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President Wife is A Man Chapter 94 - First Time at the Ke Household

Xiao Ke’s father, Chad Wang ended up reaching home at about 8 pm. As Jiang Qi looked at Ke Shao’s foreigner husband, he thought to himself, when Xiao Ke grows older, will he look like that too?

After Chad Wang came home, he took on the job of cradling Xiao Ke as he cut the birthday cake. Even though Xiao Ke had already fallen asleep by then, this did not in any way affect the jovial mood of the adults.

After the cake-cutting was finished, he carried Xiao Ke and put him to bed, then only did Jiang Qi took two bites of cake. Ke Yan had been drinking, so Lan Ru Yin asked him to stay the night, and although Jiang Qi had planned to go home on his own, Ke Yan had no intention of letting him go back on his own and wanted him to stay with him.

Jiang Qi still had reservations about staying the night, if Ke Yan’s mother and sister were clueless about Ke Yan’s relationship with him, he might have been able to feign ignorance and stay, but based on the current situation, it seemed like Ke Yan’s mother did not really want him to stick around, so Jiang Qi ultimately decided to politely refuse.

Ke Yan was not about to let Jiang Qi go back on his own, he knew that Jiang Qi would likely feel quite unhappy, plus he did not want Jiang Qi to feel aggrieved. In the end, he decided he would go back too.

Lan Ru Yin saw that Ke Yan looked like he was going to follow Jiang Qi back, and instantly shot Ke Yan a glare. So now he wouldn’t even listen to her?

Truthfully, there was a reason behind why Lan Ru Yin had explicitly offered for only Ke Yan to sleep over here tonight, and that was because she wanted Jiang Qi to face a little hardship and make the rational decision to leave Ke Yan. This way Jiang Qi would understand that she still had no intention of accepting him.

By now, Ke Shao had noticed what was happening, and she called out to Jiang Qi saying, “It’s already quite late, I don’t think you should travel home now, how about you and Xiao Yan stay the night?”

Jiang Qi was still about to refuse, but even Ke Xin chimed in asking him to stay over.”

In the end, both Jiang Qi and Ke Yan ended up staying over. Initially, Ke Xin had offered to clear out one of the guest rooms for him, but Ke Yan declined her offer, saying, “There’s no need to trouble yourself with preparing another room, he can just sleep in mine.”

Jiang Qi was not oblivious to the odd look the Ke Father gave him when Ke Yan said this...

After they entered Ke Yan’s room, they both took a shower to freshen up. Jiang Qi had not brought any spare clothes with him, so he had to make do with wearing Ke Yan’s clothes. Even after so many years, Ke Yan’s clothes were still too loose for Jiang Qi.

Jiang Qi had to roll up both the sleeves and his pant legs, and after he finished that he looked at his reflection in the mirror. The shirt felt oddly oversized on his upper body, the collar seemed to be a bit too wide, revealing much of his collarbone and neck. Suddenly, Jiang Qi broke into a smile, this scene had somehow brought back memories of the first time Ke Yan had lent him some clothes to wear. It had been almost exactly as it looked now, the shirt was too large for him, and even then he had been forced to roll up both the sleeves and his pant legs more than a couple of times. Luckily, he only had to roll them up twice now.

Moreover, now their relationship was completely different, back then, at most they counted as barely acquainted schoolmates, but now, they were lovers.

Ke Yan walked into the bathroom and noticed Jiang Qi looking at the mirror with a silly smile on his face. He walked over and wrapped his arms around him before asking, “What’s so funny?”

“I was laughing because I remembered that time when it rained, and I had to borrow your shirt.” Having said this, he even took a sniff of the shirt, there was a faint trace of laundry detergent still there, and he continued, “It even smells like it did back then.”

“You still remember that?” Jiang Qi’s words had already managed to remind Ke Yan of those times.

“Of course I can do. You had such a stone-cold heart back then, even though it was practically a thunderstorm out there, you still wanted to get rid of me.”

“But, in the end, didn’t I let you back inside?” Ke Yan said teasingly.


“Alright, alright, in that case, let me take good care of you now.” In one sweep of his arms, Ke Yan picked up Jiang Qi and walked towards the bed.

In bed, Jiang Qi was soon cornered, as Ke Yan’s kisses began to cover him.

Jiang Qi wrapped his arms around Ke Yan, occasionally kissing him back.

Ke Yan placed kisses along Jiang Qi’s collarbone, one hand lightly rubbing Jiang Qi’s nipples, the other had already crept down to Jiang Qi’s perky bottom, and gave it two strong squeezes. Still, it did not feel satisfying, so he moved both his hands down to that fleshy area, molding them to his desire, all the while slowly moving deeper into Jiang Qi’s bottom.

Jiang Qi’s breathing was labored from all the stimulation, and with a half-lidded gaze at the ceiling… En?

“Wait, wait.” Jiang Qi quickly called out to Ke Yan, using his hands to slightly push him away.

“What’s wrong?” Ke Yan had noticed Jiang Qi’s resistance and patiently slowed down before asking Jiang Qi this. However, the heavy breathing he could hear told Jiang Qi that Ke Yan was battling to control his desires.

“We can’t today.”

“Why not?” Ke Yan lowered his head to kiss Jiang Qi’s neck, as his kisses began to move downward, his fingers were just centimetres away from entering Jiang Qi.

Jiang Qi knew that he was no unaffected by the current situation, but if he did not succeed in stopping Ke Yan, they both might end up doing it.

After one failed try of using his hands to push Ke Yan away, Jiang Qi mustered up his strength and shoved Ke Yan to the side saying, “We really can’t today… We’re still at your house!”

“Don’t worry, the room is quite soundproof, no one will hear us.” Ke Yan said this before pouncing on Jiang Qi again.

“We can’t!” As he refused, using both his arms and legs, Jiang Qi managed to flip over, while also successfully kicking Ke Yan off the bed.

The sight of which made Jiang Qi burst out into laughter.

Ke Yan’s face was black as he got up off the ground and back on the bed. Seeing as Jiang Qi was still laughing, he raised his hand and pinched Jiang Qi’s cheeks.

Jiang Qi grabbed hold of Ke Yan’s arm trying to coax him, “I don’t want to be unable to get up tomorrow morning, I want your family to have a good impression of me.”

Ke Yan had once mentioned that his family were early risers, and usually had breakfast early, this was also why Jiang Qi did not want to end up only waking up after his family had already had breakfast.

Ke Yan sighed but ultimately began to pull the covers over them. Pulling Jiang Qi into his arms, he said, “Sleep.”

Jiang Qi closed his eyes as he lay in Ke Yan’s embrace, unable to ignore the feeling of something hot and hard against him.

His face reddened as he snuggled deeper into Ke Yan’s embrace, but he was instantly held in place by Ke Yan, who said, “Don’t move! If you dare to move, you’ll regret it.”


Jiang Qi closed his eyes and in no time felt a sense of weariness, finally peacefully falling asleep in Ke Yan’s arms.

Jiang Qi might have fallen asleep, but Ke Yan was not so lucky. Gritting his teeth as he tried to calm his body’s raging desire, he patted Jiang Qi’s bed as he tried to sleep.

As a result of skipping out on night-time activity, Jiang Qi had no trouble getting up early the next day.

Looking at Ke Yan who was still fast asleep, he lightly shook Ke Yan, saying, “Ke Yan, Ke Yan, wake up! We’d better get up now.”

After the two washed up, they went downstairs and were just in time for breakfast.

As the two took their seats, almost the entire Ke Family were already there even Chad Wang too, with the exception of the Ke Father.

“Where’s Father?”

“He went out fishing earlier, he’ll probably only come back at night.” Lan Ru Yin replied as she ate some porridge.

Jiang Qi surveyed the Chinese breakfast spread, there were more than 10 dishes, and it looked very appetizing.

Jiang Qi had just picked up his own chopsticks when suddenly a pan-fried bun appeared in his bowl. He shot a grateful smile at Ke Yan, then picked it up and took a big bite. As he expected, it was just as delicious as it looked.

Ke Shao noticed how considerate her little brother was being, and glanced at her husband Chad Wang. Chad, who had been busy feeding Xiao Ke milk, immediately sprung into action, picking some of Ke Shao’s favorites and placing them in her bowl, his actions brought a satisfied smile to Ke Shao’s face.

Lan Ru Yin pretended to have noticed nothing at all and placed some of the things that Ke Yan disliked, in his bowl.

Digging into this delicious breakfast, made Jiang Qi’s mood brighten, and he was barely affected by Lan Ru Yin’s presence.

He noticed that some food seemed to remain in Ke Yan’s bowl, and recognizing that they were things Ke Yan did not like to eat, as a force of habit, he naturally reached into Ke Yan’s bowl and picking out the leftovers, ate them all.

However, after they finished eating today, he felt like someone was staring at him, and upon raising his head, noticed the glare coming from Lan Ru Yin. Only then did Jiang Qi remember that this was Ke Yan’s family, and he good-humouredly smiled back at Lan Ru Yin, before going back to his food. He ate with a single-minded focus, not daring to raise his head and take another look.

Ke Yan smiled as he noticed this, reaching out to softly pinch Jiang Qi’s hand that was beside the bowl.

And this was how Jiang Qi’s first breakfast at the Ke Household went.