Novel Wars

I Was Summoned to a Parallel Fantasy World For Too Many Times - Prologue 2 Part E

Ryuuto clapped his hands together.

“So to start off with, we’ve decided on some course of action right? For the time being, we’ll see how the situation goes. But, during this period, we’ll also accumulate our power and knowledge. So, if anything happens, we’ll be able to react properly. Are there any objections?”

Only silence followed so it was deemed that there were none.

“Well then, are there any other questions?”
“Ah, well, is it okay if I ask something?”

Tamaki raised her hand.

“Yea, what?”
“I have something to ask that dude.”

“That dude” being me. Can’t complain about that.  [T/N: She’s calling him in a kinda rude way]

“What? Except for my bust-waist-hip measurements, I’ll let you know anything.”
“Who would ask that!?”

Huh. It seems she can also play the stooge. What a promising future.

Tamaki took an exasperated breath, and then asked.

“You, your left eye? It’s yellow, you know.”




I forgot about that!!!

I forgot about the fact that I had odd colored eyes!!!

Crap, why did I forget about that kind of thing!?

If that was the case, after the summoning happened I should’ve gone for the cringey odd eye character!

Aoi also seemed to have the same question, and nodded her head in agreement.

Ryuuto, for some reason, seemed troubled.

“....Listen here, Tamaki. There are some things you shouldn’t touch. He’s at that age, even if it's a bit late… Leave him alone.”

Ah, Ryuuto, you’re mistakenly thinking that I’m a Chuunibyou wearing colored contact lens in one eye aren’t you? [T/N: Chuunibyou - a middle schooler syndrome where they think/act like they have special powers, etc.]

Okay! Let’s go with that!


I acted surprised and suppressed my eye with my hand.

“N-no way, the seal on my evil eye is becoming undone…!?”

Ah, it feels like the room temperature just dropped by 5 degrees.

“Crap, apparently, it seems that since we traveled through space and time, the seal is unraveling! … Hey, Tamaki. You didn’t see anything. Right? It’s good we set up the soundproof barrier… If it wasn’t there, those guys, the Black Esperion(B-E), might have killed you if they knew that you found out my secret.”

I looked over at the three.

While the two girls looked at me with cold eyes, Ryuuto looked at me with a red, flushed face.

What. Ryuuto also had this kind of period?

“Well then, let's continue our talk. Are there any other questions?”

As if nothing had happened, I hid my left eye with my hand and asked. Not a verbal question, but rather I asked with my eyes as I looked at him intensely.

For some reason, it feels like in exchange for protecting my secret, I lost something bigger.

----- Author Note -----

It’s that Wink Killer game thing.

It’s a game where depending on the Ace, Joker, Jack, or any other trump card dealt, people are split into the police, culprit, accomplice, and townspeople categories, and then with a wink you can kill, arrest, and judge.

After that, the silence continues.

And if there’s someone who can’t wink, to tell the difference between blinks, the strange rule, “Close your eyes for more than one second when you blink” is used.

The reason for dry eye in young people is due to this game. (lies)

P.S. Someone pointed out that the song lyrics were a bit risky so I just put in the melody.

Translator's Note:

I don't know what melody this author is talking about :'D Something in the previous parts probably.