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Everyone is Secretly in Love with Me Chapter 21 - Confession.


Compared with the chickens that were roasted several times before, Feng Qin had made a lot of progress this time. During the period of time when he knew Lin Zhizhi's true identity, the little round dough only seriously hated him for 30 seconds. For the remaining 8.9 hours and 30 seconds, he spent all his time searching for the mortal realm’s best roasted chicken chef…

After getting off work from the Yellow Crane Tower, a roast chicken chef from the secular world prepared to go to the brothel to listen to Lady Hongying’s latest song. Suddenly he was stunned by a gust of demonic wind. When he opened his eyes again, he saw a huge tiger demon leaping towards him with a grin.

Shit, shit! I saw the evil spirit in ‘Liao Zhai’!

Although it wasn’t a vixen but a tiger monster...

The chef’s eyes rolled and he fainted before the tiger demon caught him. After waking up, this scene was reflected in his eyes:  His neck was gripped by a tender-looking child, pressing his face against a bunch of de-feathered chicken.

The chef trembled and begged: "Don't eat me, don't eat me, I've never done anything bad..."

Feng Qin impatiently interrupted him, "Teach me how to roast chicken."

"I’ve been cooking diligently all my life. I’ve never done anything that unlawful..." The chef hid in the corner and shook pitifully.

"If you keep talking to yourself, you can simply head to the underworld to cook,” Feng Qin threatened.

The chef swallowed, forced himself to calm down and clamped his legs. "What do you all want me to do?"

"Roasted chicken--" Feng Qin threw the seasonings and fire starters collected by his subordinates in front of the chef. He added thoughtfully, "Teach me to roast the kind of delicious chicken that can make others fall in love with me."

The chef trembled. "This... How can there be such a chicken in this world?"

"Why don't you have that kind of chicken?" The little round dough was dissatisfied with the chef's words. He grabbed a handful of spices and threw them to the chef’s face. He narrowed his eyes. "Then I guess you don't need to exist."

The chef hurriedly said, "Eh, eh, yes! There definitely is!"

He got up from the ground and rummaged through the pile of materials in front of him tearfully. These were all brought from his own kitchen. Even the purse given by the Hongying lady that he hung on the window was brought here… The chef bitterly stuffed this purse into his trouser belt, skillfully lifted the bald chicken whose stomach was stuffed with seasoning, took out the oiling brush, and brushed the chicken with sesame oil.

The little round dough watched very seriously from the side.

In his heart, the tiger demon was actually surprised. When Feng Shuang taught the little master spells, he had to use a stick and candy method, otherwise Feng Qin’s mind would wander around the world.

This fire control skill took him a full three months to learn before he could succeed. --  But now, he was spending so much effort roasting a chicken.  

—Of course, if he knew that Feng Shuang had once taught Feng Qin how to roast chicken by hand, he might not have been so surprised.

In short, in the 8.9 hour and 30 seconds where the chef almost urinated his pants three times, Feng Qin became the secret disciple of the chef(?), and successfully obtained the secret of the secular world’s Yellow Crane Tower’s roasted chicken. After independently roasting a delicious smelling and tasting chicken,  Feng Qin motioned at the tiger demon. The chef fainted and was sent back to where he came from.

When the chef woke up again, he touched his waistband and found that it was heavy inside. His pouch was laden with gold and silver jewelry. The chef glanced to the left and right. After a few days when there was no danger, he decided to hide this encounter inside his heart. He used this money to redeem the Hongying lady and the two of them lived a life without shame or restlessness.

The chef had experienced a blessing, while Feng Qin was still slowly waiting for the return of the person. After finally waiting for Lin Zhizhi's return, he couldn't wait to show off his roasted chicken.

By the creek, Feng Qin single handedly took the chicken, brushed the seasoning, and roasted the chicken. Once done, he handed it to Lin Zhizhi’s mouth and asked expectantly, "Have you fallen in love with me?"

"..." Lin Zhizhi suddenly felt that he had done a bad thing.

If he hadn’t let the little phoenix roast chicken in the first place, Feng Qin would not be so crazy about letting him taste the chicken...... = =  Lin Zhizhi determined that no matter what the taste was, he would form a mouth-watering expression on his face, to encourage this little round dough’s impulsive cookery.

However, just when he bit into the roast chicken, the melty and savory chicken flesh instantly melted. "It tastes really good."

Feng Qin smiled, feeling exceedingly pleased. With a wide face, he watched his beloved slowly consume the roast chicken. The old man was right. Rather than gaining enlightenment, it was more satisfying to have his companion eat the chicken he had roasted himself.

After watching Lin Zhizhi finish eating, Feng Qin still wanted him to do those things that could build an everlasting relationship, but the youth decisively refused. Accompanying the child to eat a meal of roast chicken was already taking time out from his busy schedule, and the system had fallen asleep to protect him. Although he wasn't going to increase the so-called favorability points for this, he did want to improve his strength quickly, allowing the system to wake up as soon as possible.

Feng Qin refused to give up, wanting to stick together further. He wanted to suggest that he could sit and watch Lin Zhizhi meditate and train. But the remaining EQ in this young Feng master’s head reminded him to exercise restraint. Cultivators of dao had to abstain from stealing others meritorious deeds. If the enemy knew and set a trap, it would be them who would pay for their lives. Therefore, after making noise, he could only watch Lin Zhizhi walk out of his field of vision while he returned to the Xumi Fantasy Realm sullenly.

After Lin Zhizhi left Feng Qin, he originally wanted to go back to his residence to practice, to see if he could break through the twelfth level of Qi training after receiving the divine sword. But who knew, not reaching the outer door yet, Su Yu appeared, seeming to have been waiting for him for a long time. The white-clothed youth gave a light smile. "Now you should be free, right?"

Lin Zhizhi suddenly felt that things were so unlucky these days. Settling one issue and the next issue rushed forth. Why was everyone taking this opportunity to find him? ! Couldn’t they wait for him to come back after he built a foundation, become immortal?!

The black-haired youth looked directly at his best friend's eyes. He mercilessly refused. "I just came to the Sword Sect not long ago. If you really want to walk about the Sword Sect, you should find our senior brothers and sisters to lead you."

As soon as he said this tactical refusal, Su Yu understood.

Su Yu looked at Lin Zhizhi. With a bitter smile, he asked, "Why is Zhizhi hiding from me? Could it be that you are still angry with me about that mortal woman’s matter?"

Of course not. In fact, after getting the favorability index system, Lin Zhizhi couldn’t even remember the appearance of the woman who made his heart beat...It was hard to explain why he really was hiding from his friend.

Lin Zhizhi shook his head. "You did the right thing. As a cultivator, I have no future with mortal women. I’m not deliberately avoiding you, but this is not a good time. I really have something to do."

Su Yu could tell at a glance whether he was lying,

No matter how smart the eldest son of Su's family was, he could never think of the favorability index system. However, relying on his own understanding of the arrogant and self-willed nature of his close friend, several speculations flashed in his mind before finally settling on the conclusion -- “Lin Zhizhi already knows his feelings for him".

Su Yu had always been calm and decisive. He understood that if he clarified things with Lin Zhizhi now, he would definitely not agree. But he really couldn't bear to look at the one he saw growing up alienating himself so much.

They grew up together; they were childhood friends. Long time ago, they slept together, having nothing they couldn’t talk about. But now, Lin Zhizhi would rather go out with a new acquaintance, than to show him around the Luo Xian Sword Sect.

It gave Su Yu a sense of crisis. He was about to lose this person he had set his heart on since young. It was the most unbearable thing in this world. From five years old until now, these emotions that have been deeply buried for so many years inside Su Yu’s heart broken through.

The white-clothed youth kept his smile, having an expression that was never really seen. Su Yu's words were light. "Do you know that...I like you?"


Lin Zhizhi had never expected the direction of the plot. Like the shock of five thunderous bolts, seeing his good friend, who used to be like a close brother, confess to him.

"I do like you. Maybe the word ‘love’ is more accurate." Su Yu continued, "I don't know when it started, maybe it was that time when you hugged me and said that I look like your senior... From then on, the thought of protecting you grew bigger and bigger. Now it has become a habit that is not easily able to be given up.”

"Zhizhi, would you like to be my cultivation companion?"

He didn't want to—!

Although Su Yu's words successfully evoked Lin Zhizhi's feelings of their past, with his pleasant words describing the formation of this beautiful love, Lin Zhizhi knew that it was not this case.

This Su Yu clearly wore a "wanting to fuck" attitude over his head! This pungent, unspeakable idea of pornographic thinking was by no means what he was uttering!

Lin Zhizhi's attitude was clear and decisive. "I don't want to be a man's cultivation partner. My future cultivation partner should be a fresh, refined, gentle and kind-hearted woman. Su Yu, you used to be my best friend. I don’t have this kind of feeling for you.”

He said this neatly, wanting to cleanly slice off the mess with a sharp knife, making Su Yu give up the idea.

Su Yu saw seriousness in the other’s eyes.

He was silent for a moment and bitterly said, "I know."

He had always known.

Lin Zhizhi didn't want his feelings. But what could he do? In the face of menacing love, ethics and morals were nothing in front of it, only able to hide in the depths of his heart.

Wanting the other to get used to himself.

Su Yu had the sense it was no longer in his grasp anymore.

Lin Zhizhi didn't know how to treat Su Yu. Seeing such a close friend ^[1: Can also be used as a gay partner/friend]^, his heart was not well. Feelings he had for more than ten years were not something to be treated lightly.

The black-haired youth hesitated for a moment. "Calm down. Maybe tomorrow, you’ll meet and fall in love with another family’s lady... I have something to do. I’ll take my leave first.”

He thought it might be better for Su Yu to be alone for a while.

Su Yu stared at the youth’s back walking away, his eyes darkening.

——If he can’t lose him at all, then no matter if it’s willing or not, it should be fine to force him to stay close.

——If Lin Zhizhi’s world only has him himself, no longer able to love others, then one day, Lin Zhizhi will definitely fall in love with himself.

——It was him who came first.

Yes. From the age of five till now, he was the one who had first protected. What qualifications did others have to enter his eyes?

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