Novel Wars

Aobara-hime no Yarinaoshi Kakumeiki Ch. 5-17

“But, you know, Clo. You’re bad! The next time we meet, you better treat me to some good food. Be ready!!”


From the outside of the castle walls, Edmond angrily pointed right at Clovis and yelled. While those around the two laughed at this conversation, Alice’s heart beat loudly.

She wasn’t the fictitious Alice but Princess Alicia.
Yet, this boy called her his friend.

“Lady Alicia~!”

“Mr. Clo!”


The guardian bowed, and as the children all shouted, they looked up at her and waved. In response, Alicia was about to burst into tears. She hid in the stone wall’s shadow and covered her face.

Her aide was beside her and softly smiled.

“You said you weren’t any good with the citizens. But, it doesn’t look that way, now does it?”

“...You knew this and still let me cry?”

“I believe a retainer’s duty is to have their master mature and blossom.”

He placed his hand over his chest and respectfully answered before looking at his master with his purple eyes.

“You don’t command but gather.”

The screams and cheers of the laughing children and casual chatter between Robert and Edmond rode on the wind and blew between Alicia and Clovis. Even among this noise, the words spoken in the aide’s low voice sounded remarkably clear in the princess’ ears.

“You don’t reign from above but stand beside… To change the future where the people’s hearts are distant and the country falls to ruin, a sovereign like you is necessary.”

A strong wind blew, causing Alicia’s sky-blue hair to dance in the air.

She couldn’t look away from the young man with his black hair also blowing in the wind and standing in front of the setting sun. His sincere expression prevented her from glossing over the issue or evading the topic.

Strangely, Alicia’s heart was quiet and calm. The future of the country was entrusted to her. From the moment the star servant informed her, she knew she had to be prepared for that day to come deep in her mind.

Alicia wondered if she was fit for this task.

Her father, with his plump and amiable appearance making him approachable, was still a clever king whose broad-mindedness allowed him to read well ahead into the future.

The empress of the neighboring country, while being severe and terrifying, controlled her large nation with her overwhelming charisma and irreplaceable ability.

Alicia was surrounded by great people.

And, yet…

(But, I already decided that I wouldn’t turn a blind eye anymore.)

When she saw the children’s guardian’s face quickly turn pale at Sir Riddhe’s murmuring. When she was moved by Edmond opening his heart despite her tight fist trembling.

It was true that Alicia had once turned her eyes away from the citizens and failed to see that the country was headed to its demise. Nevertheless, the current Alicia could no longer abandon them.

She knew what she had to do.

Having her heart flutter from pure love and looking only at things that she liked and were beautiful.
She may no longer live like a normal girl who could enjoy those little things.

However, there was something she could do being born as the princess.
Because she already experienced a future of mistakes, she could choose what path to take.

Alicia muttered to herself in realization. She had long resolved herself.

“I’ll do it.”

From this spot overlooking the city dyed in the evening sun, she looked straight up, without any doubt, at her aide and showed a dignified smile.

Clovis deemed her as a strong person. She didn’t seem like she was 10 years younger than him, but this girl’s resolute expression was imposing and beautiful.

“I’ll become this country’s next ruler.”

But the princess shrugged her shoulders.

“I only knew a little bit of the future. I don’t have a superb mind on my shoulders, and I also don’t have any extraordinary skills.”

“That is needless worry.”

The black-haired aide’s graceful face broke into a perfect smile and promptly answered.

“Even if you were to reach an obstacle in your path, I will support you with everything I have.”


After giving a satisfied nod, Alicia looked into her aide’s face.

“I trust that you’ll do your job, my aide?”

“Yes, with pleasure.”

The sky gradually turned indigo as the first star twinkled.

This small princess and beautiful, young man had an unfortunate, fated encounter. These two once again moved the wheel of fate to change the future in the correct direction.