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President Wife is A Man Chapter 98 - First Day of Ke Yan's Business Trip and Jiang Qi is Doing Fine

Yang Shao Yu had intended to wait at the hospital until Lin Zi Rui finished the surgery on his current patient but he had to change his agenda when he received a phone call from Ke Yan. Yang Shao Yu understood the urgency of the matter and shut his eyes as he took a deep breath and turned away from the operating theater. He found his way to the nurses station and told the nurse on duty, “If Doctor Lin completes his surgery please tell him that I had some urgent matters to tend to, and please remind him to eat.”

“Alright, I’ll do so, you are really caring, so caring that people might even think that Dr Lin is your girlfriend.”

Yang Shao Yu smiled, “Not long now.”

“Huh?” The nurse thought she had misheard.

“I’ll be on my way, sorry for troubling you with this.” Yang Shao Yu said as he left.

Before heading off to the company, Yang Shao Yu stopped by Lin Zi Rui’s favourite restaurant, ordered his favourite dish and requested the workers to deliver the food to him everyday. After he settled the bill and the order he headed off to the company.

Meanwhile at the hospital, Lin Zi Rui had just come out of the operating theater, he was dead tired, and a tad disappointed when he failed to see Yang Shao Yu waitng outside for him, but he gathered his thoughts and said to himself, Maybe he’s waiting for me in my office?

Thus he went to his office but there was still no sign of Yang Shao Yu, he let out a pent-up sigh. Had Yang Shao Yu already gone back?

“Doctor Lin?”

Lin Zi Rui turned around and saw a nurse standing at the doorway.

“Mr Yang had some urgent matters to tend to, he told me to remind you to eat.”

“Really? Thanks nurse.” Lin Zi Rui was immediately happier than before.

“It’s alright, do remember to have your meal, I’m going to settle a few things now.”

Lin Zi Rui had a short break then decided to follow Yang Shao Yu’s request and started eating.

As he was passing by one of the nurses, he was suddenly stopped, “What’s the matter?”

Lin Zi Rui looked at the nurse who had called out to him.

“Oh nothing, it’s just that the food you just received was ordered here by Yang Shou Yu.”

“Oh.” Lin Zi Rui replied as he took the food from her.

Upon entering his office, Lin Zi Rui opened the takeout that had just arrived, honestly Yang Shao Yu was indeed a very caring person.

Jiang Qi had spent a night at Ke Yan’s place, but without him by his side he felt lonely and missed her. The next day, Jiang Qi got up and was worried that he might have to go home and change his clothes before he could go to work. Luckily Uncle Fu brought a clean suit for Jiang Qi. After he washed himself and freshened up Jiang Qi put on his clean clothes, which fitted perfectly on him. After getting ready, he went downstairs to eat.

“Ke Yan has gone back, how was your sleep last night?” Lan Ru Yin asked while looking at Jiang Qi in his business attire at the dining table she was also eating breakfast at.

“Since you are Ke Yan's friend then please make yourself at home, besides I rarely see Ke Yan bringing any friends home, apart from Shao Yu and those two crazy girls.” Ke Xin said.

“Mm, I see, I had a good night’s sleep last night.” Jiang Qi said while smiling.

“That’s good to hear.” Ke Xin noded.

“Here, have a drink.” Lan Ru Yin pushed a glass with fresh milk in front of Jiang Qi.

“Thank you Aunty.” Jiang Qi's reply was lightning quick.

Without Ke Yan by his side, it was not a bad first meal in the Ke family house for Jiang Qi.

It may have been because of what Ke Yan had said last night, or it could be the fact that he had spent the whole afternoon with them the previous day, but no matter what it was, Lan Ru Yi was slowly accepting Jiang Qi on her own terms, and before he left for work she even reminded the chauffeur to drive carefully.

Jiang Qi was sitting in the car and looking out at the skyscrapers wondering to himself, what is Ke Yan up to now?

“Why haven’t I seen the CEO and his advisor today?” At noon, Jiang Qi overheard a conversation between two workers at the cafeteria.

“I heard they're away on a business trip.”

“Oh, no wonder why I didn’t notice the boss today, oddly, without him around I today, I seem to lack the drive to work hard.”

“Oh come on, you lack the drive to work hard even when he is around!”

Jiang Qi laughed at the comment.

“What are you laughing at?” Xiao Jiang and Jiang Lu sat down as Jiang Qi continued laughing again.

“Oh nothing much, just listening to those two go at it is so amusing.” Jiang Qi said as he pointed at the employees further behind.

“Oh, elder brother, mother said that she hasn’t seen where you are staying and she would like to have a look soon.” Jiang Lu said.

“Cough, cough,cough.” Jiang Qi was taken aback and suddenly began to choke on his water.

“What’s the matter?” Xiao An asked as he passed a drink to Jiang Qi.


“If there’s nothing wrong then why did you choke like that after hearing what I said.” Jiang Lu asked with frustration.

“It’s not like you’re hiding a man in your house right…?” Xiao An playfully teased.

Jiang Qi buried her head and continued to eat.

Xiao An was only joking, she did not know that she had inadvertently hit the nail on the head and there really was a man involved. The only issue was that it wasn’t just any toyboy, but Jiang Qi’s man.

“Why did Mother suddenly bring this up?” Jiang Qi asked.

“Well, she was talking to her friends, and her friends said that their sons all had very messy bedrooms and couldn’t take care of themselves.” Jiang Lu would often sit in the living room and listen to their mother chit chatting with her friends.

“Oh I see.” Inside, Jiang Qi felt like he wanted to prevent his mother from coming over.

“Actually come to think of it, even I haven’t seen your house, I guess I’ll just follow Ma.”

“Yeah, I want to go too.” Xiao An excitedly said, “Who knows maybe there really is a toyboy there, heck it might even be a CEO?” Xiao An had always felt that Jiang Qi and the CEO were a match made in heaven.

“”I’m done, you guys can carry on.” Jiang Qi gobbled down his food as fast as he could and dashed off.

Jiang Qi was now wary that his mother might call him, if his mother saw where he was living in now, it would be too easy to tell that he was living with Ke Yan.

The fact that the house was too good, and that it was so enormous both were huge red flags, Mother Jiang would never believe that he stayed here all by himself.

And the house was filled with too many things that had a connection to him ad Ke Yan, the albums, the matching couple outfits, Ke Yan’s clothes and Ke Yan’s documents.

Either way, she must never see them!

Jiang Qi’s hopes of keeping his secret were soon dashed, for just before he got off from work that day, his mother called him. And just like Jiang Lu had mentioned, his mother wanted to check on him to see if he was capable of living independently.

Jiang Qi said somewhat impatiently, “I know how to take care of myself, besides I’ve been living alone for so many years why would I not know how to take care of myself?”

“I’m just coming over to have a look, it won't be much.”

“But I’m quite busy now, and please don’t worry, I will take care of myself.”

“Oh I see, is it because you think I'll make it a hassle for you? Are you ashamed of this old mother of yours?”

“No, no of course not, I really didn't think that way.” Jiang Qi said as he began to panic.

“If that’s the case, I’m coming round this Saturday.” His mother said before hanging up.

As he listened to the beeping sound of a disconnected line, he felt an overwhelming sense of having fallen straight into his mother's trap.

He had no choice but to do a quick clear-up of his house before the coming Saturday.