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When A Destructive Wolf Joins An Escape Game - Chapter 4 Part 2- 1.4

  "Can you keep the dirty water away?" Gu Mozhi once again wiped the soles of his shoes clean while he asked casually, "If you can't, then don't come in."

    The female ghost pretending to be dead twitched slowly and reluctantly got up from the ground. She fearfully gave a glance at him and silently kept the dirty water on her body. Since then, she turned from a dripping fat person to a dry fat person.

     The female ghost is not very happy, but it is undeniable that she is indeed much cleaner this way.

    Gu Mozhi nodded in satisfaction and stepped aside: "That's right, you are a girl, how can you not love being clean? Come in."

       "..." The female ghost twitched the corner of her mouth, revealing a grim and reluctant smile. It unexpectedly make sense, there is no way to refute it.

     The little girl looked at Gu Mozhi with bright eyes, big brother is amazing!

      The female ghost stared at Gu Mozhi bitterly, but her feet did not stop and she walked straight into the house. As she walked, she turned her head, her gaze stuck onto Gu Mozhi's body. Even though she had already walked to the area in front of Gu Mozhi, her head had twisted a 180 degrees, she still refused to give up.

       Gu Mozhi directly ignored her bitter gaze and stood still in place, waiting for her mourning to end. He even licked his lips lightly, his heart full of anticipation for a big meal.

        Suddenly he felt a bitter cold, the female ghost shivered and withdrew her head swiftly, it was so fast that it made people wonder whether she would twist her neck.

    The female ghost walked to the coffin and stopped. A portrait of the deceased and an incense burner were placed here. She was silent for a while before she opened her mouth and asked in a hoarse voice gloomily: "Where is the incense?"

     The players were at a loss, what incense?

    The female college student was the first to react, the female ghost probably wanted to burn incense. She resisted the fear in her heart and was about to walk over to help the other party take it, but she heard Gu Mozhi impatiently saying: "It's already enough that your brain was flooded by water, were your eyes also soaked until they are damaged? The incense burner is beside you, you can take it by yourself. Your hand is still usable but you're not using it?"

     Why are there so many problems for just eating a meal, he wanted to quickly finish the process so that he can start. If it weren't for this being a part of the guest's mourning that he couldn't omit,  he wouldn't waste so much effort with food.

    The female ghost dared to be angry but didn't dare to voice out, she swallowed her pride and picked up the incense herself. She didn't even dare to be captious nor ask someone to light a fire for her, particularly obedient as she reached out to put the incense in front of the lit candle. When the incense burned, she quickly inserted it into the incense burner, she turned her body and immediately left.

   Just like that, this incongruous mourning was considered over.

    The players sighed a breath of relief and happily watched the female ghost leave. However, when things are about to end, there will always be a small mishap.

    The female ghost left unwillingly and reluctantly. Originally, she walked very fast, but when she passed by Gu Mozhi, she couldn't help slowing down, trying to use her sharp gaze to hack him to pieces. Unexpectedly, Gu Mozhi suddenly stretched out his hand and held her down.

    Female ghost: "???" You fucking dare to even touch me!

    If this can be tolerated, then everything else in the world can also be tolerated. She immediately stretched out her claws and scratched back. However, her speed was not as fast as Gu Mozhi, and thus was avoided.

     In a blink of an eye, Gu Mozhi smoothly fished out a bead from her dantian and stuffed it into his mouth without saying anything further. He chewed it and swallowed. The speed was so fast that the female ghost had not react at all.

[T/n: Keeping the 丹田, dantian in chinese pinyin sounds better than field of elixer, also I copied this from google but here

Dantian, or dan tian, translates from Chinese to mean “field of elixir.” It describes what's believed by some to be the seat of life force energy in the body. ]

     It was to the extent that the players in the distance did not see anything unusual. They only saw the female ghost walking to Gu Mozhi's side and slowed down. Immediately after the two scratched at each other. No one successfully scratched anyone, but the female ghost was stunned first.

  The players couldn't make head or tail of anything and didn't know what had happened.

  The female ghost was thoroughly dumbfounded and froze in place. She looked up at Gu Mozhi's mouth in disbelief, then looked down at her own stomach. It took a long time before she accepted the reality that had just happened.

   The dantians of ghosts will form a type of ghost bead, which are condensed from the resentment aura, yin aura, and other auras in the ghost's body. For a ghost, it was their source of power. For a ghost who had lost their ghost bead, even a normal adult girl can easily defeat them.

In the demon's cookbook, ghost beads that do not have the breath of purgatory are one of the most delicious dishes. Thus Gu Mozhi's so-called eating ghosts was actually just eating this bead. He has no interest in gnawing on the soul body of ghosts, nor can he swallow it.

 Now that the ghost bead of the female ghost had been eaten by Gu Mozhi, there is no possibility of getting it back. Her body trembled at once, she didn't know whether it was from anger or fright.

    Just when Gu Mozhi thought she would fight to the death, the ghost suddenly turned into a black glow and burst out of the mourning hall, disappearing instantly.

    "Huh?" The girl tilted her head, wondering what was going on.

    Gu Mozhi who ate and drank his fill yawned and pulled the little girl back to her previous position: "Okay, let's go to sleep."

   The female ghost has quite a good temper, the ghosts who were eaten by him in purgatory before will be so angry that they have a fight at the risk of mutual destruction with him. Even if they can't beat him, they must at least scratch him twice to vent their anger, which is unlike this one.

   Gu Mozhi estimated that there would be no more guests coming tonight, otherwise the difficulty of this newbie instance would be too high. One ghost in one night should be just about right.

[T/n: the old translator used copy, which is technically not wrong but nah. The chinese word is 副本, which means game instance in this context. What copy aiyaya]

    After a full meal, he could finally sleep at ease.

     Gu Mozhi was full of expectations for the future. He hadn't seen a ghost with such a pure ghost bead for a long time, it exuded a tempting food aroma and a fragrant aftertaste will be left at the lips and teeth after eating it. This is simply a treasure trove for demons and he will never leave until he is sick of eating ghosts.

   He hopes that there will be enough ghosts here for him to eat.

    Without a ghost bead, ghosts will slowly turn back into a normal soul, and those without sins can be reborn directly and those with sins would go to hell for atonement . Therefore, Gu Mozhi did not feel any pressure when he eats, even feeling that he was doing something good, he was basically finding pleasure in helping ghosts.

   He didn't know that at this moment, the swollen female ghost was holding the thigh of the game master god while complaining tearfully.

   They already come to an agreement she would go to the Abyss Game from purgatory, and after working for the main god for a hundred years, she could reincarnate into good fortune. Great, now that she lost her ghost bead, what will she do with the fourteen years left? Without a ghost bead, she can't even beat a little girl, how can she still work? If she can't have a good fortune in her next life, who will reimburse her for her mental damage? !

    The main god had a headache, and helplessly rubbed his temples: "Wait, I'll check the details of that player."

     Those who can eat ghost beads are definitely not normal humans, they are probably also a purgatory creature. He had to go to the person in charge over the purgatory, have a good chat about life and discuss about the issue of compensation.

   " Sob.. sob... sob.. "

[T/n: It's literally “嘤嘤嘤” which translate to sobbing, but the pronouciation is yingyingying,  who cries like that?? so deal with the sob sob sob]

    "...Don't howl anymore, the one who ate you is probably a purgatory demon. If you have the ability, go and howl in front of him."

  The female ghost stiffened and disappeared instantly.

    You should have say it earlier, it turned out to be His Excellency Demon. If she had known earlier she would not rush to deliver herself on a platter, now it is too late to regret.

[T/n: 早说嘛,原来是位恶魔大人。早知道她就不凑上去送菜了,现在后悔也来不及。Translating makes me big brain, aka suffering]

   She didn't dare to seek compensation from Gu Mozhi anyway. After all, demons just didn't like to eat the soul body of ghosts and monsters, it doesn't mean they couldn't eat them. If she takes the initiative to deliver herself to the door, she will probably be chewed and eaten clean.

  It was finally quiet, the main god let out a long breath and quickly sent a message to the purgatory side, asking them to investigate the demon that they had recently lost. According to principle, demons will not leave Purgatory, nor can they find a way to leave. Therefore the missing person will be found out easily. He just needs to sit and wait for the result.

The author has something to say:                                                                                  Xiao Gong is about to go online 233333 (well, going online in the second instance _(:з」∠)_                                                                                                                             God of the game: Pay money!                                                                                  Goddess of Purgatory: No money! Don't find me! Whoever that ate it should pay! Xiao Gong: much, I will pay.

[T/n: well Xiao Gong is 小攻,which is basically well, I'm sure ppl who read bl novels should know...if not, then go search up gong and shou]