Novel Wars

The Protagonist Is in the Right Position to Get Along With the Villain Chapter 6

The youths in the carriage chatted excitedly on thoughts of the future and admiration for the celestial sect, with perhaps a hint of flattery. Only Lin Jinzhi did not join in and was staring blankly out of the window.

Lin Jinzhi looked calm on the outside but was internally shocked. The female lead can speak?! The mute female lead who accompanied the male lead for hundred years can actually speak clearly?

According to the author Zi Shang-daren’s logic, the female lead that the male lead met at the arctic region ice caves, as well as the person whom the male lead wedded was the real Ye Die’Er, only that the ending was changed to Ye Yu by the author’s girlfriend. Then whether the original author’s logic still stands is questionable.

If the logic still stands, then is the speaking female lead here now the real Ye Die’Er? But why is it that the female lead can speak? Did an accident happen later? After all, the original plot did not mention that the female lead will appear now.

If the logic collapsed due to the change in ending, then the mute Ye Die’Er that appeared later is very suspicious!

While the other end was filled with laughter and conversation, Lin Jinzhi impassively assessed the young girl. She looked gentle, and her character seemed modest…

“Pfft, it’s not like having a mutated spiritual root is anything significant.” Li Jintang mocked, finding Li Jinzhi an eyesore. “How can someone from the Li family wear such an ugly jade stone.”

The conversation in the carriage halted and attention turned to Lin Jinzhi.

“I think the jade pendant looks simple and nice.” A girl with bright eyes said softly, “What's more, he just hasn't spoken a word. How is he being haughty?"

Another girl covered her mouth and laughed, "Sister Die’Er, do you like this kind of pendant?"

"Of course."

Soon, a few more youths joined the conversation and chatted together. The girl has a heavenly spiritual root. There’s no harm in making friends.

Li Jinzhi raised his eyes to look at the young girl called Die’Er. Perhaps his gaze was too obvious as the girl turned and their eyes met.

Lin Jinzi felt embarrassed at being caught but still smiled and nodded before turning away indifferently.

Hi female lead. Bye female lead.

Psychological trauma, as expected, cannot be underestimated. His chrysanthemum cannot be gambled with.

The scenery outside the window flew by. For the first time Li Jinzhi felt the reality of being in the immortal world and was uplifted with lofty ambition.

At this end, Li Jingzhi welcomed the future immortality path confidently. But Ye Yu at the other end had met with trouble.

Hu Sisi brought servants and broke the gate of the small courtyard, and a large group of people crowded into the whole yard.

"Squeak," the door of the inner room opened slowly, and a good-looking youth walked out calmly.

"You… Who are you!" Hu Sisi was stunned, face turning red. She yelled, "Who are you! Why are you in my cousin's room? "

"I am the personal servant of young master Jingzhi." The youth frowned. Looking at the large group in the yard, he knew that they did not come with good intentions.

"Hm! I am not aware of when did my cousin get such an unfamiliar servant?” Hu Sisi had come to find fault on purpose today. Of course she recognized the person in front of her. Although not as thin as a month ago, the pair of eyebrows that slanted to the temples was distinctive. "Could this be a thief that snuck into the room while cousin was out cultivating?"

Hu Sisi hated this person until her teeth itched. This person made her lose face! She lost her aunt’s trust as she didn't drown Li Jinzhi previously, so she couldn't even take the celestial sect’s test this year. Later, because of his existence, she didn't get the credit from Li Jinzhi for saving him and was reprimanded by her aunt!

If Li Jinzhi continued to be an unpopular son, it was still fine. However, he was found out to have ice-wood dual spiritual root. A while ago, she had not given him any face. When she goes to the celestial sect in the future, how can she get him to take care of her?

With old and new grudges accumulating, she felt that the person in front of her was more hateful. It was all because of him!

"Do any of you know this man? Do we have such a servant in our house?" Hu Sisi looked around. Seeing that everyone shook their heads, she sneered, “Well, that's it. Go on and catch the thief!"

"Am I a thief if you say I am a thief? Ye Yu raised his brows and laughed coldly. He took out a green jade ornament. "This is the jade token given to me by my master, which can prove my identity."

A delicate word "Jing" was engraved on the clear green jade.

Hu Sisi was stunned, eyes unbelieving, "A servant who took the master’s waist token must be a thief! Quick, tie him up!” She was intentionally unreasonable.

The large group roared up and surrounded young Ye Yu. Not caring of how he struggled, several of them directly grabbed his limbs and lifted him up.

"Let me down! Let me..."

Ye Yu struggled in vain, the hatred in his heart almost burning him inside out. He hated his own incompetence, his uselessness and his weakness!!

"Don’t think that cousin will come to avenge you. Endless longevity waits at the celestial sect. From then on, it is like heaven and earth, no more relation to you. You are only a servant. It is laughable that you think he is indebted to you.” Hu Sisi folded her arms, displaying unladylike manners and showing her true colors. "Come. Let me dispose of this thief with my own hands. There is no need to report this matter to my uncle." With that, she walked out of the yard with a smile.

Upon hearing the first words from the other party, the youth who was still struggling gave up and stared blankly at the snow falling from the sky. From then on, it will be like heaven and earth, no more… relation. One is an immortal cultivator, and the other is an oppressed mortal.

Whose eyes are seeping tears, whose heart is covered with snow.

The group went to Xinying lake. Hu Sisi ordered for the ice lake to be dug through.

"You spoiled my plans here and saved that person. Cause and result. It is not unjust for you to die here today." Turning to two servants, she said, "Tie up his hands and feet, hang a big stone from his body then throw him down."

"Yes." The two servants clasped their fists together and smiled, buttering her up.

Ye Yu only wore a middle coat when he was dragged out of the house. When he arrived at the lake, he was already frozen stiff. Upon hearing those words, his eyes burned, "You deliberately brought him here and pushed him down previously!"

"Well, if you didn't get in the way, I would have been able to take the test this time!" Hu Sisi took half a step back seeing the ferocious expression and angrily said, "Tie him up quickly!"

Clasping the jade token with the word "Jin" in his frozen palm, Ye Yu clenched his teeth and glared at the woman. His body was quickly tied up firmly and kicked down the dark icy hole by several people.

Cold water instantly engulfed senses, and the air in lungs quickly exhausted. He felt his body becoming stiffer and stiffer and his brain getting heavier and heavier. His limbs were tied tightly, and he could only wriggle in vain.

Unexpectedly, the water under the ice was warmer than above, and the hand that regained some warmth clenched tightly to the jade token left by that person.

Can I —— Can I see you again?

With lips pursed tightly to prevent water from flowing in, the past flashed in his mind. The hardships and helplessness of childhood, the abuse from mother, the blood feud that he carried.

Is this a warning from mother? Warning that he forgot the hatred, warning that he was indulging in sweet dreams, warning that he wished to give up killing his enemy…

Will that person be sad? Will be like that woman said, stepping into the cultivation path, from then on, it will be like heaven and earth, no more… relation.

And then, forget about me.

Dragged down by the boulder, the youth's dim black pupils suddenly became dark blood red, and his teeth creaked strangely…

Hate, he really hated! If he can be stronger, he will not be so helpless! He won't be trampled into the dust without any way to help himself!

The heart yearning for power roared! Even when his mother was killed by that man, he didn't have such a desire for power!

Power! Power!

The dim light of the ice hole faded further and further away, and the speed of sinking got faster and faster. Finally, only black water and white bubbles were left. The unconscious youth did not see his body get swallowed by the dim light at the bottom of the lake…


Sitting in the carriage, Li Jinzhi had been in a state of uneasiness since just now. The carriage blocked frost and snow and it was extremely warm inside, but his hands and feet were cold.

"Junior brother, junior brother?" The immortal teacher Ren pushed Li Jinzhi slightly, frowning, “Are you not feeling well?"

Li Jinzhi suddenly recalled himself but found that the spiritual energy in his dantian was in disorder, "I’m alright, thank you senior brother Ren."

"I see that your spiritual energy is leaking out. A cultivator should always keep his mind steady. Do you have something on your mind?" Immortal teacher Ren looked concerned.

"Oh, gathering people to his side before even entering the sect. These ‘junior brother’s sound so kind." The immortal teacher who tested spiritual roots raised his eyebrows and said, "Can it be that your Master Huaming is recruiting new disciples?"

The disciples at the other end stopped talking and turned around.

Immortal teacher Ren took back his hand quietly and said, "I’m only showing care for my fellow sect disciples. Senior brother is thinking too much into this."

Li Jingzhi lost interest after listening to two sentences. He closed his eyes and started to practice the scripture. Spiritual energy flowed slowly along the meridians in his body, calming the disordered spiritual power in his dantian.

But the heart palpitations that he had just now has strangely disappeared. Perhaps it was just due to an unstable state of mind. Thinking so, Li Jinzhi calmed his thoughts and concentrated on meditation and combing through his spiritual power.

After about half a column of incense, the sound of breaking air gradually stopped, and the carriage seemed to land on the ground. Li Jinzhi opened his eyes and looked out of the window. The carriage had stopped on a huge piece of ice. At the end of the ice, there was a towering ice palace.

"We have arrived. Fellow disciples can get off the bus." The leading disciple got off the carriage first. After several people filed out, the carriage shrunk and turned into a palm-sized jade horse. It was actually a flying spiritual tool.

"Please follow me. The sect elder is waiting inside." The leading disciple put away the spiritual tool, and after speaking softly he turned to stride towards the ice palace.

Senior brother Ren who was following behind explained in a low voice, "This is the Yi Bing  hall of our Yi Bing Sect. It is used for discussion. You do not have to be nervous when you see the elder. There is more attention this time mainly because there is a heavenly spiritual root. In the past, this kind of thing does not need to bother the elder.”

"Understood." Several people responded in unison.

Li Jingzhi lowered his eyes and followed at the end, remembering when the male lead came to Yi Bing Sect——

[Li Jinzhi had a long journey and was ridiculed as he was not tested to have a spiritual root.  However, one day, a young girl with a heavenly spiritual root helped him out. His di brother was jealous and damaged his reputation in the hall. He was placed in the outer door by the elder. The outer door had a lot of work and little time for cultivation…]

At that time, the author did not write the name of the girl directly, which aroused the curiosity of many people. Now it seems that the girl should be the female lead Ye Die’er?

However, the talent of heavenly spiritual root…

Li Jinzhi frowned and had some consideration in his mind. After reading tens and thousands of novels, he certainly knows that it is not so easy to be the leading one. It is good to be a direct disciple, but there is also great constraint.

Male leads tend to be middling, down-play themselves, kill in the shadows and are free to come and go, mwahaha!

With more certainty in his mind and face impassive, he walked into the ice hall and saw a handsome man in a white robe, with black hair and jade face.

"Huh? Senior brother Qingmu? Why are you waiting here? " The leading disciple looked around and said, "Where is the master?"

"Oh, you came back too early. Master sent me as his elixir furnace has not opened." The man named Qingmu has a clear voice, giving a sense of uprightness. His eyes seemingly swept around the people here, "These are the new sect disciple of this round? Well, you all should have tested your spiritual roots. Let me have a look."

Li Jinzhi's heart shifted. In the original novel, Elder Mingyang did appear. The man named Qingmu however, seems to be a cannon fodder that admires the female lead?


The male lead thought generously, brother, I’ll let you have the female lead. You can give out your chrysanthemum.

But this plot is getting more and more awry. What if butterfly effect is too much and he gets destroyed as cannon fodder himself?

At this end, Li Jinzhi was conflicted. At the other end, Qingmu has already taken the jade slip and touched it on his forehead. After a moment, he took it down. "The girl with heavenly spiritual root will follow me. The master's Heavenly Fire Scripture needs someone to inherit." He had actually picked directly, "The rest will be allocated according to what was said."

"That won't do." Outside the hall, a figure flew hurriedly over, "Why should the heavenly spiritual root go to Mingyang peak? We, Huaming peak, are interested too. " A coy female voice sounded from the air.

Everyone in the hall looked up and saw a red gold light streaking through the sky. The light flashed and a young woman with white hair and childlike face appeared.

"Elder Huaming." Some of disciples said as soon as they saw the visitor. Only the elder brother Ren said master. He must have sent a message to his master.

The young woman did not pay attention to others. She swept a glance around and asked directly, "Who has the heavenly spiritual root?"

Ye Die’er bowed her head and stepped out respectfully. "It’s nice to meet you, Elder Huaming. I'm Ye Die’er. I have a heavenly fire spiritual root." The voice was clear and pleasant, with no arrogance.

"I am the core formation stage cultivator of Huaming peak. You may wish to be my disciple." Although she was enquiring about the other party's wishes, her tone was very firm. "The old man of Mingyang peak is not sincere. I went out of closed door training to accept disciples. Do you think..."

Qingmu got anxious upon seeing Huaming criticizing his master, "It is a critical moment for master’s furnace of Tianyuan elixir. Martial aunt, don't confuse right and wrong like this!" He looked at Ye Die’er again and frowned, "Junior sister, my master is proficient in fire skills and very good with fire attributes."

It was clear to all present that the two schools were fighting for the heavenly spiritual root.

Ye Die’er has her own mind. She lowered her eyes and asked, "May I know what kind of skills do Elder Huaming practice?"

"Of course, it's also the fire attribute. Otherwise, why would I come as soon as I heard about a fire spiritual root?" Elder Huaming snorted and threw out a fire attribute spiritual tool with one hand. Heated waves after waves blew, as if in a fire cave.

Li Jinzhi took a step back. The fire attribute skill combined with the core formation stage’s elder authority caused his ice spiritual power to stall and his body felt as if on a cloud. And this is just with taking out a spiritual tool!

Biting his teeth and refusing to fall, Li Jinzhi looked around. Li Jintang has been forced to kneel down by coercion and the other three brothers also looked to be in pain. The others did not fare much better——

"Martial, martial aunt." Qingmu clenched his teeth and spoke, "Martial aunt, are you forcing junior sister to enter your school? "

"Ye Die’er is willing to enter the school of Elder Huaming." The young girl knelt as she finished saying, "Master."

“……” Huaming did not expect the girl to be so decisive. After all, choosing her would mean offending Mingyang.

Qingmu didn't have his master around to back him, so he did not interrupt further. He  looked at several people around him, "Well, I guess the master and the girl is not fated to be. Ye Min'er with the fire-wood dual spiritual root, Gufeng with the fire-earth dual spiritual root, follow me. " After saying that, he had no intention of staying and left with them.

Having accepted her disciple, Elder Huaming turned to her disciple Ren and said, "Thanks to your message, otherwise, such good potential will be taken by that old man Mingyang! Let's go." With that, a flash of light streaked, engulfing Ye Die’er and disciple Ren and left, leaving the rest in the hall looking at each other.

"Ahem, junior brothers need not be jealous of them. If you do well in the future, you will catch the attention of other elders." The leading senior brother took out two interspatial bags and handed them to Li Jinzhi and Li Jinqi, the legitimate son of the Li family. "This is the map of the inner door and the location of your respective caves, as well as a set of clothes and manuals for the inner disciples. The waist token of inner disciples can be bonded to the owner with blood."

Lowering his eyes, Li Jingzhi took the interspatial bag and bowed.

"You two go and settle down first." He waved to drive them away.

Li Jingzhi had no objection, turning around to leave. However, the legitimate son of the Li family just retreated to the side, likely waiting for his brother.

Outside the hall, Li Jinzhi looked at the high ice walls surrounding all four sides and was troubled——

In the novel, it was just a simple sentence like: "moving in a flash of light”. Who can tell him how to transform into the flash of light?!

Perhaps he needs to compress spiritual energy into a virtual fuel tank and simulate himself as a rocket launcher?

And then……

Li Jinzhi shook his head fiercely, put away his imagination and went back in. It's better to ask——