Novel Wars

The Protagonist Is in the Right Position to Get Along With the Villain Chapter 7

Walking back into the hall expressionlessly, Li Jinzhi pulled aside a senior brother standing by the side, "Senior brother." He looked troubled.

"Yes?" The solemn elder brother asked seriously, "Did you encounter any problem?"

"How can I flash away?" Li Jinzhi's face was hesitant and embarrassed.

The senior brother with a serious face spoke in a low voice close to his ears, "You must not be aware if you came from the mortal world. Just gather your spiritual power to the bum, eject strongly, and you will flash away..."

Li Jinzhi blanked. He asked with hesitation, "Then, wouldn’t it be a fart flash?" Just as he was about to continue speaking, the senior brother who handed out the interspatial bags said, " Junior brother Pingjing, don't joke around. Junior brother, don't listen to his nonsense. The spiritual energy must be gathered in the center of your foot."

“……” Li Jinzhi who was filling his brain with fart flash.

With the corner of his mouth twitching, Li Jingzhi said a dry thank you and left. After exiting the hall, he took out the jade slip on maps and found the direction. Then, he used his spiritual energy on the ice, turning into a flash of light that flew awkwardly.

In the light, Li Jinzhi had his eyes closed. He was checking the jade slip which recorded the code of disciples with his divine sense.

Yi Bing Sect was a first-class sect in the north arctic polar region. It was built in a place with rich spiritual vein to the west of the polar region and was flanked by icy mountains, hence getting its name. There were three nascent soul stage senior elders, and dozens of gold core stage elders in the sect.

Disciples were divided into three categories, namely, the disciples of the inner gate, the registered disciples of the inner gate, and the disciples of the outer gate.

The inner disciples have a monthly allowance of ten low grade spirit stones and one bottle of satiation elixirs. Aside from devoting time to cultivation, inner disciples can go to the mundane matters division to sign up for jobs and obtain sect contribution points. The inner disciples can also attend the daily lectures conducted by rotating gold core stage elders. Most importantly, inner disciples will have an individual cave with good spiritual vein.

Whereas the inner registered disciples have a monthly allowance of five low grade spirit stones, daily scheduled tasks, and less contribution points as inner disciples. However, inner registered disciples can also attend the lectures by gold core stage elders. They will live two to a cave with a slightly inferior spiritual vein.

The worst off were the outer disciples. Not only were they not able to attend lectures, they also have to work at regular working hours. The work were very hard and very low contribution points can be obtained. They will live in the outskirts where spiritual vein was thin.

Seeing this, Li Jinzhi turned the corners of his lips. This was why he did not want to follow the original path of the male lead. Status determines the treatment. What's more, there were no opportunities at the outer gate in the original novel, so there was no need to go there.

How sadist can a person be to go looking for punishment instead of enjoyment?

Moreover, when Ye Yu comes in the future, he can give up half of the cave to stay with him.

Without knowing what happened tens of thousands of miles away, Li Jinzhi thought to himself and soon flew to the residences of the inner disciples.

A huge hollow ice mountain stood tall and countless neat ice caves have been carved out from top to bottom.

Li Jinzhi halted in mid-flight in the sky. Looking at the dwelling where the spirit vein was very effectively utilized, he was speechless——

His cave was in the middle of the iceberg. Stopping on the steps in front of the cave, he raised his hand and threw out an array from the interspatial bag. Although uneasy, he had no choice as he does not have much.

Inside, the ice cave had all the necessities. Ice table, ice chair, ice futon… Even with an ice spiritual root, Li Jinzhi can't help but to shiver.

After eating a satiation elixir, Li Jinzhi sat on the ice futon in lotus position and circulated his spiritual energy. He guided the ice-blue mass in the dantian around the meridians. With every big round of circulation, new ice spiritual energy will be added from the crown.

A heavenly spiritual root has the advantage that the single spiritual vein will block the influx of other spiritual energy, greatly increasing absorption of spiritual energy. With such pure spiritual power, the cultivation speed will be extremely fast.

The mediation went on for an unknown length of time, and Li Jinzhi actually entered the fourth qi refining stage.

After breaking through the barrier of the fourth level, Li Jinzhi was able to see and hear clearer, and his five senses were enhanced. His body felt light and comfortable.

He did want to become strong. He never wanted to be oppressed again like back in Li Family Castle. With stronger power, he will then be able to quickly fulfil his promise and bring Ye Yu over.

The cultivation of immortals pays attention to skills, and not just the level of cultivation. It was also important to have means to survive during fights. Well aware of disadvantages in focusing only on cultivation, Li Jinzhi decided to attend a lecture and sign up for a task to do.

While lamenting his meagre resources, he went out of the door. Li Jinzhi went to the mundane matters division to sign up for a task.

Built on an iceberg, the mundane matters division was a natural cave. Upon entering, Li Jinzhi found that it was full of people. Disciples bartering goods were also gathered here. There was a row of counters at the end of the cave, and a long line in front of the counters.

Li Jinzhi lined up with his inner disciple's card, and someone approached from the other end.

"Oh, look who’s this? Isn't this my adorable brother?" A spiteful voice came from afar. Li Jinzhi looked over and saw Li Jintang's naive face and dark eyes.

Raising his brows, Li Jinzhi had no intention of responding.

Li Jintang saw Li Jinzhi glance at him and turn away as if he didn't know him. He clenched his teeth and muttered, "Who does he think he is." Turning his head to speak to a handsome man, "Senior brother Huiyuan, I’m… I'm going to speak with my brother.”

Huiyuan looked at the junior brother he met at the spirit beast pen and felt only disgust. I did not expect to meet this person even here. If Li Jintang did not have numerous good resources from his family in his hands, he would never have bothered with this outer disciple. Seeing that he was leaving voluntarily, he went with the flow and said, "Go." Having said that, he turned his head and left.

Li Jinzhi saw Li Jintang come over from the corner of his eyes. He asked, "How has brother been recently?" Judging from time device in this hall, it had been more than a month since he went into mediation.

"Hmph, how can I compare with younger brother, you? It's hard to live in the outer gate." Li Jintang sneered and asked directly, "Do you have enough money? Can you lend a few pieces of middle grade spirit stones to your brother?"

Li Jinzhi was stunned. He did not expect the other to ask him for money directly, and to ask for so much, "Oh, I have not been valued since back with the family. How could I have even seen such valuable middle grade spirit stones?"

Li Jintang’s smile turned darker, "Oh, brother took main family uncle's interspatial bag that day. In addition, you entered the inner door, how can you lack a few middle grade spirit stones?"

While they were speaking, Li Jinzhi reached the front of the line, "The monthly allowance of inner disciples are ten low grade spirit stones. As far as I know, only a hundred low grade spirit stones can be exchanged for one middle grade spirit stone. These middle grade spirit stones are not what I dare to think of." After that, he bypassed Li Jintang, stood in front of the counter and said to the in-charge inside, "I am seeking a task in the inner door."

The old man in-charge rolled his eyes, "Disciple token."

Li Jinzhi quickly handed the other party a jade token, and the steward handed him a jade slip after he took it. "These are the tasks that the inner disciples can sign up for. You can choose according to your preference." His tone had softened.

Li Jinzhi picked up the jade slip, disregarding Li Jintang who stood pissed off by the side. The tasks recorded in the jade slips were extremely easy and even learning oriented. For example, alchemy student, spirit animal domestication, herb garden student, talisman student.

When the inner disciples take on these roles, their status were much higher than that of the outer disciples. They do not need to report in every day and are just required to supervise and learn by the side. But these kinds of jobs have already been selected by others, leaving only some unimportant and unprofitable positions.

Li Jinzhi thought about it and made a decision. He put down the jade slip and said to the in-charge, "I want to sign up for the job of library assistant."

The in-charge swiped a finger on the jade slip and returned it, "The library is peaceful, also a good job. The monthly allowance is a piece of high quality spirit stone, and 500 contribution points." Then he hesitated before saying, "The library’s Elder Jin has an odd temper. You should best be prepared."

Li Jinzhi nodded and turned, pushing Li Jintang aside, and strode out……

Thinking of what the di mother and this person had done, Li Jinzhi did not even want to exchange superficial pleasantries. What Liu-ming has done to him, to Ye Yu, he will seek retribution one day!

Li Jintang who was pushed aside staggered to stabilize himself. His face turned pale with anger. With teeth clenched, a trace of malice flashed in his eyes.

However, Li Jinzhi couldn’t care less of what he thought and tossed this matter to the back of his mind. He started pondering over other things. In just one month or so, his cultivation had been upgraded by two levels. Even if the cultivation speed of heavenly spiritual root was fast, it shouldn’t be as fast as this.

Could it be——

Li Jinzhi touched the phoenix-shaped black jade on his chest and could not help but frown and ponder.

The library building was not too different from the ice palace, but there are layers of prohibitions at the outer layer. Books are full of valuable information and to a certain extent, the library was the foundation of a school.

After using spiritual power to send the disciple card into the prohibition layer, Lin Jinzhi lowered his eyes and waited for fifteen minutes, thirty minutes, an hour. His body was gradually covered by snow, but he stood unmoving without any impatience. It was as if he had melded into the snow and became an ice sculpture.

"Hm?" After an unknown length of time, an old man's voice suddenly sounded from the prohibition layer, "Tut, interesting. Tut tut, really interesting."

Li Jinzhi shook off the snow on his body and said respectfully, "I am Li Jinzhi. It is nice to meet you, Elder."

"Why did you wait here for so long?" The old man's voice was curious, "Or, how are you sure that I will respond?"

"Since I have taken this job, I will abide by my duties. If no one responds for a day, I will wait for a second day. If no one responds for the second day, I will wait for a third day. Li Jinzhi looked up at the library. "I will complete my task eventually."

"Tsk, you know your responsibilities. Most of the disciples who signed up for the job left after fifteen to thirty minutes. Good for you." An old man shot out of the library, grabbed Li Jinzhi by his robes and shot back. "After waiting for nine hours, you even started cultivating while standing."

"I know it is wrong, but I practice ice attribute skills. I saw that this place has an abundance of ice spiritual energy, and unknowingly..."

Li Jinzhi was taken into the library, and Elder Jin handed him a small flag.

"You know how to improve yourself. Well, my surname is Jin. Don't disturb my cultivation if there is nothing important."

Elder Jin handed out a jade slip, "You only need to be responsible for the tidiness of the jade slips here. The jade slips that have been shifted by people need to be classified into different categories. There are specialized spiritual tools for printing of jade slips, which are not under your purview. This is the map of the library." As he said this, Elder Jin put on a look of ‘you're lucky’, “Come here at noon, and leave at four."

Li Jinzhi bowed his year in acquiesce. He looked around after seeing the other party leave, internally converting the time his heart. Noon to four in the afternoon. It will be just nice to attend a lecture by a gold core stage elder in the morning.

Li Jinzhi nodded with satisfaction. The male lead in the original novel also came here but did not receive as much reward as him.

The elder here was eccentric and have thus built a reputation of bullying the younger generation. Neither the inner nor outer disciples would like to come here. In addition, there was not much to earn here. There were no elixirs to be greedy for and no skills to learn. Jade slips can be viewed at will, but jade slips can be borrowed for printing, which makes this benefit look pitiful.

Naturally, Li Jingzhi came here for the pitiful benefit. Printing of a jade slip requires a low grade spirit stone, and advanced-level books require more spirit stones. Others do not need to read so many books and will naturally feel that there was not much benefit. However, he has an urgent need to read in order to systematically understand this world, as well as various fields.

If he has to print, it will probably cost a lot of money. It all boils down to money in the end!

Of course, what’s most important was that this work was very relaxed, totally relaxed…

Li Jinzhi, who was feeling very free, began to observe the surroundings. The shelves in front of him were sculpted from ice, complementing the icy breeze of the ice palace, causing people to feel cold.

Bookshelves arranged in rows were engraved with the categories of jade slips, elixirs, talismans, arrays, weapon refining, animal training, spiritual skills…… Bookshelves were further divided into junior, intermediate and advanced grades.

However, Li Jinzhi did not rush to check out the books. Instead, he placed the jade slip given by Elder Jin on his forehead, and quickly browsed and memorized the bookshelf categories in the library, and the books of various grades in the categories.

After all, his job was to sort out jade slips. Classification and names were the top priority.

After entering the fourth qi refining stage, his memory became excellent. After a quick scan, he memorized almost all the titles and categories of those books.

Because he had wasted nine hours in the snow, it was almost midnight at this time. Li Jinzhi decided to simply sit in the lotus position on the futon and start to meditate. After finishing his practice, he saw the rising sun outside the window.

The library was open to public in the morning, and a few disciples had come in from the main door. Li Jinzhi was going to be on duty in the afternoon, just in time to sort out the jade slips that had been messed up in the morning.

The payments and printings in the library were all carried out by the spiritual tools at the main door, which can even detect if someone steals the jade slips. Li Jinzhi's task was really just to tidy and classify the jade slips.

Almost all the buildings in Yi Bing Sect were carved from ice. The endless snow and crystal ice residences stretched for thousands of miles. Looking across, chilly air can be seen all over the mountain, and the beautiful light of the morning sun and cold air were intertwined. The world of ice and snow looked like a fairyland.

Stepping out of the library, Li Jinzhi was almost blinded by the light reflected by the ice residences. He quickly covered his eyes with his sleeves while complaining about the unreasonable architecture.

The floor of the teaching hall was full of futons. The public lecture has yet to start. Li Jinzhi looked at the announcement and knew that Elder Li will be preaching. He chose a corner to sit and started to focus on practicing skills.

It was amazing how he used every free moment to cultivate. He should give himself an award of ‘the most hardworking male lead in history’.

After about two small rounds of circulation, Li Jinzhi heard the noise level increase in the hall and looked towards the door, stopping his cultivation.

At this time, a lot of people had arrived. The commotion was caused by a couple of people who had just entered the hall, led by Qingmu, the cannon fodder who secretly liked the female lead, the disciple of Elder Mingyang.

Behind him followed Ye Die’er. Qingmu was talking ardently to her. She looked distant while responding, obviously not showing high interest——

After entering the hall, Qingmu found a good location with a clear view. Planning to call Ye Die’er over, he turned around and found Ye Die’er walking towards a corner. He looked over and saw that there was only an expressionless youth sitting in that corner……