Novel Wars

The White-eyed Wolves I Personally Raised Are All Coveting My Legacy Chapter 3

Being the protagonist’s father for the first time (3) - Gentle as if he was teasing a little mistress

Xu Zhanting was just a piece of charcoal, but it was the Xu family who deliberately raised this piece of charcoal to stand out and get shot. How could he stand such a preposterous situation? He exploded before the fire was even lit.

Si Yang used one sentence to make him sputter.

"Has the Xu family decided how to compensate us for our loss?"

"What loss?" Xu Zhanting couldn't help but interject, "Without our Xu family helping you look after the Yu family all these years, you would’ve been finished!"

"Really?" Si Yang seemed to have found something fun to play with, so he simply asked someone to move a chair over and sat in front of Xu Zhanting, calmly teasing him, "Then what sort of momentous business has Eldest Young Master Xu done these past few years?"

After asking, he even looked up at Xu Zhanting with respectful attention. His eyes were filled with sincerity and curiosity, but the premise was that he didn't hold any evidence that could kill him.

Xu Zhanting got close, roughly took a glance at the folder in Si Yang's hand and was immediately broke out into cold sweat from fright by the words on the first page.

Si Yang was still waiting with intense curiosity for Xu Zhanting to dispel his doubts. Aware that Xu Zhanting was almost scared into incontinence, he slapped the document on Xu Zhanting's face and got straight to business.

"In fact, I really admire you. You’re the epitome of trash, to stay in the R&D department for three years, but still hadn't even produced a basic game framework. Even if you eat books for breakfast, you still won’t get any smarter."

Teh: Basically, he’s saying you’re a fckng dumbass. You have a lower IQ than the worm beneath my shoe.

As he handed the file to the secretary, Si Yang casually said to him, "Why don’t you read the customer feedback for our Eldest Young Master Xu?"

"After staying in the ivory tower for a long time, one should come out and breathe in the smoke and dust. Don't actually become a living bodhisattva in the temple."

Blu: According to my mother, Si Yang is basically saying, Xu Zhanting is too sheltered and needs to experience the world. He shouldn’t always stay inside like a Buddha statue in a temple.

Si Yang's words were bitterly sarcastic, but his tone was gentle as if he was teasing a little mistress. The secretary has been with him for a while and could be considered weathered and experienced, but he still couldn’t bear those eyes of Si Yang’s. He quickly picked up the file and performed the task.

As soon as he saw the words on the paper, he found that there was nothing charming.

Even if Si Yang didn't read it by himself, how was everything written here human words? But the boss had already spoken and he had to jump into it whether it be a mountain of swords or a sea of flames. He could only bite the bullet and read it out. "What a garbage game! Has this jb experience been exploded by Yu collectively?"

>Has this jb experience been exploded by Yu collectively? - I tried, but idk what this means. I'm sorry T-T

"F*cking trash of a server! I’d be an idiot to keep playing!"

"Two gigabytes of bandwidth is allocated to team fights, but I'm f*cking stuck at the door of the dungeon and can't move. I’m not allowed in and can’t start a new dungeon. Are all of you f*ckers stuck at the door counting the tiles too?”

After he reluctantly picked out three sentences that somewhat resembled human words, the secretary skipped the next few ones that were full of various censored words as well as cordial greetings to their parents and ancestors.

Si Yang did not feel particularly troubled and then continued to talk to Xu Zhanting, "These are the older games. Before you took over the R&D department, their ratings in the major app stores were still above 4.5 stars. But they have now been pulled down to 3 stars by the reviews."

"As for the things you and your people churned out..."

"There are 2 star app ratings and even 1 star ones. There are 10 in total. When they're all placed together side by side, I really can't tell which is the bigger joke."

"So, do you still say I should not be concerned about how Old Madam Xu will compensate for the loss?"

It was reasonable and there was evidence. There was no way to refute it.

Xu Zhanting gritted his teeth and forced himself to find an excuse, "But the development of these games was not my business alone. What can I do if my subordinates are incompetent?"

"Well said!" Si Yang nodded in agreement, "So I didn't fire you alone, but let your subordinates go with you."

"What the f*ck did you do?"

"Nothing much, I just sent your people back to the Xu family. Now they should be standing at the gates of your Xu family's old residence and waiting for Xu Mingquan and Old Madam Xu to let them in."


"You’re welcome." Si Yang waved his hand casually, "As for you, Young Master Xu, since you just came back, you don't have to worry too much about leaving in a hurry."

Si Yang turned over to the last page of the folder and placed it in front of Xu Zhanting's eyes. Impressively, it was evidence of Xu Zhanting having used his position to fill his pockets over the years.

"Nine Battles, the game that the Yu company regarded as the world's largest online game. It is said that this year, it was planning to terminate the contract with the Yu company and find a new partner. It is said that they have taken a fancy to your Xu family?"


"Also, the games Lan Xue and Liancheng had also been transferred to the Xu family one after the other?"

"Do you think I will let you go seeing how much you’ve embezzled to this point?"

"What do you want to do?"

Si Yang raised his head, "You’ve already gained so much, do you still really need your life?"

"Send him to the police station."

"Bastard, you dare!" Xu Zhanting wanted to curse at him, but when he looked at Si Yang’s eyes, those very enchanting beautiful eyes with pale pupils, there were only two words that were in his eyes right now —— shut up!

Xu Zhanting was not blind and he subconsciously complied, and was quickly brought down.

The corner of Si Yang’s lips pulled up and he again asked the secretary, "Send someone to inform the Old Madam of the Xu family. If you don't want the entire Xu family to be brought in, you should find a good lawyer."

After restraining his smile with a bit of difficultty, Si Yang naturally appeared intimidating and stern, causing people to feel fear.

The secretary quickly responded and left.

Five minutes later, Xu Mingquan and Madam Xu received the news together at the old residence of the Xu family.

Old Madam Xu was still calm, but Xu Mingquan's fingers involuntarily shook while holding the file.

On the surface, Si Yang was only angry because of Xu Zhanting’s embezzlement and him stepping out of line, but in reality, he ruthlessly grabbed the big tail of the Xu family. Not only did he pull out the people that the Xu family had placed into the Yu family over the years, but he also got evidence of when they were "undercover".

Once everything was handed in, the Xu family was bound to have a lawsuit of illegal competition filed against them. Of course, the Xu family won't necessarily fall because of this lawsuit, but the business world will take advantage of them when they’re down. It would be a really big mess and they would receive a serious blow.

Kill the chicken to warn the monkey. Si Yang really made a good move.

Kill the chicken to warn the monkey - punish an individual as an example to others

"Mom, what do you think we should do now?" Xu Mingquan discussed with his mother. In fact, he was already in charge of the Xu family, but old ginger was still spicier and he still consulted his mother for major issues and minor affairs.

Old ginger was still spicier - the older, the wiser

Old Madam Xu sat on the main seat and expressionlessly rubbed the string of smooth wooden prayer beads in her hand. It took a long time before she said something nonchalantly, "How many days has it been since Yu Zheng came back? Si Yang’s probably made pretty good arrangements and it's reasonable for him to come to see me, his grandmother."

Xu Mingquan was taken aback and immediately understood what Mrs. Xu meant.

Si Yang was an ambitious man. He had been the adopted son of the Yu family for so many years and even though he took over the Yu family, he has constantly been suppressed.

They must take Yu Zheng back. If they held the emperor, they can control the nobles. Then, Si Yang would not attack the Xu family at this critical juncture.

If they held the emperor, they can control the nobles. - They want to control Yu Zheng (the Emperor). If they control him, the company falls into their hands. I think.

In the end, Yu Zheng has half of the Xu family's blood in his body and the Prime Minister to assist Yu Zheng may not necessarily be Si Yang.

Old Madam Xu spoke very little, but Xu Mingquan's heart was full of hope.

But even so, the Xu family still suffered a lot in this matter.

The incident of Xu Zhanting’s embezzlement quickly spread throughout Yanjing and he was instantly reduced into a laughing stock in the circle.

All businessmen were evil. It was not shameful that the Xu family wanted to annex the Yu family. But what was truly embarrassing was that a big family had lost to Si Yang, a twenty-five-year-old youngster. A group of self-righteous old foxes have been teased by a little white rabbit. What could be more amusing than this?

For a period of time, the Xu family fell silent and did not dare to appear, and the informants inserted by other people into the Yu family were also in a panic. But this was just a dying struggle and Si Yang quickly picked them out one by one.

"Young Master Si, the public relations department is already clean." In the office, the secretary reported the latest results to Si Yang.

"I see." Si Yang nodded, and then asked as if he suddenly remembered, "How has Yu Zheng been these past two days?"

"The little young master’s side is fine. The butler said that he adapts very quickly."

"Really?" Si Yang was non-committal, but no one could guess what he was thinking about.

System: Is Sir Host dissatisfied?

Si Yang: Yes, he’s only just adapted, the rate of progress is too slow.

But in fact, from the perspective of bystanders, Yu Zheng's progress was not only not slow, but can be called rapid.

After all, he has seen how formidable and excellent Si Yang was. From a certain point of view, Si Yang would never hide from Yu Zheng.

So Si Yang's movements these days in the Yu company were all passed back to Yu Zheng through the butler or tutor. It put more pressure on Yu Zheng, making him want to work hard, at least to not shame Si Yang when he goes out with Si Yang in the future.

Yu Zheng made rapid progress. He was not very literate a week ago. Now he not only recognizes words, but has even breezed through elementary school level content and has started to learn the content from junior high school.

And the text messages he sent to Si Yang changed from the original naive primary school student's diary to something more meaningful.

"The lavender in the garden bloomed today. I asked the housekeeper to pick some and send it to the company. I heard that this helps one sleep. Brother Si Yang has worked hard and should go to bed earlier at night."

"The teacher taught me a phrase called ‘teach a person to fish’. I occasionally feel that the course is too heavy and a little tired, but I felt grateful when I saw this phrase today. Thank you Brother Si Yang for taking care of me all the time."

"The chef in the kitchen said that he will make a delicious meal in the evening. Will Brother Si Yang come back to eat together?"

For this kind of content that no longer had meaningless content, Si Yang would occasionally give some lengthy replies. Including Yu Zheng's doubts and questions on current affairs, Si Yang would also patiently explain.

Over the course of frequent contact, it was as if they had really established a very intimate brotherhood. And Si Yang's "attention" towards Yu Zheng also made Yu Zheng's position in the Yu family's old residence very important.

Even if Si Yang rarely returns, the servants in the old house and the tutors who taught Yu Zheng did not dare to neglect him one bit.

What's more, Yu Zheng has a very good personality, he loves to laugh and was sensible, and had a thoughtful nature, which made it easy for people to like him. Even the old housekeeper who knew his background truly liked him.

At dinner time, today’s sea cucumbers were good. The chef showed his skills and made a Buddha jump over the wall.

Buddha jump over the wall - name for a Chinese dish

Yu Zheng sat at the dinner table and took a bite, and was immediately impressed by the burst of deliciousness in his mouth.

Putting down his chopsticks, he quickly told the housekeeper, "I heard that the Buddha jumped over the wall is very nourishing. Brother Si Yang must be so tired at work and the soup still happens to be hot. You have to give Brother Si Yang a bowl! I guess he hasn't had time to eat. "

Yu Zheng's care and trust in Si Yang was obvious. Those hearts of the maids who didn't know the inside story trembled at his brother complex. But the old butler looked at him with pity in his eyes.

But he was Si Yang’s people, so naturally he won't speak out. He promised, turned around and went to the kitchen to ask for a thermos to deliver the food to Si Yang according to Yu Zheng's instructions.

Just like that, another week later, Si Yang still did not come back. Even in the next two days, the number of times he returned Yu Zheng’s messages lessened. The last one said that he went abroad to settle some business.

However, no matter how good the reason was, there was no way to hide how distant it sounded.

"In the end, he’s just a foster brother. He wouldn’t care as much as a biological brother." There was more gossip.

Yu Zheng was sensitive to this change, but he still endured it. When the teacher came, he asked, "Do you know when Brother Si Yang will be back?"

The teacher shook his head, "You might have to ask Young Master Si yourself."

Yu Zheng was silent for a while and finally remembered another detail that had been ignored for many days, "Then do you know when my parents will be back?"

The teacher's answer remained the same, "You also have to ask Young Master Si yourself about this."

Next was a normal class. However, Yu Zheng, who would usually listen to the class with rapt attention, couldn't help but be absent-minded this time.

Si Yang's sudden departure overseas made him feel very uneasy. He even felt like a bird with its wings cut off and locked in a cage. The Yu family’s old residence was not a utopia he had dreamed of, but rather a cage to imprison him.

But no one could give him the answer. What's more, Yu Zheng trusted Si Yang deeply in his heart. He still insisted on holding onto his opinions. If Si Yang really didn't care, there was no need for him to look over him for so many years.

Looking over and over again at the text messages between Si Yang and himself, Yu Zheng carefully went through each and every word in order to feel the warmth in them.

While maintaining his superficial calmness, he desperately wanted to see Si Yang.

He worked hard until the day Si Yang returned to the country. Yu Zheng calculated the time he got off the plane and carefully sent a message to Si Yang, "Brother Si Yang has worked hard. Brother Si Yang, will you be back today?"

However, the text message has been sent for a long time, but it seems that there was no response. Yu Zheng squeezed the phone, hesitating to send another one text. At this moment, the phone vibrated.

Yu Zheng turned on the screen and it was a message from Si Yang. There was only one word on it, "Ok".