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President Wife is A Man Chapter 96 - What Do You Want To Do

After Lin Zi Rui finished showering, he left the bathroom, only to find Yang Shao Yu blocking the doorway, so he asked, “What are you doing?”

“Let’s go and eat.”

“There’s no need. I still need to go home to change my clothes.”

“Just wear some of my clothes.” Yang Shao Yu said as he whipped out an outfit.

This time, Lin Zi Rui did not decline the offer, mainly because what he had been wearing was already quite crumpled and it was also exuding a faint odor.

After changing into a fresh outfit, although the clothes seemed a little big on him, Lin Zi Rui still chose to wear them and walked out of the shower.

“Let’s go eat.” Yang Shao Yu too had already changed.

“Mm…” Lin Zi Rui was just about to accept his offer when suddenly his phone rang. Looking at the screen, he saw that it was a call from the hospital, and Lin Zi Rui was relieved his phone had not run out of battery just then.

“Hello, alright, okay, I’ll be right there.” He hung up then looked at Yang Shao Yu saying, “I need to go back to the hospital.”

“Of course, let me send you there.” Yang Shao Yu grabbed his car keys as he and Lin Zi Rui exited the house.

“If you could, please try and drive a bit faster.” Usually, if he received calls after leaving work, it meant that the situation might be an emergency or that there was a shortage of doctors on hand.

“Sure, put your seat belt on first.”

“Mm.” Lin Zi Rui murmured as he put his seat belt on. He glanced at Yang Shao Yu, who was busy driving them, and he thought to himself, it looks like I won’t be able to have a meal with him, yet he did not say anything, not even a word of dissatisfaction or impatience.

Lin Zi Rui smiled as he thought this, before opening his mouth and saying, “Next time is on me.”

“Hmm?” For a moment Yang Shao Yu thought he had misheard it.

“Next time, I’ll treat you to a meal.” Lin Zi Rui repeated.

“Alright!” Yang Shao Yu was now sure that he had not misheard it, and his mouth cracked open into a huge grin.

Looking at Yang Shao Yu foolishly smiling made Lin Zi Rui want to laugh too.

They drove all the way to the hospital, and when they reached, Lin Zi Rui unbuckled his seat belt and immediately ran inside.

Yang Shao Yu too parked the car and went inside.

Parking the car had taken some time, so when Yang Shao Yu finally made it in, Lin Zi Rui was ready to enter the operating theater, and he was standing with some other doctors. Just one glance and one could tell that he was the youngest one there.

Lin Zi Rui did not notice Yang Shao Yu had come in and soon entered the operating theater with the other doctors.

Yang Shao Yu sat on the same chair as before, as he waited for Lin Zi Rui to come out. The entire time, he completely ignored the odd looks that the families of patients were giving him.

Although to be sure, the chairs outside the operating theater were usually for the family members of the patient, but suddenly there was now a random person here, who would not have found it odd?

Elsewhere, Jiang Qi and Ke Yan had just finished breakfast and they sat down for a while in the living room. Then, Ke Yan brought Jiang Qi around the Ke Residence.

Ke Yan brought Jiang Qi outside from a backdoor, and they stepped into a garden, however, it was not the same garden from last night.

“Oh wow, so you guys have a garden back here too?” Jiang Qi felt that this back garden looked nicer than their front garden.

“Mmhmm, the front garden is for receiving guests, while the back garden is for family members only.” Ke Yan grabbed hold of Jiang Qi’s hand and stepped forward.

“Ah, Ke Yan, look there’s a small stream!” Jiang Qi exclaimed with excitement when he caught sight of the stream up ahead. Plus, it did not seem like a tiny one too.

“Why is there a stream here?” Jiang Qi asked as he splashed his hands with some of the water.

“It comes from that mountain back there.” Ke Yan’s house had mountains behind it, so it was natural for the stream to flow through here.

Jiang Qi took off his shoes, and sitting down on the bank, he placed his feet into the water.

The back garden was not as large as the front garden, but it seemed to have a very homey vibe. There was a recliner, a swing, a small porch, as well as a small bridge and a small stream. Not forgetting, of course, the many types of flowers that Jiang Qi could not identify.

“Ke Yan, do you think my parents will accept you?” Jiang Qi suddenly thought of this problem. Ke Yan’s mother had found it so hard to accept him, what about his own mother?

“They will because I’ll work hard on it.” I’ll work hard to become a part of your family too.

“Alright, I will work hard too. Who knows, maybe Aunty might end up loving me lots?!”

Ke Yan laughed when he heard Jiang Qi say this, and soon followed suit by placing his legs in the water too.

“Hmm?” Jiang Qi felt an odd tickling sensation on the soles of his feet, so he took a look, and to his surprise, saw that there were even fish here!

“They’re all small fish.” By now, Ke Yan had noticed too.

“It’s so wonderful!”

Carefree and relaxed, Jiang Qi and Ke Yan sat there while holding hands. When the thought of having to go to work tomorrow hit them, they suddenly felt a great reluctance to go back to work.

“I really feel so lazy, I mean I don’t even want to go to work right now.” Jiang Qi muttered under his breath.

“When you grow older, what do you want to do?” Ke Yan suddenly asked.

“When I’m older? Hmm, I think I want to open a bookshop. That way I can live a carefree life, where I just read books, sell books, organize books and eat some cake!”

“What about me?” After listening to all that, Ke Yan had yet to hear anything about himself in Jiang Qi’s vision.

“Of course I want you to be there too, if you’re not there then I don’t want any of that.” Jiang Qi blushed as he replied shyly.

Ke Yan lowered his head to kiss Jiang Qi, and Jiang Qi reciprocated, wrapping both his arms around Ke Yan’s neck.

Ke Yan began to toy with Jiang Qi’s lips and tongue when suddenly Jiang Qi pushed Ke Yan away.

“What’s the matter?” Ke Yan asked as he focused on Jiang Qi’s flushed rosy lips.

Jiang Qi looked around nervously, only heaving a sigh of relief once he was sure that there was no one nearby. “I forgot that we were at your house still, it won’t be good if someone sees us like that.”

The sight of Jiang Qi’s shifty look and desire to hide displays of affection made Ke Yan’s own expression blacken as he thought to himself, it’s better if we go home earlier today.

However, before they reached the time to go home in the afternoon, he ended up leaving without even having lunch. The reason was that an issue had occurred, with one of the joint operations with a foreign company, and Ke Yan had to return to the company.

“You hurry back to the company, I’ll just get a taxi.” Jiang Qi said as he looked at Ke Yan who was holding the keys.

“I’ll send you back first.”

“No, don’t, you should go back to work first.” Jiang Qi firmly replied.

“That’s right, if you’re still worried, I’ll have the driver send Jiang Qi back later.” Lan Ru Yin said.

“That’ll do, I’ll make a move first.” Ke Yan nodded goodbye before leaving, calling Yang Shao Yu as he walked to let him know he was needed.

Ke Shao’s family were still asleep, so apart from the house help, the only ones left in the living room were Lan Ru Yin and Jiang Qi. Jiang Qi gave an awkward smile as he explained, “I don’t need a driver to send me back, I can take a taxi on my own.”

“Don’t go back so soon! Why don’t you just spend the night here, and you can go to the company in the morning.”

“Ah? That would be too much hassle.” Jiang Qi tried not to show that without Ke Yan, he would be even more nervous staying alone at the Ke Household.

“Or do you not like it here?” Lan Ru Yin asked coldly.

“No, no, I really like it here.” Jiang Qi hastily shook his head in denial.

“Then it’s settled. Why don’t you go watch some television now, later in the afternoon, you can accompany me to go shopping.” Lan Ru Yin left the moment she finished talking, she did not even give Jiang Qi a second to reply.

Jiang Qi could not help feel nervous inside, why was Ke Yan’s mother asking him to stay back? And she was even asking him to accompany her to go shopping?

Jiang Qi could not make head or tail out of it, so he just decided not to think about it. Following her suggestion, he went to watch some television. What’s more, he still did not know if Ke Yan needed to go out on a business trip if the problem was a big one, he probably would have to go.

Jiang Qi told himself he would not think about it, but even with the television on, he still had no idea what was on, the only thing on his mind was, what on earth did Ke Yan’s mother want to do?

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