale has also continued to expand, thus they brought an entire building within three years.

Although the contract was written that the profit was divided into three to seven parts at the time, it was about income such as bonuses and competition tickets. Shao Bo actively drafted another contract for the endorsements which was split into five to five parts; the peripheral products sold to fans were also divided into five to five parts.

In fact, Chen Qianlin has seen how much Shao Bo liked money earlier on, but he only cared about participating in competitions. He also didn’t want to argue with his good friend for these few bucks, to the extent that Shao Bo became insatiable, his desire grew in intensity. He went as far as auctioning Chen Qianlin's playing cards behind his back to reap colossal profits.

When Chen Qianlin knew about it, the affair was already done. In the end, the negotiations failed and he can only take the law route.

At that time, Chen Xiao was young. He had just taken part in the National Examination. His brother was afraid of affecting his revision, so he didn’t tell him about these matters; while he wanted to surprise his brother thus he signed a contract with Shao Bo in private... It can be said that Shao Bo accurately pinpointed and took advantage of both the brothers' weaknesses.

Now standing in front of the club again, Chen Xiao's heart was filled with complex feelings. He took off his sunglasses, glanced at the familiar building, took a deep breath and walked into the lobby with Lawyer Zhang. He took the elevator to the general manager's office on the top floor.

Shao Bo was in the office answering a phone call, saying, "CEO Zhang, whenever you come, I will act as a host and invite you to dinner." and such conventional greetings.

Also in his 30s, Chen Qianlin's figure was lean and his temperament was very outstanding. His appearance was still very young. There was not even a slightest trace of the passing years on his face; however the man in front of him was greasy, his hairline was high to the point of frightening, making half of his head bald and his body was fat. At first glance, it is obviously the result of eating lavish meals every day, his swelling belly was even more ridiculous than a pregnant woman.

A typical middle-aged parvenu appearance, nothing like the big brother next door who played basketball with his brother in his childhood memories.

Chen Xiao was originally angry but when he saw Shao Bo's appearance, he wanted to laugh.

At this time, he and Chen Qianlin stood together and lost thoroughly, but he felt quite good about himself.

Chen Xiao stepped forward politely and waited for the other party to hang up. Then he extended his hand and said: "CEO Shao, I haven't seen you for a long time. My lawyer should have already greeted you, right? I came to officially sign the termination agreement."

Shao Bo said with a smile: "It's Xiao Chen ah! It's really been a long time."

Chen Xiao calmly handed over the termination contract that was written by the lawyer in advance to Shao Bo: "During the period of the contract with Sanctuary, I was unable to achieve good results in the competition due to my own lack of strength. Thus after receiving the consent of CEO Shao, I'm going back to school to study. "

Shao Bo said: "Well, is it going well in school? I'm so busy that I couldn't take care of you."

Chen Xiao: "I am not as good as my brother in playing games, but I am still okay at studying. I have successfully graduated and plan to find a job myself."

Shao Bodao: "Would you like to work in our Sanctuary Club? Come work as a guild manager?"

Chen Xiao smiled: "Thank you CEO Shao. While I was studying at school, I didn't come in contact with Star Card Tempest or similar games. Yet, you still gave me a salary of 1500 per month as usual. Neither of us have violated the contract. Since it expired today, I hope we will be able to terminate the contract peacefully, so I'll trouble President Shao to sign."

Shao Bo frowned slightly, he kept feeling that the grown up Chen Xiao in front of him, although his gaze was calm and he had a polite attitude, his back was straight as he stood in front of himself gave him a strange momentum. It made him who sat on the boss chair feel that he was shorter than the other person by a head, which made him very uncomfortable.

Lawyer Zhang who was beside them said: "CEO Shao, we have carefully checked the clauses of the contract. There is a clause in it that if the two parties do not sign a written termination contract within one month after the contract expires, the contract will be automatically renewed for another year. Chen Xiao’s contract officially expired on September 1, so we made the termination request half a month in advance, and also obeying the provisions of the contract. I hope you can fulfill your promise."

Shao Bo raised his eyebrows and put on a fake smile as he said: "Xiao Chen, you also brought a lawyer here? Is this not worrying me?"

Chen Xiao smiled: "I don't understand the contract. Bringing the lawyer was to be more professional, I hope you don't mind."

In fact, Shao Bo is too lazy to keep holding onto Chen Xiao. Chen Qianlin said that his brother is very talented. Who knew that this guy was useless, he was always screwing up at the critical moments in competitions and lost... Thinking of this, Shao Bo took the pen and straightforwardly signed the contract.

Chen Xiao gave the contract to the lawyer to read it. When there was no problem, he smiled and said, "CEO Shao, let's part without hard feelings."

Shao Bo said with a smile: "I also wish you success in your new job."

Chen Xiao turned and left. At the moment he turned, the sharp look appeared in the man's deep eyes, even the lawyer was apprehensive when he saw it

After walking out of the adjudication club, Chen Xiao lowered his voice and asked, "Have you backed up the recording?"

Lawyer Zhang said: "Relax, the written termination agreement has a legal effect. I will give you a copy of the recording. I will also back up here. The things he personally agreed and the words he signed in person, he can't back away even if he wants to."

Chen Xiao raised the corner of his mouth: "Okay, it must have been hard on you."

On the way back, Chen Xiao felt that the stone that had been weighing on his heart for many years was finally completely removed, his entire person became extremely relaxed.

Shao Bo probably would have never dreamed that the teen who was impulsive and reckless as a child would hide so deep, an entire five years. Even more unexpected, was that for the young man, his brother was more important than his own life.

If you are bullying him because he's young  and ignorant, he may not be harbour a grudge and can only admit defeat. However, if you have betrayed and hurt his brother——he will never forget it his whole life.

Just wait, one day I will make you return all of it tenfold.

Chen Xiao stepped on the accelerator, and the silver-white floating sports car abruptly rushed out like a sword into the aerial lane, disappearing into the traffic instantly.

(T/N:They are in an advanced civilisation, flying cars! Thus aerial lanes, lanes in the sky)


Chen Qianlin and Xie Mingzhe had been talking about card design. Both the teacher and disciple have been deeply engaged in the conversation. When Chen Xiao came back, he saw exactly this scene. He hasn't seen such a smile on his brother's face in a long time. Obviously, Xiao Xie knows how to make his Master like him very much.

Chen Xiao smiled lightly, pushing the door and went in, he washed the fruits he bought on the way and brought them to the living room.

Chen Qianlin asked, concerned: "Is the matter done?"

Chen Xiao handed him the signed agreement: "Shao Bo didn't make things hard for me. He may still feel that he was making a loss when I was paid a salary of 1500 a month."

Xie Mingzhe released his breath, relieved: "That's good! Brother Chen, are you going to make an account next?"

Chen Xiao nodded: "Yes. Let's develop the guild first, Yingying will officially publish the guild's recruitment propaganda at the forum tonight. By that time, your card store can put the maxed levels and stars Sun Ce, Zhou Yu and Huang Gai's cards on display. We'll take advantage of the opportunity to get a wave of popularity."

Chen Qianlin looked at the two of them who were excited and said, "It's not early anymore, you guys should go back."

Chen Xiao looked at his brother reluctantly and asked in a calm tone: "Brother, your bedroom, I have kept it for you, do you want... Do you want to move back to live?"

Xie Mingzhe immediately assisted him: "Master, you're living alone here is really too far away, why not move back to live? Brother Chen cleaned your bedroom until there isn't a speck of dust, the succulents you left behind are also well maintained. If I have any questions, it's also convenient to find you and discuss…"

Chen Qianlin said: "I like quietness. If you have any questions, you can directly send me a video."

It's reasonable, Master already gave him an optical tablet, he could make a video at any time. Xie Mingzhe's reason was not valid, so he had no choice but to look at Chen Xiao. The latter also didn't insist, he smiled and said: "Okay, brother, whatever you like, at worst I will come to see you everyday."

Chen Qianlin frowned: "You don't have to come every day."

Chen Xiao immediately changed his words: "Then I will come and see you on alternating days."

Chen Qianlin: "..."

After a moment of silence, Chen Qianlin said, "How about this, I will finish some of the work on hand and move in next month." Since Chen Xiao and Xie Mingzhe decided to join forces and compete in next season, it is easier to guide them at any one time if they live together.

Chen Xiao almost jumped up in excitement, his voice trembling slightly: "Really, really?"

"Well." Chen Qianlin said: "I still have a few paintings that I haven't finished, so I won't keep you. Go back first."

Chen Xiao straightforwardly took Xie Mingzhe away.

On the way back, Chen Xiao was humming in excitement. The originally comforting song was sung particularly unpleasant by him. He's unable to sing in tune and was greatly off tone. Xie Mingzhe didn't know whether to cry or laugh, but Chen Xiao was in such a good mood that Xie Mingzhe didn't interrupt him, despite him being off key until cosmos galaxy.

After returning to the studio, Pang Yu curiously came over and asked Xie Mingzhe: "Have you really seen Chen Xiao's brother?" Jin Yue also whispered: "What kind of person is his brother?" Xie Mingzhe did not have time to answer before Chen Xiao slapped the two on the back: "Don't gossip, are you guys very free?"

Chi Yingying said: "Brother Chen, my propaganda has been written, can you take a look at it?"

Chen Xiao leaned over and took a look. Her promotional slogan was concise and in order,the key points were prominent. The post on the **platform was also accompanied by a picture of the broken world record of the Purple Bamboo Forest. It was very attractive, Xie Mingzhe also gave a thumbs up: "Very professional!"

Chen Xiao said: "The publicity will be formally issued at noon tomorrow. Many people will definitely apply. Ah Qing will be in charge of the recruitment. In addition, display Sun Ce, Zhou Yu, and Huang Gai at the card store tomorrow. Incidentally, it helps promote the guild."

Xie Mingzhe nodded: "I think, how about we make a card museum on the first floor, a detailed introduction will be written under each card. Later the store can be open for a long time, even if there are no new cards on the second floor, you can come to the first floor if you are interested in appreciating the cards."

Character card museum, this is what Xie Mingzhe wants to do most.

Those classic characters are made into cards for exhibition, so that people in this world can know them, like them.

Chi Yingying also highly agrees: "This is the first time that a card museum has appeared in the game! Xiao Xie, in fact, I am very curious about the stories of these characters you designed. I think there must be many curious people like me! "

The fat man immediately raised his hand: "Add me in! I want to know Lin Daiyu and Xue Baochai more!"

Jin Yue said: "I like Wang Zhaojun and Xishi the most."

Even Chi Qing, who had always been the most cool-headed, said: "I really want to know the design idea of ​​Cao Chong weighing an elephant."

Xie Mingzhe smiled and said, "I will write briefly about the stories and design ideas of these people. Sister Yingying will help me amend and polish it, can you?"

Chi Yingying nodded immediately: "No problem!"

Xie Mingzhe turned on his optical tablet and began to write the card encyclopedia of each character.

Card encyclopedia is not written like a novel. The novel uses the plot to slowly promote the development of the story, while the encyclopedia summarizes the character and experience of the character from the perspective of God. Xie Mingzhe can't remember the detailed experience of each character, but it is probably no problem.

He had been writing the card encyclopedia information for the entire night. When he finished writing the introduction of the 13 cards, his head was about to blow up. He sent the summary to Yingying and asked the other party to amend some of the wording. After Yingying's polishing, it became more clear and coherent than before.

In the game, on the first floor of the 月半 card store, three new seven-star full-level cards, Sun Ce, Zhou Yu, and Huang Gai, were added.

Moreover, the background story and design ideas of each card are clearly written under the card display cabinet, which is really a bit like a "card museum".


At noon the next day, 月半 card store opened on time.

The story of Uncle Chubby breaking the Purple Bamboo Forest's record three times in a row has already been popular in the forum, so as soon as the card store opened, countless people poured into the store to see what the deck of cards that broke the record looks like.

As soon as everyone entered the store, they found that there was a detailed "Card Encyclopedia" underneath all the cards and can't help but sigh in astonishment –––

"It's like entering a card museum!"   "Cao Chong weighing an elephant is actually  equivalent exchange method, replacing the elephant with a stone. This kid is so smart!" "Wang Zhaojun was married to a foreign country and played the pipa after being too sad? What a pity..." "What is the 13 hairpin of Jinling? There are others besides Daiyu and Baochai?" "Saying that Dha Wujing is the third junior brother, does he still have an elder senior brother and second senior brother?"

Everyone was discussing the background story of the cards, and many people were moved emotionally and took screenshots.

The three newly-appearing cards Sun Ce, Zhou Yu, and Huang Gai also attracted widespread attention from players.

Except for Huang Gai being an old man, Sun Ce and Zhou Yu are more handsome than the other, and they also have the linkage skill "Jiangdong Shuangbi"!

Today's shop announcement reads: "Welcome everyone to 月半 Cards Store. I hope you will like these character cards. Sun Ce, Zhou Yu, and Huang Gai are part of the decks that broke the record of Purple Bamboo Forest. Those who want to get this set of cards, you can join the Nirvana Guild and redeem it with membership points. We welcome fixed teams and individual players to join our guild. There are many benefits!"

Everyone: "............"

Join join join! Can we not be allowed to join it?

The quick-responders immediately turned around and ran to the guild administrator to search for the Nirvana Guild and apply, and Chi Yingying’s guild publicity recruitment post posted on the forum had already been turned into the top post, and a large number of players applied to join the Nirvana Guild. It almost paralyzed the guild application panel in the game!

Chi Qing's backstage kept coming up with new application lists, and she said with a headache: "More than a thousand people have applied..."

As soon as the voice fell, he changed his words again: "Two thousand... three thousand!"

The popularity of the Nirvana guild instantly rushed to the top ten popular guilds of the day, which was simply unstoppable.

The newly established guild could achieve this, only the Fenghua guild established by Tang Muzhou in the fifth season and the Capital of Darkness established by Pei Jingshan in the seventh season could match up to it, and these two later became the top guilds of the professional league.

Netizens sighed-Nirvana Guild, is this the rhythm of the starting of great things?

When Xie Mingzhe used to play online games, if the guild had no benefit or organization, the players had no sense of belonging, and scattered like sand, such a salted fish guild was only suitable for casual club watching the scenery. In this game, if you want to break out of the fiercely competitive big guilds and claim a place of your own, you must do a good job in members management.

Of course, they can earn a lot of money by selling Sun Ce, Zhou Yu and Huang Gai, but now they are not short of money. The income from the dead cards alone is millions of gold coins every day, and they can sell other cards in the future.

Therefore, Xie Mingzhe decided that this set of world record-breaking Dong Wu cards as a benefit for the members of the guild, it can help the guild gain popularity and enhance the members' sense of belonging. Members can earn points by doing guild tasks, playing guild instances, and handing in materials. If they have a certain number of points, they can redeem for benefit cards. In order to change Sun Ce and Zhou Yu, everyone will definitely do the guild mission actively!

Other big guilds have their own benefit cards, Nirvana guild certainly cannot lag behind.

With the appeal of the record-breaking deck, do they still have to be afraid that the Nirvana Guild will not develop?