Novel Wars

Jellyfish Chapter 33 - Reward

Shui Mu felt that something was off. It seemed that ever since the day of the swimming trunks photoshoot, Hua Ji's attitude had subtly changed. The most obvious change was the use of informal language when addressing him. ==

"School will start tomorrow. When are you planning to move into the dormitory?" Hua Ji asked Shui Mu as he browsed through websites.

Raising his head, Shui Mu shook the admission and freshman notices in his hand: "8am tomorrow morning, gather in the school gymnasium for the entrance ceremony. Then, move into the dormitory for ten days of military training."

Hua Ji was momentary stunned. He looked at Shui Mu and said, "You are moving in tomorrow…"

Tsk tsk. Just when he made up his mind to have a spectacular relationship, the main lead was planning to go to school.

Hua Ji had to laugh. He thought, never mind. Let’s leave it to fate.

However, he did not have work for the time being after finishing the swimming trunks photoshoot. Why not transform into a fox and secretly observe Lord Jellyfish participate in military training at school?

Hua Ji was fantasising and listing down in his heart how to counter attack and get Lord Jellyfish when the QQ app that he was always logged in to suddenly shook. He took a look and found that Butterfly Yan had sent him an email.

Clicking open the email, he saw that it was actually a premiere logistics preparation plan and his work schedule for the next month.

Hua Ji blanked. What premiere? His previous shoots were for advertisements and TV series. Would there even be a premiere for those?

He re-read again carefully. Yay, yay, yay! It was actually the premiere of the documentary film, ‘Beginning of Creation’!!

‘Beginning of Creation’ was directed by Hua Ji, edited by Zhu Mimi, produced by Boss Wu, and released by Wan Gu Entertainment. It will premiere in October, with the premiere location in S City.

As a matter of fact, when choosing the premiere location, those from the sect and mountain had a big fight. In the end, everyone took a step back and allowed the distributor Wan Gu Entertainment to choose the location. Boss Wu naturally chose S City. The reason? It was close to home.

Being a tortoise, he was slow and lazy to move.

In view of the previous earthquake situation, this film did not need any publicity and was already widely known in the country’s non-human circle. It was difficult to get even one ticket for the premiere.

The non-human circle in the country has their own currency. Their former currency was naturally jade stones. Jade stores that can store all types of energy. However, with the establishment of the country, firstly, jade mines were returned to the ownership of the country. Secondly, after countless years of mining, there was very little left of the jade mines. Finally, jade stones were also a resource for cultivation. Most cultivators only buy in but do not let go. Even people who have no idea about currency circulation knew of the terrible consequences of increase in consumption with no output.

After a joint discussion between the bigwigs in the non-human circle of the country, finally the Huafei Jiuzhou forum currency appeared.

This kind of virtual currency was not only convenient for macro-control, but was also not easily stolen. To the Mystical Protection Department, it was also convenient for them to supervise. Of course, there were people who will barter privately. However, there will be no fishes in clean water. As long as the overall transaction was fair and open, the officials of Mystical Protection Department were satisfied.

There were a total of 200 tickets for the premiere of ‘Beginning of Creation’. The tickets were listed for public auction in the Huafei Jiuzhou forum. The starting price was one flower, which has now soared to 200 flowers.

It should not be assumed that 200 flowers were a low price. One peiyuan elixir produced by the sect was only worth 50 flowers. For small Mystical Protection Department missions completed by ordinary demons, the reward was no more than 10 flowers. Missions of more than 50 flowers can only be taken up by the sect’s elite and demon king from the mountain. It can be said that the value of flowers, the internal Huafei Jiuzhou forum currency, was pretty high.

Hua Ji looked at the workflow carefully and could not help but be speechless.

Oh the good location that the old tortoise had selected. S City, was the most foremost, the most prosperous and the most famous city in the country. Allowing the chaotic existences of the whole country to go to S City to watch the premiere, not mentioning the commotion that these guys will cause, just solely the issue if these people collectively underwent their tribulations in S City, he daresay that the economy of the country will be paralyzed by half immediately.

In this moment, he could not think about Shui Mu anymore. He called Butterfly Yan directly and began to discuss about the premiere.

"Is the premiere location confirmed to be in S City? Stop joking around. Let's just talk about the ghost king of Mang Mountain. If that senior really undergoes tribulation in S City, our S City will be split into pieces by thunder!"

The ghost king of Mang Mountain was an old ghost king who has existed for an unknown number of years. If he undergoes tribulation, it will shake the whole heaven and earth. The thunder tribulation that strikes will definitely be thicker than a bucket!

Butterfly Yan’s voice was somewhat floaty, and it can’t be determined what he was doing. "In order to strengthen S City as the assembly center of the nation’s non-human circle, and for the aftermaths of the two earthquakes and the flooding of S City, we, Wan Gu Entertainment, no, our mountain, had to pay the price. This time, we have to get the return of investment, and at the same time expand our influence, so..."

Hua Ji did not hear the latter words as it was too noisy. However, it did not matter if it was not clearly heard, as Hua Ji could guess the meaning. In order to expand the influence of demons, the premiere in S City must go all out.

He said helplessly, "OK, I understand. What about the screening? Don't tell me it's going to be screened at the Grand Theater? "

The Grand Theater in S City was right in the city center. If the premiere was to be shown there, it will be great fun~

"Of course not. The premiere is arranged at Chongming Island. There are few people over there. Whoever needs to undergo tribulation can exit the door and facing south is the entrance of Yangtze River, which is especially convenient." Butterfly Yan seemed to have entered indoors from the outside, and his voice was much clearer. He said, "Although there are no well-known theatres and cinemas in Chongming, we have our artifacts. There will be a big demon from the mountain who will directly practice his powers for screening, much more convenient than cinemas."

Hua Ji's mouth twitched upon hearing this: "What else do we need to prepare?"

"Food and accommodation for these guys, of course." Butterfly Yan said, exasperated. "No matter who gets the ticket for the premiere, they must be elites of their areas. If they meet some stupid people, there may be huge changes in S City."

Hua Ji thought that it sounded right. For example, if a demon king came to S City and a politician second generation made a pass at him. Well, if that demon king directly offed the whole family in a rage, wouldn’t that be a big change in dynamics?

"What else other than the receiving work?" He asked, "If I'm working alone, I will be overstretched. At most, I can only receive a portion of them.

"Is your Lord Jellyfish willing to help? As we are going through internal channels, Boss Wu said he could transfer some forum flowers to him as a reward. Now that we are on this topic, your Lord Jellyfish has not done any small missions or obtained any flowers, except for the initial 10 flowers given by the forum at the time of registration?" Butterfly Yan strongly recommended, "Does he want to make some extra money?"

Hua Ji stopped to think. Right, now that Shui Mu has entered school and officially entered  society, he could not stick by his side everyday as before. When he goes out, there will certainly be expenses. Although he will be very happy to throw his credit card to Shui Mu and let him swipe it at will, what about Shui Mu? What would he think?

"I understand what you mean. I'll talk to him about this." he mused.

Butterfly Yan said with satisfaction, "There is one more thing you should pay attention to. The guys who come to see the premiere may have personal feuds. Be wary that they may start fights."

Hua Ji said with a smile: "In any case, it will be a small mission for Shui Mu. Hand this to him too. If anyone riots, Shui Mu can take control the Huangpu River directly. Crash a wave down, and everyone will be silent."

Butterfly Yan laughed: "Alright, then I will wash my hands off this. By the way, do cultivate well this month. When the time comes, all sorts will come to S City. Take care not to be skinned and cooked."

He said, "I remember you have many enemies."

Hearing that, Hua Ji’s lips twisted. The smile had no hint of gentleness, and was a cold and ruthless smile that Shui Mu had never seen: "Ah, many. They remember me, and I still remember them."

He said, "Don't worry, I will treat them well."

Hanging up the phone, Hua Ji has yet to adjust his expression. Butterfly Yan's last words reminded him of the past. Shui Mu who was sitting opposite him placed down his admission notice and reached out to tug at Hua Ji's cheeks.

Hua Ji's expression changed from -_-# to t^t.

He frowned, and pouted. He looked at Shui Mu sadly: "It’s painful."

Shui Mu let go of his cheeks: "Do you need my help?"

Hua Ji nodded and shared a rough overview. Sure enough, Shui Mu showed an interested look.

He said, "No problem. I will help out."

Hua Ji released a long breath of air. With Shui Mu’s support, he was not afraid of anything =v=.

Shui Mu said, "I don't want that whatever flower or whatever forum currency."

Hua Ji said, "Then what do you want as a reward?"

He thought secretly, could it be that Shui Mu wanted him as a reward? No problem, anyway, he was open to it now. He doesn't mind gifting his body in return~~~~~

Shui Mu said: "Just let me eat one or two of them covertly." He licked his lips unknowingly, looking expectant. "The taste of these guys must be good."

Expressionless, Hua Ji said, "No, you are not allowed to eat any of them!!"

Shui Mu: qaq

"I'm your servant. How can I watch you go to other bastards?" Hua Ji turned his face away, the back of his ears blood red, "You, you can eat me."

Shui Mu: ~\(≧▽≦)/~