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Everyone is Secretly in Love with Me Chapter 20 - Meeting a very very close friend.

(Also slang for: A meeting of a gay partner)

Towards this immortal sword, it had a certain charm. Even when Lin Zhizhi had previously criticized the sword spirit, he couldn’t help but admit it.

More importantly, this was a divine sword.

In the entire cultivation world filled with immortals, there were only a handful of such swords. Some were hidden away from the world, and some were in places that could be seen but could not touch.

Like this Ten Thousand Sword Cave. Throughout the years, countless young talents had arrived to train and there had also been young immortals who experienced hardships, had seen Xuan Hua’s divine consciousness.

Even so, there was no one worthy in Xuan Hua’s eyes. No one, no matter how outstanding the youth was, could win his approval. A certain arrogant cultivator genius once said: No one in this world can pass the last hurdle!

It was exactly as he said. The protector flower bloomed and wilted, having the immortal sword to always remain in the Ten Thousand Sword Cave.

It wasn't until Lin Zhizhi became Xuan Hua's first disciple that this immortal sword ushered in its first master.

Lin Zhizhi placed his fingers on the tip of the sword, sliced and squeezed out enough blood to drip onto the blade. On the immortal sword, a dark glow circulated, and the drop of blood disappeared in a blink of an eye. Lin Zhizhi immediately crossed his legs to sit, circulating his spiritual qi and began to refine the sword.

With his cultivation base during the Qi refining period, it was extremely difficult to refine the excalibur. But fortunately, there was a sword spirit loyally sticking to his side, allowing the refining speed to be considerably faster.

About half a day later, the black excalibur that hung in front of the young man screamed. It circled excitedly in the air, and flew to Lin Zhizhi's hand.

Lin Zhizhi was a little emotional. He raised his hand with that excalibur. Slashing out with his sword aura, the sword pavilion’s windows were slashed in half. The lightning on the sword left a crackling sound on the broken wooden window.

Seeing the power of the divine excalibur, Lin Zhizhi smiled with satisfaction before putting it in his Qiankun ring and walked out of the sword pavilion. After refining the sword, the sword pavilion’s barrier no longer hindered him.


Outside Ten Thousand Sword Cave.

Having seen Lin Zhizhi enter the cave, Xuan Hua stood alone and closed his eyes to recover. Even when Lady Luo made repeated attempts to probe, he ignored her.

Lady Luo should have been dissatisfied, but this man's aura made her realise he was not someone she should provoke. She dared not overstep.

The Carefree Patriarch was tactful.  He moved his hand away from the waist of the dancing girl, sat upright properly, and spiritually transmitted his thoughts with Lady Luo.

"You know him?"

"This concubine has never heard of such a man among the big martial arts sects before.”

"If it hadn't been for this cultivation of the special divine consciousness technique, he would be above you and me..." The Carefree Patriarch muttered.

Lady Luo smiled, took the wine glass next to her and drank it. "The young man who just went in must be a disciple or descendant of that person. Perhaps one of the God Transformation Stage’s old monsters decided to move. Wait until Yong'er and my failure of a nephew to retuen. We’ll then leave as soon as possible."

"You don't want to come forward and demand for opportunities?"

"These may not be opportunities, but misfortune." Mdm Luo's smile did not diminish.

Having climbed all the way to the position of Grand Elder in the fiercely competitive Hehuan Sect, she was familiar in reading countless people’s intentions, and knew the benefits of being clear-headed in this cultivation world.

The Carefree Patriarch gave Xuan Hua a thoughtful glance. He withdrew his gaze and concentrated on waiting for his son's return.

Time passed.

Time, to these old monsters who could spend years in seclusion, had no meaning for them. The door of the Ten Thousand Sword Cave slowly opened, and an excited-looking youth in brocade jumped out, his whole fat face squeezed into a smile. "Father! I did it! Haha, I got the Autumn Water Sword--"

With a howl, he lunged at the Carefree Patriarch.

Looking at his son and remembering the imposing yet unmoving Xuan Hua, the Carefree Patriarch said to his son, "Yong'er, speak slowly and keep your voice down."

The fatty youth looked at his old dad with confusion. He really couldn't hold back the joy in his heart, couldn't wait to share his encounter with his father, jumping as he spoke, his body’s flesh wobbling, "After I went in, a voice said I was qualified to open the ordinary trial level, after that there were waves of people challenging me - First there were three ordinary infantrymen, around the fifth level of the Qi refining stage. With a single shot, they were swept off the ground by me. Then followed by another five ...... I broke through a total of twelve levels, and that last level was so crowded that I wouldn't necessarily have lost if it had been one-on-one. After that, the voice gave me this sword."

As he said, he handed the Autumn Water Sword in his hand to the Carefree Patriarch, expecting to receive praise from his father.

"Not bad,"  The Carefree Patriarch said.

He was quite satisfied with his son's achievement.

He himself knew his son’s worth. The legendary perfect challenge was for those top geniuses. To have Yong'er open an ordinary trial was considered not bad. Although the Autumn Water Sword was not a top-notch spirit sword, it was not lacking either.

Lady Luo laughed delicately from the side and complimented, "A teenage talent."

The fatty scratched his head with a smile.

After waiting a few more moments, more youths came out, one of whom was the nephew that Lady Luo brought along. He glanced around and saw Lady Luo waving to him before walking to the dragon carriage. He lifted the curtain and stood in front of Lady Luo. "Aunty."

Lady Luo took him by the hand, the chiffon slipping off her shoulders. She asked with concern, "How’s it?"

"I dashed Aunty’s expectations. I’ve only passed the first fifteen levels of the ordinary trial," the male said as a white light flashed in his hand. A pure black dagger appeared in his hand, "This sword is called Xiangsi."

相思: Lovesickenss

As soon as he said that, the fat Yong’er’s face instantly flushed. In his heart, he exclaimed that this kid was too good at pretending! He had passed fifteen levels and still looked dissatisfied.  So pretentious!

Lady Luo was surprised. "That's good enough."

The Carefree Patriarh was also quick to pat his angry son and pushed the bets on the round table. To Lady Luo, he said, "This nephew of yours has the feel of a hero from ancient times. It seems I lost this bet."

"It's just a coincidence for him. If Yong'er had been more attentive, he would have been able to surpass him." Lady Luo put away the things on the round table and said modestly on behalf of the youth.

The Carefree Patriarh gave a hateful shake of his head.

As they were talking, the door of the Cave of Ten Thousand Swords opened again, and a young man of unparalleled poise stepped out of it. Though it was dark in the cave, he was like a pearl that illuminated the darkness.

That was Lin Zhizhi. He had been in the dimly lit cave for a long time, and squinted a little uncomfortably at the first exposure to the sunlight of the outside world. Darkness fell. He looked up to see a familiar face, his shizun.

Xuan Hua walked towards his young disciple and shielded him from the blinding light. "Are you satisfied?"

Xuan Hua still had a sense of his divine thoughts that was left in the Ten Thousand Swords Cave. He already knew that Lin Zhizhi had obtained the Wen Xian Sword

Aka the excalibur.

. There was no need to ask the result like the Carefree Patriarch. This sentence only asked if the little disciple liked the divine sword. If didn’t like ...... then he could change to another.

Making the divine excalibur seem like a big white carrot on the street, even allowing Lin Zhizhi to pick and choose.

Lin Zhizhi, who was still unaware of his shizun’s thoughts, quickly swept his sight over Xuan Hua's head, grieving a little for the system's slumber. He was used to the presence of the favorability index. Now that the space about everyone's head was empty, he was a little uncomfortable.

Hearing Xuan Hua's words, Lin Zhizhi focused and nodded happily, "Many thanks, Shizun."

Xuan Hua then said, "I'll pass on a scroll of refining techniques to you."

Lin Zhizhi was dazed. "I’ve already refined it ......"

"It doesn't matter, just refine it once more. This scroll will be of great benefit to you." Xuan Hua reached out and covered his young disciple who was looking up at him. He whispered in Lin Zhizhi’s ear, "Close your eyes."

The outstanding shizun came too close, and Lin Zhizhi could not help but blush a little as he remembered that previous sword practice. But soon his mind was occupied by the refinement technique passed on by Xuan Hua.

This was an original refinement technique created by a certain physical practitioner, using a unique technique to draw lightning into his body and injecting blood into the spiritual weapon that needed to be refined. This not only deepened his connection with the spiritual weapon, but also allowed him to master some divine lightning abilities.

Wen Xian sword was initially associated with heavenly thunder. If it could be refined in this way, its power would be even greater.

After going over the technique in his mind, Lin Zhizhi opened his eyes. Xuan Hua's face was too close. Startled, he subconsciously tried to step back. But he was unable to as his shizun had wrapped his hand around the back of his head.

Xuan Hua looked at his little disciple’s face at close quarters.

Lin Zhizhi was so well-born that, whether seen up close or from a distance, he was like an immortal in a painting.

The shizun held this action for a moment. He brushed his fingertips twice on the left side of Lin Zhizhi's face. "It's dirty here."

As he said this, he straightened up and returned to his usual coldness, saying to his little disciple. "When there’s a day of heavy rain, I’ll attract thunder for you."

Lin Zhizhi wiped his palm on the spot where his shizun had touched. He did not take it to heart, thinking that something had remained when he was not paying attention. In a few steps, he caught up with Xuan Hua.

The master and disciple came and went in a hurry. Compared to the plan in Lady Luo's mind, it was they who walked faster. Although Lady Luo had only glanced at Lin Zhizhi when he came out, she admired the young man's extraordinary bearing.

When the next opening date of the Ten Thousand Swords Cave was announced, there were rumours that the monotonous voice in the cave was gone. Instead, it was replaced with the direct selection of spiritual swords.

The first thing that came to Lady Luo's mind was the master and disciple. She sighed. The cultivation world was full of talented people - comparing this young man to her own nephew, who was so happy to die for the ordinary trials, was truly foolish.


Inside Lin Zhizhi's Qiankun ring, the Wen Xian Sword was lying nicely at first, but after some time had passed, the sword spirit detached itself from the sword body and transformed into a greyish-white shadow, poking around.

Upon seeing the sabre that Lin Zhizhi had originally brought from the Lin Mansion, the sword spirit gave a humane expression of contempt. As the saying went, one mountain does not allow two swords. As a divine weapon, how could it stand to have other swords around its young master?

The sword spirit manifested two arms, came to the side of the sabre, and poked it.

The sabre was only an ordinary spirit weapon, so naturally it did not respond.

The shadow that the sword spirit had transformed into suddenly opened up and wrapped itself around the sword, devouring it bit by bit. After the sabre disappeared, the sword spirit lay down to rest in a blank space, leaving only a little remnant in place.

It was not until Lin Zhizhi returned to the Luo Xian Sword Sect and took the divine sword out of the Qiankun ring that he noticed the anomaly. "...... Where is my original sword?"

The sword spirit floated around in front of him. The grey-white body resembled a pile of clay, pliable enough to stretch out two more arms and placed one on top of another. "It was eaten by me."

"Why did you eat it?"

Although the sword was useless after a divine weapon was obtained, it was after all a companion from childhood. He still had some feelings towards it. Having the sword spirit eat it without a word made Lin Zhizhi furious.

The sword spirit didn't think two arms were enough, so it simply transformed into four and twisted them into a twist. “Master has me. You can't be focusing on another.” 

Perhaps still feeling that having four arms to accuse was not enough to express his heart, the sword spirit simply simulated a face with particularly large eyes, taking up a third of the whole face. Clearly, it was accusing Lin Zhizhi, its new master, of not being faithful. "Isn't it enough that Master has me?"

Lin Zhizhi: "............"

#What to do if the newly adopted sword spirit is retarded. Waiting online for a reply.

Lin Zhizhi and the sword spirit were not communicating well. No matter how he tried to mediate, the sword spirit bit off the phrase: "It's enough to have only me by my master's side." Until death, it refused to apologize to the sabre that died for no reason.

In his anger, the new master shoved this divine excalibur back into his Qiankun ring and told it to face the wall and think about its fate.

After settling this excalibur who had a strong desire for exclusivity by getting rid of the sabre, Lin Zhizhi looked at the time and prepared to head outside for class.

It’s just… on the way to the lecture hall, it seems more crowded than usual...? !

At the entrance of the lecture hall, the area where there were originally only two outer disciples responsible for guiding others, was now occupied by a group of people. They seemed to be crowding someone within the crowd, making the place feel so suffocating.

Lin Zhizhi didn't want to join in the fun. After standing outside for a while, he wanted to bypass the crowd and enter the lecture hall. Just when he gave up watching, a hand quietly put a hand on his shoulder, and at the same time, a familiar voice sounded in his ears:

“It’s been a while.”

The voice was very gentle, much like a spring breeze. But it made Lin Zhizhi's back stiffened. He paused before turning his head slowly. A familiar figure came into view.

Su Yu, who had put on Tianyin's school attire, stood there handsome and unparalleled, looking at him with a smile.

... Su Yu who thinks of fucking him.

——Fuck. Wake up, system! I need you!

The current childhood sweetheart, due to the system's deep sleep, could no longer see the damn favourably index over his head. This made Lin Zhizhi a little uncertain whether the other party chose to give up after a period of avoidance, or was still maintaining that old idea.

Su Yu still looked the same as before. With a smile on his lips, he said, "Have you been well these few days?”

This childhood friend looked very normal...Not right. Before getting the favorability system, gay friends looked more normal than this!

Lin Zhizhi responded awkwardly, "It's okay."

The black-haired teenager habitually blinked his left eye every time he got nervous. Su Yu, who grew up with him, knew this well and his smile was undiminished. "You feel nervous when you face me? I’m sad.”

Lin Zhizhi shook his head. "No, I just didn't expect to see you here."

"The elders of Tianyin are coming to Luo Xian Sword Sect to discuss the opening of the secret realm soon, and brought me here." Su Yu’s smile broadened. "I didn't expect to see you here. Might you bring me around?"“

Lin Zhizhi hesitated, then tactfully refused. "But I still have to go to the lecture hall..."

Su Yu did not force him, and generously mentioned, "Then I will go to find the elders with others first."

Without being forceful, he said goodbye to Lin Zhizhi. Su Yu raised his hand at the Tianyin disciple who was crowded by in the middle of the crowd. That Tianyin disciple squeezed through the crowd and followed Su Yu towards the inner mountain.

Everything looked so normal.

Towards friends one hasn't seen for a long time, he gave a greeting. After meeting and seeing said friend was busy, he settled his own business first.

It was so normal that Lin Zhizhi felt that he had been thinking too much.

The black-haired boy stood there for a while, with his untied long hair flowing down his figure, and turned sideways and walked into the Qi refining lecture hall.

In the Qi Refining Lecture Hall, Lan Zhen was actually inside. Seeing Lin Zhizhi walk in, his face turned blue, and he quietly and unobtrusively wanted to hide himself behind the table.

Not expecting Lin Zhizhi didn’t even look at him, only walking straight to the window seat where he used to sit, and sat down.

Since that day when Feng Qin was making trouble at the outer gate, Lin Zhizhi had become famous in the outer sect. These new disciples in the Qi refining period looked at him curiously, especially female disciples, secretly saying those rumors had mentioned one thing right. He was really good-looking.

This lesson passed quickly for Lin Zhizhi. He forced himself not to think about Su Yu and focused on the elder's lecture.

After the elders left, Lin Zhizhi sat in the same place and leaned against the window, basking in silence.

But not long after class was over, a little dough with a flame mark on the eyebrows slipped in. He saw Lin Zhizhi and leaned over to his desk, whispering, "The time for me to hate you is over.”

This stubborn child completed his time of hate. He could now safely like his beloved.

Lin Zhizhi: "……"

Feng Qin looked at him. "I don't know when you will be back, so I beat Lan Zhen."

Lin Zhizhi was a little puzzled by the child's logic. "Why are you beating him?”

"I told him to notify me when you return....." Feng Qin pulled Lin Zhizhi up from his seat. "I’ve been practicing roasted chicken these days! You must come and taste it, I can already make delicious roasted chicken!"


Lin Zhizhi couldn't fault him. Thoughts of eating a roast chicken ran across his mind so he followed. The little round dough pulled him out of the lecture hall, heading for a scenic creek outside the sect, before happily taking out all kinds of professional spices and chicken ingredients..

—Feng Qin's harrassment skills were the best. However, Lin Zhizhi didn't even notice that when he left the school, he had a pair of eyes staring at him.

In those eyes, it saw Lin Zhizhi refusing to accompany bringing him about Luo Xian Sword Sect , instead choosing to be with another person to go out of the sect to play...

Su Yu lowered his eyelashes. The smile on his lips disappeared.

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