Novel Wars

O Pretends to be B For The Violent Admiral Chapter 12 - The Admiral pissed off Secretary Luo

Luo Ran looked at Lucas helplessly.

Is he…… being fierce or feeling wronged?

Lucas repeated his question, “Why were you looking for her!”

Fuelled by anger, the Alpha’s aura and pheromone unreasonably oppressed Luo Ran. Wrist gripped by Lucas and trapped in his arms, Luo Ran almost could not catch his breath. Anyone else would have surrendered and begged for mercy.

Legs weak, Luo Ran’s back slid down but both of his wrists were held above his head by Lucas, pinned to the wall.

“I hate people who lie to me.” Lucas said coldly, “You can’t.”

Luo Ran looked blankly at Lucas.

“I…… I won’t next time.” Luo Ran knew he was in the wrong this time.

It was a mistake. He had not wanted to bother Lucas with such trifle things, but the countess just had to be watering flowers in her garden, and just happened to meet Lucas and mention it.

“You have not answered me.”

Looking at the angry lion in front of him, Luo Ran took a deep breath and explained, “Admiral, I looked for Miss Nina only to resolve the misunderstanding between you and her. She has a grudge against you, and I wanted to clear things up.”

“Why is there a need to clear things up? Is an irrelevant person important?”


Luo Ran said, “She is a duke’s daughter with high status. If she holds a grudge and it snowballs larger in the future, it will cause a lot of trouble.”

“Is that important? Is it worth lying to me to look for her secretly?”

The alpha’s suppression made Luo Ran dizzy. Even so, he tried to explain clearly, “At best, rumours will spread everywhere. At worst, conflict between will arise between military and royalty. And I did not deliberately hide it, Admiral. If you ask, I will tell you.”

“And you talked to her all afternoon?!”

“…… Miss Nina and I just happened to talk about a common topic and became friends.”

“Ha! Secretary Luo sure is approachable.”

Luo Ran spoke impeccably. Lucas loosened his grip on him and sat down with a sullen face.

Taking a closer look, there was reluctance too.

Luo Ran gently massaged his wrists and moved to power up the aircraft and set the timer for automatic start, then turned to open the hatch.

Lucas stood up warily, “What are you doing?”

“I suddenly remembered that I left some documents in the conference room. You can head back first, Admiral.” Luo Ran smilingly turned to leave the aircraft.

“Luo Ran!” Lucas strode forward to stop him.

“Are you angry?”

Luo Ran smiled winningly and said warmly, “No I’m not, how can I be?”

Then “bang” the hatch was closed and the aircraft started and took off immediately. There was no miscalculation by Luo Ran at all.

Lucas: “……”

The little bastard!

The Empire’s pride online status is angry, and even wants to stomp his feet.

On the other hand, Luo Ran waited at the public station after getting off the aircraft.

He did not want to go back with Lucas who is having a tantrum. Don’t quarrel with him when he’s being unreasonable.

“Secretary Luo? Why are you here alone? Did you quarrel with the Admiral?” The aircraft of the eldest prince Zhou Mingyu happened to pass by. Upon seeing Luo Ran, he landed and walked personally towards Luo Ran.

Luo Ran could smell the alpha pheromone from Zhou Mingyu faintly.

Luo Ran took a discreet step back and said with a smile, “No, just that I am headed to a different destination.”

As the Empire’s temporary leader while the old king was sick, Zhou Mingyu was normally a steadfast person. His actions now were naturally considerate too.

“I see. Do you need me to drop you off?”

Zhou Mingyu glanced at Luo Ran and saw the tall man thinking with his head down, long lashes  lowered and mole at the corner of his eye.

The ponytail at the back of his head was neat and high, and the splash of blue at the tail-end made him look vibrant.

While Luo Ran did not have any earth-shattering beauty, people still felt that he was very comfortable to look at.

Luo Ran paused and rejected politely, “There is no need to bother your highness, transport will be arriving very soon.”

“There is no trouble. Where do you want to go?”

Luo Ran shook his head and said with a smile, “Thank you very much, but really is no need to trouble your highness. I am going to the military headquarters, which may not be convenient for your highness to go.”

Zhou Mingyu frowned slightly. It was indeed not convenient for him to go.

“Look, isn’t it here.” Luo Ran pointed to the aircraft and after bowing to Zhou Mingyu with documents in hand, went up quickly.

After sitting down, Luo Ran thought that the eldest prince was even more warm-hearted than before, after gaining authority. It was said that he often does charitable deeds and hidden patrols among the people.

Luo Ran shook his head. He was opening the terminal when he paused.

He just realized that there was a red mark on his left wrist. Upon closer look, the faint outline of a handprint could be seen.


Luo Ran thought that Lucas’s zodiac sign must be a dog.

But Luo Ran understood that Lucas did not mean to hurt him, just that his strength was stronger and harder to control than normal people. Moreover…… metal will tend to injure more easily than skin.

Luo Ran thought for a moment and switched the terminal to his other hand.

So Lucas and other people can’t see the mark.

Luo Ran was planning to go to the military headquarters when he received a report from the research institute.

UNK01 had been sent to the research institute after arriving in the Empire’s capital, and the report was out today.

The report was written by the director himself. It said that the institute had tried numerous technologies but was unable to refine it, and perhaps it had to be done manually.

And the tricky issue was, the institute had gotten alphas from grade S to E to try refining it, to no avail. The lower grades did not have the ability, while the higher grades had mental power that was too strong and destroyed the samples.

This was a headache.

Too fragile to withstand the mental power of higher-level alpha. At the same time, it was complicated as the refiner need to bypass countless layers and patterns to reach the core, which cannot be done by low-level alpha.

While for omega, only SS and SSS can refine ore. The remaining omega, even if S grade, can not do it. No matter what, omega were weaker after all.

But in the Empire, not to mention SS and SSS, even omega with S grade were rare. The institute cannot find someone on short notice. Hence, the research progress has hit a bottleneck. If the core could not be obtained, it can not be determined if Omega can refine it.

Luo Ran frowned slightly, fingers tapping at the terminal screen while thinking.

UNK was the key to the two countries’ contract. It was also an ore that could bring countless possibilities to the Empire.

It would be wrong if he still keeps his SSS mental power hidden at this time, but…… he also did not want to expose his identity.

Luo Ran lowered his eyes.

Lucas not only has mysophobia physically, but also mentally. He hates people lying to him.

When Lucas was hiring for the secretary position, he said that he only wants a beta. He did not want to place an alpha or omega who could go into heat any time by his side. Luo Ran was running out of options at the time and needing money urgently, he could only pretend to be a beta.

And the pretense continued for several years. There was no turning back and he could only continue.

After a moment of thought, Luo Ran give the institute an answer that can kill two birds with one stone.

Luo Ran: I know a friend with SSS mental power, but he is a recluse and does not want to meet people. If you can pass me a sample, I can ask him for help for you?

By right this would not be possible. The sample was important and how can the institute give it so easily to an unknown person.

But this was Luo Ran, the chief secretary of the Empire’s Admiral. With him vouching, it was possible to even obtain the institute’s confidential information.

After obtaining agreement from the institute, Luo Ran rose and changed the aircraft’s navigation.

Luo Ran’s thoughts were fully immersed in work, unaware that his superior was conflicted now.

“Zhou Mingkai.” Lucas called him upon returning to the office.

“Yes! I’m here!” At the other end of the terminal, Zhou Mingkai said loudly and firmly, “What do you have for me to do?! I will do it right away!”

Lucas’s tone was irritable, “I have a friend who had a quarrel with someone. How can the friend apologise discreetly?”


“Just apologise directly and admit the mistake? Secretary Luo is not an unreasonable person. If you talk things out, then it will pass.”

“……Who told you that it was about me and Luo Ran? Do you want to die.”

“Well, no, no! What I mean is, let your friend apologise for his temper and everything will be fine!” Zhou Mingkai knew that it must be Lucas in the wrong without hearing more.

Lucas opened his month, and in the end pressed the call off.

It was better to rely on himself rather than Zhou Mingkai.

Lucas rarely surf the internet, and the first thing he searched was “How to appease an angry person”.

The results came out and Lucas saw that someone asked this question in the forum.

—— I pissed off my Omega. What can I do to appease him?

Lucas thought, although Luo Ran was not omega, the question was similar anyway.

Lucas looked at the answer with the most likes.

—— There is nothing that can’t be resolved with a fight (T/N: in bed). If there is, then two fights. Fighting ♂♀

Lucas thought it made sense.

So Lucas called Luo Ran, tone sincere and firm.

“Luo Ran, have a one-on-one battle with me!”

At the other end, Luo Ran who was preparing to sleep: “…………”