Novel Wars

O Pretends to be B For The Violent Admiral Chapter 11 - The Admiral is Angry

To open or not to open, that’s the question.

Luo Ran looked at the screen in front of him like it was a million dollar contract.

Beside him, Rong Duo’s eyes were full of admiration.

Our secretary is the most attractive when working hard.

Meanwhile, Luo Ran was having an existential crisis. His views on existence and purpose in life were being reshaped.

Looking at the post’s statistics, there were such high click counts, comments and bookmarks……


People actually thought that he is a couple with Lucas? And even likes seeing them together? What kind of strange interest is this?

No, perhaps these people just likes the… superior-subordinate relationship between him and Lucas? or brotherhood of the Empire?

No…… Based on what he overheard previously in the company’s restroom, it was obviously that type of relationship.

Luo Ran thought that it was inconceivable.

Luo Ran’s index finger trembled slightly, and finally opened the post.


He, sometimes cold, sometimes violent. He, is the mighty Admiral Shura — Lucas K. Augustine Dior Gucci Prada!

He, sometimes gentle, sometimes scheming. He, is the multi-talented Secretary of the Empire’s mightiest Admiral — Purple Sprite Snow Ran!

He, is cruel to all Omega and Beta!

Until he met him, this damnably sweet secretary. He was just a Beta!

He, thought it was a hopeless love.

Until he came to him, domineering and cold, and his heart lived.

Purple Sprite Snow Ran: I love you, but I have to leave you.

Lucas K. Augustine Dior Gucci Prada: If you dare to run, I will kill you!

Why is our love so bitter, and yet so sweet?

Time flies, and things changed suddenly! Will you still love me?


Luo Ran: ……

He was uncertain of what he just saw.


Forget it.

Luo Ran turned off the screen expressionlessly, and coldly did not like the post.

Luo Ran mulled over this rationally, and concluded after much thought.

Mostly likely this is because everyone likes Lucas and dreams of marrying him, but the only person close to Lucas is me. Hence, they can only use me to achieve their dream?

Well, yes, that’s reasonable.

After all, there is nothing between him and Lucas. Moreover, it is impossible.

Luo Ran shook his head, cleared his desk and tided Lucas’ clothes before heading home with a small stack of documents.

At this timing, most people in the company had already left. Luo Ran has always been the last one to leave.

Lucas was sleeping in the company as usual, but Zhou Mingkai arrived when he was just about to rest.

Lucas was slightly disgusted. “Why are you here in the middle of the night?”

“Bro!” Zhou Mingkai stood by the office door, acting lovelorn, “I had a breakup!”

Lucas moved forward to close the door without batting an eye.

“Bro!!!” Zhou Mingkai grabbed the doorframe, “I’m here for business……!”


“Here, a tribute.” Zhou Mingkai raised the pouch in his hands pitifully.

Lucas raised his brow.

“It’s white tea wine, isn’t it surprising? It’s very special. Do you want to drink with me?”

Lucas said, “No.”

He did not have a habit of drinking.

“It’s white tea wine! Don’t you want to try such a special combination of tea and wine? I thought you like white tea?”

Lucas paused and said, “I’m not drinking, but give me the wine.”

Although that little bastard Luo Ran looks gentle and well-behaved, he loves to drink and doesn’t get drunk easily. This special wine can be kept for him.

Zhou Mingkai sat on the sofa, poured himself a cup and said, “I was dumped by an omega again.”

Lucas washed his face and prepared to rest, ignoring Zhou Mingkai.

He can’t be bothered. Zhou Mingkai is a playboy, and since he is already playing around, he deserves to be dumped.

“I thought this was an innocent omega. But who knew that he approached me because I was a prince. I thought he was greedy for my body. Instead, he was greedy for my money. I’m so disappointed.”

“I only pointed this out and next thing I know, I was slapped and dumped immediately 艹.”

Lucas sneered, “You deserve it.”

“……” Zhou Mingkai lamented, “Bro, you don’t know love. You are in no position to say this.”

“?” Lucas glared at Zhou Mingkai.

“Who will want to kill off their one night stand partner, right?” Zhou Mingkai shook his head and said with a smile, “But in your case, love or marriage was never in your life values for more than ten years. It is not surprising.”

Lucas sat down by the bedside, “Does drugging me have anything to do with love?”

“Yes!” Zhou Mingkai stood up to share, “Even though it was on purpose, it doesn’t rule out that the person did it because he likes or loves you. That is also possible, isn’t it?”

Lucas frowned slightly.

“Hey, why is making love called making love? It’s because there is love!”  Zhou Mingkai shook his wine glass and said, “Not everything is in black or white. How can feelings be so clear-cut?”

Lucas said coldly, “I’m going to sleep. Get lost.”

“T.T”, Zhou Mingkai left with his own bottle.

Silence returned to the office.

Lucas laid on the bed, frowning slightly.

To be honest, he has indeed never thought about love and marriage in his life, and never even had any dreams or expectations about it.

It was a blank here with him, which equates to non-existent.

But ever since he unknowingly slept with someone for a night, this ‘thing’ appeared as if from thin air.

A young alpha’s body can no longer be as silent as before undergoing the temporary marking.

Lucas thought, it looks like more inhibitors are needed.

The bottle of special white tea wine was placed at the bedhead. The incense of white tea curled up, accompanying the Empire’s pride into slumber.


——— XXXX ———

The next day, the grand conference between Luobing and the Empire officially opened.

The officials of the Empire and Luobing sat at the left and right side of the long table respectively. Given Lucas’ rank, his seat was just beside the lead position, and there was also a seat for Luo Ran who was not in the system.

The Empire’s lead, the eldest prince Zhou Mingyu, who was currently handling government affairs on behalf of the sick king, was naturally not agreeable to Luobing’s requests. Several ministers at the roundtable even displayed their displeasure directly.

Luobing was only a subsidiary country but they were trying to elevate their position with marriage to become an allied country, and reduce their supply of ore to the Empire at the same time.

The leaders of Luobing have always been belligerent. They look more well-behaved now only because they were defeated before.  

However, the Empire did not treat them harshly and food supply to them has never stopped or reduced. It wasn’t that Luobing could not afford the ore or that there were not enough resources, nor did they have no manpower to mine. They were just greedy and unwilling to follow the agreement.

Both sides discussed for a while. Finally Zhou Mingyu frowned and said, “How can Luobing ensure that UNK have value?”

If UNK does not have value, Luobing will have made a wasted trip, regardless of what terms are offered.

The expert from Luobing said, “Our research institution is not able to extract it, but we can measure the radiation and energy. The numbers are six times more than the ice mine! What does the concept of six times mean here, I think everyone present should be able to understand.”

It’s not simply an ore. It has potential to become a weapon.

“If the Empire doesn’t want it, then others will covet it.”

For example, the star pirates.

Star pirates have gradually grown to become a threat. They have their own base to attack Luobing’s ice mines for fuel, and have the ability to make weapons.

Zhou Mingyu frowned slightly.

Lucas did not participate or speak, but sneered upon hearing that.

Every outward-bound route of the Empire, whether for escorting goods, satellites or aircrafts, were all developed by Lucas one by one.

Ice ore and UNK were precious, but if the Empire didn’t want them and provide escort protection, he would like to see how Luobing can handle the star pirates.

Luo Ran knew what Lucas was thinking, but he has more concerns.

Yes, without the Empire’s protection, Luobing will be exposed to star pirates, but…… what if their trading partner changes from the Empire to the star pirates?

The eldest price must have similar concerns as well, and his words were measured.

The conference lasted for half a day, and it concluded with both sides each taking a step back. The Empire’s research institute will investigate UNK thoroughly and issue a detailed report before re-negotiation of the agreement based on UNK’s value.

Throughout the discussion, the marriage arrangement was frequently brought up by Luobing. The eldest prince demurred and said to let Luobing’s prince and princess spend more time with Lucas first, and then let the parties involved make their own decision without forcing an arranged marriage.

After it ended, Lucas and Luo Ran were on their way to the aircraft when they ran into a countess.

The well-dressed countess was always warm. When she saw Luo Ran, she first greeted Lucas, then clapped her hands in recognition, “It was the Admiral’s secretary! No wonder you looked so familiar?”

Lucas’s frowned slightly.

“You’ve met Luo Ran before?”

Luo Ran’s heart thudded.

Hiss. It’s over.

“Yes! Just yesterday afternoon too!” The countess smiled saying, “I was watering the flowers in my garden yesterday and saw Secretary Luo visiting my neighbour. I was curious who did the aircraft belong to. It didn’t look like the ones in our area.”

Face displeased, Lucas said, “Who is your neighbour?”

“Miss Nina!”

Nina and Lucas once had a marriage agreement, so the countess thought that Luo Ran had been tasked to negotiate some loose ends.

“I see.” Lucas smiled coldly.

Luo Ran: “……”

After the countess left, Luo Ran took a look at Lucas’ murderous face and said smilingly,

“Well, Admiral, I’ll leave first to…… Huh!”

Lucas dragged Luo Ran directly into the aircraft.

“Why did you look for her.” Lucas pressed his hand against the window behind Luo Ran, locking Luo Ran between the wall and his body.

“I……” Luo Ran stared at Lucas.

He did not understand why Lucas was angry. He also did not realise that he was feeling guilty.

“Tell me!”

Luo Ran: “……”

Why, why are you so angry!

“You told me you went home when I asked you yesterday.” Lucas’s tone dropped to the freezing point, “You lied to me.”