Novel Wars

The White-eyed Wolves I Personally Raised Are All Coveting My Legacy Chapter 5

Being the protagonist’s father for the first time (5) - Like real brothers

His fingers were slender, just them tapping on the button was enough to make people blush and their hearts race. However, Yu Zheng's thoughts were elsewhere. He felt like a prisoner with a knife hanging above his head. He held his breath, quietly waiting for death to come.

In the end, Si Yang just opened his collar because he felt hot and did not do anything else.

"Eldest Young Master hasn’t had anything to eat, right? How about trying one?" A maid brought up a small plate of snacks.

Yu Zheng frowned and wanted to say that Brother Si Yang didn't like eating this. But when he was thinking that he shouldn’t speak up since he was hiding and peeping, Si Yang had already picked one up and took a bite.

"You made it?" Si Yang raised his head and teased the maid, "Not bad. Whoever marries you in the future is blessed."

"Thank you, Eldest Young Master!" The maid was very happy to gain approval.

Si Yang put down the remaining half of the snack he had just bitten in his hand, “I very rarely come back, so you don’t need to specially prepare it for me in the future. Just look after Yu Zheng. Don’t tire yourself out.”

"Yes!" The girls were all so happy that they worked even harder to clean up the house.

They came here to do the work of serving people and Si Yang was obviously the best employer. Humorous and graceful. And he wouldn't bring the ruthless nature he displays outside back to the house and he would speak with propriety, and he wouldn't behave tastelessly like harassing them. So even if Si Yang rarely came back, he obviously had the girls' hearts more than Yu Zheng.

Yu Zheng looked at the "joy and harmony" downstairs and an unclear feeling rose in his heart. But in the end, he was relieved, because what happened yesterday was a coincidence and Si Yang didn't really hate him.

At the same time, Yu Zheng remembered the main matter at hand and hugged his clothes upstairs to change. Because of the delay earlier, his movements were a little slower than usual. Fortunately, the clothes Si Yang brought this time were more complicated and had lots of bits and pieces. Yu Zheng was unfamiliar with this and it was understandable for him change slowly.

Just a few minutes later, Xu Mingquan had already arrived downstairs.

When Si Yang attacked the Xu family, he was so cruel and left no room for leeway, to the point the Xu family became the biggest joke in the circle. But Si Yang was not truly of the Yu family! He was just a "watchdog" left by the Yu couple after their deaths!

Therefore, Xu Mingquan came with a full-fledged lawsuit and wanted to tear down Si Yang's mask in front of Yu Zheng. But when he walked to the door, there was an extra piece of paper in his hand, which turned out to be his original schedule for the day.

What are they trying to do? Xu Mingquan felt his hair stand on end. But the butler’s answer was quite professional and appropriate, “If it’s right, we will arrange for it on our side. It will definitely not delay your future affairs.”


"Please, the two young masters are looking forward to your visit."

"Really?" Xu Mingquan narrowed his eyes, more cautious than when he first entered the door. But in fact he was very nervous.

"Uncle, please sit down!" Si Yang in the living room had a polite tone, but he didn't move from the sofa.

"Yu Zheng is upstairs changing his clothes. Have a cup of tea as you wait."

Xu Mingquan instinctively started to put up his guard, but at some point, there were only two people left in the room, him and Si Yang. And the person standing behind Si Yang was not the butler but the secretary.

An ordinary family visit has instantly turned into a negotiating table to fight for one’s interests.

"What are you afraid of?" Seeing Xu Mingquan so tense, Si Yang teased him with interest.

"Haven’t you finished scheming in your head? You’re not a fool. You must see that I only taught Yu Zheng on the surface, but in fact it was disguised imprisonment. It must be that the wolf is full of wild ambitions and bad intentions."

"But the Yu company has had a lot of trouble recently. I have my hands full and don't have much time to connect with Yu Zheng. So as long as you ask to see Yu Zheng, I will definitely refuse."

"So you'll have the opportunity to forcibly see him and tell him the truth about how cruel and unscrupulous I am, as well as my intentions to seize the family property, right?"

Is he planning to threaten me into silence? Xu Mingquan has seen a lot, so naturally he will not lose his sense of propriety in a few words like Xu Zhanting. Even the intimidation he felt when he first entered the house was reduced a lot.

After all, he was a little younger. He raised his head and looked at Si Yang, the corner of Xu Mingquan finally smiled. Yesterday, when he received the news, he discussed with Old Madam Xu. What he feared most was that Si Yang had another hand which let him behave unscrupulously. Now it seems to be just the end of the battle.

"I just came to meet my nephew who finally came back, how could I have so many thoughts?"

"Is that so." Si Yang commented, "I thought you all thought that the Prime Minister who controlled the Emperor to control the nobles may not necessarily be me!"

Si Yang said this sentence very coincidentally and it was the same as what Old Madam Xu said at that time. Xu Mingquan suddenly couldn't tell whether he guessed it or planted some informants in the Xu family.

Xu Mingquan’s head started sweating.

Just then, there was movement from the stairs. Yu Zheng was coming down.

Si Yang had a diabolic gaze. If he wanted to dress someone up, he naturally had to dress them up dazzlingly. Yu Zheng had grown well and after being carefully raised by him for a few days, he was getting more and more handsome.

"Very handsome." Si Yang's comment was very sincere.

"Thank you, brother." Yu Zheng smiled and went downstairs, then took the initiative to greet Xu Mingquan.

"Is this uncle?" Yu Zheng had a more noble air about him after putting on a noble’s mask. In addition, he had been learning etiquette with his teacher these days and changed his accent. He sat next to Si Yang. He mostly learned how to behave like this from Si Yang.

But it was so similar, that it seemed that the two were close to each other as if they were real brothers.

Si Yang’s eyes finally held a little more satisfaction.

"Yes, it's uncle. But don't be nervous, grandfather's family has always cared about you. As for uncle, he is also very talented. You can meet more after you get familiar with him." Si Yang cast his eyes on Xu Mingquan.

Xu Mingquan smiled stiffly.

Si Yang got up as if he was about to pour tea for him, but he whispered something else that only two of them could hear.

"Yu Zheng is sitting right there. Your mouth is on you and I am not stopping you. But do you think he will believe me, who rescued him from the ravine myself, or believe you, who wished for him to die outside in order to seize the family property?”

Xu Mingquan felt cold all over, but Si Yang's "whispering" did not stop.

"When my adoptive mother passed away, I had the first chance to find Yu Zheng, but unfortunately the clues were cut off in the middle. That useless Xun Qinhui had to financially aid more than one family, including Xu Zhanting."

Xun Qinhui - not completely sure if it’s a name or something else. But if it's a name, he's probably referring to Old Madam Xu. This is just a note to anyone who picks this up in the future.

"Uncle, is it fun to stay in like Buddha statues? Are all the gods blessing Xu family to be safe and their business successful?"

Si Yang knows everything! Xu Mingquan's face suddenly became pale.

Si Yang straightened up and asked him with a smile, "Uncle, why aren’t you drinking the tea?"

Si Yang’s eyes were not the same as those of others. It was mostly because his pupils were too light. When he smiled, his gaze seemed full of affection, but when he was cold, his gaze was like a cold knife piercing through your heart.

Xu Mingquan quivered and immediately took a sip of his teacup, "Drink, drink, your chef’s craftsmanship has always been the best."

No matter which family it is, it was always the maid or the butler who usually makes the tea. Yu Zheng, who was sitting to the side, suddenly felt that Xu Mingquan's words were a bit strange. But he didn't expose him and instead followed what Si Yang said..

"Brother Si Yang, it seems that really Uncle cares for our family."

"Yes, you can be more close in the future." Si Yang nodded, "Uncle and mother grew up together, you can listen to him more about your mother."

Si Yang sat down on the sofa, took out a photo album of Yu Zheng’s mother from the cabinet next to the sofa and handed it to Xu Mingquan.

Xu Mingquan took it and reluctantly said a few words. But Yu Zheng, who knew nothing about his parents, listened very seriously.

He looked very gentle and quiet with his raised eyebrows. As for the photo album that Si Yang brought out, he has read it many times.

There were only pictures of his mother before the age of 30 and there was nothing after that. Si Yang said that because after he was lost, his mother was not in the mood for taking pictures, so there was nothing left behind.

This made Yu Zheng feel that whether it's his parents or elder brother, they all loved him. So he wanted to work hard to not let them down.

But he actually lied to Si Yang. Compared to seeing his uncle, Yu Zheng was looking forward to Si Yang’s company the most. After all, it has been ten days and fourteen hours since he last saw his brother.

Xu Mingquan, who was sitting across from him, had mostly seen through Yu Zheng’s thoughts. When he looked at Si Yang’s eyes, that held a smile yet not a smile, he immediately felt as if he was sitting on pins and needles

He had a feeling that this magnificent house was like a huge animal cage. Yu Zheng was the canary who was trapped by Si Yang, and he was the food that took the initiative to enter the tiger's den.

He licked his lips very nervously and could only blindly cooperate with Yu Zheng. He told him details about Yu Zheng's mother that even he wasn’t sure of.

After chatting dryly for a while, the conversation once again stopped in awkward silence.

It was Yu Zheng who thought of a topic to talk about.

"How’s my grandmother recently? I heard that she was ill?" Si Yang never stopped Yu Zheng when he asked about the Xu family, so he knew that Old Madam Xu was not in good health.

It was not easy for Xu Mingquan to answer this question. Si Yang did such a thing and their Xu family has become a laughing stock, so Old Madam Xu would naturally be "sick" because of her unworthy descendents. These were originally necessary conditions to reveal the truth in front of Yu Zheng, but now he dared not say a word.

Just like that, they continued to talk for a while. Si Yang answered the phone and he left because he had something to do at the company. And the arrival of Yu Zheng’s teacher made the meeting hurried.

"I'm sorry, uncle, I just came back and I still need to learn a lot, so I don't have so much time to entertain you."

After thinking about it, Yu Zheng added, "I am very happy to see my relatives. When my mother comes back, I will definitely visit grandmother with her." After that, Yu Zheng asked Xu Mingquan to wait and ran upstairs to get something.

"I made this, a little toy, to relieve my grandmother's boredom."

It was very delicate. This child had a pair of skillful hands. The most eye-catching thing about Yu Zheng was the look in his eyes. It was exceptionally clear and just looking at it made people unable to bear it. Even Xu Mingquan, an unscrupulous b*stard, couldn't help but sympathize with him. After all, he clearly heard Yu Zheng say he was waiting for his mother to come back. But Yu Zheng's mother could not come back since long ago.

And as for why Si Yang didn't tell Yu Zheng, the answer was obvious.

He was silent for a while. After he glanced around and made sure they were alone, Xu Mingquan boldly asked Yu Zheng.

"Child, have you ever thought that Si Yang might be…... holding malicious intent towards you?" Xu Mingquan said the last five words in Yu Zheng's ear. However, before this sentence was finished, Yu Zheng, who had just been smiling, suddenly became cold and stretched out his hand to push him away.