Novel Wars

Jellyfish Chapter 35 - Start with love

Hua Ji pretended not to know the harsh reality that Xiang Jiuniang was on her way. Let him hide his head like a turtle for a few days.

Actually, Hua Ji was not limited to getting Xiang Jiuniang's 18 Chapters of Internal Charms to learn how to seduce people. But Xiang Jiuniang's 18 Chapters of Internal Charm were wholly in line with the internal passages and temperament of the fox clan. Practicing the 18 chapters can optimize essence purification in the partner’s body and can refine and enhance their own vitality using unique techniques, as well as reduce the force of heavenly tribulation. For the fox clan, the 18 chapters can allow them to have a good time, as well as provide a certain possibility to survive the tribulation, so why not?

Hua Ji sighed. Who would believe that it can be so troublesome to seduce people these days?

Placing these issues aside for the moment, he went to the company to discuss the upcoming premiere with Butterfly Yan.

As soon as he reached 18th floor and stepped out of the elevator, he heard a voice shouting: "Why is Ah Yan not with me for the time being? Isn't he my agent?"

Boss Wu’s voice gently said: "He is your agent, but not solely your agent."

The voice that answered had a careless haughtiness and arrogance. "Then let Ah Yan be solely my agent!"

Hua Ji almost laughed as he heard this. He walked slowly to the door of the conference room and saw Boss Wu sitting in front of a round table, with Butterfly Yan seated beside him. A man stood on the other side facing Boss Wu and was slamming the table. "Why, you can’t even accede to this request?"

Hua Ji’s lips twitched. He has sharp eyes and saw that the beam above the conference room has unknowingly acquire a parrot, a crow, a cat, a dog and even a rabbit.

These were all the other demons who have nothing else to do and were staying in the company for the time being. They were leaning on the beam and enjoying the show.

Just then, Boss Wu's lengthened his tone and said: "Since you have entered Wan Gu Entertainment, you should abide by the rules of our company. Even if you want an exclusive agent, you have just debuted for two months and is not super popular. You have only released a single and the reception is lukewarm, not enough to warrant an exclusive agent."

Boss Wu was slow to speak, but the content was enough to make people jump: "Young people need to be patient. You want an exclusive agent? Then gain popularity, or... "

Boss Wu turned his eyes and looked at Hua Ji at the door, deflecting attention, "maybe you can talk to the other artist under Ah Yan’s charge. See if he is willing to give up Ah Yan as his agent..."

That man stopped and looked back to Hua Ji. Hua Ji’s eyes brightened when he saw the man.

This was quite a handsome pretty boy.

Well, it may be too much to say that he’s a pretty boy. This handsome man's skin was yellow, not the waxy yellow of a patient, but a very healthy bronze. He has a chiseled face, a burning gaze that was bright and spirited, straight nose, and sharp brows. He must have been a soldier before. There was a killing intent in his movements. He spoke firmly in a concise manner that normal people do not have, as sharp as a sword.

Butterfly Yan butterfly coughed and said to Hua Ji. “This is Yang Can, a singer who just debuted."

Wan Gu Entertainment has always focused on the film and television industry, with no one notable in the music industry. Hua Ji raised his brows, feeling strange, “Singer? we have singers in our company? "

Yang Can sniffed coldly: "Me."

Hua Ji didn't pay any attention to him. He looked at the old tortoise, "Isn't this the business of Chuang Xia Media? It shouldn’t be good for us to rob them of their business?"

It was really difficult for entitled sect people to be actors as they were arrogant and can't curb their temper. So, they can only be arranged to sing. After all, cultivators have a noble and righteous spirit. When they sing, everyone has to kneel.

Boss Wu smiled without speaking. Without energy, Butterfly Yan said, "Yang Can, this is Hua Ji, your senior." After a pause, he looked at Hua Ji, his eyes helpless. "Based on Yang Can’s appearance and temperament, aside to a soldier, what roles do you think are suitable for him to act?"

Hua Ji said with a smile, "Who said there are no suitable roles? That simpleton role that Fei Ka has can be given to him!”

Dying for the male lead due to love for the female lead and wanting her to be happy… This supporting role must be hard for Fei Ka to accept.

Yang Can's turned his brows down and anger flashed across his face, pissed at Hua Ji's ignorance and the ridicule. However, he was not a fool. He suppressed his anger and said to Butterfly Yan, "Ah Yan, I'll see you again tomorrow."

He sniffed and turned to walk away.

Hua Ji's eyebrows rose very high. Hmmhmmhmm, if he was not wrong, the way this guy looked at Butterfly Yan…

He asked Butterfly Yan, "What's going on?"

Butterfly Yan said angrily, "It's all because of you!"

Hua Ji looked innocent, "What does it have to do with me?"

Butterfly Yan grabbed Hua Ji’s clothes by the neck and grinded his teeth, saying, "Do you still remember the vacation in Hawaii?"

Hua Ji immediately beamed. "Of course! That's where Shui Mu and I met for the first time~”

Mad, Butterfly Yan threw Hua Ji away with force. Hua Ji did a graceful somersault in the air and landed safely. He tidied his clothes and said with a smile: "Do you have to be so angry?"

Boss Wu said, "Ah Yan fought to win you a beautiful companion and a night, remember?"

Hua Ji blanked. He remembered that Butterfly Yan invited a very beautiful blonde for him that night, which seemed to have something to do with Hollywood. But what does it have to do with Yang Can?

Looking at Hua Ji's bewildered face, Boss Wu continued: "You did not make that connection due to Senior Shui, but Ah Yan was targeted when he was striking up conversations with people everywhere at the banquet."

He raised his chin: "Yang Can is the grandson of a bigshot in the country, who happened to attend the banquet, and then..."

"It was love at first sight… Well, he chased over here. "

Hua Ji started laughing out loud. Butterfly Yan clapped his hands and the air was filled with sweet smell of phosphorous powder. Hua Ji was startled, and the parrot, crow, cat, dog and rabbit on the roof beam immediately escaped from the air vent above the room. Boss Wu stepped on a button beside his feet, the whole floor collapsed, and he immediately disappeared. At the same time, the meeting room door closed completely, and the transparent glass suddenly turned black and nothing can be seen through.

The corners of Hua Ji's mouth twitched, "Hey, hey hey, Ah Yan. It doesn’t have to come to this?"

Butterfly Yan’s face twisted, "What do you think? How about I give you this unwanted luck in romance?”

Hua Ji didn’t know what to do, but he could see that Butterfly Yan has been holding her temper for a long time. He has been really depressed for the past two days as well. He decided to simply change into his original form, and said, “Come on, let’s fight for 300 rounds!"

Butterfly Yan disappeared and a huge black butterfly with colorful patterns appeared in front of Hua Ji. The butterfly trembled the wings slightly, and countless rainbow dust floated down, causing the tables and chairs in the conference room to corroded to ashes immediately.

In another room, Fei Ka looked at the security monitoring screen and said, "Ah Yan's strength has become stronger."

A black meow sat in front of the screen and licked his paws, "That damn fox has also become stronger meow! After sprouting three tails, his strength is really different from before meow~”

The husky licked the back of black meow's head, "Then stay away from the damn fox."

Boss Wu walked in slowly, just in time to see the screen blacken.

He sighed, saying, "The special lens has also been corroded. These are all money… I'm glad they've improved, but it would have been better if I hadn't suffered as a result.”

Although the old tortoise was just remising, his face was all smiles. The smile made people tremble.

Fei Ka and the other demons looked at each other and could only light candles for Hua Ji and Butterfly Yan.

It was already afternoon when Hua Ji left the company. There was no progress on the premiere’s end, and he had gotten a huge fine from Boss Wu at the same time.

But he was in a good mood after the fight, and the gloominess due to his failed efforts with Shui Mu was all gone. He regained his fighting spirit.

So what if he doesn't know the art of seduction? If he likes Shui Mu, he should show it boldly. If Shui Mu doesn't accept it, he will start with love and stop with virtue, as long as Shui Mu doesn't leave. If Shui Mu accepts… that's even better. There will be no need for any art of seduction, he will pounce on him directly!

After thinking through, Hua Ji hummed a ditty as he returned to his apartment happily. As soon as he opened the door, he was sprayed with water.

Hua Ji wiped his face with his hands, closing the door after entering: "What's the matter?"

Shui Mu's voice was a little cold: "What's the matter? Why do you smell?”

Hua Ji: “…”

He looked down and saw a pool of water in front of him. At the moment, the pool of water stood up from the ground, just like when he first saw Shui Mu. His body was stretched out and spread out, looking really like cling film.

Hua Ji coughed, and honestly explained, “I had a fight with a friend. Worked out the kinks in my body."

The big cling film trembled, and then pounced on Hua Ji again: "Change back to your original form! I need to give you a wash!!”

Hua Ji: "… OK~"