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O Pretends to be B For The Violent Admiral Chapter 10 - The Admiral’s Fanfiction

Luo Ran took the aircraft to the Duke’s residence in the West District.

Upon hearing that it was the secretary of Admiral Lucas, Luo Ran was naturally turned away by Miss Nina.

Luo Ran stood in front of the main door. Looking at the two burly bodyguards in front of him, he said helplessly, “Please pass this letter to Miss Nina.”

Luo Ran had printed out the forum post directly.

Sure enough, Nina had no choice but to allow Luo Ran to enter after seeing the letter.

In the reception room, Nina was sitting and holding her pet dog. She looked at Luo Ran unkindly.

As daughter of a duke, Nina was also a spoiled young lady. She could buy several sets of the outfit that Luo Ran was wearing with just one necklace.

“Is Secretary Luo here to assign blame?”

“If I am here to hold you accountable, I would not have come alone.” Luo Ran sat straight, features still soft.

“Then what are you here for? To blackmail me?” Nina shot a contemptuous look at Luo Ran.

Nina’s sharpness was different from Lilia’s. Lilia was a rash princess, but this was a queen.

Luo Ran thought that with the lady’s pride, it must not have been easy to maintain the marriage contract with Lucas for so long.

Luo Ran paused and said, “I only wish for you to delete the post, and refrain from posting such articles.”

“Ha!” Nina sneered, “Who are you to order me? You are just a secretary.”

“Because I am the secretary of Admiral Lucas, and because I can blow this matter up.” Luo Ran leant back slightly and said, “If you are not willing to cooperate and work with me, it will be troublesome to really pursue this further. This is just a small conflict. There is no need for the Duchy and the Admiral to be involved.”

“You……!” Nina sneered and commanded the two bodyguards behind her, “Throw him out!”

Luo Ran frowned slightly.

“Secretary Luo.” The two bodyguards came up to Luo Ran, bowed slightly and said, “Please.”

“I still have unfinished business with Miss Nina.” Luo Ran shook his head.

One of the bodyguards frowned and reached out, about to use force.


What happened next left the two bodyguards stunned.

Nina was stunned too.

They saw Luo Ran move his hands and the bodyguard who was about to touch him…… was taken down.

Luo Ran moved so fast that no one even saw how he did it. They only saw the bodyguard grabbing his hand and collapsed in pain on the floor.

Luo Ran said apologetically, “My apologies, I have controlled my strength. Your bones won’t be injured.”

And Luo Ran had not moved from his seat on the sofa all the while.

The other bodyguard’s eyes widened and he attacked forward in disbelief. Luo Ran turned his body to avoid while still sitting and accurately hooked his leg at the flaw in the bodyguard’s stance.

The bodyguard lost his balance and Luo Ran used the chance to take him down.

Easily putting down two Alpha bodyguards that were twice his size.

Luo Ran was taught by Lucas personally. Not many people can hurt Luo Ran, aside from Lucas himself.

Stunned, Nina looked blankly at Luo Ran.

With perfect composure, Luo Ran lowered his eyes and said, “Miss Nina, I ask for you to cooperate with me.”

Nina was in the wrong for attacking first, so now Luo Ran was taking a tough stance. No matter what, Nina has to talk to him.


Nina thought, this…… is pretty attractive?


Nina paused, sat upright and sneered, “Say what you want!”

Luo Ran repeated his warning, and said smilingly, “Even though the Admiral has a bad temper, isn’t romantic, and likes to look down on people……”

Nina almost could not stop herself from nodding.

Luo Ran said, “Regardless, he is an Admiral who is accustomed to fighting and the battlefield.”

“So what!” Nina pouted, saying, “Does that mean he can treat me, a Duke’s daughter, like a dog?”

“He didn’t, he was just……” Luo Ran paused and asked, “Miss, what were you doing when you were 13 years old?”

Nina paused, frowning, “In school, where else? I didn’t understand much at that age, and I don’t remember much.”

“Yes, I was in school at age of 13 too. Squabbling with my classmates, trying to get the upper hand.” Luo Ran smiled and said, “I was bullied often as a child, being ugly and useless.  I was very sad at that time, like the world was just that tiny.”

Surprised, Nina could not believe it.

It can’t be true?

Luo Ran looked so capable.

“It’s true. Enough about me now……” Luo Ran smiled, “Let’s talk about that Admiral with a bad personality. He had been in the battlefield since 13, already facing life and death.”

Nina froze.

“Perhaps Miss Nina may think that eating human flesh is a story you crafted, but in extreme situations, perhaps it may be true. Of course, it will be in the event that all beasts, insects and grass have been eaten.” Luo Ran spoke slowly, “At that time, the Empire was not peaceful like now. Star pirates, neighboring countries…… it was turbulent times. From the age of 13, he has been in the battlefield with his uncle. Every day, he was in an environment where he could lose his life any time. Every day, he has to face the passing of his comrades. Finally, you must know as well. The Admiral’s uncle —— the former Admiral died too”

“So, the Admiral is different from us. He understand what we don’t. But a lot of what we understand, he doesn’t.

Nina lowered her head, silent.

“That is why I don’t want anyone to use this to gossip about him.” Luo Ran smiled and said, “I am a Beta, you are an Omega. We do not go to the frontlines. It is people like Admiral who are standing at the most perilous place to protect us. How is it possible for him to despise Omegas? He is the one protecting them.

Nina turned her head, silent.

After a long pause, Nina said, “I’ll delete it later.”

“Thank you.” Luo Ran smiled, saying, “But he really is not a romantic.”

“Isn’t it.” Nina said resentfully, “After so much difficultly to arrange a date with the instigation of the Marshal’s wife, he had the audacity to fall asleep!”


“Do you know that he doesn’t even remember what I look like! I went to look for him before and he asked me who I am!”

“……” Luo Ran helplessly said, “I understand…… He can’t even remember what he ate yesterday.”

Unexpectedly, Nina and Luo Ran chatted the entire afternoon.

To the point of almost becoming sisters.

Of course, the friendship of Omegas always start from —— complaining about someone.

They both had deep grievances.

Towards the end, Nina wanted Luo Ran to stay for dinner, but naturally he refused. If news got around, it would not be pretty.

Before he got on the aircraft, Luo Ran stood by the door and apologized again, “I’m sorry, I will send you delicious desserts next time.”

“Okay.” Nina smiled.

Watching as Luo Ran turned around to leave, he looked slender from the back. His silver hair was gently blown up by the evening breeze. Perhaps feeling that silver was too monotonous, the crown and hair ends were dyed with a little ocean blue, which made it more beautiful. Nina giggled and said to her maidservant, “Ah, was the Admiral’s secretary originally this handsome?”

“Miss……” The maidservant said, “You used to really dislike him.”

“I disliked him because the Admiral treated me like a dog, but not him. Who does he think he is?” Nina pouted, saying, “The Admiral even wanted to buy green tea cakes that he likes for him during our date. What does he take me for.”

“But I understand now……” Nina lowered her eyes and smiled, saying, “Because the secretary is good to the Admiral, so the Admiral is also willing to be good to him.”

Lucas is the war god, the most powerful existence in the Empire. But Luo Ran was trying his best and working hard to protect him.


Wait a second?

Nina and the maidservant looked at each other.

So, the Admiral did not even remember who she was, but he remembered that Luo Ran likes green tea?



After returning to the company, Luo Ran saw that the post has been deleted.

Nina’s user id in the Empire’s forum —— Nana had opened another post to clarify. But she was very smart. She did not beg for forgiveness as if being forced to do so by the government, but instead said that she had written the post for fun and not to take it seriously.

An event that very likely could have caused trouble was thus resolved silently.

But, as the saying goes, just one thing after another.

Nana opened another new post.

<Yunluo+Xiaoxiang’s newest novel in hot progress!!>

<Admiral x Secretary> Cruel General’s Beloved Pet: Charming Secretary is a Little Naughty!

Introduction: Secretary babe don’t you dare escape!

Luo Ran: ……????