Novel Wars

Quick Transmigration: Face Slapping the Second Female Lead 225: Hey! Hippy Deskmate

[Translator's note: Hi! I'm aware that the last translator's final chapter of this was Chapter 231, but that chapter is actually Chapter 224 in the raws and I'll be numbering according to the raws!]

Lu Yang felt like he was being tortured to death by Xia Liang, who was holding on to him without any intention of speaking or letting go, even rubbing all over his body, setting his body on fire.

“Lu Yang, do you want to have sex?” Xia Liang lifted her head from his embrace and asked. With her own body fit snugly against him, she felt the changes in his body.

When Lu Yang heard this, there was an unspeakable feeling in his heart!

There was an impulse to cover her mouth, and then knock himself to death.

“First get off of me!” Lu Yang angrily said, hauling her off of him. “Behave and go sit at the side, at least a fist’s distance away from me.”

“Okay.” Xia Liang obediently agreed, but innocently added another sentence. “But your ‘there’ has come up already, if you don’t sort it out, it will be very uncomfortable.”

Lu Yang: …

This feeling of being teased by a female rascal was simply both sour and refreshing.

Logically, facing such a shameless and forward woman should fill his heart with hatred. Then why was it that he enjoyed dealing with Xia Liang, feeling only frustration if anything else.

So much so that there was only happiness at the bottom of his heart. He was helpless.

“Ding dong!”

Right at this moment, the doorbell rang.

Lu Yang jumped up, anxiously pulling along Xia Liang, before pushing her towards his bedroom door. “Quick, go into my bedroom and hide. You’re not allowed to come out at all.”

Why did it feel like they were a couple getting caught in the act?

Lu Yang guessed that the person at the door was the auntie coming to cook. If she saw Xia Liang, she would definitely tell his mother, and then he would undoubtedly have to explain himself, which would only bring about more trouble for himself. It was best that he hid Xia Liang first.

More importantly, he still had not figured out his feelings towards Xia Liang.

At least being scared by the guest caused the fever from just now to go down, which was great.

Lu Yang slowly went to open the door, and as expected it was indeed the cook at the door.

“Auntie, you don’t need to cook for me today, I’ll be going out in a bit.” Lu Yang said.

“But your mother just called to tell me you’ve sprained your ankle, let me take care of you for a bit.” The auntie replied.

“My leg is fine, I just wanted my mother to fuss over me a bit so I lied to her. You don’t need to go through the extra trouble, just keep the secret from my mother please.” The corners of Lu Yang’s lips quirked up as he smiled.

“You little rascal!” The auntie scolded, yet her eyes held a semblance of pity for him.

The auntie had been helping out with work at Lu Yang’s home for quite a few years. As such, she naturally understood the conditions of his home, with busy parents that had no time to take care of him.

Though he was never lacking in food, clothes or money, which child does not crave the care and concern of his parents?

Lu Yang exchanged a few more sentences with the auntie, before closing the door under her tender gaze. He lightly let out a sigh. Thinking about Xia Liang who was currently in his bedroom, this heart of his once again started to jump about.

Regarding Xia Liang who completely did not follow conventions and whose actions were always taking people by surprise, with her words being even more outlandish, Lu Yang felt a bit weak, not knowing how to face her.

As he approached the door he paused and took in a deep breath, before finally opening it, preparing to deal with the different challenges that came with interacting with Xia Liang.

However, upon opening his bedroom door, all Lu Yang saw was a Xia Liang who had already fallen asleep sprawled all over his bed.

Lu Yang felt somewhat humoured by this sight. This girl, how familiar with him and defenceless was she to sleep on his bed! Was she not scared that he would do something to her?!

Wrong! She indeed had no reason to be scared! Looking at her, she must have been looking forward to it if anything! Because the one who was being sexually harassed was him, not her!

Thinking about her actions just now, Lu Yang grinded his teeth. Walking to her bedside, he noticed that she had taken off her black spectacles, revealing a small face.

Staring for a few seconds, Lu Yang could not help reaching out his hand and brushing away her bangs, revealing a bright and clean forehead.

Xia Liang was a light sleeper, and was awakened by his movements.

With hazy and sleep-filled eyes, she appeared dazed, which Lu Yang found endearing. Especially because she was looking at him, Xia Liang habitually smiled towards him, her two dimples appearing, making the air around her seem all the more sweet and pleasant.

Lu Yang felt his heartbeat quicken and heard its pattering, as if it was about to jump out of his chest.

This feeling of being hit by Cupid’s arrow was too distinct, and was impossible to overlook.

“I didn’t sleep well last night, and when I saw your bed I couldn’t help but lie down and sleep.” Xia Liang explained.

“Why couldn’t you sleep well last night?” Lu Yang asked, pulling back his hand and conveniently sat down on the bed.

“I was gaming for a bit and then went to bed. When I saw your text, I kept thinking about you and couldn’t sleep well.” Xia Liang replied in a matter-of-fact manner, snuggling into the bed.

Hearing Xia Liang’s words and watching her natural movements caused a gust of satisfaction and familiarity to rise in Lu Yang.

Every morning upon waking up, he should be met with this sort of scene. Her waking up by his side, and after rolling around a bit, the two of them get up and get ready for the day.

“Ha…” Lu Yang sighed, before casting off the baffling image in his mind. “What game do you play?” He asked, staring at her.

“Hero World.” Xia Liang replied.

“What’s your in-game class and username?” Lu Yang interestedly asked, curious to find that she played Hero World.

“Priest, and my name is Your Queen.” Xia Liang smiled.

“What?!” Upon hearing her words, Lu Yang’s voice rose a degree. He stared at her and questioned her once again. “In the game, you’re called Queen?”

Queen, who fought him yesterday, who was sadistically killed by him multiple times?!

Yesterday he thought Queen’s words were interesting, and even friended her in the game.

He also mocked her about cheating on her man at home?!

Who the hell was her man at home?!

When he told her that she was being excessive and would bring trouble to her home, she said that her Emperor at home liked to have sex with her?!

Damn it, was she talking rubbish or speaking the truth?!

She had a man at home, yet still came to tease him?!

The thought lit the fire of envy in Lu Yang’s heart, striking incomparable envy through him.

“What’s wrong?” Xia Liang asked, seeing something amiss in his expression.

“Why are you called Queen?” Lu Yang pushed down the raging fire in his heart and smiled. “Could it be that, there’s an Emperor at home?”

“Ah? You’re the Emperor.” Xia Liang replied. “Do you play Hero World? Do you want to change your username to Tsundere Emperor?”