Novel Wars

Jellyfish Chapter 32 - Thousand Years of Cultivation

In the dorm room, everyone stared at Hua Ji. Hua Ji was extremely embarrassed.

Being called a super swimsuit stud was quite embarrassing.

It was still fine if he gained popularity due to acting, but it was due to swimming trunks. Moreover, because of what the boy said, the other boy seemed to recall something, and his eyes subconsciously looked towards the lower half of Hua Ji’s waistband.

Shui Mu came forward to shield Hua Ji. His face darkened as a powerful presence emerged. It was as if there was a faint coldness at the tip of his eyebrows and corners of his eyes. With no more but a sweep of his eyes, everyone, including the parents and mother, were subconsciously silent.

Shui Mu said, "What did you just say?" He looked at the boy and repeated softly: "What did you just say?"

The boy immediately froze. No matter how cheeky a boy was at this age, he had just gotten out of mountains of books and sea of questions. The biggest problem he ever encountered was what to do if he did badly in examinations. His parents who were next to him immediately scowled. The mother stood in front of her son, and the father said in a sharp voice, "How can you talk like this?"

Shui Mu looked at the father deeply. Just when he was about to speak, Hua Ji reached out to stop Shui Mu. Entering society meant that he cannot do as he pleased like when he was in the mountain. He had no wish to face a fine from the Mystical Protection Department.

"The sentence applies to your son too." Hua Ji mocked. He tilted his face slightly, tone light. Dressed in a fresh beige shirt paired with a dark blue vest, he forcibly elevated the ambience of the ordinary small dorm room. He placed one hand in his trouser pocket and the other on Shui Mu’s shoulder, not even bothered to look at the family. He spoke normally to Shui Mu, "Come, let’s switch to another dorm room. The saying that Mencius' mother relocated three times to choose their neighbor is right."

The boy's mother was very angry: "You are slandering us."

Hua Ji only gave a light, shallow laugh, and with it came a strong sense of ridicule. Without saying another word, he pulled Shui Mu away.

They found the dorm manager downstairs. Looking deeply at her for a couple of times, Hua Ji helped Shui Mu to switch his room.

He brought Shui Mu to his new room. After a moment, he said, "Actually, the boy didn't say anything wrong. He said it unintentionally. I did shoot the swimming trunks advertisement, and even became popular due to it." He looked at Shui Mu and said softly, "Thank you for protecting me, but you don’t need to do it next time…"

"There is no but." Shui Mu said coldly. "You are mine, and the way he was looking at you was not right. Anyone who provokes you is provoking me."

Stunned, Hua Ji said: "I am yours."

"Even though you did not sign the contract, you agreed to it." Shui Mu looked at Hua Ji with increasing pressure and displeasure. "You want to go back on your words."

Hua Ji shook his head.

Shui Mu said in satisfaction, "I am your master, leave everything to me."

Hua Ji pursed his lips. He took a deep breath and tried to suppress his quickening heartbeat. He forced a smile and said, "Okay, yes, I'll listen to you."

Shui Mu stretched out his hand and pulled Hua Ji's cheek: "This is an ugly smile."

"Really? But I am very happy."

No matter true or false, no matter if it was just a mirage, at least he has had it.

Hua Ji thought, he finally understood now why so many brothers and sisters of the fox clan still set foot on the path of no return even though they knew that they should not find a mate before obtaining six tails.

The life of a demon was too long, such that the only one time that heartstrings were tugged became all the more soul-stirring.

When Hua Ji and Shui Mu rushed to the company in the afternoon, a group of people were already waiting.

In view that Huangpu River was behaving strangely recently, the swimming trunks photoshoot will not be at the seaside this time. Instead, it will be shot indoors.

Hua Ji rolled his eyes and said, "Who came up with the silly idea of taking indoor photos of swimming trunks."

It was still the director that had shot the previous swimsuit advertisement. The manufacturer was also very satisfied with him. His surname was Han. Director Han said, "There is no choice. This is for the safety of everyone. If a sudden storm happens in the midst of shooting and Huangpu River reverses flow again, we will all be food for the lobsters."

For an indoor swimming trunks photoshoot, the only suitable place was naturally a swimming pool.

Shui Mu stood by the side to watch. Director Han glanced at him, and suddenly came up with an idea.

"It is boring with just the swimming pool. Let’s add one more person."

He pointed to Shui Mu: "You join in too!"

Surprised, Hua Ji was about to refuse on behalf when Shui Mu said “Okay!”

Hua Ji: “…”

Director Han took a look at Shui Mu: "Makeup artist? Transform him into a merman. Can you do it?"

"No problem."

With a wave of Director Han's hand, the group moved from the pool side to the hot spring forest on the top floor of the company.

There was a tropical rainforest recreation area planted with various exotic plants on the top floor of Wan Gu Entertainment. In the middle was one small pool which was never open to public, meant for demons to relax,

In order to shoot the photos, Director Han had made a request to Boss Wu, who had immediately agreed.

Hua Ji put on the swimming trunks. This time, the swimming trunks were square leg. It was a tight package. He stretched out his body, immediately grabbing everyone’s attention. Director Han tutted, saying: "The kid’s body is really beautiful."

By the side, Shui Mu's face turned dark. The little fox was his, his, his!!

He sniffed coldly and plopped into the water.

Shui Mu had reverted back to long silver hair and silver eyes. The lower half of his body had changed to become the smooth fish tail of the sea demon in his memory. Under his control, his ears had shifted to long and slender fins. He sank into the water and reappeared. In that instance, water splashed everywhere. Under the reflection of light, his long silver hair was extremely beautiful. Water droplets scattered, and he seemed like the mermaid prince of fairy tales.

Director Han's eyes began to shine.

"This is wonderful," he murmured.

He pushed aside the photographer and took control of the camera himself. Just then, he noticed that Hua Ji was stunned. He was looking at the merman in the pool as if he had been bewitched. Step by step, he walked to the edge of the pool.

The platform built with stones at the edge of the pool was uneven, just like in an actual primitive forest. The soil beneath feet exuded fragrance of green grass. A parrot flew overhead, driving a colourful figure across the air, with beautiful drooping tail feathers.

Fei Ka: Cawcawcaw~~~~~

Hua Ji, however, seemed to have not heard Fei Ka. It was just that the visage of Shui Mu immersed in water was too tempting. Besides his bewitching appearance, the body that rose from the water was enough to make people’s throat dry.

Shui Mu's shoulders were slightly wide, but with not much muscle. He should have looked thin, but there seemed to be a layer of thin film over the surface. That should be the milky white bell on Shui Mu's jellyfish body. His body was pale and flawless, with toned arms, clean lines without excess fat, and a pair of pale slender hands at the end. At the moment, the hands had long and sharp nails, with transparent fins between fingers. He leaned against the edge of the pool and the silver tail gently slapped on the water surface behind him, causing slight ripples.

Hua Ji subconsciously swallowed his saliva. His whole body had stiffened and even turned pink due to tension, looking bright under the shining light. Looking at this scene, Shui Mu suddenly reached out his hand.

Clear water shine rippled with the raise of his arm. The fins and spines under the arm looked horrifying. If someone was touched by the barbs, surely the flesh will instantly torn. But looking at this, people were subconsciously excited.

Hua Ji stretched out his hand, enticed. He stretched, slowly but surely.

Fei Ka: Caw ——!!

Shui Mu's hand suddenly reached out and grabbed Hua Ji's hand, forcefully pulling him into the pool.

With a plop, Hua Ji fell into the water. With water droplets scattering and spotlights that emulated sunlight, he was tightly bound by an inhuman arm, and a long and strong tail wrapped tightly around his body in a flash. It was too tight to the extent that pain flashed across Hua Ji's face.

This scene was faithfully recorded by the camera. At this moment, in Director Han’s heart, he had already abandoned the swimming trunks advertisement. The entanglement between man and merman was much more interesting!

Ah, that said, he had been so clever, getting Hua Ji to change into a silver grey swimming trunks on purpose. Oh, oh, oh! The slender and sharp fingers of the merman was moving to the edge of the swimming trunks!

The merman gave it a tug! It didn’t come off, oh! Nice! Some soft skin on the inner thigh showed! Director Han's eyes were shining as he snapped away with the camera, as excited as an addict craving drugs.

~Oh my dears, this is awesome.

After ending the shoot for the day, Hua Ji was called away by Boss Wu.

Boss Wu looked at the photos in his hand, then looked at the dispirited Hua Ji in front of him. He said helplessly, "You were supposed to take care of him, not climb into his bed."

Hua Ji looked dazed, not speaking.

Boss Wu said: "I remember that if fox demons engages in sexual relations before sprouting six tails, their inner core demonic energy will no longer be pure and the success rate of subsequent tail sprouting will be reduced by 30%. The intensity of the descent of heavenly tribulation will also increase.

Boss Wu looked at Hua Ji deeply: "Fox, are you serious about this? You had just sprouted three tails. If you continue on like this, it will be your death sentence when the forth tail sprouts."

Hua Ji did not speak for a long time. Then, he seemed to come to a decision.

"Exchanging hundreds and thousands years of cultivation for a hundred years of happiness, this is the inevitable fate of our fox demon clan."

Boss Wu sighed, "Well, it is up to you."