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Cannon Fodder Counterattack System Chapter 31

Translator: Callis

"What is the meaning of this?!" Huang Dezheng suddenly grew angry, looking at Su Yibai with blood-red eyes.

Su Yibai had clearly been frightened by his reaction, his small face pale and drained of blood. Feeling wronged, he sobbed: "I wanted to help you! Rong Shi is a large company, if you work there......"

"You just want to insult me, don't you?!" Huang Dezheng was so angry that he became even more aggressive, his fists tightly clenched and the veins in his neck bulged. Though he made an effort to restrain himself, he couldn't stop the humiliated rage in his heart. With the addition of pent-up frustration, he immediately exploded: "Speak! How do you know Rong Buping?!"

The memory of the pain and despair of that night suddenly exploded in Su Yibai's mind, his pale complexion suddenly turning white. Thinking of what he had subconsciously concealed in the past few days and his deal with Rong Buping, he opened his mouth; he looked at Huang Dezheng with a panicked expression and stammered, speechless.

Seeing the other's frantic expression, he connected it to what a colleague secretly told him. Someone specially had the school take care of Su Yibai's matters. Huang Dezheng's expression became even more dreadful. His recent suspicions were finally confirmed. His gaze gradually grew despairing and resentful and he spoke in a gloomy tone: "So it's like this! What, now that you see that I can't take care of you, you immediately climbed onto another man?"

Su Yibai opened his eyes in disbelief: " could you say something like that?!"

"Get out!" Huang Dezheng didn't have the patience to listen to his explanation. He angrily shouted: "Seeing you makes me feel dirty!"

Those heavy words struck Su Yibai's face, instantly turning it ashen. He wanted to reach out to grasp Huang Dezheng's hand, but it was ruthlessly flung aside. Startled, he staggered back into the table behind him where an unbearable pain suddenly erupted.

Seeing his sorry figure, Huang Dezheng no longer held the warm, honeyed feelings of the past. When he thought of how the person in front of him had humiliated him, he wished he could tear the other to pieces!


Su Yibai couldn't hold back the tears in his eyes. Upset, he angrily looked at the man, who had an expression filled with disgust. In the end, he couldn't suppress a loud sob and he rushed out the door.

Huang Dezheng looked at the door that had been harshly flung open with completely bloodshot eyes. He thought of what Su Yibai had just looked like, crying and running outside, and felt as if he had finally unloaded a heavy burden from his shoulders. Unexpectedly, his heart felt incomparably light.

Leaving was also good...

Compared to the uninhibited passion that Pei Xiuning had lavished on him, Su Yibai was too unbearable!

Thinking of how Pei Xiuning had gotten angry when he happened to see him and Su Yibai in the middle of their "business", Huang Dezheng slowly calmed. With an inscrutable expression, he looked down at the house key in his hand. His heart was set.


Ye Sinian leaned against the kitchen door with his arms crossed, giving the pink apron wearing Pei Xiuyuan an expectant look. The other had a solemn expression as he dumped a plate of Sichuan pepper into a fryer.

The hot and spicy aroma instantly hit him in the face. Realizing the danger, Ye Sinian quickly covered his nose and tripped several steps backwards: "Jiayou! I won't bother you any longer! I'll wait for you outside!"

Pei Xiuyuan turned around and rushed out of the kitchen, giving several earth-shattering sneezes. Embarrassed and flustered, he looked over at Ye Sinian, who was hiding far away, and said: "Just wait! Isn't it just braised fish? I won't give up!"

Ye Sinian looked at Pei Xiuyuan, who was regrouping and rushing back into the kitchen to fight another three hundred rounds. His gaze inadvertently fell on the pink apron that he had stubbornly bought because of a flare up in poor taste. It seemed like he thought of an inappropriate scene, his expression turning strange and a 'hehe' escaping his lips.

Not knowing how to cook was also fine! In the worst case scenario...

Cough! Either way, he'd be fed!

Thinking of this, Ye Sinian's thin phoenix eyes couldn't conceal his interest. He was sure that the other was his lover from his previous life. Living by his side for so many years, how could he remember how the word "shyness" was written? Naturally, this time when sex comes up, he could do as he pleased.


Ye Sinian's steps towards the kitchen stopped and his expression twisted for a split second. After hearing the sizzling sounds and Pei Xiuyuan's unsuppressed curses from the kitchen, he turned around as if nothing had happened and turned around to sit back on the sofa.

Cooking was important, everything else could be postponed...sigh, postponed.

Pushing down his suddenly rising desire, Ye Sinian was extremely bored. He lay down on the sofa, casually pulling up the news on his phone.

News of the orphanage sent off massive shockwaves online; even now, the earthquake's aftershocks hadn't faded yet. However, regardless of how vile this situation was, people's attention would not stay for long.

The biggest story right now on the internet was about Rong Shi's shift of power.

The corners of Ye Sinian's lips quirked up into a smile, enjoying others' misfortune. Of course he knew about Rong Shi's earthquake. If there was an in-depth investigation, his gift would be following the earthquake.

He didn't know if it was genetic, but both Father Rong and Grandfather Rong had numerous mistresses and hordes of illegitimate children. Father Rong wasn't tough enough. Though his siblings hadn't succeeded in forcing him from the position of Rong Shi's heir, they had still taken a large amount of the power and wealth. Everyone lived well until Rong Buping entered Rong Shi after his university graduation.

Rong Buping and his gullible father were nothing alike. Perhaps because of his mother's early death or because he had spent his life abroad and had no time to build a relationship with his relatives, he didn't have a shred of patience for these messy cousins and siblings. When he entered Rong Shi, he didn't wait for others to bring him down, he boldly cut off the countless long claws.

This naturally provoked a lot of anger and they all went to their father to complain. For some mysterious reason, however, Grandfather Rong unexpectedly greatly enjoyed Rong Buping's display, so much that he blocked Father Rong, who wanted to help.

Rong Buping proved himself to be a family-wrecking, overbearing businessman. In a few short years, he not only sorted out the siblings and cousins so that they were obedient, he helped Rong Shi take a step ahead. After that, no one dared say anything.

Rong Buping never gave others face, and they could only hold their tongue and stew in their anger, obediently pretending to be a quail. However, resentment would accumulate. While Rong Buping's position was secure, naturally they couldn't do anything. Now, though...

If there was another outstanding person at this time, with the reality of Rong Shi's decline and the half subconscious sorrowful sighs of others who never wanted to instigate trouble but held eager could they resist?

With an eye on Rong Shi's steady decline, not only did Rong Buping need to respond to crackdowns and probing from the outside world, he also needed to deal with those ambitious cousins and siblings. He had long since been mentally and physically exhausted, but didn't have the time to take a breath. Even if he returned home, he needed to suppress his heart and comfort the heartbroken Su Yibai.

It was true, he and Su Yibai were together.

He had done so much for him, how could he let go of this opportunity? He had originally wanted to orchestrate their breakup, but he never would have thought that that man wouldn't treasure Su Yibai. Since it was like this, naturally he wouldn't be polite.

It was a pity that he really was too busy at the moment. He simply couldn't find the time to thoroughly undo the source of his pain.

Su Yibai heard the noise and immediately went out to greet him in his pajamas, excited. After he left Huang Dezheng, he was in pain and hesitant. He couldn't live in the dormitories and he didn't have the money for a hotel. He could only cry on the streets in despair. It was then that Rong Buping reached out a hand to him.

He had taken him home and given him warmth and someone to depend on. With these soft and tender feelings, his broken heart could feel the concentrated love.

Since he was together with him all the time these days, enjoying his tender comfort and constant intimacy, his injured heart slowly healed. Su Yibai's face quietly flushed. He actually started to respond to Rong Buping's intimacy. He swore that he had never had his face flush and his heart jump so much for another person.

Composing himself with great difficulty, Su Yibai shyly gave Rong Buping a hug with a red face. With a lowered head, he quietly said: "You've returned..."

The hug improved Rong Buping's anxious mood quite a bit. Unable to resist, he pressed a soft kiss to Su Yibai's lips, his large hand exploring underneath loose pajamas.

"En..." Su Yibai's body instantly softened. He reluctantly put a hand on Rong Buping's shoulder, gasping and allowing the man to freely touch...

After the deed was done, Rong Buping rubbed the marks on the soft body of the person that had been occupying his heart, while expressionlessly thinking of a way to navigate his future.

To settle Rong Shi's difficult problem, the old man unexpectedly decided to create an alliance with the Guan family via marriage. The Guan Family's little miss was a girl who had just graduated. Her family had taken care of her so she was innocent and untouched. If it had been placed in front of him before, he might have agreed to it, but now he had Su Yibai. How would he have the inclination to think of some other girl? Rong Shi's difficult situation also wasn't completely hopeless. As long as those people didn't try to control him, he would naturally be able to restore Rong Shi's glory.


Not only had Chen Rong had returned, he also didn't give him face and the small lackey was gone. The current Chen Rong's emotions had turned tender and soft, his methods of wooing were skillful and practiced. That girl's head was filled with unrealistic romantic fantasies, and unexpectedly tossed herself into his arms without hesitation!

Now, nevermind being cut off by someone else halfway down this path, his position in the family was shifting day to day. How could all of his accumulated power compare to people-pleaser Chen Rong's popularity?

If he continued down this path, he might not be able to hold onto his position as a powerful figure in Rong Shi!

The more he thought about it, the more irritated he became. With Rong Shi's subconscious strength, he very quickly hurt the exhausted and sleepy Su Yibai.

"It hurts..." Su Yibai drew out the sound with tears in his eyes.

"Sorry! I didn't do it on purpose!" Rong Buping quickly pulled his hand back, pressing distressed kisses to the top of the other's head. "Does it hurt a lot?"

"Not that much..." Su Yibai shook his head with a flushed face. "What are you thinking?"

"It's nothing." Rong Buping smiled and stroked his hair. "Even if I told you, you wouldn't know."

"Tell me! Having someone help is always good! Maybe I can give you some ideas!" Su Yibai blinked.

Rong Buping wanted to refuse, but after hearing Su Yibai, his heart suddenly moved and he thought: "Find someone to help?"


His chin resting in his hand, Ye Sinian watched the two men's final, their alliance negotiations.

Pei Xiuyuan had a mild and graceful smile on his face the entire time, as if the man in front of him wasn't someone who had once wanted to angrily kill him. With a smile on his face, he pushed the prepared terms for their negotiation over.

Rong Buping's expression was somewhat heavy. He suppressed the embarrassed anger in his heart and opened the files. When he saw what was written on it, his expression instantly changed.

"This is not possible!" Rong Buping angrily said: "If I agree to these conditions, how would it be any different from just giving Rong Shi away?!"

"It doesn't matter if you're willing."  Pei Xiuyuan's smile was charming: "Mr. Chen didn't think these terms were harsh at all."

"Chen Rong?!" Rong Buping complexion changed drastically and his heart instantly sank. His startled, angry gaze focused on the pleasant smile on the other man's face.

Chen Rong...He unexpectedly...unexpectedly already thought of asking Pei Shi to help?

"For what?" Rong Buping suppressed the matter and asked with a calm face, though his voice was a bit hoarse.

The smile on Pei Xiuyuan's face became even stronger and he stood up with a laugh: "Who in this world would want to be ordered around like a dog? Isn't Chen Rong's rebellion rather normal?"

Done speaking, his lips pressed down a smile that was half sorrowful and half ridiculing. He nodded, turned around, and left.

Having finally gotten revenge on him for once putting the nails in Pei Shi, the resentful Pei Xiuyuan smiled and pulled his bored lover, who was waiting outside, into his embrace.

"Sorry for the delay." Pei Xiuyuan gently kissed the corner of his lips and helped tidy his clothes. Only then did he casually wrap an arm around the other's waist, the pair speaking as they walked.

"I heard that that person went to your old apartment to look for you." Pei Xiuyuan pretended to be relaxed.

"Oh." Ye Sinian's lips twitched and he uncaringly nodded: "Where are we going to eat?"

Pei Xiuyuan caught onto his lack of inquiries and the nervousness in his heart finally dissipated. He couldn't push down his smile: "Relax, I heard that the restaurant is especially good, it definitely won't disappoint you!"

Ye Sinian raised his head and shot him a doubtful glance.

Being looked at with that kind of gaze, Pei Xiuyuan's face immediately flushed: "Even if I don't know how to cook, wouldn't I know how to eat?!"

"But I didn't say that." Ye Sinian shrugged, light gleaming in his phoenix eyes and betraying a crafty smile.

Pei Xiuyuan wasn't angry at all from his partner's mischief and gave the person in his embrace a hard squeeze. Only then could he vent his stifled feelings: " Let's go! Gege will take you to eat delicious food!"


Winter quietly arrived. Ye Sinian was wearing a form-fitting overcoat and taking quick steps out of the jewelry shop.

He patted the small box in his pocket, thinking of the man who always directed a disappointed daze towards his ring finger. Ye Sininan repeatedly pushed down a warm and happy smile.

Thinking of the expression that that person would have after receiving the gift, Ye Sinian's eyes curved and he coughed lightly into his fist to cover it up. Just as he reached the end of the sidewalk and wanted to walk across to the parking lot, his gaze accidentally fell on a certain man wearing flimsy clothing.

The smile in his eyes fell. Ye Sinian narrowed his eyes and after thinking, still walked over.

He didn't know if it was because of chills, but Su Yibai's complexion was almost bloodless. It was bitterly cold, and it seemed like he couldn't feel anything, like he was a wandering spirit standing in a corner with his head down.

Ye Sinian stood in front of him somewhat impatiently and said with a cold voice: "Do you want to kill yourself? Freeze to death?"

Su Yibai responded slowly, raising his head. When he saw who it was, tears suddenly trailed down his face and mumbled: "Buping, he...he got married, he doesn't want me..."

Ye Sinian raised an eyebrow. It had been a long time since he thought about any of them. He wouldn't have thought that plot would have progressed to this point.

According to the trajectory of the original world, Rong Buping really had agreed to marry someone in the middle, but it was to merge companies to snipe Pei Shi. Now, Rong Buping already wasn't the chairman of Rong Shi so why did he still want to get married?

Since he didn't understand it, he didn't give it any more thought. The original's fate had long since changed completely. He had not only exposed the source of the original's dark memories, he had also protected his family, found his precious love, and completed the counterattack mission. What protagonist, what supporting role? He no longer wasted time on them.

Ye Sinian carelessly nodded, looking the other up and down, seeing how the cold had turned his hands red and his body was trembling. He finally couldn't keep it in.

"What, there's no man to protect you so you can't keep on living?"

Ye Sinian raised an eyebrow, looking down on the other with a chin in hand. There was no emotion in his narrow, cold phoenix eyes.

Su Yibai flushed. At a loss for words, he didn't know what he could say to refute the other.

It was true, he was also a man. Why couldn't he rely on himself?

Even if his family situation was poor, how could he be like this? In this world, there were a lot of people who were worse off than him, why was he the only one who was mourning his fate? Why was he the only who felt like he couldn't live without someone to rely on?

Ye Sinian pulled back his hand in disgust and looked at him with narrowed, disdaining eyes: "Dodder flower."

He looked away, as if he was afraid of getting himself dirty and walked past the other.

Su Yibai dazedly sat on the ground, blankly rubbing his cheeks. He felt like he had been slapped in the face a few dozen times and was extremely shamed.

For NW! (。ò ∀ ó。)