Novel Wars

Who is the Strongest Appraiser Volume 2 Chapter 2 Part 1 - Enter right, the Big Sis of another world!

“Hey, are you guys throwing these flowers away?”

Yuri asked in surprise one afternoon. In front of him was Claes and Lelei, who were separating the plants they’d gathered in a dungeon by their types. Yuri poked the colorful, fragrant flowers scattered on the ground, cut off from the roots of the plants.

“Ah, yeah. The quest only asks for the roots, after all.”

“But we can’t tell the difference between plants without the flowers, so we brought the plants back whole.”

“Hmmm… Hey, since you don’t need them, can I have these?”

“Sure, but… What are you going to do with them?”


Hup, hup, went Yuri as he gathered the flowers on the ground. He cut off the stalk and gently threw the blossoms into his bag. Yuri’s school bag was a high level magic bag, so even if he threw flowers in so haphazardly, they would be automatically sorted. As always, his bag was full of cheats but Yuri simply thought it was convenient.

Claes and Lelei watched him in amusement for a bit before returning to their own work. Yuri then continued to gather all the flowers they left on the floor. All the passerby smiled at the wholesome scene, but none of the trio noticed.

Around ten days later.

Yuri passed out small cloth pouches to everyone in Scarlet Lynx. They were confused, not knowing what these pouches were for, but they received it anyway. Guys had simple waist pouches without any decorations, while girls had small purses sewn full of patterns and a bow here and there. For a girlish boy like Yuri, his true colors shone in the girls’ pouches.

“Huh?” Yak opened his pouch and peeked in only to see another pouch. However, the pouch inside looked more like a cushion, as it was sewn together without any openings. He couldn’t tell what was inside.

“Yuri, what’s this?”

“This is called a sachet. It’s basically a scented bag.”

Everyone mulled over the new word. As adventurers that spent their entire lives treasure hunting and novices that aimed to become such adventurers, neither word nor phrase existed in their vocabulary. True to Yuri’s word, however, there was a gentle flowery fragrance wafting from the bags.

Lelei suddenly perked up and asked, “Yuri, are these the flowers from a while back?”

“Correct! Wow, Lelei, you have such a great sense of smell.”

“Of course! Don’t underestimate the blood of a cat human! All of my senses are sharper than a normal human. That said… Why does it smell so nice? The flowers should have wilted a long time ago…”

Lelei posed a good question. Aside from planting them in dirt or placing them in a vase, fresh flowers put in bags like this would not be able to give off such a pleasant smell for so long. Yuri smiled and explained the magic trick.

“I sun dried the flowers and crushed them before putting it into the cloth wetted with a few drops of perfume.”

“Wow… How is that different from wilted flowers?”

“It’s a little different. I dehydrated it before it wilted, so the smell won’t fade away. Perfume also heightens the fragrance to make these scented bags.”

Lelei turned the pouch over in her hand happily. The girls seemed mostly happy with the sachets, but many of the guys simply played with the sachets, bouncing it in their hands. They weren’t sure what to do with it, as they weren’t interested in such things unless they also cared about looking good.

“Yuri, I know this is a gift, but we don’t really have a use for this.”

“Hmm, you could put it in your bag or in your clothes drawers?”

“Won’t the clothes smell if you do that?”

“It doesn’t have that strong of a smell. If anything, it’ll serve well as a deodorizer.”

“Dio de Riser?”

Claes asked from behind Yak, to which Yuri answered without skipping a beat. Hearing yet another unfamiliar word, Yak and Claes tilted their heads in opposite directions as if they were twins. Their personalities were so similar, they often did such things.

Just then, the ever silent Magu suddenly ran out with his sachet. Everyone followed him, surprised by his actions, to the foyer where he placed his sachet. The foyer had everyone’s shoes. Usually everyone would wander around indoors barefoot, so the shoebox was always full of adventuring boots and casual sandals.

“Magu, what’s up?”

“Shoes, deodorize.”

“Oh… The shoes smell, so you want to leave your sachet here to deodorize them?”


Yuri smiled warmly at Magu’s answer, and the other guys nodded and placed their sachets next to their shoes as well. Yuri watched them, glad they found a use for the sachets even though the original purpose was a little different.

He should make some real deodorizers next time then, thought Yuri. He didn’t have enough flowers to make them for the foyer, the showers or the bathrooms. Besides, he also wanted to give his friends presents as thanks.

Thanks to the patents on the mayonnaise, scrunchies, and hairpins, Yuri obtained some income from the production guild to buy the perfume and cloth for these sachets. Why don’t you use the money on yourself, Ari often complained, but Yuri didn’t mind. After all, he was not wanting for anything in his daily life.

After all, Yuri wasn’t even an adventurer, so he did not need anything in particular aside from daily necessities. He didn’t need gear like everyone else, nor did he need to buy any special items necessary for dungeon diving. He didn’t have a place to use his money, but he still felt like he should contribute to the economy. That was how he came to the conclusion of buying materials for the sachets.

“Man… Yuri, you’re so good with your hands…”

“Really? This isn’t that hard to make, you know?”

“Hahah, you’re funny. It’s a miracle if we even manage to sew the holes in our clothes.”

“Uh… Okay?”

Claes admired Yuri’s dexterity, while Yuri flashed a silly smile as always. Although it was very easy to him, it was only natural for guys unfamiliar with needlework to see it as difficult. Even the girls mumbled to themselves that it would be hard, if not impossible to add lace and decorative buttons to make such cute pouches for them. The girlish boy still did not understand how much of a Mary Sue he was.

Lelei with her sharp nose decided to put her sachet with her clothes. Tiffana put hers in the small bag she brought around everywhere, and after much thought, Frau put hers in the drawer with her handkerchiefs. They weren’t accustomed to using perfume as adventures, but they couldn’t bring themselves to hate the pleasant smell in the end.

“... Hey, do you plan on selling this?”


“I’m asking if you’re planning on selling these smell bag things like the scrunchies and hairpins.”

“No, not really.”

“Then don’t mention it to people outside the clan. It’ll blow up again if you do.”


Yuri nodded obediently at Ari’s words. Everyone else listened in on the conversation, but Yuri didn’t plan on selling or amassing wealth with the sachets. They were simply a present filled with gratitude for everyone in the clan. He also thought it would be a waste to throw the flowers away.

Yuri smiled happily while rolling around his own sachet in his palm. Yuri’s sachet was simple embroidery on a white cloth. However, the embroidery consisted of small flowers with some bows, expressing a more subtle flair.

Yuri was a girlish boy who loved cute and pretty things, but he was surprisingly impartial when it came to his personal belongings. After all, he believed he would cause the people around him unnecessary stress if he had things that didn’t fit him or were too cute. That’s why he chose to go with a sachet with a muted cuteness to it.

“Geez… You just keep making stranger and stranger things.”

Ari sighed under his breath. Yuri looked up at him, surprised. He was a whole head shorter than Ari, but he straight into Ari’s eyes and asked, “Am I causing trouble?”

Ari looked down at Yuri, who had asked like a toddler asking their parent, and replied, “No. You ask that now?” To which Yuri smiled his usual silly smile and answered honestly, “Thank you.”

A foreigner of unknown origin. The boy didn’t seem to be hostile but rather than conform to the stereotypical box, his actions often crushed the box entirely. The boy who had zero combat skill and stuck out like a sore thumb at the treasure hunter training clan Scarlet Lynx. Despite his strange existence, or perhaps because of his identity as Yuri, everyone welcomed him with open arms.

“Anyway, come talk to me whenever you make something and want to bring it outside the clan.”


Even this conversation slowly became commonplace at Scarlet Lynx.