Novel Wars

Chapter 4 - I [Imperial] Am This Type of Man!

Ji Jinrong left the office under the burning and excited eyes of the Imperial Physicians.

He wanted to push the court towards the Changsun family to balance the overwhelming power the the King of Zhennan had, but he couldn't rush the process.

Rushing would reveal everything. One reveal, and the Chang Sun family's tiny seedlings that were still struggling to survive would be brutally uprooted.

He worried about them, and didn't want to cause them pain.

Ji Jinrong returned to the Zhengyang Palace in sorrow, silently copying books, both to practice his calligraphy and to deepen his impressions of the world around him.

Since there was a chance that he might end up back in Da Zhou, how could he not bring something back with him!

"You should memorize a few articles back to make old Lady Fu happy, copy a few recipes to make your uncle Shu Shu happy, and more importantly be sure to sacrifice yourself to taste all the food of this world, as a taste test for your little nephew!"

Thinking about it, Ji Jinrong was so touched by his own respect for the old and the young that he decided to have an extra bowl of rice for lunch in congratulations!

While Ji Jinrong was shamelessly praising himself for his fidelity, the King of Zhennan had already sent his men to apprehend the person who was fanning the flames behind the scenes.

If Ji Jinrong had seen the men under the King of Zhennan's command, she would have recognized them right away: these outfits and these skills were the exact same as the Black Cavalry under Wei Ting Jun's command! These people were all dressed in black military uniforms and black armor, hidden under the night with only their swords glowing a sharp silver light.

Most importantly, the soldiers from the Black Cavalry Battalion were filled with a murderous aura, all comparable to other great generals in the army!

The Black Cavalry Battalion surrounded several residences in the city and quickly kidnapped several officials and members of the imperial family.

Even though the new king had already ascended the throne, many people still didn't give up trying to take the power into their own hands.

When the King of Zhennan heard the report from his subordinates, he didn't blink an eye and said, "Kill." Let everyone know that not everyone could covet that sacred position.

"But," the person reporting was hesitant, "They don't want to confess, and we also-"

There was no evidence!

The King of Zhennan took one look at the person reporting and turned and commanded another lieutenant general standing next to him, "You go."

That lieutenant general answered, "Yes, sir!"

What confessions did he want, what evidence! This was purely to let them know, whether or not they admitted it, whether or not they left evidence, that if they dared to move towards the crown, he wouldn't hold back from killing them.

The person reporting felt his neck as if it was being strangled and he was so uncomfortable that he couldn't speak. He still wanted to try persuading him again, "Your Highness-"

How could the King of Zhennan not see what all his subordinates were thinking? They were all just afraid that he would lose the hearts of his people, and it would be difficult for him to regain the favour of the court and general public in the future.

It was a pity that the King of Zhennan was not at all interested in rallying the hearts of his people.

The King of Zhennan commanded, "Go down to the grounds, I'll leave the preparation of the autumn hunt to you. There will be a Turkic envoy present, so don't let any moths ruin the prestige of our court." [1]

[1] The 'moths' - 幺蛾子 mentioned are a phrase from Northen China meaning to create something out of nothing, making bad ideas out of something that isn't there.

The person who was reporting looked astonished and thought about this for a moment. The Autumn Hunt would take place soon, and it was true that heavy medicine should be administered to suppress the stupid and foolish ideas, especially if they took the opportunity to make trouble and let the Turks see them as jokes.

He was afraid that they would see that the Qi dynasty was unstable and try to take advantage of the situation to cross the Qi border to kill and pillage! If given the chance, these 'friends' could become barbarians and invade their land. These untrustworthy barbarians were absolutely capable of doing this.

The King of Zhennan then had all the arrests documented and sent to the State Prison as a 'confession.'

Just as Ji Jinrong has said, Li Zhengyuan was innocent, because just before he had left the city to fight the bandits, Li Zhengyuan had scolded and insulted him right to his face. His fiery temper along with the fact that Li Zhengyuan had a history of disagreement with some of the students in the Imperial College made him the scrapegoat of those people. The reason why they made so much trouble was so that they could easily fish in troubled waters. [2]

[2] 'Fish in troubled waters.' - A saying that translates to 'aquiring profit in times of trouble'

Unfortunately they had met Ji Jinrong first, who had a unique insight into everything. He had also just happened to return to the capital.

Because of this, the conspiracy was uncovered and their lives were lost.

The King of Zhennan thought about Ji Jinrong's bright eyes and felt like his heart was on fire.

He had destroyed so many worlds, carried out so many sins, all for this day.

For the day that they would see each other again.

He had never cared about other people's lives, he had never cared about other people's opinions, he only cared about that one person - but the heavens had tried to snatch him away.

Then he knew that he had to become the one that even the heavens were afraid of.

He needed the heavens to send him back.

The King returned to the palace to change out of his bloodstained armor. He changed into clean robes and headed to Ji Jinrong's Zhengyang Palace.

He Tai who had been standing guard at the door kneeled down when he saw him.

Seeing this, the King of Zhennan smiled slightly. He passed He Tai and walked straight into the study room. When he looked up at the figure sitting at the desk, he saw Ji Jinrong practicing calligraphy, his wrists no longer so thing and week, and his grip on the pen in perfect posture. [3]

[3] In Chinese calligraphy, the arm must be held up and steady. It's extremely tiring and requires a lot of physical stamina. ;w;

The moment that he heard He Tai kneeling outside the door, he knew that the entire palace had been taken over by the King of Zhennan. In the end, the servants in his palace were like puppets, and if anyone appeared around him, they would certainly have another force behind them so that even if the King of Zhennan wasn't in the capital, he would be able to know everything that was happening,

The King of Zhennan was not only wild, but also extremely confident and powerful.

He sent He Tai back to him with the intention of saying, "I know you want to use this person. I'll give him to you to see what sort of waves that you can make."

Ji Jinrong felt a surge of anger from himself. He was mad at He Tai for kneeling.

But he was completely helpless in this matter. How could He Tai possibly disovey the King of Zhennan's wishes. Ji Jinrong put down his pen and shouted, "He Tai-"

He Tai who was still kneeling outside the door was stirred and stood up. "Yes!"

Ji Jinrong replied, "Go to the treasury and fetch some ink for me."

He Tai was so pleased that he was being accepted that he kowtowed heavily a couple of times and then quickly ran over to the treasury to get new ink for Ji Jinrong.

The King of Zhennan, after hearing Ji Jinrong tell He Tai to do something felt a hundred scratches on his heart and was quietly imagining breaking appart and swallowing him into his stomach.

However, he couldn't scare Ji Jinrong with these thoughts who was different from him. Unlike him, Ji Jinrong had just started this interesting journey and he knew that the couldn't push Ji Jinrong too far, too quickly.

The King of Zhennan knelt down on one knee and bowed his head to Ji Jinrong, "Your subject greets Your Majesty."

Keeping in mind the fact that his whole palace was controlled by him, Ji Jinrong didn't move forward to assist him, only standing up.

"There's no need for that," he spoke calmly. "It's just you and me, there is no need to be polite."

The King of Zhennan reached out and grasped Ji Jinrong's hand and thanked him emotionally as if he was extremely touched, "Thank you Your Majesty for this generosity. But I am not performing the salute for just anybody."

He helt Ji Jinrong's hand tightly and gazed directly and Ji Jinrong's eyes. "I am performing it for Your Majesty."

Ji Jinrong felt his palms become sweaty. His hand had been wrapped tightly in the King of Zhennan's broad palm and he felt only an icy numbness spreading from his hand to his head, making his body stand up straighter.

Now Ji Jinrong couldn't even curse the King of Zhennan for his insolence, afraid that after calling him out, he would act even more outrageously.

Ji Jinrong could only look at the King of Zhennan and quietly say, "Let go."

The King of Zhennan only felt more pleased when he saw Ji Jinrong's eyes.

But someone worthy of being his superior was not so easily intimidated.

The King of Zhennan did not let go of his hand, instead he slowly stroked Ji Jinfonh’s wrist, “Your Majesty has been practicing for too long, your wrist must be very sore and soft. I have studies all the acupuncture points in the body. Your Majesty, allow me to rub and press for you and soon all the soreness will be gone."

Ji Jinrong: "........"

The King of Zhennan spoke earnestly, with "I am thinking just for Your Majesty" written all over his face.

Who was he kidding?

Ji Jinrong's ears reddened with anger, but thinking about how his body wasn't ready yet, as well as the fact that the original owner didn't have a temper that would confront the King of Zhennan, he could only sit back in his seat under the gaze of the King of Zhennan and obediently extend his hand.

The King of Zhennan's calloused fingers caressed Ji Jinrong's delicate and smooth skin, as if he coud to touch every part of Ji Jinrong's wrist to find the right acupuncture point. It was not until Ji Jinrong couldn't stand it any longer and wanted to pull his hand back, that he gently rubbed several acupuncture points tenderly.

He didn't know where the King of Zhennan was pressing but Ji Jinrong felt his wrist become so soft that he couldn't move it at all.

The King of Zhennan spoke softly, "It might be a little more painful next, Your Majesty can shout out if you can't stand it."

Ji Jinrong calmed himself down and stared at the King of Zhennan.

The strength being exterted from the King of Zhennan's hands increased slightly.

Ji Jinrong's forhead quickly began to sweat coldly, it hurt.

The King of Zhennan pressed his finger on another spot, "Your Majesty doesn't have to endure-"

Ji Jinrong realised that this one would hurt even more and couldn't help but try to use his other hand to wack away the palm of the King of Zhennan to stop him.

Sensing that the palm covering the back of his hand was somewhat sweaty, the King of Zhennan said, "Only once more, Your Majesty is a man, do not be afraid of the pain."

Ji Jinrong then grudgingly let go of his hand.

The King of Zhennan gently rubbed and pressed his finger a few times, causing Ji Jinrong to feel sore and numb. It was only when Ji Jinrong began to relaz that the King of Zhennan suddenly increased his force.

Ji Jinrong let out a tear of pain, "It hurts!"

The King of Zhennan wiped away the tears spilling out of Ji Jinrong's eyes. He smiled and said, "This will only be useful if it hurts. Your Majesty can test to see if this hand is much more flexible than before the acupuncture."

Ji Jinrong then moved his right hand a little and found that it was indeed much more flexible than before, as if all the meridians in it had been opened up.

Although Ji Jinrong was still annoyed at the King of Zhennan overstepping, he was not an ungrateful person. He quietly murmured, "Thank you."

The King of Zhennan smiled with delight and said, "Why, if Your Majesty thanks me, I should continue to do anything for Your Majesty."

He gazed into Ji Jinrong's eyes, "If Your Majesty is willing, I can unblock your entire body's meridians fo-"

Ji Jinrong said quickly, "No need!"

His whole body shivered when he thought about the King of Zhennan trying to rub and press all over his body!

The King of Zhennan continued speaking as if he had no ill intentions at all. "Let it be like that if Your Majesty does not want it. Your Majesty will be older than sixteen this year, so it will be a little late for learning the martial arts. You must endure this bitterness if you want to practicing riding or martial arts."

Ji Jinrong: "........"

Thinking about the difference in height, physique and force when he compared himself with the King of Zhennan, Ji Jinrong's little heart was torn apart. He tensed his face in preparation and said, "Let's talk about it."

He would much rather find some other person to try...

The King of Zhennan narrowed his eyes.

He knew his master. Not to mention this little hardship, His Majesty would not blink an eye at the largest difficulty. The reason why he wasn't agreeing must be because he didn't trust him, or because he had sensed his over-exposed desires. His master would have never let go of an opportunity to enhance his strength..."

The King of Zhennan warned, "Your Majesty, this is my unique secret method, no one else can perform it." He could tolerate Ji Jinrong having a few trusted enuchs and close retainers, but that was the end of it. He would never tolerate anybody else touching Ji Jinrong's body, even if it was just a "borrowed" body.

Ji Jinrong: "....."

Had he just said his thoughts out loud?