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The White-eyed Wolves I Personally Raised Are All Coveting My Legacy Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - He saw Si Yang raise his hand and unbutton the top button of his shirt collar

Yu Zheng's still eyes lit up in an instant and the happiness reflected in them were could be seen by everyone around him.

"Did Eldest Young Master give you a reply?" the butler asked him.

"Yeah. Brother Si Yang has gotten off the plane." Yu Zheng responded to the butler and sent a new message to Si Yang.

"Is Brother Si Yang busy now? Is it convenient to call?"

In less than ten seconds, the phone rang. It was Si Yang, and it was even a video call.

Yu Zheng hurriedly sat upright, subconsciously straightened his hair and collar, and then connected the call.

"Can you see me? Or did you not want to see me? Only answering the phone after so long." In the video, Si Yang seemed to be talking to someone else and did not respond to Yu Zheng immediately. The side-slanted view of his head revealed the handsome contour of his neck and the corner of his eye was filled with smiles.

Yu Zheng took a deep breath and called him softly, "Brother Si Yang."

"What are you doing?" Si Yang turned his face to look at him and moved his phone upright. "I haven't seen you in two days and you already learned to check up on me. Why, afraid of me abandoning you when I go abroad?"

It is clear that Si Yang himself was the one who left him behind, but he complained first. But this b*stard looked calm and just looked at the other with a guilty conscience, for fear that he would be wronged.

Yu Zheng shook his head quickly, "No, I just miss my brother."

"Really? How did you miss me?" The light and fluttering tone sounded like he was just humoring a child, but Si Yang had a serious gaze.

Yu Zheng sighed, "Brother Si Yang."

"En? I’m listening?"

"If you are tired, you should sleep first. I just want to talk to you. I’m not pestering you to coax me because you didn't contact me for the past few days. I'm not a kid anymore."


"Is Secretary Xu by your side?"

"Little Young Master?" The secretary quickly showed his face in the video after being directly named.

Yu Zheng quickly told him, "Tell the driver to add a drop of chamomile essential oil into the aroma diffuser of the car, and then take out the blanket from the storage box in the back seat of the car."

"Brother Si Yang, sleep for a while if you are tired. Pay more attention to your body." After Yu Zheng finished speaking, he considerately hung up the call.

He usually treats people gently and attentively, and this became even more extreme with Si Yang. At first, he could accurately pick the time to send his texts, but now he could guess his current physical state as long as he listens to Si Yang's voice.

The secretary couldn't understand Si Yang's thoughts, but it wouldn’t be good if he disregarded Yu Zheng, so he could only silently finish what he was supposed to do.

The smell of chamomile was light and was a bit sweet. With such a fragrance floating around, it was easy to relax people's nerves. The warm blanket on the body would also make people drowsy.

However, Si Yang didn't feel sleepy at all and stared directly at the secretary, "How did Yu Zheng know what's in my car?"

The secretary felt like he was sitting on pins and needles, "I really didn’t tell the Little Young Master anything. Maybe you got the smell was your body whenever you return in the mornings."

Si Yang was silent for a few seconds, then said lightly, "Be careful in your words and actions."

His voice was not loud, but the secretary was frightened. Xu Zhanting was still in the police station and the Xu family had just suffered such a big loss. This master has never been easy to serve. He must pay more attention in the future.

The secretary was so scared, yet the system in Si Yang's brain was bold enough to try to challenge its master.

System: Is Sir Host really unmoved? Yu Zheng is so sensible 1551.

Si Yang dismissed it: The kid’s means of keeping people.

Five minutes later, he told his secretary, "Notify the old residence, I will go back tonight."

He had already stretched his hand to his side, it would spoil the fun if he still pretended not to see it.

Si Yang wanted to see Yu Zheng himself.

Coincidentally, the secretary just received a notification which seemed to be from the Xu family.

"Young Master Si, Xu Mingquan said that he would like to visit the residence tomorrow and see the little young master."

Someone had sent over a pillow just as he felt sleepy. Si Yang naturally had no reason to refuse, "Reply to Xu Mingquan, no problem."

It's time for Yu Zheng to see some "truths".


At one o'clock in the morning, even a restless cat needed to find a soft cushion to fall asleep on. But when Si Yang walked into the lobby of the old residence, Yu Zheng was sitting on the sofa waiting for him.

"Brother! You are back." Yu Zheng was very excited. Because it was midnight, most of the lights in the hall were turned off, only the night light beside Yu Zheng was still on. The dim light reflected his smiling face, looking very warm.

However, Si Yang's hand trembled involuntarily, "Turn on all the lights!"

His voice is a little cold, without a hint of tone. But if someone held his hand, they would be able to immediately feel the wetness of his palm.

"Brother Si Yang?" Yu Zheng noticed the change in his mood and when he was about to approach, the butler hurried down and turned on all the lights in the living room.

The lights were now brightly lit, and Si Yang, who was standing in place, still had a smiling face, as if everything just now was Yu Zheng's illusion.

Yu Zheng frowned and wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Si Yang.

"I have something to tell you. Uncle will come to see you tomorrow."


"Yes, mother's eldest brother, whose surname is Xu, has spent a lot of time looking for you over the years."

"Okay, what should I prepare?"

"No need, it’s enough to go to bed early and keep a happy mood."

"It's his own family after all." Si Yang touched his head, his tone of voice was just right and gentle, but because he was too perfect, it gave people a sense of emptiness that couldn't be grasped.

Yu Zheng stretched out his hand and grabbed Si Yang's cuff, wanting to say something to him, but the butler had already appeared behind him.

"It's very late, the Eldest Young Master will be staying today. Little Young Master, it’s time for you to sleep too."

"Then, good night?" Yu Zheng and Si Yang looked at each other.

Si Yang touched his head, "Go to sleep!"

Yu Zheng hasn't seen him for so many days and actually had a lot to say to Si Yang. However, he was concerned about Si Yang having jet lag and also Si Yang’s abnormality when he entered the door, so he still obeyed and did not refute.

Si Yang sat on the sofa in the living room after watching Yu Zheng go upstairs.

"Eldest Young Master, do you want to drink tea?" The maid on night shift came to ask.

Si Yang rejected. He looked up at the stairs again and made sure that Yu Zheng had really gone upstairs. Then he took off his coat neatly and threw it aside, as if he was very disgusted.

"Eldest Young Master, this coat......"

“Don’t want it anymore." Si Yang got up and teased the little maid, "Don't save money for this young master, you can throw it away, but if you like me, you can hide it secretly. I don't mind a beauty’s favor."

"Eldest Young Master is joking. No matter how I look, your face doesn’t look like that of a calamitous beauty’s." The little maid was amused by Si Yang's words, but she also knew that this was purely habitual coaxing. She didn't take it seriously at all and just followed what Si Yang said to do.

Si Yang also seems to be in a good mood. Turning around, wearing the thin shirt on him, he walked towards the entrance. It was completely opposite of the housekeeper's words about him staying overnight.

He never stayed overnight in the old residence of Yu's family, even if there was a room that belonged to him here.

However, at the corner of the second floor, Yu Zheng, who was supposed to go to bed, stood there with a pale face, cold all over.

He remembered clearly, he just touched Si Yang's coat. So is this a coincidence, or is Si Yang disgusted, no, maybe he hates his touch?

Yu Zheng couldn't understand no matter how much he thought and there was no answer. He has known Si Yang for too little time, and brief contact was not enough for him to fully understand Si Yang.

So he still tried to persuade himself. It can’t be, Brother Si Yang definitely wouldn’t hate him. This is just an accident.

After all, Si Yang has been looking for him.

But, did he really look for him this whole time?

This time, Yu Zheng couldn't get his heart to rest.

He was walking to his bedroom in a daze when he ran into the maid who had just handled the coat for Si Yang in the corridor.

He tried to ask the maid as she helped him make the bed, "Does Brother Si Yang have mysophobia?"

"Yes. The Eldest Young Master pays a lot of attention to appearances." The maid replied naturally, "Someone spilled some red wine on his body at a reception once. Without waiting for the reception to finish, he changed into a new set of clothes."

"The little young master has been back for so long, but have you seen the Eldest Young Master’s collar and cuffs messy before?"

The maid asked as a matter of course, but Yu Zheng's gaze as he stared at her, hid an indescribable gloom.

He has been back for a while, but he has only seen Si Yang three times.

As the little young master of Yu's family, he was Si Yang's legitimate brother, but he did not have as much contact with him compared to a maid.

This night, Yu Zheng tossed and turned because of this unspeakable irritation. The only thing he could look forward to was that Si Yang would come back at dawn. Because he wanted him to accompany him to see the "uncle" he never met before.

The night passed very very slowly.

It was a big occasion to meet the grandparent's family, so Si Yang rushed back to the old residence in the morning.

"Brother Si Yang!" As soon as he entered the door, there was a cry of joy from the second floor.

Si Yang looked up and saw Yu Zheng bent over the railing and looking down, as if he had been waiting for him for a long time. 17 to 18 years old was the liveliest period of a person’s life, especially for Yu Zheng who had good looks. Looking at him like this, it somewhat seems as if he had just met his first love.

Si Yang tasted the tip of his tongue, but in the end, only the word ‘stupid’ was left. There exists an appropriate amount of naivety. It was too easy to kill a person without a trace in a dog-eat-dog place like a rich and powerful family.

Just like the cousin from the Si family who fell from the third floor and landed on his head, he seemed to be Yu Zheng's age.

But Si Yang just remembered it in his heart, still smiling on the surface, beckoning to the protagonist, and soon a warm body came and threw itself into his arms.

"Are you tired? You deliberately ran out last night." Yu Zheng learned very quickly, it was just like Si Yang's tone when he got off the plane and complained yesterday. It's just that there was a little more probing in his heart and the movements of his hands are also deliberate.

But Si Yang was completely ignorant and just reached out and patted his forehead, "What about your manners?"

Yu Zheng also didn't answer, he tilted his head and smiled at Si Yang, his eyes full of innocence and trust as if he had taken his heart out and stuffed it into Si Yang's hands.

Si Yang was a person who could move the heart of a debauched youth who was used to being surrounded by flowers with just two words, not to mention a blank sheet of paper like Yu Zheng.

debauched youth - person who sleeps around and xxx a lot (i think)

With just a few words, he hooked him heart and soul. A few hours ago, Yu Zheng was tossing and turning around because he wanted to guess his thoughts, but now he was drowning in his tenderness at the turn of his head.

"Go and change into it." Si Yang pointed to the clothes the assistant was holding next to him.

Yu Zheng frowned after one glance. He was not used to wearing such fitting clothes. It would make him feel like a sparrow in a cage.

But Si Yang’s words made him go upstairs obediently.

"I asked someone to make it and it’s the same as what I’m wearing today."

"Then Brother Si Yang, wait for me." Yu Zheng obediently went upstairs.

Si Yang still nestled in the sofa and teased the little maids next to him. Si Yang was never overbearing during non-working hours. Those who were from rich families not only knew how to play but were also proficient in speaking. In just a little while, he coaxed the little girls around him into exuberance. They all used their special skills to cooperate with Si Yang.

At this time, at the corner of the stairs on the second floor, at the same location, Yu Zheng had been standing silently for a while.

He was looking at Si Yang downstairs.

Yesterday's experience brought him too much anxiety and he couldn't bear it. He was just impatient to get confirmation from Si Yang.

So when he entered the door, he deliberately hugged Si Yang, wanting to see how Si Yang would react, whether he would take off the clothes he touched and throw it away, as if he was throwing away a piece of filthy trash like yesterday.

Holding his breath, Yu Zheng carefully observed Si Yang's every move until he saw Si Yang lift up his hand and unbutton the top button of his collar.

Yu Zheng's heart suddenly felt very worried.