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O Pretends to be B For The Violent Admiral Chapter 9 - The Admiral’s Love Debt

Zhou Mingkai was taken aback.



Zhou Mingkai shook his head and laughed, “This… Don’t most people have one-to-one marriages? Only some royal families who needs more members will marry more than one.”

The ambassador laughed, saying, “Can the Admiral be compared with the ordinary people? The Admiral is an SSS Alpha, and the Empire’s war god. It wouldn’t be unusual even if he has ten Omegas.”


Face devoid of warmth, Lucas set his champagne glass heavily on the table and said coldly, “Ambassador from Luobing, are you an Alpha?”

The ambassador paused and nodded, “Yes.”

“Then what do you take Omegas as?” Lucas’ tone has always been fierce and unrelenting, which can scare people without doing anything more.


“Omegas are already rare. With people like you around, they will be rarer.” Lucas sneered. “Preying on the weak, what capabilities can an Alpha who look down on Omegas possess?”

“I.. That’s not what I meant. Admiral, you have misunderstood me.” The Ambassador tried to laugh it off and changed the subject. The others helped to smooth things over.

Lucas did not see any point in staying longer, so he got up and left.

“Hey, wait……!”

Zhou Mingkai said his goodbyes to the others one by one, then chased out and stopped Lucas in front of the aircraft.

“Where’s Secretary Luo?” Seeing no one around Lucas, Zhou Mingkai asked curiously.

Lucas bared his teeth and said, “Why are you looking for him?”


Zhou Mingkai paused, touched his nose and said, “Ah, I was just asking. I wouldn’t dare to make a pass at your secretary. Just that such a beauty is a feast for the eyes.”

A friend’s wife should not be trifled with!

Lucas warned coldly, “Do not look at him.”

Zhou Mingkai, “…”

All right.

Luo Ran had earlier informed Lucas that he will be returning to the rest room to retrieve some official documents that was left behind, and had told Lucas to take a rest first in the aircraft.

But Lucas will not say that, stubborn as he was.

“I came after you as I wanted to give you something.” Zhou Mingkai smiled, and presented a pouch.

“I just came back from Star XN189 recently. I picked up a treasure when I went to their market. It’s very expensive, but I think you will like it very much.”

Zhou Mingkai smiled conspiringly and flatteringly.

He has recognised Lucas as his brother since military school so that he will be under Lucas’ protection, and he has offered many gifts since then.

Lucas raised his brow and looked at Zhou Mingkai with hands in pocket, as if waiting for him to present his offerings.


Zhou Mingkai took out a glass case from the pouch. In the dome-shaped clear glass, there was a wooden branch with a flower wrapped around it.

Clusters and clusters of little purple petals were protected in the glass.

“It is your favourite wisteria flower.” Zhou Mingkai smiled with teeth showing, “It’s said that this is a very rare preserved specimen, but you can’t tell that it had already withered in the glass case. Isn’t it special?”

Indeed, the colours of this flower was more vibrant than normal wisteria flowers, and looked lively even though it had passed its’ time.

Lucas sniffed coldly, “As an Admiral, how can I like this kind of girly things!”

Zhou Mingkai played along and said, “Okay then, I will take it back and throw it away.”


Lucas reached out and said fiercely, “Isn’t it expensive? I’ll just take it.”

“Sure!” Zhou Mingkai presented it with both hands.

Holding the preserved wisteria flower, Lucas could not help but look at it more. The flower protected by the glass case looked impossibly beautiful and dreamy, like romance frozen in time.

To tell the truth, he was really not interested in girly things, but this was a wisteria flower, and a special one at that.

“Ah, as a domineering A, how can the Admiral like wisteria flowers and white tea essence?” Zhou Mingkai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and said, “It isn’t like you to be so soft.”

“Get lost.” Lucas turned and left mercilessly.

Lucas kicked up his legs in the aircraft, lost in thoughts as his fingers gently rubbed against the smooth glass surface.


At the other end, Luo Ran had said that he was returning to the rest room to retrieve documents, but he had another goal.

“Se- Secretary Luo?”

Luobing’s little price – Andika was still at the banquet’s buffet table eating with a small plate in hand.

Due to scarcity of food resources, residents of Luobing mostly eats nutrient supplements or compacted rations. But the Empire was different and likes to prepare exquisite food. They not only inherited the recipes of ancient Earth, but also created more, being able to use an ingredient in 365 ways.

“Your Highness.” Luo Ran bowed respectfully.

Andika was already a timid person, and with the recent scare, he turned pale and took a few steps back upon seeing Luo Ran.

“Do not be afraid, Your Highness. I am here to ask a favor of you. Can you help me?” Luo Ran spoke gently and took a deferential stance, which eased Andika’s tension.

He was a prince nevertheless. Andika took a deep breath and said while clenching his plate, “Ah, you may ask.”

Luo Ran smiled and said, “I heard your conversation with the princess just now, that rumor has it the Admiral eats human flesh on the battleground. I want to know where did you hear it from?”

Andika: “……”

Andika felt like crying again.

Oh no, what kind of maniac is this secretary? He had only spoken one sentence casually and an investigation is warranted?

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to speak ill of the Admiral, I…… I……”

“Don’t worry, Your Highness. I’m really just curious and do not have any intention to pursue this.” Luo Ran also took a plate and placed some food carefully on it, easily and quickly arranging an appetizing platter.

“Even if I am to investigate further, it will not implicate Your Highness. You are just forwarding the information.”

Luo Ran handed the plate to Andika and said with a smile, “These are the Empire’s specialty desserts, which I find delicious. Don’t miss out on them.”

Andika was surprised and a little happy.

He was having difficulty in choosing from all the food on the long table.

“Thank you……” Andika took the platter. Sneaking a peek at Luo Ran, he spoke in a low voice, “I saw it from the Empire’s forum…… I spent some time looking through the forum as my sister and I were coming here.

“I see. Can I take a look at that post?”

Andika turned on his terminal cooperatively, found the post in the browsing history, and handed it to Luo Ran.

After Luo Ran memorized it, he bowed again, “Thank you very much, Your Highness. Have an enjoyable time here.”


After returning to the office with Lucas, Luo Ran clicked open the thread and read through carefully.

It was an anonymous post submitted a few weeks ago.

<Breaking news! The other side of Admiral Lucas that nobody knows of!>

–  Cruel and cold! Admiral Lucas eats human flesh, drinks human blood, and mistreats Omegas and Betas?!

Luo Ran: “……”

Luo Ran has never paid attention to public opinion on the internet because he knows that Lucas has very high standing in the galaxy as a hero. Even though he was known for having a bad personality, Omegas who wants to marry him can still gather a galactical long queue.

Therefore, Luo Ran never thought that someone will write such stories.

The author wrote quite well. Instead of blindly condemning, the author pretended to do a rational analysis and used a combination of praise and criticism. The author said that he was a staff of the Admiral’s company and knew more about the Admiral’s private life.

The post mentioned that Lucas was not only bad and blood-thirsty, he even eats human flesh and bullies Omegas and so on, describing Lucas as a demon.

The post was very long, and the author kept adding new updates, putting huge effort into maintaining it.

Fortunately, Lucas’ popularity was high, and most comments defended him.


3th post: Is the author delusional? Our Empire’s admiral is brave and fearless, how can he be the kind of person that you describe him as? Do you have a brain?

15th post:  I feel that what the author said makes sense…… The partners of the Admiral’s three arranged marriages have all fled. It proves that he will not be someone who is nice to Omegas and Betas. But no matter what, he is a hero. There is no point in digging into his private life? Even if he really despise and dislike Omegas, it is because he is too tough.

36th post: Cannibalism…… I think it’s a little horrifying? Hope that it is the flesh of  enemies……

106th post: To be honest, we owe the peaceful and comfortable life that we lead to the Admiral, so let’s not speak ill of him here okay?

Lucas’ fierce and blood-thirsty image was deeply-rooted, so much so that the public can laughingly use Lucas’ name to frighten crying children. Hence, such posts with orientation – pointing towards Lucas violent side can easily succeed.

While it will not affect Lucas’ popularity, Luo Ran still frowned slightly.

It will not be good if such negative news spread further.

Luo Ran called the Empire’s network administration department to check the IP address of the author.

The results were out quickly.

Looking at the contents of the email, Luo Ran was taken aback.

IP address: Capital of the Empire – West City – District A

Author: Nina Josephine

It was the Duke’s daughter who had just broken up with Lucas.

Luo Ran had a headache.

Even though it looked like a peaceful annulment on the surface, it was evident that she still was resentful.

Luo Ran shook his head and cancelled an afternoon appointment, intending to pay a visit to the young lady.

Lucas was on the way to the balcony to get some air. He saw Luo Ran put on a coat and it looked like he was heading out, so he asked causally, “Where are you going?”

Luo Ran did not want Lucas to know about the mess, so he said perfunctorily, “Heading off to deal with some work.”

Luo Ran looked at Lucas and asked, “Admiral, why did you dissolve the engagement with Miss Nina?”

Lucas thought for a good moment before he recalled who Nina was. He frowned and said, “She came to quarrel with me and said that she wanted to dissolve it. That was what I wanted too, so why not agree?”

“What was the quarrel about?”

“No idea, I forgot.”

Luo Ran said helplessly, “Can you try to recall again? She should have quarreled with you more than once.”

Lucas folded his arms and started to think. After all, it was more than one time, hence Lucas was able to recall after thinking.

“She came to ask me what she likes, and when I couldn’t answer, she started to get angry.” Lucas sneered, “How ridiculous, why do I need to remember what color she likes? And there were many strange dates too. How can I remember those dates, which are not National Day or Military Establishment Day? Does she think she is an examiner?

Luo Ran: “……”

“Okay, I understand now.”