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President Wife is A Man Chapter 95 - After Taking Advantage

While Jiang Qi was busy having breakfast, Yang Shao Yu had just woken up and soon became aware of throbbing pain in the lower region of his body.

He took a sharp inhale of breath, why was it still painful after one whole night?

Looking at Lin Zi Rui who was lying next to him, the pain seemed to grow even more… Still, he carefully pulled Lin Zi Rui closer into his embrace and began to think about what happened last night when he brought Lin Zi Rui home...

Last night, Yang Shao Yu had not taken any alcohol, but Lin Zi Rui had taken some. Yang Shao Yu had politely declined the Ke Family’s offer for them to stay the night, and taken Lin Zi Rui back to his place.

Lin Zi Rui had fallen asleep while they were still traveling back, and Yang Shao Yu had adjusted the car seat so he could sleep comfortably. When they eventually reached, Yang Shao Yu did not wake him, instead he picked Lin Zi Rui up, and carried him inside.

After placing Lin Zi Rui down on the sofa, Yang Shao Yu sat and stared at him for a while. It was only now that he could look at him from such a close distance, and so he just sat there and stared at him. Normally, if he got this close to Lin Zi Rui, this defensive aura would reflect from Lin Zi Rui’s eyes, and it made Yang Shao Yu feel quite frustrated inside.

Looking at Lin Zi Rui’s red lips, he felt a sudden urge build within him, and he lowered his head. Right now, the distance between his lips and Lin Zi Rui’s lips was less than two or three centimeters, just one more slight tilt of his head, and he would be able to kiss him.

There was a noticeable scent of alcohol on Lin Zi Rui’s body, and mixed somewhere in there was a faint hint of the smell of antiseptic.

Noticing this faint antiseptic smell brought an involuntary smile to Yang Shao Yu’s face, many said that doctors usually had a lingering smell of antiseptic on them. It seemed like this was true, but the smell on Lin Zi Rui was still quite faint.

Glancing at Lin Zi Rui who was still fast asleep, he looked utterly defenseless right now, and finally, Yang Shao Yu gave in to his desire and pressed a kiss onto Lin Zi Rui’s lips.

One kiss was enough to completely snap the last thread of his control, as he repeatedly kissed the other, each kiss growing deeper and more sensuous than the one before...

In his dreams, Lin Zi Rui suddenly felt a little breathless, as if something heavy was on his lips, blocking his nose, and preventing him from breathing normally.

Before Lin Zi Rui could react, Yang Shao Yu made his escape and detached himself from Lin Zi Rui’s lips. It was quite adorable to see, the sight of Lin Zi Rui trying to catch his breath while still fast asleep.

He reached out to caress Lin Zi Rui’s face, then got onto the sofa, arms and legs keeping him propped up, so that he was not lying on top of Lin Zi Rui.

He lowered his body and began to kiss him anew, but this time it did not stop just there. His hand was soon unbuttoning Lin Zi Rui’s shirt, although he only undid two buttons, before his hand snaked inside into his shirt. His palm gently traveled down Lin Zi Rui’s neck, firmly grasping his jaw so he could open his mouth, and their tongues were soon entangled together.

As he continued his downward journey of kisses, he left love marks all the way along Lin Zi Rui’s neck, while his other hand kept busy with lightly pinching the raised bumps on his chest. After pinching them, he would then open his hand so he could massage around that area, he really loved them so much!

He suckled at the skin from his neck all the way to Lin Zi Rui’s chest, undoing two more buttons as he pulled the shirt open. Now, Lin Zi Rui’s entire chest was exposed, and as Yang Shao Yu stared unblinkingly at the two pinkish nubs, his eyes seemed to darken. Especially when he noticed that because of his massaging and pinching, one side had turned a stunning red, and this made his nose fill with heat.

T/N: Nosebleed alert!

He quickly leant down to go and kiss the other side.

To be clear, Yang Shao Yu was only giving in to a moment of weakness, as he tried to ‘get a quick taste’, he was not really planning on taking advantage of Lin Zi Rui while he was drunk.

Furthermore, Lin Zi Rui had yet to fully accept him, why on earth would he do such a savage, thoughtless thing at this stage?

So Yang Shao Yu was making use of the current situation to get a quick taste of what he longed for, but he would not go a step further.

Alas, Lin Zi Rui was oblivious to the reasoning inside Yang Shao Yu’s mind. All Lin Zi Rui knew, was that someone was licking him, sucking him, biting him…
And although it felt a bit painful, there was this sense of comfort about it all…

As he blearily opened his eyes, he saw Yang Shao Yu sprawled across his chest, peppering it with kisses. Both his hands were being pinned down by Yang Shao Yu’s hands, and he could hardly move them, he wriggled his legs, and noticed that they were free to move. Thus, he forcefully brought his leg in an upward motion, and as luck would have it, his leg made contact with man’s weak spot.

After sustaining such a direct attack, Yang Shao Yu instantly was forced off the sofa and onto the floor.

His entire body was curled up like a prawn, his back in the shape of a bow as both his arms shot out instinctively to cover a certain area. His expression was one of sheer pain as cold sweat began to form.

After Lin Zi Rui’s one-time kick, he tossed and turned for a bit on the sofa, before falling fast asleep.

Poor Yang Shao Yu, he had taken barely two mouthfuls of tofu and had even yet to swallow them when he suffered a resistant kick. Furthermore, the area of injury, was the region crucial to his sexual life’s satisfaction. The pain was so great, that all he wanted to do was curl up on the floor and cry.

T/N: Eating tofu is like slang for being taken advantage of, felt up, groped etc

It truly was a fiery hot pain, that throbbed as time passed.

After lying for who knows how long on the ground, when the pain felt bearable, Yang Shao Yu got to his feet, using the sofa to bear his weight. As he looked at the sight of Lin Zi Rui who was sleeping soundly, Yang Shao Yu seriously felt like forcefully slapping his butt twice, this little rascal, how can you sleep so soundly?! But then again, it did seem like he brought this on himself.

The next thing he did, was to take off his jacket and use it to cover Lin Zi Rui. He was worried about him getting cold through the night. Then, he sat on the floor like a statue, he wanted to wait for his body to feel normal again before moving.

When Yang Shao Yu could finally get up again, he picked up Lin Zi Rui from the sofa, and carried him inside the room. While he was carrying him, both his legs were actually still trembling involuntarily.

After he pulled the covers over Lin Zi Rui, he too laid down on the bed. He did not even bother to take a shower, right now he had absolutely no mood to go and shower!

When Lin Zi Rui woke up, he noticed that he was in Yang Shao Yu’s arms. The latter had already woken up, and was staring at him. Lin Zi Rui pushed Yang Shao Yu away as he tried to get up. He must have gotten drunk last night, and that’s why Yang Shao Yu brought him back huh… Lin Zi Rui’s sudden movements caused his head to feel a little dizzy, but instantly a piece of chocolate was thrust into his mouth, and as he sucked on the chocolate, he did not ask why the chocolate was here, because he knew that Yang Shao Yu did not have a sweet tooth.

He soon felt better, and Lin Zi Rui finally noticed how chilly his chest felt, as well as how bared it seemed to be.

He bent his head down to take a look, and his expression immediately darkened. What he saw was this, the buttons of his shirt had been undone, the two nubs on his chest were of different shades of red, and his entire chest was filled with hickeys.

Yang Shao Yue noticed that Lin Zi Rui’s face had changed, and he instantly began to explain, “I didn’t do anything, I just kissed you twice. Last night you even kicked me! I’m the one who lost out here.” Yang Shao Yue even pointed at his lower body as he spoke.

As Lin Zi Rui watched Yang Shao Yue’s actions, his face seemed to turn even blacker, almost as if he did not believe what the other person was saying.

“I’m really not lying to you, if you don’t believe me do you want to take a look?” After saying this Yang Shao Yu began to fumble about with his zipper when Lin Zi Rui snatched up a pillow and threw it right at Yang Shao Yu. This person really was shameless, then he got off the bed as he headed toward the bathroom.

“It’s over there, the utensils for washing up are in the small cabinet.”

Even though Lin Zi Rui had not said a word, but Yang Shao Yu still instinctively knew where he wanted to go.

He closed the door and looked into the mirror. Some of his memories had come back to him, last night he really had kicked Yang Shao Yu once. And thinking of this, he looked back at his own reflection, at the way his chest was covered in hickeys, and his face inadvertently reddened, he even felt a slight sense of self-consciousness!

T/N: The 'he' here is Lin Zi Rui

However, he could not possibly be in the wrong for kicking him there last night right?

This was what you got if you tried to take advantage of people ah!