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Haunted Duke's Daughter Chapter 54

As she woke up, Lilia stared absentmindedly at the ceiling for a bit before slowly getting up. After stretching, she got off her bed. Looking around, she was relieved to see color everywhere.

I wonder if Sakura is still all alone in that dark world...

[L] Sakura?

[S] Yea?

[L] Um… If you are alright with me, I can become your conversation partner so… reach out to me anytime, even at night.

Lilia waited for Sakura’s response but only silence came back. As Lilia tilted her head, wondering what was wrong, Sakura replied uneasily.

[S] Sorry, your sentiments alone are enough for me.

[L] Why? It must be boring all alone.

[S] No no, just watching you is interesting enough… Ahh, don’t worry about it.

[L] I heard you clearly, you know? Really now…

Lilia thought about letting herself go at her, but after seeing that place she couldn’t bring herself to speak so strongly. Instead, Lilia sighed, pulled herself together, and continued.

[L] What’s your reason why? Is there something there?

[S] Um well… Lilia, how is your body’s condition?

What is she talking about all of a sudden, Lilia thought, furrowing her eyebrows, and then finally, she realized. It can’t be, Lilia thought.

[L] Now that you mention it, it has been a bit tough but… it can’t be…

[S] Yea, sorry. It’s my fault.

Without realizing, Lilia’s eyes widened and Sakura, seeing that, spoke again with a somber voice.

[S] Sorry. For not mentioning it earlier.

[L] I don’t really mind but… what does this mean?

[S] Umm yea… I’m not too well-informed about it but... You might be thinking that I’m doing all sorts of things while you sleep but it’s not that. If I had to say, it’s like although your body is resting, your heart is still working. Of course, since your body is resting your stamina is recovering though. But, your heart that’s always working hard can’t exactly recover. Bit by bit, it becomes exhausted and in the end…

[L] In the end, what?

[S] Sorry. I don’t know.

Lilia’s face stiffened slightly. We’ve come so far now but this is what it comes to huh, Lilia thought. Basically, we don’t know what’s the final risk. That was the conclusion Lilia came to.

[L] Alright then.

[S] Huh?

[L] Up until this point, I have been in your care. I can allow you to cause me some inconveniences.

[S] Lilia…

Sakura’s voice started trembling. With a bitter smile, Lilia stood up.

[L] Don’t cry at something like this. If you ever get lonely, call out to me anytime.

[S] Okay… Thanks, Lilia.

Hearing Sakura’s voice overcome with emotion, Lilia began to feel embarrassed. As she cleared her throat in a seemingly forced way, It’s time to go now, Lilia thought, and headed towards the door.

[S] So hey, once a week, one hour before each day off. How’s that?

Lilia stopped, her hand placed on the doorknob. After confirming Sakura was done speaking, she let out a soft sigh.

[L] I don’t mind if it’s longer you know.

[S] It’s more than enough with that. You too, Lilia, if it ever gets tough tell me anytime.

[L] Yes. I know. Sakura, you too, speak freely to me anytime.

[S] Yeah… I’m happy. Thanks so much Lilia.

It was unusual to receive these heart-filled words of gratitude from Sakura. Feeling embarrassed, Lilia’s cheeks began to redden but she couldn’t hide it from Sakura so instead, she laughed sarcastically to cover it up.

As she opened the door, she found Tina and Chris sitting across each other at the table. Naturally, she was surprised at the unusual combination but she was even more surprised at the two of them cheerfully laughing together.

“Mistress Lilia, Good morning!”

Alisa, who noticed Lilia first, bowed respectfully. Without responding to Alisa’s greeting, Lilia stared at the two sitting at the table and spoke.

“Alisa. What is that?”
“Ah, um… Right after Mistress Lilia took a rest, they came… They said they would wait over there until Mistress Lilia wakes up…”

Lilia let out a soft sigh and headed towards the two. As she headed over, they noticed Lilia and immediately stood up.

“Lilia! Are you okay? Are you unwell by any chance?”

The one who asked was Tina. Lilia shook her head with a smile.

“There is nothing of the sort. I was just taking a short rest. By the way, what are you doing here, Chris?”
“I was escorting Tina. Although, I myself have some business to handle here too.”
“I see. Let me listen then. What kind of business is it?”
“Well then, I will not go about this in a roundabout way… Mistress Lilia. What kind of tricks have you used?”

----- Author’s Note ---

This is like a Lilia-like way of showing affection. Probably.

Today I’ve made this chapter a bit short.

Please attribute this as an effect of posting consecutively yesterday…