Novel Wars

Dragon Dragon Dragon Chapter 56 - What You Don't Desire

Chapter 56 What You Don't Desire

“Write like this here… yes…just like this…”

“Add an emoticon...”


“Have you finished writing? Let me take a look… ”

Yi Longlong took the writing paper and randomly swept her gaze across it. Although she only recognized a few words, this did not stop her from putting up a show. She could guess Leina's expression when she saw the letter, Li Longlong's heart was delighted to no end.

She felt that something was missing, so she rubbed her paw against the ink cap. After that, with a patter sound, she used some energy to press onto the letter's bottom right corner, leaving her paw print as a signature.

Roland took the finished letter and folded it properly before he stuffed it into the envelope's opening.

They were still inside Baldur City, in an unoccupied house that's waiting to be sold, it can even be considered not far away from the inn where Leina's group were at. Roland didn't bring Yi Longlong out from the city because firstly, it wasn't easy to bring along a person to leave the city in the middle of the night. Secondly, it was not necessary.

According to what Yi Longlong said, she originally fell into the hands of Leina and them because she was summoned. Rather than aimlessly escaping, it would be better to take precautions first, if Yi Longlong was summoned away again, it was unlikely they would be caught unprepared.

When he went out for a round, he found a child from the slum district and asked him to send the letter to Leina. Roland was about to retrace his footsteps, but he just so happened to catch the young dragon's crystal clear eyes.

Yi Longlong looked at Roland, it was actually the person who she least expected that brought her out of her predicament. This surprised her very much, and she didn't know how to express the gratitude in her heart.

When they finally escaped, Yi Longlong had a feeling of being instantly resurrected from a soundless death. Every cell in her body was filled with happiness. She even had some doubts that it was her dreaming due to her strong desire .

Even if she and Roland had a grudge before, it can now be written off now, at least, on her side, it's already written off.

Thinking of this, Yi Longlong bowed to Roland sincerely: "Thank you for saving me." Even if she doesn't know how to express her gratitude, she should still do the most basic thanks.

Roland snorted with a dark face: "Why should you thank the servant?" Before deciding to save Yi Longlong yesterday, he had completely bowed to the impermanence of fate and accepted the fact that he was controlled by a dragon. However, he was still full of displeasure towards the word 'dragon servant', and couldn't help taking it out by stabbing at Yi Longlong.

Yi Longlong's smile froze, and after thinking about Roland's current situation, she showed an apologetic look: "As for this, please bear it for a while, I will find a way to terminate the blood contract as soon as possible."

Once the blood contract was mentioned, Roland was even more unhappy. He couldn't help but smile coldly: "Terminate the blood contract? You speak big words, do you know how to do it? Do you have the ability? The present you, besides controlling me, what else can you do?" The more he thought about it, the more unwilling he became, and his voice kept rising, "Since you can't do it, don't make a promise."

Yi Longlong glanced at Roland, allowing him to vent his words before she said in a neither fast nor slow pace, "Have you finished? Sit down and shut up when you've finished, and listen to me."

When Yi Longlong said "sit down", Roland's body immediately fell down inflexibly and uncontrollably, as if being pressed by a huge force, directly sitting on the ground. His lips were also obedient, becoming closed tightly.

Standing on a chair, Yi Longlong was able to look at Roland with this height: "I know that anything I say now is very unconvincing, and any promise may not be fulfilled. However, I have tasted losing freedom, I know how it feels like…"

Recalling those days with Renina, a shadow flickered in Yi Longlong’s eyes. Although Renina did not tie her, even letting her move nearby, but as a captive, the humiliation from being treated as a lower level being, could never be removed forever: “I don't wish for other people to deprive my freedom from me, I'm also not willing to deprive other people's freedom. You can think that I am talking big, but I do think so. It may be difficult, but I always have to try first ."

Yi Longlong looked straight at Roland, with a very tender, childlike voice, but the words she uttered were very clear: "About the blood contract, if you feel wronged, I apologize to you, but please believe that I have no hostility towards you, and never did I ever thought of treating you as a servant."

She spoke slowly, and she kept looking at Roland while she was speaking. This was a truly sincere gaze without any concealment. Even if it's the most harsh trial stage, locking eyes with the honest gaze, you couldn't see any fabrication .

Wanting freedom was wanting respect, but the things that Yi Longlong wants, is not only for herself one-sidedly, but 'Don't impose on others what you don't want to be imposed on yourself'.

She wasn't willing to suffer this herself, she also wouldn't let other people endure it.

What shrine, what faith, what contract, this wasn't the way she determined it to be.

For one's own benefit, you go against another's wishes, proclaim that you're in the name of justice, is the most vile act

She couldn't control the blood contract between her and Roland. Towards this, she felt guilty for the purple-haired thief, and sincerely wanted to do something for him.

After Yi Longlong finished, there's a long period of silence before Roland opened his mouth: “Let's not talk about this first, what do you plan to do next? Is it to leave Baldur City immediately or is there any other requests?” In order to prevent his arrangement from clashing with Yi Longlong's wish, it's better to ask first for a clearer picture.

Before Yi Longlong could reply, she heard a low moan. She quickly turned her head and looked towards it, the sound came from the old wooden bed beside her. The beautiful young man's eyebrows were frowning because of discomfort, the feather fan-like eyelashes trembled slightly, as if it would open.

After waiting for a while, Lin Qi did not wake up, Yi Longlong sighed in disappointment, thought about it, and said softly: "I want to find someone in Baldur City."

Yesterday she saw Levi appearing in Baldur City. Because expectation was too far from reality,  he should have been buying materials in Tingold City or returned to the town to find the priests, but he was dating a woman in Baldur City which was considered not too close. Such a gap caused a huge psychological impact, which made her extremely sad, but now thinking about it carefully, there is no need for Levi to lie to her at all, and she should not believe that the priest has thrown away their promise before she is really sure.

The one who sneered and intimidated her, but because of the cry of a young dragon, he was in a hurry and didn't know how to be a good priest. He shouldn't be a liar who's bombastic and made empty promises.

Levi is a paper tiger.

She silently repeated the emotion in her heart that time, Yi Longlong couldn't help smiling, her soft voice was like a breeze blowing across the field onto a wind chime: "I want to confirm one thing face to face with him."