Novel Wars

Today the Manager is Also Very Kind Chapter 39

When Xia Zeqi sensed the gentle touch on his lips, he froze, his body stiff, not knowing what to do. At first, he had thought it was just an accident, but then he felt the hand slowly trailing from his neck up to his chin, softly touching the little stubble he had on his chin.

Xin Nanyi didn’t take the next step in his drunken daze, just covering Xia Zeqi’s lips with his own. After a long time, he finally let go, falling back into his seat.

Xia Zeqi’s expression dropped. He maintained that awkward position motionlessly, staying like that for a long time until the frenzied storms in his madly-racing heart finally slowed down. He forced himself to pretend like nothing happened as he returned to his seat and buckled up his seatbelt, his face completely expressionless like a robot’s.

The whole way, Xie Nanyi rambled on drunkenly as his limbs flailed about.

With eyes misty from liquor, Xin Nanyi looked at the handsome face beside him and sighed, speaking incoherently, “Ze… Zeyi, you said… you liked me, right?”

Xia Zeqi used up his lifetime’s worth of patience to not look at Xie Nanyi, who had no idea how attractive he was right now. He clenched his teeth and answered, “Yes.”

“Good then, good then.” Xin Nanyi patted his own stomach.

They finally arrived at Xin Nanyi’s villa with great difficulty. However, the problem now became getting Xin Nanyi off.

“Nanyi, listen to me, get off the car.”

“Nooo, I don’t wanna get off.”

“We’re at your house, come on.”

“That’s not my house.”

“What do you mean it’s not, don’t mess around! Come off the car.”

Xin Nanyi took advantage when Xia Zeyi was helping him unbuckle his safety belt to hug Xia Zeyi’s waist. His face was flushed red with alcohol, with a trace of a smile on his lips. His body smelled heavily of alcohol, but it wasn’t overpowering.

His touches lit a fire in Xia Zeyi, congregating in a certain place below his waist.

“If you still won’t listen, I’ll take you right here in this car.” Xia Zeyi suddenly turned fierce, a trace of hurt in his eyes.

Xia Nanyi quickly snatched back his hand in fright and obediently got off the car.

Although his mind was muddled, he wasn’t completely wasted. It was just that he couldn’t walk straight and his posture was all crooked.

Xia Zeyi had no choice but to support him. He opened the villa door before helping him upstairs to his room.

The moment Xia Zeyi set him on the bed, Xin Nanyi clutched his waist and refused to let go. The two fell on the soft bed, causing it to gently bounce.

Xia Zeyi’s fire was growing bigger and bigger as a certain place downstairs started to poke its head through his pants.

“Nanyi, just listen to me and go to sleep.”


“Then what do you want?” Xia Zeqi’s veins popped from enduring, his voice hoarse like a dry, barren desert.

“I wanna kiss, didn’t you say you liked me? If you like me, gimme a kiss!”

Xia Zeyi narrowed his eyes, looking at Xin Nanyi’s slightly curved lips and hazy eyes, misty like the moonlight.

He asked darkly, “What about you then? Do you like me?”

“I… I... “ Xin Nanyi struggled to raise his head, avoiding the other’s broiling hot breath. He pondered the question earnestly, mulling over it for a long time before replying. “I don’t know if I like you or not, I just know that I care about you and I’ve gotten used to being with you. Even if I can’t see you everyday and we just talk on the phone, it adds color to my life that I’ve never had before.”

A big smile appeared on Xia Zeyi’s face as he asked, his tone shadowed with lust. “Nanyi, do you still want me to kiss you right now?”

“Yes.” Xin Nanyi nodded sincerely.

“Then will you be upset once you’re sober?”

“No.” Xin Nanyi stretched a hand out and tapped his nose. “I know you’re Xia Zeyi.”

“Alright.” Xia Zeyi smiled and kissed the red flush on his white cheeks before covering his soft, tempting lips. He licked at it gently before sucking and exploring every inch of his lips.

Xin Nanyi was very inexperienced in this area. Even when he was drunk, he still felt nervous and didn’t know how to breathe. He opened his lips, greedily wanting to take a breath, only to leave a gap in his defense and allow a hungry dragon in. It barged into his mouth, invading and conquering everything until it had searched through every part of his mouth.

Xin Nanyi found the feeling weird. He both liked it and wanted to resist, his hands unconsciously pressed against Xia Zeyi’s chest. He wanted to push him away, but had no strength. Not knowing what to do, he gave up on resisting and ran his hands against Xia Zeyi’s body instead.

His hands first ran down the outline of Xia Zeyi’s waist through his clothes, before searching for a gap to go with, enjoying the exquisite, velvety material under his fingers.

When his hands trailed down the clearly hard abs on his abdomen, he couldn’t help but pinch it, making Xia Zeyi give a low groan.

Xia Zeyi had no choice but to separate their tongues and pick him up, flipping him around so Xin Nanyi was lying on him. His eyes were dark as he took a deep breath. It felt like his reason was being sucked away by a tornado.

“Are you trying to kill me?” Xia Zeyi asked, his voice husky.

Xin Nanyi propped his body up, his hands continuing to dance across his body like a keyboard.

Xin Nanyi grabbed his hands and frowned, staring into his eyes as he asked, “Do you like it? I’m filming a martial arts movie right now, so I worked hard on training these abs.”

“Like! I also have abs, but it’s not as many or as strong.” After saying that, Xin Nanyi let go and lifted up his own shirt, showing off his abs. There were only four, and they weren’t very defined. It was different from his, with eight abs, strong and defined with a great feel to them.

“I have something even harder…” Xia Zeyi’s eyes were red as he took his hand, moving it to explore further down.

Upon touching that burning hot weapon, Xin Nanyi hastily recoiled. “That’s too hot, I don’t like it.”

“Then shouldn’t you hurry off me?”

Xin Nanyi quickly crawled off. Xia Zeyi stretched before getting up from the bed and going to the closet, picking out a set of clothes that fit and going into the bathroom.

As the sounds of dripping water sounded from the bathroom, Xin Nanyi spayed out on the bed on all fours, soon falling into a deep sleep.

The next morning, Xia Zeyi got up first. He didn’t rush to get up, instead pulling the person beside him into his arms, tightening his arms around Xin Nanyi’s waist.

Xin Nanyi dazedly woke up and rubbed his eyes. It was only when he flipped over that he finally realised something was off. What was the thing around his waist?

He slowly turned his head to find a handsome face that couldn’t be any more familiar.

He stared into Xia Zeyi’s deep, star-like eyes for a while before finally reacting, hurrying to sit up straight.

Then when he saw he and Xia Zeyi were wearing the exact same pajamas, a few scenes of what happened last night replayed in Xin Nanyi’s mind like a movie.

“Zeyi, yesterday we didn’t…” Xin Nanyi struggled to find his words and asked probingly.

Xia Zeyi’s face turned cold, turning his handsome face to the side as he lowered his eyes sadly, seeming very hurt. His voice sounded both wronged and disappointed, “I knew you wouldn’t take responsibility.”

Xin Nanyi was completely helpless whenever he acted like that. His heartstrings tugged as he rushed to explain, “No, no, it’s not like that. I remember everything that happened last night. I haven’t forgotten, I wasn’t planning on just pretending nothing happened.”

“Then will you take responsibility for me?”

“Huh?” Xin Nanyi’s had already been hammered dizzy with blow after blow rained upon him.

Xia Zeyi looked at him, staring into his eyes as he spoke. “I’ve muddled through a place as unprincipled as the entertainment circle for 6-7 years, but have always lived cleanly. I’ve never touched or shared a bed with anybody apart from when I was acting. I didn’t think that when I finally put down my defences, you would…” He lowered his head, his eyes filled with emotion.

“But I clearly remember we didn’t take that step last night?”

Xia Zeyi gave a self-deprecating scoff, “Sure enough, drinking is a good excuse. If you don’t want to take responsibility, all you have to do is say you don’t remember.”

Xin Nanyi felt like his head was going to explode as he hastily explained, “I’m not…”

Xia Zeyi raised his eyes again and asked, “Could it be that you don’t want to be with me that much?”

“No.” Xin Nanyi subconsciously answered.

“But your expression says otherwise.”

“I really don’t.” Xin Nanyi was helpless. He thought for a while and hesitated before shifting closer to him, reaching out to hug his waist and burying his head in the other’s chest. He placated him, “I really don’t think there’s anything wrong with being with you.”

Xia Zeyi hugged him back, leaving practically no space between their bodies. At an angle Xin Nanyi couldn’t see, he exposed a sly smile.

Xin Nanyi listened to Xia Zeyi’s strong heartbeat, felt his warm body temperature, and inhaled his pleasant, clean scent. It felt just right, like it was meant to be.

Xia Zeyi lowered his hand and landed a kiss by the hairs of his forehead, making Xin Nanyi’s face instantly flush red. Even his earlobes had a pink tint to them.

He was basically an innocent, little rabbit. In both of his lives, he never even had a girlfriend. Suddenly going straight to a boyfriend, although he was already starting to accept it, it was still a little bit too much at times. He was simply too shy.

After taking a while to adapt, Xin Nanyi suddenly felt his stomach rumble and got off the bed to wash up.

After washing up, he called out to Xia Zeyi, who was still lying in bed. “I prepared a new toothbrush for you.” After saying that, he walked out, but Xia Zeyi still jst alid on the bed, motionless.

Xin Nanyi walked back and asked, “What happened? Why haven’t you gone to wash up yet?”

Xia Zeyi looked at him with blame in his eyes, but his voice was as casual as ever. “You tossed me around too much last night, it hurts.”

Xin Nanyi was startled. He felt like the world was turning upside down- how could he have been the top? He didn’t dare to believe it. No wonder his bottom felt completely fine when he was washing up earlier. It turns out he was the beastly one.

He gave a few hollow laughs before running downstairs to make breakfast.

Xia Zeyi leaned on the headboard as he watched Xin Nanyi flee in defeat with a satisfied smile. Sure enough, his skills lived up to his fame as the film emperor.

By the time Xia Zeyi had readied up and gone downstairs, two bowls of warm egg congee were sitting on the dining table.

“Zeyi, come down and have breakfast!” Xin Nanyi supported Aikesi’s little butt with one hand, holding him against his chest as he walked out with a fried dumpling with the other hand.  

Xia Zeyi sat down and looked at the two bowls of egg congee, noticing the color was a little dark. He had probably added an extra egg.

Xia Zeyi happily finished breakfast before going over to take Aikesi. “I want to live with you.”

“What?” Xin Nanyi almost spit his dumpling out.

Xia Zeyi frowned, “You dislike me that much?”

“No, no, I’d welcome you.” Xin Nanyi was already afraid of what would become routine.

Xia Zeyi stooped down and whispered by his ear, satisfied. “Good then, we’ll stay in the same room.”