Novel Wars

Quick Transmigration: Face Slapping the Second Female Lead 227: Hey! Hippy Deskmate!

One week after.

During the weekend, in Lu Yang’s apartment.

“Hey, my deskmate Xia Liang, little girl, busybody, you see, it’s already the weekend. One whole week, I’ve been doing practice questions till I’m vomiting blood, and you don’t even let me rest one afternoon? Even now you’re making me do practice questions?!” Lu Yang looked at Xia Liang fishing out various subject practice papers from her bag whilst he wailed, limply laying on the sofa.

“Today you don’t have to do these.” Xia Liang paid no attention to his whining, pulling out a book from her bag and passing it to him. “Today you just have to do the questions in these and then you can rest.”

Lu Yang listlessly took the book from her, discovering that it was merely a normal school notebook. Upon opening, lines of delicate and pretty handwriting entered his vision.

Lu Yang quickly flipped through the book, realising that not only were there math questions in the book, there were also questions belonging to different subjects, English, Literature, Science, they all filled up the book, taking up more than 10 pages.

Looking at this notebook, the feeling in Lu Yang’s heart was simultaneously sour and sweet. Looking closer, there was a sense of deja vu, these were all questions he had done in the past week.

Furthermore, these were all questions that he got wrong on the first attempt or could not do the first time.

By collating all these questions and copying them down once again, Xia Liang wanted him to try them again, to consolidate all that he had learnt and revise the material once again.

Furthermore, at the end of each question was an annotation of what he needed to look out for, as well as the content points to be derived.

This whole book of supplementary content was meticulously created for just for Lu Yang, this one person.

And it was all copied by hand!

“Hey, when did you copy all of this down? How did I not know about this?” Lu Yang sat up on the couch, book in hand as he looked at Xia Liang.

“Every day after school.” Xia Liang matter-of-factly replied.

“Right now your foundation is so weak that you don’t even get the basic foundation points in the book. These questions are all the major foundation points that you must know, you have to keep doing them until you understand them completely. Not even one question can be wrong.”

“Everyday you go home and sift through the practice questions that I did that day?” Lu Yang’s throat was a bit tight as he asked, feeling a tightness and sourness in his heart.

“Yup.” Xia Liang nodded. “I want to know what you do and do not know, so that I can specially find corresponding practice questions.” She indifferently stated.

Time was getting tight, with only 9 more months till the university entrance exam. Not only did Xia Liang have to help Lu Yang grasp all the basic concepts and build a knowledge system, after that they would still have to focus on more difficult questions.

Although they had to focus on grasping certain topics, she still did not want Lu Yang to do pointless work, doing questions that he already got the hang of over and over again. Naturally, she needed to fully understand the state of his studies.

If Lu Yang wasn’t sure what he did or did not know, all he had to do was ask Xia Liang, and she could point it out to him in a clear and organised manner.

Xia Liang was like a guiding light, specialising in guiding Lu Yang’s studies, doing her best for him. All so that his learning could be just a bit easier.

Lu Yang stared at Xia Liang for a while, before lying back on the sofa. He pressed the burning corners of his eyes and cleared his throat. “You’ve already worked to this extent for me, if I don’t work hard even I will feel like a monster.”

“Hm?” Xia Liang heard his words and looked at him, a puzzled expression on her face. “I didn’t even do anything, you don’t have to think that way.”

Lu Yang could no longer hold back and let out a long sigh. Sitting up on the sofa, he pulled Xia Liang over and could not help but pull her into a hug.

“Hey, Comrade Lei Feng (a soldier who was a model of altruism), to thank you for all you’ve done for me, I’ve decided to give you a gift. What do you want?”

Xia Liang comfortably rubbed against Lu Yang’s chest before looking up at him. “Can I have a kiss? You still haven’t kissed me yet.” She asked, pointing at her lips.

Lu Yang felt like his heart was going to implode from the cuteness of this scene. He looked at her deeply before pushing her down on the sofa. With his whole body caging hers, he gently pressed a kiss onto her lips.

At the start, Lu Yang was like an inexperienced youth, somewhat at a loss. He was cautious, only sucking on her lips and kissing, as if afraid of hurting her.

However, Xia Liang was not used to nor did she enjoy merely pressing their lips together, what she actually liked was the clashing of lips and teeth / tangling together with him. That feeling of souls being intertwined was simultaneously comforting and bewitching to her.

Xia Liang felt that this world’s older brother was a bit stupid, not even knowing how to kiss.

Following this train of thought, Xia Liang spontaneously stuck out the tip of her tongue to press in between Lu Yang’s teeth, making her way into his mouth, before finding his tongue and viciously sucking on it, the two of them intertwining together.

As both of their tongues danced together, there was a faint shiver that ran through their bodies. They were submerged in that glorious feeling, and were left with nothing but the instinct to chase pleasure... ...

Winding, pressing, trying to desperately taste the other person… ...

After a long while, Lu Yang released Xia Liang, lifting his head slightly. Shiny orbs looked at her red and flushed expression, feeling like his heart was about to leap out.

It turns out that the feeling of kissing was so great!

This made Lu Yang wonder, this present and reward, was it for her or for him?

Xia Liang reached out her hand, grabbing the back of his neck. “Can I have my reward one more time?” She asked in a small voice.

“What?” Lu Yang’s brain was like a computer that crashed, unable to keep up with her.

“I can’t?” Thinking he refused, Xia Liang’s eyes held some disappointment. She wasn’t able to kiss her big brother for so long, the feeling was so great, just one time wasn’t enough, she really wanted to do it again.


When Lu Yang finally understood, he internally scolded himself. He felt that sooner or later, he’d be teased to death by Xia Liang.

How could she look at him so adorably, and then ask him for a kiss, for a kiss?!

“This kind of reward, however much you want in the future, that’s how much I’ll give you, aren’t I so generous? Is that good enough? Hmm?” Lu Yang asked as he pressed his lips to Xia Liang’s.

This sort of scheming and pretend-good behaviour, this was the two-faced nature of the big bad wolf!

“Yes yes.” Xia Liang smiled at him, delivering a kitten lick to the corner of his lips. “I will work hard to be even better, and receive many more rewards.”

Lu Yang howled with anguish in his heart, whose sweet girl was this, quickly nab her, nab her and run, he can’t take it anymore, he’s about to fall apart!

Oh, it seems like it was his sweet girl, he should quickly hide her away then.