Novel Wars

I Was Summoned to a Parallel Fantasy World For Too Many Times Chapter 1 - I Want to Understand My Abilities

After the mess that happened in Ryuuto’s room, I went to the room they prepared for me and threw myself on the bed. If I remember correctly, my status should pop up if I wish for it.

Takafuji Inori
Demon Race, Vampire (Baron Class)
Lv. 1
HP 815/815
MP 8067/8067
STR 956
VIT 856
DEX 935
AGI 1056
INT 2556

Individual Skills
《Improved Growth》《5X Experience Gain》《Half Experience Required》《Magic Eye of Vision》《Magic Eye of Formation》《Sun God’s Loathing》《Bloodsucking》《Baron Class Authority》《Skill Robbery》《Dark Magic・Truth》《Weapon Cultivate》《Detection》《Level Up》《Skill Acquisition》

General Skills

Strong Soul, Dragged Into Situations Person

Huh? Yo, my abilities have grown into rows?

Actually, they’ve increased by 10 times. My MP especially has spiked up by 80x. And yet, why were my physical strength measurement results poor?

I got up from my bed and tried lifting it up.

I lifted it up easily.

I can even do squats lifting it.

Even one hand is enough.

If this is the case, there should be some reason for this.

As I looked over my status, there was one entry that piqued my interest. If I remember correctly, if I look at it with my right eye, I should be able to see it in detail.

《Sun God’s Loathing》
A race of the night that has turned their back on god. During the daytime, your skills will be reduced by 10x. Skill Usage Restraint.

This is it.

True, when they measured my physical strength it was during the daytime.

Right now it’s the evening but the sun has already set.

So it was a negative effect for the vampires who are weak to the sunlight...

Ahh, I see, I am a vampire. I thought I understood that but it seems like I really didn’t.

Speaking of vampires, they’re an existence that are weak to the cross, hate garlic, turn to ashes in the sunlight, are killed by silver weapons, and suck human blood.

The reason I had a headache during the physical strength measurement was because of the sunlight.

The reason I felt the food didn’t taste that good was because they used garlic.

When I think back too, when I looked at Tamaki and Aoi, I might have been attracted to the blood flowing under their nape and skin.

Having an odd eye is okay. Being a vampire is okay. Somehow when they become a part of myself, I start to overlook it all.

I was rashly using my detection ability to be cautious of things on the outside so I didn’t think of using it on myself.

Humans, whether it be themselves or the outside world, can only focus on one of them.

First know thyself before knowing others.

If that’s the case, let's take a look at all my skills in full!

《Improved Growth》
All your abilities, levels, and skills will be corrected upwards. Also, you will break through your race’s limits.

《5X Experience Gain》
The experience gained from killing living beings will be 5x the original amount. Also, the experience from training needed to acquire a skill will also be multiplied by 5x.

《Half Experience Required》
For leveling up, only half the amount of experience needed to acquire the skill will be necessary.

《Magic Eye of Vision》
The Magic Eye that is set to examine.
Absolute Kinetic Vision (No matter how fast things move, it can precisely perceive anything)
Absolute Eye Measurement (Just by looking, it can measure the size of anything)
Distance Vision (Can see things far away clearly)
Microscopic (Can see small things in full detail)
Night Vision (No matter how dark, you can still see)
Appraisal (Can display the status of humans and the specifics of objects)
Second Sight (Can see things far away in a 3rd person bird eyes view)
Disillusionment (Can destroy illusions)
See Through (Can see past physical objects)
Photographic Memory (Can record everything seen like an film)
Other Ray Vision (Can see invisible light rays)

《Magic Eye of Formation》
Magic circles seen with the eye will be reflected into the pupil, and will be invoked in your line of sight at any time. In this case, it will only use a tenth of the MP required and can be executed without the necessary chant. You can only stock one magic circle. You can overwrite it if you look at another magic circle.

When you drink a living being’s blood, you can recover your HP and MP. Also, all of your statuses will increase. If you drink a lethal amount of blood from that living being, it will become a ghoul. If you drink a lethal amount from a virgin human and you insert your own blood, they will become your servient vampire. If they aren’t a virgin, they will become a ghoul. After you kill a living being, if you fill them with your blood, they can be transformed into your underling. By completely drinking all of their blood, you can also obtain their memories.

《Baron Class Authority》
The effects from the vampire’s weaknesses are lessened. Also, the undead who are lower than Baron Class can be made into manservants.

《Skill Robbery》
By completely drinking all of your target’s blood, you can steal their skills. If they don’t have any skills, any preeminent ability they have can be converted into a skill and then stolen. It does not matter if it is a general skill or individual skill.

《Dark Magic・Truth》
The polar region of Dark Magic. You can freely use Dark Magic to its highest efficiency, with no chanting. Also, you can reference Sheena’s knowledge concerning Dark Magic. This skill increases one’s MP by a large amount.

《Weapon Cultivate》
Using magic, you can produce weapons from their raw materials. After deciding on the form from your own image of it, the materials will be corrected into completion. Depending on your knowledge, it is also possible to grant abilities. (In this case, it will require more magical power)

Within a scope you can perceive, you will be able to sense any living being’s presence. Also, if your life is in imminent danger, alarm bells will ring. Presence detection, magic detection, vision, hearing, smell, all your six senses will rise substantially.

《Level Up》
When you kill a living being, you will obtain experience and in proportion to the amount of experience, your level will rise.

《Skill Acquisition》
If you constantly build your proficiency towards a set action, depending on your proficiency you can learn a skill.

It seemed that《Improved Growth》,《5X Experience Gain》, and《Half Experience Required》were all already being applied to my skills.

Also,《Magic Eye of Vision》is super useful.

《Bloodsucking》is complicated huh. For now, when I want to drink blood, as long as I don’t drink a lethal amount I can assume they won’t turn into the undead?

《Skill Robbery》’s explanation is a bit weird. Before, at first glance, it seemed okay but now it seems like it’ll only activate when I drink blood.

Since I’ll obtain their memories when I drink their blood dry, it also might be why it lets me use it as a way to steal their skills. Anyways, it’s a good thing that I can still steal skills in a world without skills.

《Weapon Cultivate》needs raw materials huh.

And it seems the reason why my MP is excessively high is because of《Dark Magic・Truth》.

Still though, even now my MP is high and I should be able to manipulate my magical powers, so why I couldn’t produce good results during the magical power measurement is a mystery.

《Level Up》and《Skill Acquisition》seem like add-on abilities. Surely, for me to be able to use Level Up in this world with no skills, the Goddess must have adjusted it for me.

All the abilities I’ve been gifted seem to have been set into an Individual Skill category. Yea, it’s better this way since it’s easier to understand.

Well then, while it’s nighttime, I want to try to test out my abilities in various ways but what in this room can I experiment with...

It’s not possible for me to try to develop《Dark Magic・Truth》because of its dangers. If I just freely use it, since it’s my first time and I’m not used to it, it could just spontaneously discharge.

《Bloodsucking》is also out of the question. I don’t know any magic circles so 《Magic Eye of Formation》is also out.

And I’ve already been using《Detection》often....

So then I guess I’ll be trying out《Magic Eye of Vision》first.

I’ll try them out one by one.

Absolute Kinetic Vision (No matter how fast things move, it can precisely perceive anything)

My stats were already raised by 10x so I tried waving my hand around quickly. Woah, look at this, look at this. Without any blurring, I can clearly see the ripples in my shirt.

Absolute Eye Measurement (Just by looking, it can measure the size of anything)

I looked at the drawers furnishing my room. It’s about 192cm? Ah, it’s no good. I don’t have a ruler so I can’t check my accuracy. And also, this world’s unit system is probably different.

Well, if you compare it to me, who’s 178cm tall, it feels around that height. Speaking of, if it’s just that then anyone could do this.

Distance Vision (Can see things far away clearly)

I’ll try to look at the view from my window. It’s night so it’s too dark though.

Night Vision (No matter how dark, you can still see)

While I’m at it, I’ll try out night vision too then. The capital is all spread out below me. The houses also become smaller and smaller in proportion to their distance from the castle. As expected, it seems like where they live depends on their social class. Looking at the brim of the capital, it seems that's where the ordinary masses live. The houses here and there are broken and in decline. It also seems like the state of sanitation is bad. Well, also because it seems like there is no flush toilet yet.

The capital seems to be in a basin. Beyond the castle walls I can see mountains. If I focus, I can even see each individual leaf on the trees. Wow, distance and night vision is amazing.

Microscopic (Can see small things in full detail)

I try looking at my bed. I can see the fibers one by one clearly.

Is this like that house dust thing? Or some dead flea’s carcass or something?

It’s like I’m looking through a microscope. As I expected though, it won’t let me see things at an atomic level.

Appraisal (Can display the status of humans and the specifics of objects)

This is the ability that lets me see the statuses in detail huh.

I tried it on the bed and this came out.

Highest Grade Down Feather Bed (Rising Sun Kingdom Make)
Quality: B+
Price: 125,000 Dell
It is using a Kechou’s chick feathers. It is extremely fluffy and also carries a disinfectant effect. This product can only be seen inside the royal castle.

So this is a baby chick’s feathers huh. What kind of bird is a Kechou? A demon? And also, what’s dell? I wonder if it’s this country’s currency unit.

I wanted to keep appraising the information in detail, but different from the statuses, instead of appearing in my vision, it felt like the information was surfacing inside my head. Since none of these things were in my vision, I couldn’t use Appraisal on it.

Second Sight (Can see things far away in a 3rd person, bird eye’s view)

I don’t know how to use this hm. For now, I’ll try focusing with my eyes closed. Doing so, my field of vision started to rise with the world expanding in front of me. Without moving my own body, I could move my field of vision around. It feels like I’m flying a drone.

I couldn’t move my viewpoint past the walls so instead I tried going out the window. Looking past my shoulder, I could see the splendid royal castle. The royal capital I had just been looking at through the window expanded under my eyes.

And just like that, I reached the mountains. There are animals I’ve never seen before. I wonder if these are demons? I wanted to try to test out how far I could go but it looked like there was no limit to it so I stopped myself in advance.

If I could really go up to 4,000km, what would I do? By the way, one round around the earth is about 40,000km you know.

Disillusionment (Can destroy illusions)

I can’t try this one on anything. I wonder if I can use this on illusions I see myself and that others see too.

See Through (Can see past physical objects)

Focusing on the door, it became transparent and I could see the hallway beyond it. I could also see the maid on standby.

By the way, the maid was a proper maid, not like the ones wearing mini skirts in the maid cafes in Japan. Those in Japan are something else. They aren’t maids.

Photographic Memory (Can record everything seen like an film)

I closed my eyes and tried to remember what I did today. Woah, I can remember it as if I’m watching a video recording. At the moment when Tamaki screams and widens her mouth, it looks like I can even count the amount of teeth she has.

I could say something like “I even know how many teeth you have, you know?” That’s called being a stalker you fool!

Other Ray Vision (Can see invisible rays)

Dang. I can do thermography. It seems like I can also see infrared and UV rays. But, this stuff, they're a kind of hard to explain color.

As expected, I can’t see electron beams though. It also didn’t let me see things at an atomic level like an electron microscope before either.

It looks like I can combine all of these things together.

So basically...

See through the door!

Maid spotted!

Appraisal! Identified name as Naara!

Absolute Eye Measurement! Height is 161cm, and her three sizes are 79, 61, and 80!

See through even more! Her underwear is black!

I won’t look any further past this! I’ll become a complete pervert if I do!

I’ll make it my rule that when I see through things, I won’t go past the underwear. These restraints probably will lose their effectiveness though. Above all, it’s the most fun to ogle with their clothes on.

Speaking of which, even though the maid has a docile face, her underwear is black! She has some fun hobbies huh.

I guess I’ll try《Weapon Cultivate》next.

I took out the candle from the candle holder sitting on the desk.

I appraised it and saw that it seemed to be made out of silver. Crap, isn’t this the natural enemy of vampires?

Anyways, for now, let’s try to make it into a knife or something. Since I don’t have the knowledge of how, I’ll do it without the ability gifting.

《Weapon Cultivate》!

It felt like something was being pulled from the candle holder. Is this magical power maybe?

The candle holder I was holding became distorted, and, in the next instant, turned into the form of a knife.

The knife didn’t have any decorations or ornaments but it seemed like it could cut sharply.

I guess I’ll try appraising it.

Silver Dagger Knife (Creator Takafuji Inori)
Quality: B+
Price: 15,000 Dell
A pure silver knife. The degree of perfection is high but since it is made out of silver, it has no practicality. It has no ornaments so it also cannot serve as a decoration.

Well yea, that’s as expected. Since silver is a soft metal, as long as it has no ornaments, it won’t have any value.

But, it has the same quality as the Highest Grade Down Feather Bed.  It seems like weapons made with 《Weapon Cultivate》 has a corresponding high degree of perfection.

The amount of MP used is about 50. An ordinary person would only be able to use it twice.

I tried touching the knife and it immediately cut my skin. It seems like its sharpness is pretty good.

Well then, let’s return it to a candle holder.

《Weapon Cultivate》!


《Weapon Cultivate》!


《Weapon Cultivate》!《Weapon Cultivate》!《Weapon Cultivate》!


Why? I even have enough MP.

If I’ve cultivated the weapon once, does that mean I can’t use《Weapon Cultivate》on it again…?

Ah! That’s right, a candle holder isn’t a weapon!

《Weapon Cultivate》can only create weapons!

Well, of course. If not, then it wouldn’t have “Weapon” in its name.

Eh? Then what? I can’t return it to a candle holder?

What should I do with this knife then? If I conceal this kind of weapon on me in the middle of their surveillance, they’ll zero in on me, won’t they!?


………It flashed!?

《Weapon Cultivate》!

Yes! Gripped in my hand was the original candle holder, looking exactly as it was before.

Let’s try to appraise it.

Inner Knife Candle Holder (Creator: Takafuji Inori)
Quality: A
Price: 50,000 Dell
At a glance, it just looks like a candle holder but inside a special gimmick is built in where, if you press a button, the needle, used to stick the candle on with, pops out and becomes a knife.

Sorry, Miss Maid.

One of the candle holders has become a knife.

It won’t be exposed. It won’t be exposed right!?

Speaking of, the quality and price of this is better than the dagger knife from before…

I don’t get it.

“Ryuuto Shinzaki!”
“Tamaki Karasawa!”
“Aoi Isogai!”
“Inori Takafuji!”
“All right, everyone is here right? I’m Iziana Itse, the Rising Sun Kingdom’s Captain of the Knights’ Order, and I’ll be instructing your martial arts training. Iziana, Izi, or even Captain, call me whatever you’d like.”

The next day, our martial arts training started.

Ryuuto and Aoi seem sleepy. They couldn’t fall asleep?

Well, in this situation, it’s impossible to sleep soundly.

On the other hand, Tamaki had a refreshed face. How shameless of you.

By the way, I am also sleep deprived. Well actually, not because I’m nervous but because of my race.

As expected of the nocturnal. I couldn’t sleep because at night I couldn’t get sleepy at all but when it became daytime, I got sleepy immediately.

Even now, my eyes are only half open. But, the training grounds are outside so I’m receiving abundant direct sunlight. My head hurts.

The Captain of the Knights’ Order in front of my eyes is a woman. As part of her armor, she’s wearing a skirt; it looks like it's some dress armor.

Her long, beautiful blond hair is tied into a ponytail behind her. Her eyes look sharp but her smile is super beautiful. I don’t know if it’s because her chest is resting above her armor but it’s an ordinary size. It’s wonderful.

Apparently she’s 171cm tall. For a girl, she’s quite big. She’s a head taller than Tamaki and Aoi, and between her and 172cm Ryuuto there isn’t much of a difference.

And also, this is definitely the Absolute Eye Measurement’s power.

Even though she’s supposed to be a Knight doing a lot of manual labor, what’s with her  pretty white skin and soft looking hands? Is this the power of magic?

Still, how is the country’s Captain of the Knights’ Order a girl?

If it’s a fantasy, then I guess it’s possible though. I wonder if this is also an effect of the country’s economic crisis.

Or is this also a mental tactic?

“Well then, let's start the training. You two girls appear to have a talent in magic but I’ll have you also learn the basics of martial arts, alright?
“Originally speaking, we would start from muscle training but it looks like the three of you don’t need it.”

Yea, because they have inhuman statuses.

“Hence, Ryuuto, Tamaki, Aoi, I’ll have you all learn the elementary martial arts briefly, and afterwards, have you take the form of the one you choose that fits you the best. I’ve brought over some strong people from the 『War Maiden Squad』 so accept their one-on-one training.”

There’s something like the War Maiden Squad? Is it like a female knight troop?

“And also, Inori will start with muscle training. I’ll have you reach an average soldier’s ability at the very least.”

Muscle training huh.......

I’m sleepy. Let’s run away.

“I’ll be monitoring you personally. Properly make an effort!”

I… can’t run away… from the … Captain of the Knights!

“HEY! Inori! It’s not time to sleep!!”

…. Ah!

Oh no, oh no. It looks like I accidentally fell asleep again.

“Start again from zero. You need to properly touch your chin to the ground! It’s only a hundred push-ups! Hurry up and finish it now!”

Ahhh, the lack of sleep, headache, physical weakening, the triple whammy is insane you know.

“If you can’t even do 30, you’re beneath Aoi and Tamaki.”

Don’t compare me to those inhuman stats.

By the way, the three heroes are learning two-handed swordsmanship. They already mastered practice-swinging and are now entering hands-on instruction.

Even without divine protection, they still could compensate for it with their developmental ability or original talent.

I tried appraising the three and their statuses appeared.

Arasaki Ryuuto
Human Race, Different Dimension Human
Rising Sun Kingdom Hero

HP 1023/1024
MP 1056/1056
STR 1523
VIT 1249
DEX 1115
AGI 1098
INT 1078

Divine Protection
《Limit Breakthrough》

Karasawa Tamaki
Human Race, Different Dimension Human
Rising Sun Kingdom Hero

HP 895/896
MP 8962/8962
STR 762
VIT 853
DEX 1508
AGI 756
INT 3568

Divine Protection
《Magic Power Fellowship》

Isogai Aoi
Human Race, Different Dimension Human
Rising Sun Kingdom Hero

HP 562/563
MP 6082/6082
STR 563
VIT 1432
DEX 874
AGI 593
INT 2430

Divine Protection
《Barrier Magic》


Speaking frankly, it’s not much different from my nighttime stats.

Rather, I think I’m on the losing side.

Well, my level will rise anyways right? I’m not that frustrated about it.

“Stop looking away!”

In the end, I was hit by the Captain.

So cruel. Even my mom hasn’t hit me once!

Iziana Itse
Human Race, Human (Mixed Blood 1.5% Elf)
Rising Sun Kingdom Captain of the Knights’ Order

HP 512/512
MP 4562/4562
STR 765
VIT 659
DEX 10032
AGI 1523
INT 9637

Divine Protection

Hero, Mixed Blood, Traitor, Master of Military Arts

Captain also has quite monster-like stats too.

Speaking of, even if it’s a little, there’s a bit of elf blood mixed in huh.

Her high amounts of MP, DEX, and INT are amazing.

In a world with no levels, it might’ve required the dexterity and magic stats to increase.

I wonder if there’s a way to increase magical power. Or is that because of her elf mixed blood?

And also, her title…

“Stop idling around!”


“Ryuuto, Tamaki, Aoi!”

Suddenly, the leader called out to the three heroes.

Oh, is my muscle training over

“Inori, continue.”
“Well then, you’re beginners in respect to swordsmanship, no, actually you should be around intermediate level. So, to conclude today’s training, I’ll have you fight with me one-on-one.”
“With you, Leader?”
“Ahh. I should say in advance, my physical strength is lower than you guys you know? I also won’t be using strengthening magic. If you lose to my current level, you should feel some shame.”

That’s impossible right.

It smells strongly of an event where you fail a part of the tutorial.

Ryuuto’s face is turning pale, you know?

“Well then, first is Ryuuto. You can come at me however you like.”

Captain stood in the middle of the training grounds, assuming a stance, holding her sword with both hands.

It looked amazing to my untrained eyes. So this is the martial arts’ expert level.

In comparison, Ryuuto was trembling. He’s probably super nervous.

“Get a grip! It’s a training sword! It’s a blunt edge so there won’t be any serious injury dealt to both parties.

Ryuuto was still stiff but focused his gaze on the captain.

With his serious expression, he’s pretty good looking.


Ryuuto swung his sword downward from an overhead position.

It looked like he was just using his strength but it also looked like he was following the proper overhead to downward swinging form.  Probably.

If he wins in terms of stats, then instead of relying on technique, he’s going with a strength battle. I think that’s a good decision.


But the Captain easily fended off the attack. With a flawless movement at that.

Ryuuto seemed to understand that and maintained his stance.

Using exactly the form he learned, he kept attacking with his high physical strength stat but the Captain evaded it all with minimal movements and continued to fend his attacks off.

Such an unbothered face.

In comparison, Ryuuto was…

… What’s with this dude? He’s smiling?


For some reason it felt like Ryuuto’s speed was becoming a bit faster.

Does this fellow also now have the makings of a combat enthusiast?


Ryuuto lifted his sword up with all his strength and…

Ah, that’s a feint.

In the middle of swinging his sword downwards, he changed the trajectory and swung with his second attack.


For the first time the Captain dodged back to a great extent.

He swung without much strength but with his high stats, even that was enough of an attack for a regular person.

The Captain’s lips formed into a smile and she started laughing.

“Well then, this time I’ll attack first!”

Captain, who was just before only receiving attacks, went on the offensive.


Ryuuto was somehow receiving the Captain's nonstop attacks but he couldn’t fend them off easily like the Captain did. He was just randomly defending.

In the next instant, the Captain pointed her sword at the back of Ryuuto’s neck.

“It’s over.”

It looked like Ryuuto just noticed that there was a sword pointed at the back of his neck.

“Uwa, I didn’t see the last part at all. What happened?”
“I don’t know”

It seems like Tamaki and Aoi also didn’t see what happened.

The Captain’s last attack was the same as Ryuuto’s feint.

It looked like the Captain was using all her strength with the sword but she changed the trajectory as she swung it down, and pointed it to the back of Ryuuto’s neck.

And even more, unlike Ryuuto’s reliance on strength, the Captain’s second attack used her entire body; it was an effective attack.

If the Captain didn’t stop her sword at that moment, Ryuuto’s head could have been separated from his body.

From my untrained eyes, the Captain was quite strong. Or rather, really skilled. Especially with distractions or stuff.

If it’s like this, it’s right that she took up the position of being Captain of the Knights. I’m sorry for being rude before.

Speaking of, Captain is also amazing but 《Magic Eye of Vision》 is pretty awesome too.

I could see all the attacks clearly. Even the details of Captain’s movements.

Isn’t this extremely advantageous for battles? By the way, when Captain made a big dodge, her skirt lifted and I could see her underwear for a second. White, huh.

“...I’ve lost…"
“No, your moves were good. Your last attack took me by surprise. I was sure that you were going to do a reckless strength-oriented attack. In a good sense, you betrayed my expectations.”

Relying on strength and recklessly attacking would be a losing flag.

And so, today’s martial arts training came to an end with Tamaki and Aoi also completely defeated by the Captain and me, who fell asleep, scolded by the Captain.

After eating lunch, it’s time for magic and classroom lectures.

It seems like the teacher is that cheeky princess. Putting magic aside, will the lectures be alright? At a glance, I can only see her as a middle or elementary schooler though.

I wonder if we’ll need to be super grateful to her again.

[T/N: In case y'all don’t remember, she kept telling them to be grateful to them before in prologue 2 part d]

--- Author’s Note ---

I’ve attached a scene of the aftermath of the fight with the Knights’ Order’s Captain.

I added the requirement for them to be a virgin when someone becomes a vampire from《Bloodsucking》.

Translator Note:

Sorry if things sound too rough/awkward. :’D I tried to imitate the vibe the MC was saying stuff with but I’m still too noob with translating ahhh. (Also realizing, wow my english sucks even though it's my first and only language I’m “fluent” in lol...)