Novel Wars

Chapter 3 - I [Imperial] Am This Type of Man!

Ji Jinrong turned around and looked at the man standing behind him.

His skin was bronze, tanned by his long military career and his muscles seemed like they were about to burst from his iron armour. He had a straight waist and broad soldiers and sharp features. This man... he was actually the famous King of Zhennan that everybody had been talking about!

Standing there facing Ji Jinrong's sweeping gaze, the King of Zhennan felt a little numb in excitement. He knelt down on one knee and bowed to Ji Jinrong, "Your Majesty."

The moment he had seen the King of Zhennan, Ji Jinrong had been in a trance. It was as if Wei Tingjun was standing right in front of him! But as the King of Zhennan knelt before him, Ji Jinrong regained his consciusness. If it really was Wei Tingjun, he would never kneel down to anybody other than himself.

But if Wei Tingjun wasn't the ambitious and dangerous King of Zhennan in this world, then who else could he be?

Ji Jinrong wanted to say, "No need to be polite" but then found out that his stammering had returned and could only step forward and reach out his hand, "No need."

Zhangsun Meng was surprised.

The King of Zhennan was a notorious killer, and the murderous intent emanating from his body scared even him, he really hadn't expected Ji Jinrong, who was usually extremely timid to dare step forward and help the King of Zhennan! Ji Jinrong's actions just now had shocked him more than enough, it made his jaw drop!

But then what happened made Zhangsun Meng even more dumbfounded.

Ji Jinrong was also totally confused.

He had first held out his hand in vain, not expecting to even touch the King of Zhennan. He felt like the King of Zhennan wasn't real and was just a figment of his imagination, but then his iron claw-like hand reached up and grabbed his hand, clutching it tightly with a firm grip. No matter how much Ji Jinrong stuggled, he didn't let it go. When the King of Zhennan stood up, Ji Jinrong realised that he was half a head shorter than him, and that he was only as tall as his nose.

Seeing that the King of Zhennan still was holding his hand, Ji Jinrong scolded him. "Insolent!"

The King of Zhennan then loosened his grip, "Ah, sorry for beeing so reckless, please forgive me, Your Majesty." It was an apology, but Ji Jinrong saw no remorse in that aggressive gaze. He simply smiled brightly, "I'm just extremely happy in my heart."

Ji Jinrong's heart skipped a beat, and a confused look flickered across his eyes.

The King of Zhennan smiled again and spoke simply, "I rejoice in Your Majesty's trust in me."

Ji Jinrong asked Zhangsun Meng to carry Marquis Wei on a soft sedan chair to his room and to call the Imperial Physician to take a look at him. Seeing He Tai leading the red horse into the courtyard, he walked up to it, seeing how the King of Zhennan had no intentions of retreating. Ji Jinrong struggled for a second before he opened his mouth, "How is the journey south to get rid of the bandits going?" Although the original owner hadn't known a thing about the state of the court politics, the King of Zhennan was an extremely popular topic, and his whereabouts were always clear.

The King of Zhennan was just half a step behind Ji Jinrong, and there was the distinct stench of blood coming from his body. Ji Jinrong glanced over at his silver armour and found that it was glowing with bright red blood that he hadn't even bothered to wipe off.

He replied "All is well, the leader of the bandits has already been annihilated." He quietly walked closer to Ji Jinrong, "I had just returned through the South when I heard that His Majesty was over at the North Gate so I immediately rushed over. I didn't even have time to change out of my armour because I was so eager to see Your Majesty."

Ji Jinrong: "......"

If you really wanted to feel awkward, you didn't have to come this close!

The King of Zhennan took the red horse from He Tai's hands and said, "This horse was captured from the North by Marquis Wei's subordinates. Its temperament was so strong, but you've already tamed it, Your Majesty?"

Ji Jinrong looked ath the red horse that was spitting and snorthing at the King of Zhennan and felt much more relaxed. So what if he was a little taller, so what if he was imposing, he was still disliked by the horse like everybody else. He looked at the red horse with a newfound approval, his tone a little smug: "Of course."

The red horse seemed to understand Ji Jinrong's praise and feelings and it raised its head and snorted, looking a little smug as well.

The King of Zhennan had a slight smile in his eyes, but his face didn't change at all. He was still holding the red horse, but his burning gaze had always been focused on Ji Jinrong, "The matter over at the Imperial College is extremely strange, if Your Majesty trusts me, I am willing to share the worries of Your Majesty."

Ji Jinrong calmed down.

Although the matter of the Imperial College was controlled by the King of Zhennan, it did not change the fact that the King of Zhennan had a lot of power over the country. The feeling that he give Ji Jinrong felt extremely wrong and odd. It was as if his gaze was glued to him, similar to the sentiment Wei Ting Jun had given him before, but it felt a lot more reckless and unheeding than Wei Ting Jun, almost as if he was scrutinising every part of his body that he could see.

Although this matter was not done by the Zhennan King, it did not change the fact that the Zhennan King had power over the dynasty. The feeling that the Zhennan King gave him was very wrong, the gaze was like nailing him, very similar to the feeling that Wei Ting Jun had given him before, but much more reckless than Wei Ting Jun, as if he was raping - raping every inch of his body with his line of sight.

This feeling made Ji Jinrong startled and uncomfortable.

In his past life, the late emperor had been so lustful and lecherous that sometimes when they had went to pay their respects, they would get the couple inside into a little trouble. Once he and Wei Ting Jun had bumped into the late emperor and a man rolling around in a pavilion. Since Wei Tingjun had been a naive and young teenager at the time, he had almost screamed out loud and attracted others to the scene. It was lucky that he had covered Wei Ting Jun's mouth in time or they would've gotten into deep trouble.

Lust... this kind of emotion. Although Ji Jinrong had never really felt it himself, it was not something he was unfamiliar with. In comparison, Wei Ting Jun really was a honest, innocent man and when he first saw the scene. even the back of his red turned red as he blushed and ran away from the scandalous scene.

That's right, this was the difference between the two.

Zhen Nan Wang and Wei Ting Jun were very similar, but Wei Ting Jun would of never look at him like that.

Wei Ting Jun had already met his sweetheart. Once, a beauty had confessed to him, wanting to enter his home but Wei Ting Jun had refused stubbornly, saying, "I already have someone that I like"

He had always waited for Wei Ting Jun to bring his beloved to meet him, but in the end he couldn't wait for that day.

As Ji Jinrong was walking away, the King of Zhennan spoke again, shouting loudly, urging him to agree, "Your Majesty?"

The trust and power of the court was already in the hands of the King of Zhennan, there wasn't even any room for Ji Jinrong to object. He replied, "Very well."

The King of Zhennan replied, "I will report my progress regarding this matter to Your Majesty soon." He handed the reins of the horse back to Ji Jinrong, "If Your Majesty has no other orders, I will take my leave first."

Ji Jinrong nodded slightly and took the reins offered by the King of Zhennan.

When the King of Zhennan saw Ji Jinrong take the reins, his eyes curled up in a smile even more, but his tone was still calm and natural, "Let me help Your Majesty onto the horse."

Before Ji Jinrong even had a chance to object, the King of Zhennan's broad palms were already around his waist. A strong and fierce masculine air surrounded Ji Jinrong tightly, making him feel as if his body was trembling all over.

But as Ji Jinrong looked down at the King of Zhennan, his eyes were clear and pure, and he asked in confusion, "Your Majesty?" He spoke innocently, as if he were just a rough barbarian who didn't understand the ways of the world and what he had done wrong.

Was the oppressive and dominant feeling of aggression he had experienced then just an illusion?

Ji Jinrong was dazed, but finally came back to his senses. With a small jump, he flipped onto his horse's back with the force the King of Zhennan around his waist, propelling him up.

The King of Zhennan stood in his place and sent Ji Jinrong away respectfully.

When Ji Jinrong's figure had disappeared, the King of Zhennan turned to He Tai, who was standing still with his head hung low, awaiting his punishment, and said, "You don't need to go over to the stables."

He Tai's heart skipped a beat, hesitating for a second in excitement.

The King of Zhennan spoke with authority, "Go serve by His Majesty's side."

It had always been the same in the palace and in the court, the new emperor never had the final say, that was reserved for the King of Zhennan only. The King of Zhennan asking a small inner servant to do a new job was equivalent to giving that inner servant grace and forgiveness. He Tai kneeled and kowtowed three times, "This little one follows orders."

As if he didn't notice that the servant was performing a great salute that was only for the His Majesty, the King of Zhennan rose swiftly from his feet and began to walk to the other side of the palace.

He Tai knelt on the ground for a moment before standing up and running off to the Internal Affairs Department to change his job.

On the other side of the city, Ji Jinrong soon returned to the Zhengyang Palace.

As soon as Ji Jinrong got off his horse, someone immediately came forward to take it away for him.

Without the King of Zhennan by his side, Ji Jinrong gradually calmed down. He searched "his" own memories and found that "he" had been trembling with fear every time he saw the King of Zhennan previously, keeping his head down and not daring to meet his eyes, not knowing whether the King of Zhennan was any different from today.

Ji Jinrong knew what had been hidden in the King's eyes!

In addition to ambition, there is also a deep desire!

Ji Jinrong wanted to ask the so-called "powerful being" hidden in his mind who would be the one that usurped the throne, if not for the King of Zhennan that everybody believed in, but the system didn't respond, as if it had disappeared from his mind.

Ji Jinrong: "......."

The system couldn't be so unreliable that if you left it alone for a second, it would never appear again, right? Ji Jinrong felt a little uncomfortable when he thought about the next time that he would have to deal with the King of Zhennan.

In the past, Ji Jinrong had always used the pitiful little "waking time" in a day to think about these issues which had always ended up to be useless as his sick body didn't have the slightest desire to stay awake. But if the King of Zhennan didn't want just the throne, but also his body, what could he even do? Ji Jirong considered getting a dagger to defend himself for a moment.

There definitely wouldn't be so much trouble if the sickness wasn't still lingering! Then Ji Jinrong thought of Marquis Wei and his grandson, Zhang Sun Meng and he hesitated for a moment in front of the palace doors. Instead of returning to relax, he decided to go to the Imperial Physician's Office to check on Marquis Wei's condition.

The Imperial Physician was examining Marquis Wei, and Zhang Sun Meng was steeping back and forth nervously, fearing that something might happen to him.

Marquis Wei had orginally been relying on a bag of blood every day to keep him going, but after seeing what happened at the stables, Ji Jinrong had revealed his remarkable and determined side, causing the Marquis's heart to change suddenly and his illness broke out once again.

Ji Jinrong looked conflicted, and he went to the bedside table and wrote a prescription with the ink that had already been ground. This was a life saving medicine that he used to take, called the Hundred Year Old Pill. The use of the pill was in the name, to help people recuperate their bodies and live longer.

Of course, the medicine wasn't miraculous to that extent, at least it didn't make Ji Jinrong live past eighteen in his past life.

But if there wasn't anything too strong inside the pill, the medicine was mild so it was quite useful to take on a regular basis since it would never kill anyone and also helped rejuvenate the body. He had used it before, but wasn't sure if the people of this world had discovered it yet.

Ji Jinrong asked the imperial physician who was good at making all types of medicines to make the recipe that he had written down.

Several other imperial physicians had already prepared their prescription for Marquis Wei, but when they saw Ji Jinrong's prescription they were a little startled. They hadn't expected this.

The Hundred Year Old Pill was so wonderfully matched!

They quickly figured out the effects of the different herbs mixed together and smiled in delight.

This medicine contained three different types of poison, but combined together would calm down the toxicity, removing the impurities and nourishing the body. The most important thing was that the herbs used to make it were neither expensive or rare, and also could be prepared in batches so even ordinary people could afford to use it!

The imperial physicians looked at the words "Hundred-Year-Old Pill" on the paper with excitement throbbing in their hearts, and their eyes were all shining with gratitude towards Ji Jinrong. They all knelt towards Ji Jinrong, "It is a blessing for the people to have this pill!".

Ji Jinrong: "..."

The people in this world were on their knees at every moment...