Novel Wars

Jellyfish Chapter 34 - Xiang Jiuniang

The ‘eating’ that Shui Mu mentioned was really just eating.

He grabbed hold of Hua Ji's hand. He licked the middle finger, gave it a chew, sucked some blood, and then let go of Hua Ji with a face of rapture.

After that? Nothing else.

Hua Ji: “…”

He said helplessly, "Then I'll go to the company to discuss the premiere with Butterfly Yan. I'll send you to school tomorrow."

Disappointed, Shui Mu said. “… Alright.”

Ah, leaving already? He also wants to hold and lick the little fox. It is the most wonderful feeling to have the red, shiny long fur wet and covered with his presence.

Hua Ji ran out of the house like he was escaping. As soon as he exited, he was conflicted.

He has been wandering the human society for two hundred years. It was turbulent times during this period, with war and disputes happening frequently. He only focused on studying the intricacies of it. Well, he had done the benevolent and righteous thing, but had completely forgotten about the fundamental skills of fox spirits.

As a fox spirit, although he can act the role of a fox spirit, such as Feng Hui Xue. But to go to third base… Sorry, he really did not have any experience.

It was not that he has not been to brothels before, but at that time, he always used his powers to cause women to faint. After all, he needed to be mindful of the purity of his spiritual power when his cultivation level was low, and not have sexual relations with others. Losing virginity will result in double the effort required for cultivation with half the result.

He hesitated for a moment before dialing a number.

The dial tone sounded for a long time before it finally connected.

"Sixth kid, why are you calling me so early in the morning!? Did you know that I just went to bed?"

Hua Ji coughed and looked at the time. Alright, 10am in the morning was indeed the time when certain service industries just got to bed, but…

He said, "Ninth sister, I heard that you are about to sprout two tails?"

The woman's voice on the other end of the phone was sarcastic and cold, with a trace of impatience: "Sixth kid, are you calling to poke fun of me so early in the morning? I know I won’t live long in this business, but at least I've lived longer and happier than normal humans. I'm sure that my two tails will not sprout. I'll just be killed by the tribulation. Tell me what you want.”

With a deep voice, Hua Ji said, "Have you heard about the two earthquakes in a certain area?"

"Of course, my guests over here are going crazy for a ticket. Why? Sixth kid, do you have any way to get it? "

“… I can give you a chance."

The female voice on the other end stopped speaking, seemingly unbelieving, or pondering. After a moment, she spoke.

"Sixth kid, tell me the truth. There have been rumors that you came up with this film. Is it true or false?"

Hua Ji smiled. "I did it. I asked Xiao Jianhong (Zhu Mimi) to do the editing and music. Boss Wu of our Wan Gu entertainment will release it. The mountain invested in it. It will be premiered in Chongming, S City. Why do you ask?"

"Sixth kid, you need to be careful. Many people are planning to have a heart to heart talk with you." The female voice became serious, no longer irritable like before. "They said that if you can make one film, you can make a second. You must be careful."

Hua Ji laughed, confident and bright. "They are indeed right. I can make a second one, but… Don't worry. How do you think I made the film? That was the scene at the beginning of the creation. Of course, it's from the memories of an ancient demon. That senior only gave me a portion of the memories. I'm going to continue with the rest later. "

“…Sixth Kid, are you sure there is no problem?" After hearing Hua Ji's reply, the woman seemed relieved. However, she had to confirm again, "If you are sure that there is no problem… Cough, I'll sell it as information then? "

The corners of Hua Ji’s mouth twitched: "Sure. But are you sure you want to sell the information? If you sell it, I want a cut. "

"I’ll give you a cut!" The woman said crisply. "By the way, did you say you want to give me a chance? If I didn’t guess wrongly, you intend to give me a chance to see that film?”

Hua Ji said leisurely, "Well, if you are lucky, maybe you will pass the tribulation of sprouting two tails? Then wouldn’t you be able to have fun for another two hundred years?”

"What do you want in return?" The woman said after a long silence.

Hua Ji was also silent. A moment later, he muttered: "Ninth sister, I want your 18 Chapters of Inner Charm."

“……………………………… God, who are you? Sixth kid, have you been possessed by someone? "

The woman was stupefied!

Both of them were members of the Qingqiu fox clan. Unlike other demon clans, the fox clan was born with spiritual wisdom, so it was easy to attain spiritual intelligence. With spiritual intelligence, the path of cultivation can start. In the Qingqiu fox clan, a hundred years was considered as one generation. Hua Ji was sixth in line for his generation, while the woman whom Hua Ji was talking to was numbered ninth. No matter what name they used outside the clan, internally they are called by their sequential name.

Hua Ji was born a hundred years after Geng Chen's beginning, so he was called Chen Liu. However, the woman was born on the tail end of Geng Shen year, so she was called Shen Jiu. Of course, these names are not pleasing to the ears. Not just Hua Ji, but Shen Jiuniang as well changed her name immediately after she left Qingqiu.

Being rescued and adopted by a young lady of the Shangguan family, Hua Ji called himself Shangguan Hao. Shen Jiu named herself Xiang Lai, and people addressed her as Xiang Jiuniang. Later during establishment of the country, she brought her subordinates to neighboring shores and colluded with a family with the surname Shao. She even added the surname Shao, calling herself Shao Xiang Lai, becoming the wife of a model company’s owner that was influential in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

Of course, it was only a model company in name. In reality, everyone knew what it does.

Fortunately, she requires the trade to have consensual agreement. Under the watchful eyes of the Heavenly Tribulation and Mystical Protection Department, Xiang Jiuniang had replaced the dirty methods of the past. Moreover, it was convenient to transmit information in her line of business. The higher-ups also wanted to know more about the local situation, and hence closed a blind eye to what she does.

It can be said that Hua Ji and Xiang Jiuniang were representative of two cultivation methods of Qingqiu foxes.

Hua Ji was a spirit cultivator and Xiang Jiuniang was an allure cultivator. Hua Ji's spiritual power was pure and clean, while Xiang Jiuniang’s was mesmerizing and turbid, with a demonic nature that can lead people into the abyss of desire unknowingly.

Spirit cultivators and allure cultivators were on two different paths. When they go out in the world, all foxes are considered as same family. They can tear down and find trouble with each other. But when they encounter external enemies, they must be united. Hua Ji once rescued Xiang Jiuniang during warring times. Even though Xiang Jiuniang felt that Hua Ji was a hypocrite, she had to admit that he had helped her. They had each other’s contact information but had almost never contacted each other.

This time when Hua Ji suddenly contacted her, Xiang Jiuniang even though it was a mistake. When she heard Hua Ji ask for the 18 Chapters of Inner Charm

Immediately, she totally felt that something was wrong.

Her heart strangely rose with worry: Did someone cheat Sixth Kid ==

On the one hand, the foxes of Qingqiu clan who cultivate charm and seduction and enjoy causing trouble looked down on foxes who were spiritual cultivators and think that they were too stupid. Life was short, so why not have fun? They were foxes who can originally only live for about ten years anyway. Having spiritual intelligence allowed them to enjoy life for a hundred years, which was definitely good enough.

But on the other hand, they also admired those brothers and sisters who were willing to commit to routine and boring cultivation. Every fox has a yearning heart. The foxes who can hold back their feelings, hold back from the prosperous world, live with loneliness, and throw themselves into cultivation were the ones with great perseverance and determination. They were the backbone for the future development of the Qingqiu fox clan.

So when Xiang Jiuniang found that the most talented red fox in Qingqiu for 200 years seemed to be straying from his path, she immediately became worried.

She asked Hua Ji, "Sixth Kid, are you sure? Do you know what you're doing? "

Hua Ji was speechless. "I am myself. I have not been possessed!" He said with his tone firm, "Ninth sister, I want the 18 Chapters of Inner Charm, I have urgent need of it."

Xiang Jiuniang laughed coldly: "Urgent need? Urgent need to seduce someone, you mean?”

Not hiding anything, Hua Ji said, “Yes, I do have someone I like. By the way, your way of thinking is right. Isn’t a thousand years of cultivation meant for a hundred years of happiness?”

Xiang Jiuniang said angrily, "Bullshit! I’ll tell you this, Sixth Kid. You’re dreaming! I won't give it to you!"

Hua Ji had a headache, "Why? I just want to go back to the fundamentals of being a fox spirit! "

Xiang Jiuniang grinded her teeth. "I'll go back to the mainland. I want to see the bastard who seduced you in person."

Hua Ji was stunned, "Wait, Ninth sister. Don’t cause trouble!"

Xiang Jiuniang roared, "Am I causing trouble? Who the hell is causing trouble? Believe it or not, I tell the group of grandpa foxes in our hometown? They will teach you to be a fox again in minutes!”

Hua Ji said helplessly, “I’m more worried that the grandpa foxes back home will be beaten up to become foxes again…”

But Xiang Jiuniang had already hung up the phone and booked the flight ticket, ready to kill back to the mainland.

Hua Ji sighed. He just wanted to be a qualified fox spirit. Why is it so difficult?