Novel Wars

Quick Transmigration: Face Slapping the Second Female Lead 226: Hey! Hippy Deskmate!

Lu Yang subconsciously believed her words, the flame of envy in his heart turning into honey that filled every crevice of his heart.

But hearing her call him a Tsundere made him furrow his eyebrows in confusion. “Why am I a Tsundere? If anything shouldn’t I change my name to Ruffian Emperor?!”

“Because in the past you were a Tsundere.”

Xia Liang smilingly replied, the sliver of wittiness in her tone a stark contrast to the typical cold air she gave off.

Seeing this lively and quick-witted side of her, Lu Yang also could not help but smile. After smiling, he thought to himself that he was an idiot, who was really stupid to no end.

What was he smiling for, listening to her spew nonsense could make him so happy, he definitely could not be cured.

“Even if you’re stretching it, what kind of crap is Tsundere? When have I acted like a tsundere?” Lu Yang reached out his hand, pinching her face. “Your ability to spew nonsense has once again improved. Don’t you agree?”

Xia Liang merely lay on the bed smilingly, letting Lu Yang pinch her face. This time, she was silent. Anyways, he had no memory of the past, even if he understood what she meant he would think of her as a delusional fanatic.

“So do you have an account? Once you change your name, we can do tasks and defeat monsters together.” Xia Liang’s voice was dripping with anticipation as she looked at him.

“Defeat monsters together for what? Don’t tell me you want to create some beautiful legend of ‘the Emperor and his Queen commandeering Hero World, hand in hand’?! Do you know how stupid that sounds?!” Lu Yang continuously ridiculed this fantasy.

However, now that he knew that Xia Liang was the Queen who constantly wanted to fight him, Lu Yang had no plans to reveal right now that he was the Wuthering Wind whom she had fought yesterday.

He felt that Xia Liang really was too weird and amusing, by not telling her and using an alternate identity to interact with her, maybe he could see a different side of her. He also just wanted to tease her more.

“Isn’t that very good?” Xia Liang asked, looking at him. “Playing games together will allow us to grow closer.”

“Student Xia Liang, I’ve never met someone so clingy, it’s not enough to be deskmates with me, you even came running to my house, today you even want to insert yourself into my virtual world, do you want my whole world to be you? Whether I open my eyes or close them it’s all you, don’t you think it’s very vexing?” Lu Yang smilingly mocked her.

“Whether you open or close your eyes, it’s not all me.” Xia Liang seriously rebutted. “Because at night I can’t sleep here with you, my grandfather won’t allow it.”

As she finished, she let out a deep sigh, an expression of pity and dissatisfaction on her face, her distress explicitly expressed.

Lu Yang: “...”

Don’t just say your grandfather won’t allow it, he won’t allow it either, okay?

Yup, definitely won’t agree!

Having such an imbecile girl with a fiery passion and endless shamelessness constantly provoke him, Lu Yang felt like his little heart was constantly fending off attacks, and one day would inevitably crumble.

Lu Yang sighed, feeling that this topic should not be explored any further. It would be best to switch to a safer subject.

“Earlier you said that you want me to enter one of the top 10 schools in the country, were you serious?” Lu Yang asked.

“Of course.” Hearing him talk about her task, Xia Liang immediately sat up on the bed, nodding her head vigorously. “I’m very serious. We will work hard together, and definitely strive for it.”

200 points was a lot, finishing this task along with all the other small tasks would allow her to earn 400 points in this world.

Adding on the 500 points earned from the previous world, the 1000 points debt owed to the system would virtually be cleared.

Hearing her use “we”, Lu Yang could not help his happiness, the corners of his lips quirking up as he spoke. “Ah, Student Xia Liang, where is this confidence coming from? Turning a mediocre student like me into a top student? Scoring well enough to get into the country’s top 10 schools, this goal is a little too lofty, why don’t we just aim for average?”

“Cannot!” Xia Liang shook her head. “You’re very capable, very smart, if you seriously give it a shot, you can definitely do it.”

As she finished speaking, Xia Liang suddenly realised something.

“Eh? Your attitude changed?” Xia Liang’s eyes widened. “You like me, don’t you? Eh? So fast?”

Hearing her last sentence, Lu Yang let out an air of annoyance, moodily replying.

“Your stupid and girlish ways of clinging to people and teasing boys, how long do you expect me to resist? Even so, right now I only like you a little little bit. Continue to work hard!”

“How should I work harder?” Xia Liang seriously asked.

“Oh, maybe if you get rid of your spectacles and your straight bangs, and smile at me all the time, I could go from liking you just a little little bit to liking you a little bit.” Lu Yang smilingly lay on his stomach in front of her.

“Once you like me a little bit, then will you listen to me and start studying seriously?” Xia Liang obviously cared about this question more.

Concerning the glasses and the bangs, she could easily get rid of them, concerning the smiling, even if he hadn’t asked her to do it, she still would.

All this was definitely no problem.

“First you have to tell me your demands. Furthermore, I want to keep a certain level of rights, for say the right to reject certain things, renegotiating rights, and …” Though he wore a deadpan expression as he teased Xia Liang, inwardly Lu Yang was stifling his laughter.

“I don’t have any specific demands, all you have to do is finish the practice questions I give you.” Xia Liang replied. “Is that okay?”

“Okay. We can try it out for a week.” Looking at her, Lu Yang seriously thought about it for a moment before replying.

“That’s great.” Xia Liang directed a smile at him and happily replied. “Really great.”

“Something just like this and you’re so happy?” Next to her, Lu Yang lay on his back, smiling along with her.

Just for one person, he was learning to seriously try out things and work hard. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to test it out for a while, who knows, maybe he really will start to care about her.

On the occasion that he really becomes a person unfit for society still living off his parents, Xia Liang would look down on him, calling him a coward who has to depend on other people to live. Even the thought of it was unbearable to Lu Yang.

Although entering a brand-name university does not signify anything nor does it guarantee his success in the future, this was still Xia Liang’s present hope. Since he has started to care about her opinions, he couldn’t let her be disappointed in him.

“Mm. There’s still a month. We’ve got lots of time, you don’t need to be overworked.” Xia Liang rolled onto her side, her glittering eyes staring at him while she let out a small smile.

Hearing this, Lu Yang couldn’t help but smile along. He rolled onto his side as well so that he was facing her and gave her a thumbs up, before opening his mouth.

“I think that starting from right now, I can specially start a record called “Xia Liang’s Words of Love: The Collection”. I guarantee that in less than a week, I can fill up a thick book!”